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Actually you could probably expect

Posted By: about 15 dollars an hour on the east coast. on 2007-06-07
In Reply to: phlebotomy & ekg tech - Amanda

Phlebotomy is very desirable as well even in private practices.  Good luck!  Welcome to the medical field!

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what then, do you expect us to do? sm
all go out there and open our own service? Some of us don't want the hassle of finding the work, paying the taxes, hiring the people to do the work, etc, etc...I, for one, am very happy working for my national, which happens to be MQ. I certainly couldn't do any better on my own...and have half the headache to boot! For some, a national just "fits", it just does! Sorry if some people can't comprehend that!
what did he expect?
Yup! Good luck to him, he let a whole lot of people down, including himself.
where do you expect them to go exactly?
I mean really, telling a poor city "evacuate" is ridiculous.  They have no car, no transportation, no where to go, and half of them probably do not have a television set to know they needed to evacuate.  It was probably confusing and paralyzing to them. 
What to expect...

Two things.... Responsible grown  up 40 something people out for a good time, listening to a major staple of their musical experience as a teenager... AND.... possibly a group of 40 something  people who failed to realize that they are no longer teenagers anymore.  We went to a Styx concert a few years back  and there were so many former 70s teens who had obviously NOT grown up yet.  Long hair, foul language, smoking pot.  Sheesh.

But, maybe since it's probably an indoor concert, you might get a better class crowd.  Expect a WONDERFUL evening!  Have fun

I would not expect you to
and there's no way for me to assess what you know.  I would really be interested in finding about 10 people who are really looking for ways to improve and let them try this FREE to get feedback.  I can tell you this, a few years back I went to work for a local hospital.  The "top dog" there was a really sweet girl who had been there for 14 years.  In 6 months, my production was higher than hers.  My supe asked me to do a little one-hour presentation on shortcuts and I did.  Before I worked there, no one even used a shortcut program.  It was a stipulation of my taking that job that I could use one.  Most people said it really helped them, although one or two "old-timers" said they could type fast enough without it.  some people will just resist change whether it could help them or not!!! 
more often than you would expect :( - nm
Come on...you can't expect anything other

What do we expect?
Good old American kids are taught to the test, especially since No Child Left Behind; but even before that there were tests of reading and math skills at the state level.  Writing and speaking skills cannot be graded on a Scantron, so they aren't part of the test and increasingly aren't taught.  Text messaging ShortHand doesn't help either.  They get into medical school - in a class with how many ESL fellow students?  How many ESL professors?  They get to their residencies - with how many ESL attendings?  What medical school has a class for dictation?  No, the people seen as the least educated (and paid accordingly) will clean up the mess like they always do.  That would be you and me!  Lucky for them, we're good at it!
expect a pay cut sm....
health insurance is HSA w/Aetna. If you do straight transcription you'll be ok, if doing speech, I'd look for another job (which is what I'm doing). Flexibility of schedule is really dependent on your super - I've had some who were horrible and like the one I have now, she's wonderful.
Well, they said I could expect OT immediately..??
We will see on the production. I was told the accounts were overburdened with work and there was a bounty of OT being offered.

We will see.
What do you expect MQ or any MTSO to do?
if they have MTs scheduled to work that don't work their shifts, or that don't produce, their TATs will suffer -- and keeping the client happy is the bottom line to staying in business and keeping you and me employed. So if the work isn't getting done, then they must hire some people that will work. Then of course those slackers will holler when they don't have any. I guess its just the way of the world...
What I expect from my government
When a mandatory evacuation is ordered I expect to be able to get on the hurricane evacuation routes and have enough gas available to get moving. Is this reality........NO.

As far as moving somewhere else, FL has a way of putting a grip on you. Low wages to the point you are stuck literally. I haven't been out of this state in over 7 years due to lack of funds.

Yes, I expect any minute now to

get an email from my supe saying the virus is the reason for the lack of work! 

I mean, I have been given every other excuse so I am sure this one will be next...

