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No, you are not free to work for Spheris and MQ and

Posted By: you know it. on 2005-11-27
In Reply to: You know -- I'm free to work for however - Busy MT'ing


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MQ will buy Spheris and set the captives free. Don't worry, be happy. MQ to the rescue.

Work for Spheris, I pay for DSL, even though
Anybody work for Spheris?
Any comments, good or bad on Spheris.  What is the avery pay per line. 
Anybody work for Spheris
Been there. Done that. They suck. It's not the pay. It is everything else.
You must work for Spheris.
I have NEVER ran out of work at Spheris.
I've worked for Spheris for a little over a year, first on a large clinic and now on acute care, and I have never ran out of work. Occasionally, I have to go to one of my secondary accounts, but there has never been no work available at all for me.
I work for Spheris too and I appreciate SM
your honestly. I too have had a fairly good experience, (with the exception of horrible health insurance), but I don't know if I would tell another MT to join up. There is too much commotion there now. They are in a hurry to change over to SR; perhaps too quickly. I'm also curious if the whole India thing is working out quite the way they anticipated. No MT company can work efficiently with so many new MT's.

Is this Spheris? I have work, but I don't know how much SM
longer. I believe my account is going totally global. I believe the entire company is going global.

I work for Spheris, but look at it as a day to day, week to week thing. I don't know how much longer it will remain in US to ANY extent.
You must work for Spheris, right? nm
so what u tellin us we work for SPHERIS?
I couldn't see MQ holding onto transcription.  I'm gonna be sick.
At Spheris, if the work was running low
I would get an email from my supervisor stating such and telling us we could flex our time or use PTO. She was very much in communication with us at all times.

I personally think that the best communication between employer/supervisor and MT would be an email stating the workload is low, asking if you want to flex your time or use PTO and when do you want to make up your time so they can staff accordingly. Would be nice, huh?! :)

I work for Spheris, and I'm very happy there. sm
Good accounts, steady work (not counting the holiday slow-downs that all companies go thru), good support, and great people. I'm very happy there and would recommend them to anyone.
I work for spheris...cannot load
Not a slam, but don't you work for Spheris
hospital work going to spheris
We too are in the same situation.. got the announcement, very minimal information, very general.. and now nothing.. we are supposed to transition in July next year.. I am hoping for the best but expecting the worst.. we have a lot of American speaking doctors, heard they like to send those to India, very nervous.. whole hospital system network going to spheris.. I am sure there are many more of us, on the edge, waiting....
I work part time for Spheris...(sm)
They will hire you part time for the hours you're looking for; however, they don't hire IC status, which is what I wanted.

Spheris is not working out for me at all, but maybe it'll be what you're looking for.

Good luck!
How can a backup computer be used with Spheris? You work on sm
theirs only.
Has anyone received their W2 from Spheris or Webmedx. Yes, I work for both.
Spheris Indian MTs are allowed to work
I also work for both Spheris and MQ. If quarterly bonuses are eliminated I too will still be with M
I work for Spheris, was docked by QA for typing 02/13/08 as a date SM
instead of 2/13/08 (dictator said "two" not " O two", and I read this garbage!!! Holy crap batman...
we run out of work every single day at spheris, it is scary. is slow on ya'lls end too?
we run out of work every single day with Radiology, i type for Spheris, it is so scary, makes you wonder if the account is going to close.  anyone having a slow slow production month?

I was told that Healthscribe outsourced and when acquired, that Spheris would be bringing work
And this is information came to me from the inside, given to me when I was hired and in training.
You know -- I'm free to work for however
many companies I want.

If I made $50K a month from 5 companies and you only make but $500 from 1 company -- that's my reward for being resourceful, for working hard, for doing the work that is offered when it is offered.

Nice thing about this country is you are free -- free to be as rich as you want to be or as poor as you want to be!! I love it!!
A way to get work done for free
I actually had 1 company ask me what my specialties were and then send me a file dictated the same day in one of my specialties with a note telling me to transcribe it as quickly as possible. That one really made me think she just wanted work done for free.
maybe they were trying to get free work

out of you.  Some companies do that, especially unreputable ones.  Good for you. 

I recently applied for a job and they hired me after reviewing my resume and a short telephone interview.  No tests.  I was QA for about a week and a half, which I guess is their testing period, but I got paid for it.  Can't beat that. 

Work for Free
I'm telling you, DON'T WORK FOR TOTH. They will s c a m you out of $130 or more before you even start to work, as they charge you this ridiculous fee just to set up your computer. Believe me, there aren't too many companies out there, at least in the 11 years that I have been doing this, that charge you to set up your computer, and if they do, it's usually only $30 to $50.

