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Posted By: SMH on 2008-06-01
In Reply to: Acusis - laid off MT

I too got laid off from Acusis after being with them for about seven years. No if's, and's, or but's about it, just a big fat "see ya"!  What a shame that they are on MTJobs every single week trying to hire new MTs instead of making an attempt to call some of the ones laid off back to work.  I did find two much better jobs after leaving them.  Steady work, no scrambling at the end of the pay period to get lines, exclusive dictators.  Much better than when with Acusis.  They did me a favor.  I gained a whole lotta experience that I have been able to use elsewhere. 

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Where have all the laid off Acusis MTs gone?  I mean to a different company?
I am a laid off Acusis worker. Started with TransHealth, but htat was a major mistake. The account manager is not a Transcriptionist and does not know anything about the transcription platform. I was given their outdated style guide. I could go on and on---what a nightmare.

Just think it's weird ---- things just seemed to go downhill fast once DRC was bought by Acusis --- a predominantely ofshore company ---- hmmmmmm!  Stanford was so desperate they went to Spheris, which I heard they left once before because of problems.

Acusis QA
Has anyone noticed something weird going on with the QA??  It seems like all my work is being QA'ed...This is happening to anyone else?
Laid-off Acusis MT...

Stay away from Spheris.  They're a terrible company to work for, and they put out garbage work.  They, too, will end up losing the "big" account (which DRC did lose before the Acusis buyout).  I am one of the stragglers left behind at DRC/Acusis, but not for long.  I'll take the gum chewing, mumbling, flatulent, ESL cardiologist any day of the week over being told someone in India is going to train me on a new account. 

Acusis office
Your information is incorrect.
WordScript - which is what Acusis uses.

Not anymore. (Acusis - just more of the same)
Acusis has an office in Mumbai...sm
hmm....and that is where these companies want to send OUR records and OUR jobs
Acusis is giving workers 30% pay cuts?
Good - Keystrokes, MDI-MD, Acusis, Silent Type. Bad - MQ, MDI-FL, Transolutions, Healthscribe. nm