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All I know is it caused the company I work for to be unable to do all work due today and the rest

Posted By: will be available tomorrow. Try googling strike in on 2006-05-12
In Reply to: Well, can you give me a source? I'd like - to read about it. - nm


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That is what caused me to be unable to transcribe anymore.
I have to do QA now and it is a good thing I like QA, but I cannot do anymore transcribing due to the mess it has made of my back and to my hands/wrists. I also did minimally 2200 lines in 5 hours and have done as many as 3200 before. Those were the good ole days. Do it while you can because at that rate, it takes its toll on our body.

Yes, I work 80-90 hours a week. I am going to stop because life is passing me by and it has caused
depression. There is no way mentally or physically you can keep up the pace. It is finally getting to me and I now realize there are more important things in life than work.  I have been a workaholic all of my life. It started as an escape to a bad marriage but I ended up missing my kids grow up, I've lost friends because I have no time for them, and this is my last chance with an 8-year-old child left at home to get it right and put my family first. It means giving up a lot of "material things" but what do they matter when all you need is the love of your family. I'd never recommend this to anyone.
HELP with Shorthand. Suddenly today when I tried to start work today.sm

my ShortHand would type only the first letter of an expansion and then take all the letters away!  I checked and the Type It button is grayed out!  I have restarted the computer and looked on the Shorthand Help menu but can find nothing that applies.  Can anyone please help me ASAP?  I am lost without it!  TIA

GIVE IT A REST: Liberals work every
stop with the moronic stereotypes!

The only ones LIVING OFF THE TAX-PAYERS are the pariah's in Congress and in the GRAYHOUSE.

Spend a little more time doing your homework and a little less listening the babysitters on the right: LIMBAUGH, hannity, et AL ad nauseam
i used to work for a company that divided the work types up and i loved it. sm
there were only 4 of us working a major teaching hospital. someone was assigned surgery, different assigned discharges, different admits, etc. we all had the backup work type in case the original assignee wasn't available and were cross trained. it made us much more efficient, ability to get used to dictators, set macros, and in the long run we were all much happier.
The company I work for said cable phone wouldn't work, just FYI.
I don't work for MQ but that happened to me once at the company where I work and
my next two paychecks were shorted out of what they had overpaid me for that pay period. I hope they don't take it out of your hide. It was hard to budget for that month!
Company I work for has to pay fines for work out of TAT.
I work as an IC, work when I want, but I still let the company know if I am going to be unavailable
for any length of time, even though I don't have to.
I don't think it matters which office you are out of (below posts) so much as which accounts. I am out of the Denver office and usually have work, but occasionally run out, mostly on weekends, holidays, AND AT THE END OF THE PAY PERIOD. Darn! I knew I would "pay" for taking that 3 hour swimming break in the outdoor pool up at the lake yesterday. Sure was nice though...getting our last "licks" in for the summer!!
I'm sorry, but I can't work today.
Mercury's in retrograde, you know.
Did it work for you today? nm
Who should I work for today? DQS or other?

I'm skeptical about DQS today.  I have the option of working for one employer running the DQS platform, or my second job with another company, which is not on DQS. 

Any work today?

Since there are no updates from the supervisors, I don't want to log in unless there's a reason.  I'm in the south region. 

I think the idea of the time for posting re this stuff is a good idea.  It's 1:00 PM CST here.


What would you be doing today if you didn't have to work?
I'd be sitting outside in the sunshine reading a book and watching the kids play in the kiddie pool.  Hmm, sounds good to me.  I wonder how fast I can get this work done.  oi!
Any other MQers out of work today?
I have been staring at a 'no jobs' screen all day (about 5 1/2 hours so far).  I even called the office (Denver).  Anyone else out of work? I am going out to check the mail and see if I have a check!!  (See below posts.)
anyone running low on work at MQ today

How's work flow going today?
No work with MQ and just checking to see how others are doing with January work flow.
Is Hurricane Dennis affecting anyone's work today?
Yep, I had to work today, didn't get dinner started until 1:30
So just got done with dinner at 5 pm!! But just thankful to have a job at home where I got to spend the day with my daughter, rather than if I would have had to go out to work today, like some people did! Maybe someday I will get the holiday off, but this is second best!
Here's a funny typo for you. I saw this at work today on a chart.

BUT, you are brilliant. Keep up the good work! You are my hero for today! nm
I wasn't talking about stopping work today. Before we do
how many of us there are. We need to be locating and contacting MTs who don't use MT Stars or other MT boards, and start networking with them. Five or six of us from this board deciding to stop work today isn't going to change anything. We have to get our numbers up, and get all of our collective antennae pointed in the same direction.
Today is different and you cannot fight companies who LEGALLY can offshore work.
So all Americans refuse to buy goods, shop at stores, or work for companies who offshore.  That leaves a mess.  Do you realize a lot of American companies are actually owned by foreigners?  Get real and move into 2005.  You are going to spend a lot of time boycotting once you do the research.  I doubt you will be able to shop or work at all.
You don't want to work for this company. Call your current company and
tell them that you have decided against the new position and tell them that you would like to stay. It is cheaper for them to let you stay than to train someone new. A company who could be so tacky as the one you just spoke of is one you do not want to work for. You can rescind your resignation. If you are a good MT, they will be glad you did.
Did a whole 388 today....this is why I try not to work when the kids are home/awake - basically impo
There is a 2 lb. baby chihuahua laying at my feet while I work today. So precious. nm

Just got it today. Just stopped pacing to try to calm down. Didn't work. See inside---

The cover story should be posted on their online site within a month or so for those who do not receive the printed version as well. 

