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And if you want to give your labor away for free, you will always have plenty of work. nm

Posted By: Fight for what is yours. on 2006-01-07
In Reply to: my dear poster. if you want to go around with bad debts and scramble in the mud with them - that is your choice.


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They give me plenty of work everyday, so I sent a
There are plenty of free ones out there.
You probably have some Spyware that has gotten on your computer. I run AVG constantly and then also run SUPERAntispyware Free Edition (Google it) and also Spybot Search and Destroy, each once a week. Between these 3, I seem to catch just about everything.
I would think you should give them plenty of
...to find a replacement. Probably a couple of months. If they seem to be dragging their feet though, I would give them about four weeks. Just my thinking.... :)
They give you the option to try it for FREE
Plenty of work there.....
There is PLENTY of work at Amphion.  I'm not sure who has been saying that they overstaff, but there is more than enough work to go around.  In fact, right now there is overtime available, and they are in need of many more transcriptionists for new accounts.  
At least you have plenty of work!
There are some MTs who are begging for work. Or what about all the people in the U.S. who are being laid off and are unemployed. I would be happy that I am employed and they are asking you to work extra.
But they give you $2000 in free software!
When I worked for them, there was plenty of work.
They are very disorganized, though, and I spent most of my day doing unpaid clerical work. They would make lots of promises to get me to stay and then not follow through with them.
There may be plenty of work, but that's not the issue. -sm
The issue is having to compete with low foreign wages & standards of living. In order to continue to afford to live in this country, especially some of the more expensive states. Granted, I have no problem with seeing people in other countries get ahead, but not at the expense of those of us in THIS country.
And PS: There's plenty of temp. work out there!
Yes, work for MTSO and plenty of work
Hi. I did work for local docs and got ditched by every last one of them for various reasons.....going to voice recognition, going to hospital MT service, etc. Now I work for a MTSO and absolutely love it. The work is there 90% of the time. The holidays are SLOW, but I am learning to try to prepare for that (savings). I don't know if mine needs more ICs (doubt it at the moment), but it is StatIQ Solutions in Albuquerque. They are wonderful to work with. Good luck.
I would be willing to give a free class online on using Shorthand
and a few other shortcuts if someone can find a chat-type room where this could be done.  I cannot access the MTChat on MTdesk, reason unknown other than I have never been able to obtain a password for that site.  This would be directed toward beginning to intermediate users and would be more of a question/answer session than total lecture situation.    
have mine 10 yrs, give free deliv & paper...nm

Then they need to go about it the correct and LEGAL way. I pay taxes to give them free sm
benefits when they are illegal and don't even pay taxes, but yet I am told I will have no social security even though I have paid it in for over 20 years. They want to come over here to live, they should start by learning our language and then getting themselves LEGAL and paying taxes like all of the LEGAL people here do. I am struggling and I can get no benefits, but they don't even have to be legal to get them. Big sign at the DHS office that says, we can help you even if you are not legal.
ATA - here's a toll free number-- give them a call...
The American Transcription Association (ATA)
1210 Old York Road, Suite 101, Warminster, PA 18974
(Toll-Free) 877-786-5513
High pay for labor-intensive work is not always better

I would make more money, taking less money, doing work that I really loved and could do in my sleep (figuratively) than taking more money to do work that really was not my preference and was very labor intensive (crazy hard dictators, a field that I might not be as proficient in - so spend a lot of time looking up things - VA or teaching hospitals for instance - with so many dictators and different "ills" that come into there - high pay is a must because its going to take a good bit of time to  get your chops down) then I would rather take the lower pay and work I looked forward to.

Also its true - if they do not outsource the work - *and the client does not care who they use - just that its at X cpl* then it might be the only way the company can employ stateside help and still be profitable. 

*shrug*  I dunno - transcription is what it is.  The whole thing has gone downhill *I know, dead horse beating* and I am not sure what is going to pull it out of the dumps. 

But I do know I would rather do work I REALLY liked and get paid less and therefore make more money, than more money to do work I had to talk myself into wanting to do every day.

I mean - if you have your druthers.  Often you do not and the work you get is the work you need to do, but its nice to have a choice, if you can.

Good accounts and plenty of work. sm
PT line count is 6000 per pay period; FT is 12000. 
plenty of coders work from home....nm

Plenty of rad work out there - try the companies that specialize in it. sm
I have been with Keystrokes for 4 years and love it. I have radiology-only accounts, plenty of work and get paid well. The hospital I worked for outsourced to them and they hired me right away. Best move I ever made.

My sister is also an MT and works for another company doing rad but runs out, so be careful that the company you go with has a lot of rad-only accounts.
My work space is in the MBR- it is plenty large -sm
but the room is a bit cluttered. It is a large room though, 12' x 27', 1 corner is a small walk-in closet though (5 x 9), I am against that 5' wall of the closet for my "space". If I could lose the radio (old 1940s) and the corner shelf unit it would look a lot nicer even with my desk and TV cart I use for my printer and misc. papers. The one "spare" room we have is the dining room which is the kids play room but I am getting rid of that this Fall, however it will basically turn into storage on one side for my DHs antique TVs and the other I might make a reading nook, for the rare spare time I get to have a haven to go to outside of the bedroom. I have the recliner, just need a place to put it!
I've had plenty of work, though the numbers on my
account are way down, some accounts not affected at all.  Easter was early this year and coincided with spring break in some areas.  You'd think that there would be MTs taking days off too and that would balance things out. 
Not anymore unfortunately! They want cheaper labor to work harder!
I made more per line my first 2 weeks interning than now with a lot more bills and expenses.
Not me - I'm as happy as I've ever been. Plenty of work, more than I can do - I am so lucky. n
Labor Stats from Dept of Labor for MT inside

This is quite interesting...it is too long to post here but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the statistics.  Thanks!