You are right on. There's only so much you can expect to be paid
don't expect miracles
Let me tell you what to expect on the floor.  Expect older and experienced nurses who are biding their time before retirement to not be available for anything.  Expect to get yelled at by patients and to get very used to the smell of feces and vomit.  Expect to get yelled at by family members of patients who are angry with physicians, but since the physician's don't hang around, YOU get yelled at.  Expect to get yelled at by physicians for just any old thing they want to yell at you for.  Expect to try and find your orders on the chart, some written by the physician (good luck with that) and some typed by an MT who has not been QA'd....with you sitting there knowing your patient needs something but having no idea what (and don't expect the doctor to remember).   Expect to be hit, bitten, kicked, spit on, having things thrown at you.  Little children will hate you because you had to hurt them to get them better.  Expect to get very very sick the first few months..you'll catch everything from everybody, especially if you have been rather isolated working at home.   Also expect to do a lot of crying over that elderly person who died alone, over the child with cancer, the mother who lost her baby.   You think being an MT is stressful, just wait.
Did you expect this reaction? n/m
Thank you all. This gives me some insight into what to expect. nm
Yes I expect him to fix the pipes.
BUT, he tells me when he's going to do it and how much he'll charge, and HE ALSO TELLS ME IF HE CANNOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If he cannot, he leaves, and I call another plumber!  DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!  
How do you expect MT to know what is wanted
Can you ever expect a raise!?

I've been an MT- for 15 years, so I'm not new to this, but is it still common to keep on at the same per-line amount that you were hired at year after year!?  I have been at my current job for 3-1/2 years and still make the same per line and also get no paid days off.  I hate starting new jobs and when I hired on the per-line rate I got paid was higher than most, although it is IC work with no benefits.  The cost of living has gone up so much and I need more money to make ends meet, but I am a bit wimpy about approaching my boss.

I would love some input on the going per-line rate (I do ER and clinic work) and also how often you receive a raise if ever so I can decide how to approach this issue.  Thanks so much!

Did not expect a name, just want to see the experience
of people. I am deciding whether or not to be an IC or an employee again after being laid off is all. Believe me, I am not an MTSO or a suit trying to do PR here. Just wanting to know some information on trends to see if IC is a safer bet than being an employee. If I don't get much help here, I will go the IC route, because I already have a couple of offers on the table which are extremely flexible. Did not know if I should try to go back to an MTSO after being laid off again. Thanks for your answer.
If I expect perfection from my spouse, that must mean
I am perfect myself.  I don't know of anyone who is perfect.  I am not so judgmental of people that I expect them to never have bad days and never express frustration, or else the relationship is over.  I'm sure there have been plenty of days in the past 20 years that we've known each other when I've annoyed him to no end.  Sometimes intentionally....  LOL
I was disappointed too, especially that they expect me to believe that people who have been at each
other's throats for the last few seasons (mom and George, Keith and David, and now Claire and her new boyfriend) are suddenly going to have all of their relationships work out fine in the end.  I guess why they call it fiction!
earnings - what can i expect from home?

Hello all ... I've been an MT for 13+ years and my current hospital has OUTSOURCED  my position!  I'm in a crappy  job at the hospital currently, working 3-11, to keep my benefits until I decide what to do, and go on interviews.  I'm considering working for the company that took over the hospital account - but I'm not sure what to expect as far as pay per line.  

If its not too personal - how much do you guys earn at home per hour/week?

THanks so much!  Joanne 

They expect so much from MTs but the other office staff
is paid well and make mistakes (x-ray techs, scheduling, etc), be paid full benefits.

What is UP with that?
You can pretty much expect to lose about 1/2 - 1/3

You will be required to turn in your tax papers and refund check to the Bankruptcy Clerk...he/she will then in turn tell you how much you can have of it back.  They will disperse what they keep between some of the creditors you filed bankruptcy on.  The portion you are allowed will be sent to your attorney.  Our refund was about $3100...we got back $1200 from the bankruptcy court...then the attorney took out their fees for the bankruptcy and we ended up with about $200.

