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Not anymore. (Acusis - just more of the same)

Posted By: MT work is the pits. nm on 2009-06-06
In Reply to: Anyone happy with their job? - Kenny


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Where have all the laid off Acusis MTs gone?  I mean to a different company?
I am a laid off Acusis worker. Started with TransHealth, but htat was a major mistake. The account manager is not a Transcriptionist and does not know anything about the transcription platform. I was given their outdated style guide. I could go on and on---what a nightmare.

Just think it's weird ---- things just seemed to go downhill fast once DRC was bought by Acusis --- a predominantely ofshore company ---- hmmmmmm!  Stanford was so desperate they went to Spheris, which I heard they left once before because of problems.

I too got laid off from Acusis after being with them for about seven years. No if's, and's, or but's about it, just a big fat "see ya"!  What a shame that they are on MTJobs every single week trying to hire new MTs instead of making an attempt to call some of the ones laid off back to work.  I did find two much better jobs after leaving them.  Steady work, no scrambling at the end of the pay period to get lines, exclusive dictators.  Much better than when with Acusis.  They did me a favor.  I gained a whole lotta experience that I have been able to use elsewhere. 
Acusis QA
Has anyone noticed something weird going on with the QA??  It seems like all my work is being QA'ed...This is happening to anyone else?
Laid-off Acusis MT...

Stay away from Spheris.  They're a terrible company to work for, and they put out garbage work.  They, too, will end up losing the "big" account (which DRC did lose before the Acusis buyout).  I am one of the stragglers left behind at DRC/Acusis, but not for long.  I'll take the gum chewing, mumbling, flatulent, ESL cardiologist any day of the week over being told someone in India is going to train me on a new account. 

Acusis office
Your information is incorrect.
WordScript - which is what Acusis uses.

Acusis has an office in Mumbai...sm
hmm....and that is where these companies want to send OUR records and OUR jobs
Acusis is giving workers 30% pay cuts?
Good - Keystrokes, MDI-MD, Acusis, Silent Type. Bad - MQ, MDI-FL, Transolutions, Healthscribe. nm
do you ever wonder anymore when they say
they 'lost the account' if it went to VR or somewhere else?  Was it an easy account? 

Perhaps you just need to get used to the new one.  That happens to me, I panic on new accounts, and then after doing them a few weeks they are just as easy...

Sorry to hear you are losing money, though.  That can never be good when that happens to one of us...
No. I do not believe so. Not anymore.
i know too many companies who suck too bad.
Do they pay much anymore? (sm)

I've seen a few ads, one I saw yesterday paying a whole $25.00 for each audio tape.  The audio tapes were each one hour.  Puleeeze!

So if it took you 3 minutes to do their 1 minute, you would make a little over $8.00 an hour.  That is if their recording is good enough to understand.  If it took you 4 minutes to their 1 minute, you would make a little over $6.00 an hour.

I used to, but not anymore. sm

I went to Wal Mart at 6 a.m. (only because I was already up) a couple of years ago and people were literally fighting in line to get to the door.  I got in my car and went home. All I wanted was a 13 inch TV that was on sale, but figured it wasn't worth it.

I went back the next day and asked a salesperson if there was any chance they might have any of those 13 inch TV's left and he said, "Oh heck yes. We have hundreds of them out back. How many would you like me to go and get?"

Well, I just had to buy 2.

Not anymore
Just a couple of weeks ago it got hacked and let through all kinds of worms/viruses.
Not anymore
I used to type verbatim and thought that was the way it was suppose to be as an MT until I was told that I needed to correct grammer, punctuation etc. from the company I work for "which is part of being an MT and not just a typist". So, since I was "informed" of how things were I make changes if necessary.
Don't cry anymore...get out as soon as possible.
Please follow the advice that has been written here in this thread... You've given this man (?) every chance.  I wasted 7 years of my life to an alcoholic who was selfish, could've cared less about his sons, and all the while, I was hoping and praying that he would change.  As a matter of fact, I gave him an ultimatum, and he is the one who left.  It was a Saturday, I cried all day, didn't have a job, never had a job, what was I going to do?  Well, come Monday, I went to the Welfare Department, got an emergency check, and by Monday afternoon, I was singing, dancing around, thrilled, and my kids had not seen me that happy all of their young lives!  Really sad when I think about what I let them go through!  It is not fair or healthy for the children, and to think I cowered until HE made the decision.  After I left the welfare office, I thought how easy it was, and why didn't I do this sooner. Then, when I got my bearings, I went out into the big world and started working, scraped of course, but life went on, and the kids and I were happy.  As the old saying goes, you have nothing to fear but fear itself.  Please do this for yourself, but especially your children.  God Bless You and give you strength. 
yes, but not bad anymore.
it took numerous dermatologists to even get it diagnosed right. But mine itches fiercely. Used to have to take anti-itch meds orally. I have a mild case right now on my hand and legs. Years ago, had an Rx specially cococted at the pharmacy. The only component of that I recall is urea. Avoid hot water and soaps as much as possible. Other than finding a GOOD dermatologist, I'm afraid I don't have any advice to offer though.
Not anymore.
from someone who does not have Mom anymore
I don't have my Mom around anymore and so with this in mind what I can suggest is time, do something with her, make time for her and make her feel important.   Give her your undivided attention.  It only has to be a lunch, a drive somewhere with lunch but most of the time all they want is time with their children.  Just like when we were children and wanted their time and attention, now it has come full circle and they want our time and undivided attention.   Even if you don't get along that well with your Mom, try it and see if it works.   Wish I had more time with my Mom and there were times we did not get along but would love one more Mother's Day.    Just a thought.
Not anymore, but I was 24 when I got into MT, 34 now. nm
Used to like her, but don't anymore (sm)
I agree.  Who cares what her favorite things are? 
Not anymore!
Happened to me too. I now work for a company that charges the hospital by the minutes dictated, so even when they do change their minds, I'm still getting paid.
I don't SR anymore but
I really liked it when I worked at the Q. The complaint that you can type it faster than edit it never applied to me because I used to be reading and editing way ahead of where the dictation was. After a while, I learned to interpret some of the garbage ASR put in and would change it before it was even dictated. So I was actually editing faster than it was being dictated. I am not sure I explained it well, but no way I could have typed it that fast.
it's sad that nobody ever says thanks anymore
I might catch and correct literally hundreds of mistakes in any given week, but if I happen to miss one - THAT'S the only thing I'll ever hear about.