MDI Maryland has plenty of work, you are talking about the wrong one - Florida maybe?. nm
An excellent platform and a good line rate with plenty of work -
Then leave me alone and let me do my thing! :-)
Well what is slave labor? Unpaid? Do these people willing report to work unpaid?
Sounds like they may work for a certain national MT company with a private board on MT Stars. Now that's slave labor. Walmart is a walk in the park compared to the national MT company with the private board.
You know -- I'm free to work for however
many companies I want.

If I made $50K a month from 5 companies and you only make but $500 from 1 company -- that's my reward for being resourceful, for working hard, for doing the work that is offered when it is offered.

Nice thing about this country is you are free -- free to be as rich as you want to be or as poor as you want to be!! I love it!!
A way to get work done for free
I actually had 1 company ask me what my specialties were and then send me a file dictated the same day in one of my specialties with a note telling me to transcribe it as quickly as possible. That one really made me think she just wanted work done for free.
maybe they were trying to get free work

out of you.  Some companies do that, especially unreputable ones.  Good for you. 

I recently applied for a job and they hired me after reviewing my resume and a short telephone interview.  No tests.  I was QA for about a week and a half, which I guess is their testing period, but I got paid for it.  Can't beat that. 

Work for Free
I'm telling you, DON'T WORK FOR TOTH. They will s c a m you out of $130 or more before you even start to work, as they charge you this ridiculous fee just to set up your computer. Believe me, there aren't too many companies out there, at least in the 11 years that I have been doing this, that charge you to set up your computer, and if they do, it's usually only $30 to $50.

Don't stoop to their level. They have no regard for their MTs, and they live beyond their means in a big house, with a mortgage that is about 5 times the average mortgage, and their car payments are about 3 times the average car payment. I know them personally, and they're not good people.

Wait until after the holidays. This time of year it slows down, as doctors take vacation, etc. It is usually slow this time of year. Things break usually in February.

Offer to do the work for free. You have not done something that has not been done before.
It's a free country. She can work where she wants UNLESS..SM
If there's some kind of contract that says she can't work anywhere else, then that might be a problem. Otherwise I just can't see anything legally wrong with it unless it can be proved she's sharing private information. I agree - I'd stay out of it completely.
No, you are not free to work for Spheris and MQ and
I didn't go into labor until 2.5 weeks later, so it didn't work. Sorry!...nm
If they have no work to give, they cannot
Does anyone know of a good free antivirus software that will work with -sm
windows XP.  I currently have AVG but I am not happy with that.  Thanks. 
Where I work it's the 'nice' name they give the
Not that I don't want to give you the company I work for...sm
It is Alphamed, but I wouldn't recommend it to you because I have hardly any work right now so I know they aren't hiring. If you did work there you would go broke if you didn't have a husband to back up your pay.
Yeah a 30 minute test---work for free, he gets enough to test, his work is done - nm
I know what OP means...Give you crap work
Why should this MT give away her hard work? She should go after what is rightfully hers.
GIVE IT A REST: Liberals work every
stop with the moronic stereotypes!

The only ones LIVING OFF THE TAX-PAYERS are the pariah's in Congress and in the GRAYHOUSE.

Spend a little more time doing your homework and a little less listening the babysitters on the right: LIMBAUGH, hannity, et AL ad nauseam
Give her the same amount of work on the days
near the end of the pay period that she seems to be doing the rest of the days. I worked for a friend's niece, and if she did not think you were going to get the work done, she would yank it from you even if you were frantically trying to get it done.  She has a TAT to meet, and good accounts are hard to come by. 
Give her less and less work. When she complains, tell her those adhering to TAT are getting the
I understand... But I will not lose money by doing free work because she chooses to bill (sm)

will a method that requires me to give away free work.  I will politely explain my position when we have our meeting.  If push comes to shove, I will tell her that I will switch to her method of line counting, but I will need 9 cpl rather than 8 cpl.  If she won't do it, I will give my notice.  

Thanks for the input!  I appreciate your time!   

read the whole post - good lord- you act like I am telling you to work for free--
The fact is "YOU ARE NOT TYPING THE LINE" So why get paid to type that line?

I merely suggested hourly pay. Good Grief!! If you people didn't have something to argue about, I think you would all go bananas.
Ask them to give you the ability to choose your work from the queue SM
They may refuse; but assuming you do have to sign off (I don't remember any more), you can explain that it takes too long. All they can do is refuse. Another--big--benefit is that you can choose several jobs in a row for a dictator or specialty you're having trouble with and learn in a day what can take months to learn coming through in dribbles.
Yes, I agree. Free is a good price and Express Scribe will work just fine for you. (nm)
I would never voluntarily give them "my" normals, my work product. SM
The nerve of these people. 
No set hours, no min/max amount of work, and give us newbies a chance.