It definitely sucks..but compared to what we owed and got out from underneath of because of the bankruptcy, it was worth it.

WOW!! I knew I was told to expect some
rudeness here, but the degree is astounding!! Why I ask here and not calling a dr is because I did not have a dr to call. Not that it is anybody's beezwax. I did not post asking to be called ridiculous (an MT who cannot even spell ridiculous is just that, ridiculous!!). Syonara!!!
front tooth not sure about $$ but expect....nm

Yeah, I was in there the other day and saw them. I wouldn't expect that either.

Reasonable cpl to expect for newbie MT?

What would be a reasonable cpl to expect as full-time employee (not IC) with a national if you have no experience but do have MT education from one of the AAMT-approved schools?

As an MTSO do you expect more from an IC than an employee...(sm)

I personally would expect the same quality of work from either.  Just curious if others expect better quality from an IC or an employee.  For example, should an IC send in less blanks to QA verus an employee and overall have a better quality work?

Thanks for your opinions.  I have never thought about this until it was recently brought to my attention. 

I guess I would have to say I WOULD expect an independent
contractor to be able to work more independently than an employee. The whole point is you are saying, I can do this on my own, as an IC. However, I only hired IC's and I did my best for the training period to be as successful as possible for everyone all the way around. They still sometimes leave blanks and I find out what it is (although most of the time, if they can't get it, I can't get it LOL) and we all add it to our lists. Working together...
Not at all, but you cannot expect to sue her for stealing a client if she did not know the sm
client was one of yours.  If you refuse to reveal your client list, then you are vulnerable and your noncompete clause is useless.
Why do they expect perfection for pennies?...
 When you work on production to make a decent check you have to push it, and you have all these horrible accents, why, then, do they expect miracles?  Maybe if I had an hourly salary.
you can't honeslty expect to be paid 75k
from at home courses. Let's not even start on the people who have English as a second language who transcribe in other countries. Honestly I think that's why the biz has gone down the crapper. You are delusional to think we are worth that kind of bread.
Funny how they expect you to pull a
freakin rabbit out of a hat?! I'd love to say, "I don't do magic lady!"
They expect us to make the corrections
which is the purpose for sending the fax out, so the MT information has to be on there, which is why I think it should be sent individually. Especially for those who are just learning I do not think they need every mistake broadcast to each MT. But maybe I'm being to sensitive? I just don't think you should be "called on the carpet" so to speak in front of everyone.
No, I expect nothing on a silver platter.
However, I would expect a response to a request for help to be helpful. Otherwise it is a waste of time for the OP, for other people who read here, and for you.

Based on this post and your others in this thread, I think you are the one that does not get it.
I think I would expect after 10 yr to make more than that and move on... nm
They expect committment but give nothing in return
I can't believe they expect us to commit to these hours and promise nothing in return.  The work that I do have is pitiful. I used to love MQ, but looks like it is time to make a change.  I used to work weekends willingly, but now I don't even want to do that to help them out. My lines are so down it is pitiful. There is no money to be made working for the Amhert office.
Another thing, people expect the government
to pick up the pieces for them, and everyone is concerned about this. Do people not care that we are paying for people who should not be here in the first place. I am paying for free school, health care, welfare for the Hispanic family, who are very nice, next door to me. All are illegal. They bought their house with cash. They have 4 cars. Their kid goes to free preschool because he is automatically in because he speaks Spanish. I take my daughter 30 minutes out to a high school because I cannot afford anything else. How is this fair? Why are more people not standing up and saying this is not right. We pay the money, we SHOULD be entitled to help, whether you or anyone else thinks they deserve it or not, whether that girl had a baby out of wedlock. It is not as big an issue as the billions of people we are supporting that are not putting a dime back into the system. What is people's problem? I am all for people who come here legally, go to work and contribute back to society. At least the ones having babies out of wedlock are at some point paying taxes and/or their family is.