not anymore. nm
Its not too expensive anymore, and i think...

that it's worth it. It could make the difference between a new client, and that in itself would pay for the cost of your website. I would suggest either of these services:

www.aplus.net or www.sitefever.com

I used to use a timer, but not anymore.
It would jump the living daylights out of me every time as I was "in the transcribing zone." :)
Can't be too careful anymore.
Very wise call.
Nothing about MQ is adding up anymore.
not a legal anything anymore
You really need to speak with an attorney about this. I see several issues: 1- she was not divorced, as I understand it, so her husband might have rights to the m/c; 2- Dependant on the existance (I spelled that wrong huh) of a will, who knows who actually owns the bike; but, 3- if the bike is in her name on the title, and there is no leinholder, odds are, the seller has no legal footing (unless there's a contract of sorts with receipts to verify his legal standing).... it boils down to, talk to an attorney in your state, laws vary so much state to state.

I'm so sorry for your loss, and so sorry this had to pop up to get in the way of your grieving and healing process.
I don't do homemade anymore
Being single, its just easier nowadays to buy chili, the fritos and cheese. One thing I NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy (or made) chili with beans .... el yucko!!!!
I use to all the time. Not anymore though.

It is only because no one offers that anymore
She's never on this board anymore.
If you notice, we haven't heard from her since Christmas. She has hired others to respond to us. Probably because she is ashamed.
I don't watch it anymore, but...
watched it today and bawled like I did the first time when Dr. Green's father died and then bawled all over again when Carol and Doug were reunited. 
I don't even watch anymore
I used to be a huge Idol fan; however, this season they have lost me. The show is boring and does not keep my attention. I am pulling for Chris to win, even though I don't watch because I live in Greensboro, NC and he is from McLeansville. I went to high school in McLeansville and knew his family. He is a really great guy and I think he is wonderfully talented. I hear updates on the radio and see them on the local news every now and then and that is enough for me. I still think the best season by far was the very first one when Kelly Clarkson won. I am a huge fan of hers and she has been the most successful yet. We shall see what happens with the rest of them.
who even cares anymore what the BOS says?
not me!
That's why I chose not to take them at all anymore. (s/m)
That way no one's feelings get hurt. I can always buy my OWN clothing, and if I have something I no longer wear the other friend might want, I can still give that to her, instead.
That's why I don't shop there anymore. sm
Years ago, they had this wonderful vanilla almond lotion.  Discontinued.  Then a delicious pineapple-mango lotion/body lotion/body butter. I bought it in everything they had.  Discontinued.  The last time did it for me.  Why do they do that! 
Wordperfect 5.1 for Dos - does anyone use this anymore? sm
I' m not sure what board to put this one but . . . I have an computer with Wordperfect 5.1 for DOS on it that I've kept around "just in case."  Are there any companies that actually use this program anymore or is it safe to say that I can get rid of it? TIA
Can't anyone take anything in fun anymore? Why so anal?
the chum is all sent to QA, by MTs who don't even try anymore, or don't know what they are doi
Not having those issues anymore since
I switched from the Belkin to my networking system through my telephone company, Bellsouth. If I had any problems with anything prior to my changing, Bellsouth came and would not touch the equipment, saying they could work on mine if I had their networking. Ok, since I had so much trouble anyway, decided to give in and try theirs and no problems at all anymore. I have had theirs now for probably around 5 months.
Yep, but they said that about XP, too, so I am not too worried anymore.
NOT to CMT! It's not worth it. You won't get anymore pay, but if
your own self satisfaction, knock yourself out!
I don't get many solicitors anymore sm
They don't like meeting my 115-pound golden retriever (yep quite a big boy-he really likes people but has a very mean bark) and my snarling cocker spaniel (he doesn't like people, takes a long time for him to warm up to you). If salespeople do come and if they get pushy, I tell them they have 3 minutes to get lost or I'll turn them loose. I had to resort to this measure 3 years ago when we had a bad hailstorm that destroyed everyone's roofs and siding in the whole town and had roofing and siding people knocking at all hours. No one ever comes back.
well, they don't offer $80,000 anymore; it's more like.....
$30,0000 a year......they had some openings this past summer of 2007. I checked in to it. They had some openings in ophthalmology and I was contacted by a recruiter who told me they offered around $30,000 a year. I said, thank you, but no thank you. Just so you know.
I don't think it's available anymore for free, but you can

This is freeware. There is no trial. It is yours to keep.

Not true anymore.
It seems a lot of companies now are paying the same for employees and ICs. I had a lot of offers for IC positions for 7 cpl.