Don't stoop to their level. They have no regard for their MTs, and they live beyond their means in a big house, with a mortgage that is about 5 times the average mortgage, and their car payments are about 3 times the average car payment. I know them personally, and they're not good people.

Wait until after the holidays. This time of year it slows down, as doctors take vacation, etc. It is usually slow this time of year. Things break usually in February.

Little snow globe from Spheris with "All around the world, Spheris
Offer to do the work for free. You have not done something that has not been done before.
It's a free country. She can work where she wants UNLESS..SM
If there's some kind of contract that says she can't work anywhere else, then that might be a problem. Otherwise I just can't see anything legally wrong with it unless it can be proved she's sharing private information. I agree - I'd stay out of it completely.
And if you want to give your labor away for free, you will always have plenty of work. nm
Does anyone know of a good free antivirus software that will work with -sm
windows XP.  I currently have AVG but I am not happy with that.  Thanks. 
Yeah a 30 minute test---work for free, he gets enough to test, his work is done - nm
I understand... But I will not lose money by doing free work because she chooses to bill (sm)

will a method that requires me to give away free work.  I will politely explain my position when we have our meeting.  If push comes to shove, I will tell her that I will switch to her method of line counting, but I will need 9 cpl rather than 8 cpl.  If she won't do it, I will give my notice.  

Thanks for the input!  I appreciate your time!   

read the whole post - good lord- you act like I am telling you to work for free--
The fact is "YOU ARE NOT TYPING THE LINE" So why get paid to type that line?

I merely suggested hourly pay. Good Grief!! If you people didn't have something to argue about, I think you would all go bananas.
Yes, I agree. Free is a good price and Express Scribe will work just fine for you. (nm)
Abacus is not free. It is $20 but worth it. You can download a trial version free which does not h
I have used this for years and have compared to Sylvan, Word, and MP Count, etc. When you have it set to count every character, bold, shift, tab, etc. It is great and always higher than the others. Now if you are wanting gross lines like in Word then no it won't be as high because Word counts blanks lines and Abacus counts a line only if there is a character on it. There is also two places to check for it to count the Headers/Footers. If you have the FREE version then it must be the trial or a very old version so you don't have all the features and functions.
Free? As in, free trial? Otherwise, I don't think you'll find a spellcheck software that's
Check out the free demo of MTStars FlashType. It's free for 7 days.
Then, if you like it, you can purchase it for $59.95.  See link below.
yes it is free....mine was free....why the exclamation?
There are free ones out there. I have been using a free one for 5 years. sm
Just have to research FTP server software.
free? We are not *free* - what planet R U on?

Free? Liberal?  You know nothing about me......I'm a 4th generation American so don't get up in my face......

We have a bad bad reputation today....and we do NOT HAVE 60 ALLIES/COUNTRIES BACKING US UP IN IRAQ....you better open up your eyes to the REAL stats.  Perhaps in 2003 we had 60 allies/countries backing us up....NAME 60 today.  I can name maybe 10 countries.......

You are terribly off-base.........even the soldiers have spoken up stating *unfortunately, this has become OUR vietnam* -

here's where you might think of beginning...iraqi veterans against the war......not a liberal website by any stretch of the imagination..


Spheris. nm
I applied with Spheris last week, had my interview on the phone and she never got back with me. I called her and left a message, she called back and said she did not have any work for me. It was posted in the Sunday Paper here, lots of work.
MQ vs Spheris
I was with Medquist before it became Medquist- It used to be Lanier. Then they were sold to Medquist. Then again they were sold to Spheris. I had nothing but problems with the two prior operations, but as Spheris- when I called and asked for a copy of my W2 because I had never received it... I was faxed a copy within 10 mins. /shrug Hope that helps.
Do you mean Spheris?
Or is there some other monster national that is being touted as the next Great Satan?
Yes, meant Spheris.....

If no one has access to our E-mail address and this is the only place that they could have gotten it, how did they as I just got an E-mail from them about applying for a job?   So somehow our E-mail addresse are not protected as they say that they are on this board?  Did anyone else receive it?   I have never posted my resume, or applied for a job throught his board as I own my own MTSO.   Makes me wonder about how safe our E-mail addresses are.



Hi, I am just about burned out on the Big "S". I have nearly 20 years experience MT'ing. Have worked for edix/spheris for several. I am finding that although I am leveled high I am consistly stuck with a lower level client. This, by manipulation of the Big "S" reduces my income.

Are there any companies at all who are decent to work for, who pay a flat - good - line rate? I AM SICK OF THE MANIPULATIONS.

Line count runs at 1100/day (it is probably a lot more,not sure because Spheris has a way of making it all their way)

I can go to work immediately. Cable, WinXP.
I have a gut feeling it is Spheris. 
I think Spheris can afford MQ and really do not believe MQ is in the position to buyout Spheris but I guess time will tell!