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Good - Keystrokes, MDI-MD, Acusis, Silent Type. Bad - MQ, MDI-FL, Transolutions, Healthscribe. nm

Posted By: Another opinion on 2005-10-20
In Reply to: PLEASE, somebody, who ARE the good MT companies? - Terry


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Is Keystrokes a good company for any work type other than radiology? sm

I have seen really good reports on this board (and others) about Keystrokes being the place to be for radiology but have really not seen much discussion regarding other work types.  I am primarily interested in op notes as I understand they will only hire if you have spent the last several years in a particular work type and ops are it for me.  I wonder about their platform, pay scale, flexibility, whether or not weekend work is required, etc.  I have left my email address in case anyone would like to privately email me.  I would really appreciate some input.  Thank you.

Silent Type
Can anyone give me info on Silent Type? Thanks
re:silent type
i applied with them and they replied quickly. but unless you live close to new jersey, they need you at their office for, if i remember right, a 2-day training that they reimburse up to $500. i live in Hawaii so i couldnt afford the trip even with the reimbursement. but, heard a lot of good things about them.
Silent type
What do you need to know?
Silent Type
I was offered a position and needed feedback from current employees if possible. Since I have to travel to New Jersey at my own expense for training, it would be helpful to know if they are a good company to work for. Thanks in advance.
Silent Type YES!! (sm)
I have worked for Silent Type and they are flexible with a 24 hour TAT... Meaning you could start Sunday night and have ur pages done before Monday (whenever your call in time to have minimum 40 pages done). The are a basically family oriented company. I have nothing but good things to say. They never run out of work. Have been in business almost 25 or 25+ years. Plus, the CEO is an author, RN, and much more!!
Silent Type
Thank you for the info. I had read in the archives some negative posts. This puts my mind at ease.
Silent Type

This company left an E-mail on my computer...never heard of them. They are promising everything and more, of course.

Any thoughts about them or experience with them?



Silent Type
Silent Type was one of the companies that offered me a job.  They were in my top five best companies from which to choose.  I didn't choose them, only because I would have had to fly to New Jersey for a minimum of three days to train.  I have a husband, two kids, and two dogs at home; being gone from them for that long would have seriously disrupted our "routines."  Silent Type will reimburse you, up to $500.00, for your travel expense AFTER you've been with them for six months.  Also, their payment system seemed kind of funky to me.  They pay by the page, instead of by the line.  According to my calculations, I would not have made as much money as I need to; however, my calculations may have been "off."  Anyway, I'm happy with the company I chose.  Let us know what you decide to do.  :)
silent type
Thanks Jan. I e-mailed the recruiter asking about training, page/lines, etc., and you're right. They pay by the page....their training is in N.J. (I'm in Calif.) and as far as I can see the 500.00 pertains to their equipment....I nicely told her no thanks. It might be OK for somebody else, but not for me. And, I sure don't want to go to N.J. in the winter!
Silent Type is not a bad company to work for but

Depending on how many pages you type determines what your page rate is and everyone gets paid the same because of it. Obviously, like with any other company the more you produce, the more money you will make.  Bi-annual bonuses, again based on your production.  Starts at 40 page per day min (which is supposed to be 1000 lines) is $1.50.  I think it does to 1.80 per page somewhere around 80 pages per day.

Not sure about the benefits (health insurance).  You get paid every other week. Not a very large company, maybe 400 or less TLs. 

If you like working for a friendly, family atmosphere, check it out.


Not Silent Type! Less than $1.75/page and you go to NJ to train. nm
WebmedX, Keystrokes, Axolotl uses Speed Type which
is just another name for ShortHand. 
Transolutions not so good...
Being on this board for many years, I have only seen about 4 or 5 people who have positive and the rest negative. I, myself, had a negative experience with them. I don't know anything about Transtech.
Keystrokes is good. nm

of course; Spheris Healthscribe, not new, no secret
not a shock - they were bought or joined up with Healthscribe
who has a huge office in India and does not make it a secret that they outsource. Healthscribe also got into a bit of trouble a couple of years ago for "altering" lines on US transcriptionists;
I was told that Healthscribe outsourced and when acquired, that Spheris would be bringing work
And this is information came to me from the inside, given to me when I was hired and in training.
I quit too after 10 years. Loved Healthscribe, can't make ends meet with Spheris. NM

Where have all the laid off Acusis MTs gone?  I mean to a different company?
I am a laid off Acusis worker. Started with TransHealth, but htat was a major mistake. The account manager is not a Transcriptionist and does not know anything about the transcription platform. I was given their outdated style guide. I could go on and on---what a nightmare.

Just think it's weird ---- things just seemed to go downhill fast once DRC was bought by Acusis --- a predominantely ofshore company ---- hmmmmmm!  Stanford was so desperate they went to Spheris, which I heard they left once before because of problems.