Two weeks is understandable. I wouldn't expect anybody to be able to
store that much water. However, the thing that set me off was the people who didn't even stock enough water for ONE day. That's all I was saying. The people who didn't even try to stock up are taking away necessities from people who really need it.

FWIW, in a true matter of survival, you can fill the bathtub (beforehand), collect rainwater or use the water in the back of the toilet tank as long as you didn't put chemicals in it. It can be either boiled or add drops of chlorine bleach to purify. That'd be preferable to urine.
I'm not cold-hearted. I expect people to
take care of themselves, though.

I hate it that you had such a financial struggle growing up.

If you would have paid any attention whatsoever to my post, you would have read that I believe there should be various types of assistance for people who have not provided well enough for themselves. That does not excuse them from reporting income appropriately, though.

I've done without money. I've been in poverty and even without a roof over my head at one point in my younger years and I was raised in a home of plenty. I know exactly how it feels. I also know that I had to learn what my parents taught me was true -- no one is responsible for your welfare but yourself. That includes the present and the future.

No, I don't believe the government is without fault. However, does that make it right for any person to cheat against the people? No.

What a sad point of view: It is okay for us to cheat each other. I thought the Golden Rule was do unto others as you would have them do unto you; not, do unto others as they do unto you...?

I didn't say anything about the President or oil or Bin Laden's family. You will always find someone who is unjustly tipping the scales. Did you know that being dishonest like that is not only a sin but an abomination?

If your husband is an account, good for him. He should be able to fill you in on legalities of not reporting income.

I don't want to fight or argue with you, Mter. You have your point of view and I have mine.

Fortunately, I don't have to worry about these scenarios. I do devote a good deal of time and money to helping those without means, by whatever path they have come to that situation. I'm not cold-hearted but I am firm in the belief that our first obligation is not to be poor. We must TAKE control of our lives because control will never be GIVEN to us; it will always be handled by the strongest around us - so it should be ourselves.

Enjoy your weekend. Unfortunately, I will be working more than I had planned.
Since you don't believe in Christmas, can we expect you to volunteer to work that day? nm
Amphion interview, wondering what to expect?
I have a phone interview with Amphion coming up and was wondering if anyone out there could give me an idea what to expect.  These make me nervous!  Plus, I have a voice that comes across as either a 5-year-old or Mickey Mouse!  I never know how to answer such questions as "what can you offer the co.?" or "why do you want to work for us?"  I think I did well on the test or they would not want an interview??  Any advice?  Thanks!
I would just expect a "Good job and we appreciate all the hard work you did for us over the
Oh, no.. You can't' expect KR to wear the werewolf hair
Since your work will have to be edited for a while, expect 5 to 6 cpl realistically.
if you took one of the better courses and did not get placed, then you should expect an increase in that line rate within WEEKS of hire, not MONTHS. All the MTSO should have to do is see that you are getting the job done then raise your line rate. Good luck!
To start expect to make about $6 an hour - sm
If you are good, meaning not having to look up a billion things and a quick and accurate typist then you can make more, $16+ depending on the type of work you do. I am not a fast typist, though I do not have to look up much (except for address which slows me WAAAAAAY down), and I currently make about $12 an hour with 4 years experience. So this is no huge money maker. As you are only looking to supplement, you could probably expect to make an extra $30 a week to start, presuming you can find someone to take you on for so litte work. In time you may get that up to $60 a week, but still it is not a fortune.
2005-$12K, 2006 expect to make about $21K - sm
2005 --I would have made more but when my daughter got sick in 3/05 I could not work much with her going to chemo and just dealing with everything, so that hurt my income big time. Have 2 PT jobs, 1 is a small MTSO and the other is my own account. My goal for 2007 is $24K...would like to eventually get up to $30K.
When testing, do they expect you to know names, places..

and spell them correctly, like the names of the patients, hospital names, doctor names?  I'm testing right now, and they didn't supply any names or anything, and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to guess or what. 

I'm used to working for a small company where I didn't even have to test!  This is all new and a little scary and a little overwhelming for me!