What company do you work for? Maybe some of
work for a company

When work is low at my company I have

volunteered several times to just work half a day, or take the day off so that another MT who needs the lines more than I do can have the opportunity to at least get in a full day of work. 

I don't often have a day where I can't get all my lines in though and there are usually lots of days where I could type 24/7.   My work is assigned to me and I have no idea what any MTs workload may be on any given day.  Most of the time I work extra if the workload warrants it, but there are days too that work may be slow at the beginning of my shift and I'm just not able to work more later in the day to make up the lines.  I'm not complaing about not getting work, but I also don't believe that I need to fit my life and family around my work on a regular basis.  I believe that when an MT is hired FT and the company has expectations of how many lines a day they want the MT to produce, then it is reasonable for the MT to expect work.  I know the business is feast or famine, but if an MT who if FT and wants to work is consistently not getting enough work during their scheduled shift then there is a problem.

I'm very good at what I do, but I work to live, not live to work, and I don't remember signing anything that said I agreed that my life/family came second to MTing. 


Any company that has work right
we must work for the same company
The little scale at the top of the page actually calculates total lines, but we do it separately I believe because of keeping track of what each MT does on the log. I keep the log up and type it in as I go and don't fool with writing it down.
Who is the best company to work for?
Can someone please tell me someone you work and are happy.  I have 8 years' experience in multi-specialty clinic and acute care (except op notes) and want somewhere with good pay and steady work.  I'm tired of bouncing from company to company after they lose your account and don't have enough work to keep you busy.  HELP!  I am so frustrated with this field.  When things are going good, I can do 2000 lines a day and be happy, but then every 6 months or so things go bad with that company and its a few months of transition after things fall apart.  I'm about to lose my mind.  Thanks in advance for the suggestions
RE: Who is the best company to work for?
company while i work
My baby, Simon, (lhasa-poo), loves to lay right up against my foot while I work.   You are right - makes me love working at home!  What a blessing.
Best company(ies) to work for?sm
I know this subject has probably been posted b4, but I could use some good advice.  It's time for me to move on and I am looking around and would appreciate any advice on who is good to work for.  I have considerable experience. 
Wonder if we work for the same company?
Your story sounds very much like mine. I would be digging out all the garbage docs every day on my secondary while my primary had plenty of work. I was also made to feel *special* because not every MT can do the harder accounts. I want to start pretending that I can only do the easy docs and let someone else do the harder ones. I leave my office pretty frustrated and wiped out at the end of my day now doing nearly all the really tough accounts. How is this fair? Either pay them less if they cannot do them or pay me more!
Anyone work as an IC for more than 1 company?

I'm wondering how this would work out.  I am an IC for a company, but don't have enough work in my specialty.  I'm not as productive, obviously, when doing a different specialty and am losing money when picking up the left-over work. 

Are there others out there who do specialty work as an IC for 2 or more companies?  Of even do work for a company and also pick up your own accounts that are not through a company?  How has it worked out for you?  Do MTSOs usually dislike this or are they generally okay with it.  I just don't see myself being able to make a living if I have to keep switching gears when there are no jobs for my specialty. 

Thank you for any replies/insight.

11.5 cpl and work for a company.
The company I work for does not allow sm
you to download their platform onto another computer. They supply the equipment, and if I want to travel, I have to take their CPU with me.
I work as an IC for a company and get
You must be new with the company you work for, right?
Just wait until you start getting the *real stuff* after the break-in period. 
The company I work for
docks you $1 per blank after a certain amount, but I have the same dictators all the time and that didn't start until after the usual training period. It has never made a real big difference in pay. You get used to your dictators and normally don't have more than that certain amount of blanks that are allowed before deduction.
If you work for a company you

and it depends on how many hours you put in to get 400 lines. If you have to do it in 2 hours, it will take you longer to reach that 400 lines than if you have 4 hours or so, especially if you have been out for a while. Once you are working and getting used to it again, you will have no trouble meeting those 400 lines in a few hours, or even less.

i bet we work for same company...
it's all verbatim, which is tempered by style rules and common sense.

When "verbatim" is done that way, there's no problem.
Does anyone work for a company-sm

that pays for reports that have been typed and then the doctors decides not to use it?  I just did a 13.41 minute report and did not see it in my line count so I went into another program to look it up.  It is in the 'deleted' folder.  I hate this.

My sup's response is "We give you 28 lines for every addendum report or dictated change so it all evens out".  BALONEY!!!!  If a doc dictates "go back to Joe Blow's report and add/take out we are to get 28 lines to type this and put in Q/A and they will correct the report. Same thing if an addendum to a job needs to be done.  I have had none of these jobs for weeks so not getting paid for the 13.41 job does not even out for me.

How does your company handle these types of deleted jobs?


I would never work for a company that did that.
We would all like to have 100% QA but no one is perfect.  Who is to say that it looks perfect to us, but the client decides, they do not like the way we put in our commas. Would I want my pay cut on that basis? NO WAY. I'd move on..JMO
What company do you work for?
I was hoping to get in on the VR escription $$$$$ I have been hearing so much about but now I am starting to wonder if it is for me. Any tips to share about VR escription work that might help me out? Thanks
No IC here. I work for a company
When starting I gave my ideal schedule and they gave it to me without question. Then I had to request numerous Friday evenings off for childcare issues and when it posed a problem I asked for a schedule change of Friday evenings over to Sunday evenings and they agreed.
Maybe you need to work for a different company?