I too got laid off from Acusis after being with them for about seven years. No if's, and's, or but's about it, just a big fat "see ya"!  What a shame that they are on MTJobs every single week trying to hire new MTs instead of making an attempt to call some of the ones laid off back to work.  I did find two much better jobs after leaving them.  Steady work, no scrambling at the end of the pay period to get lines, exclusive dictators.  Much better than when with Acusis.  They did me a favor.  I gained a whole lotta experience that I have been able to use elsewhere. 
Acusis QA
Has anyone noticed something weird going on with the QA??  It seems like all my work is being QA'ed...This is happening to anyone else?
Laid-off Acusis MT...

Stay away from Spheris.  They're a terrible company to work for, and they put out garbage work.  They, too, will end up losing the "big" account (which DRC did lose before the Acusis buyout).  I am one of the stragglers left behind at DRC/Acusis, but not for long.  I'll take the gum chewing, mumbling, flatulent, ESL cardiologist any day of the week over being told someone in India is going to train me on a new account. 

Acusis office
Your information is incorrect.
WordScript - which is what Acusis uses.

Not anymore. (Acusis - just more of the same)
Acusis has an office in Mumbai...sm
hmm....and that is where these companies want to send OUR records and OUR jobs
Acusis is giving workers 30% pay cuts?
That's a good idea, but when I type exclusively
and don't move from my chair or do anything on the net still down 50-100 lines an hour from old platform. More likely because we don't get paid for header info anymore (even though they said we would). I think it takes longer to do the searches than just type in the info..........
I think how accurately you type is a better indication of a good MT!
Mostly silent
Once in awhile I have the radio on but rarely. Used to have it on all the time, but I do constant ESL now. I do a lot of messenging with other MTs just to keep the boredom away. :)
Has anybody ever tried the silent keyboard that can be
rolled up like a newspaper?  If not, any suggestions for a good silent keyboard.
silent keyboard
I sell silent keyboards - check us out at - www.clitheroelancs.co.uk - admittedly it does take a couple of days to familiarise yourself but the keys dont need to be pressed hard. The difference is that there isnt the noisy feedback associated with standard keyboards. PS we have a silent mouse arriving this week, i am using the prototype & its great but the lack of a click is a bit strange at first.

silent keyboard
Does anyone know if there is a silent keyboard made or a very, very quiet one?
silent. hmmm... cat got your tongue?

IMHO, you don't want silent...you want quiet. sm
Keyclicks do provide important feedback.
Cumbersome is a good word here to describe Meditech. The designer obviously doesn't type.
I'm going to type an acct at home for local group. What is a good word expander for

things to know on doing tapes from an office?  Is it best just to give them a disk and let them print it out at the office like they want to? 

Anybody doing an acct like this?  Thanks.

I read the posting of the person who asked about them and also the remarks of other persons.  I will tell you what I think of this company.  First, they are the nicest people you would ever deal with.  The original office staff remains and that in itself tells you something.  If you get feedback, it isn't nasty or degrading like some other companies out there.  Yes you have a fixed schedule, but being able to start an hour early or an hour late is wonderful, and I know that even when I was a new employee before, if I had something come up, I could contact the team leader and work out an exchange of shifts so that I could take care of whatever came up.  They don't hover over you either.  There have been some QA changes, but it is so important that reports be consistent and watched for errors.  Continuous errors can make or break an account.  The bonus program, I believe, is very generous and the benefits affordable.  I priced insurance as an IC and no way could I afford it.   I had to leave them a few years back due to illness in the family and they welcomed me back with open arms and I even received a phone call from an office person who remembered the situation and very kindly called me to say welcome back and ask about the former situation.  With my previous company, I made insane amounts of money, but they could have cared less if I died sitting in my chair; that would have been an inconvenience.  Sometimes there are things more important than money and #1 on my priority list is having NICE people in the main office, great coworkers, and a chance of advancement.  I would say yes to anyone considering this company.  I worked for a few of the other nationals, MQ included, and they didn't know me from Adam, just when I started my shift and when I was to quit.  I like being more than just a sign-in number on an account. 
Good pay, great bennies, very flexible. There's a troll who will undoubtedly come on to slam me - she always does when she sees my name alone or in association with Transolutions. Ignore her. She has nothing good to say about anyone. Good luck with whatever you do.
I like Transolutions
Everyone is different, and different companies fit our varying needs. I like Transolutions. Check it out for yourself and talk with the recruiters, current employees, etc. Get a feel for if they fit your needs. Their vacation, PTO, paid down time for full-time employees, etc. are pretty good. HTH.

Transolutions does
Transolutions does.


Transolutions does!
And pay for your internet too!
hires new graduates if you can pass their test.
Transolutions does!
They have some accounts that use dial-up, although they are slowly moving toward an internet-based system. Give them a try. I know they are hiring and we have more than enough work. Never run out!!!

Is anyone currently working with Transolutions?  I have been offered a job and would really like some info before starting on personal opinions!  Thanks everyone!
I do not have any compromising stories about him, but lemme tell you about a silent partner doctor
It's Transolutions, as stated above.