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Posted By: FTMT on 2007-09-20
In Reply to: Question about heart palpitations/menopause. - ME

Do you ever awaken in the morning with anxiety? I border on panic some mornings and just HATE feeling that way. I have no medication to help control this, but like you, I could not take anything during the day because I would go to sleep. That would definitely make my work day a bit more difficult!!

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No anxiety from this old gal, at
52 menopause keeps me warm and toasty. 
I too have always been on the shy side, and it's not that I don't like people, it's just that I hate being in social situations where there are lots of people, like weddings for example.  I only go to those events if I absolutely have to.  For me it is not lack of self esteem.  I feel I have a lot to offer.  It is just that I have more of a quiet type of personality, less outgoing, more introverted.  Sometimes I wish I was a bit more outgoing, but not often and it is definitely one of the reasons I love working at home. 
But I'm wondering, is it really a "BAD" thing or is just that our personalities are different from really outgoing types? I mean, I'm uncomfortable in a crowd of people I don't know and a little shy. It's just my personality. Is it really bad to be shy to the point where you need medication? I don't feel it is. We are all different with different strengths and weaknesses.
I'm not sure if it is anxiety....
I have considered that anxiety could be a possibility, as I definitely experienced it as a child myself. However, it seems to be less likely the cause because he shows no 'classic' signs of anxiety that would make me think otherwise. He is a great kid, no struggles in school (actually he is doing GREAT in school!), normal home life, normal activities, has a Wonderful teacher, etc. I volunteer at his school every Monday in his classroom. I have looked for signs of anxiety while in the classroom as well. He seems perfectly fine, listens well and does his work, and is not clingy with me (which I thought could happen, especially when leaving, but he winks at me from across the room and knows that I'm leaving and is fine with that.) His teacher said he doesn't seem anxious to her either. He is a great reader and he gets up in front of the class and reads to them (this is something I Never would have had the courage to do at this age!) So, I hesitate to think it is 'nerves', but I'm not sure. Thanks for your input! :)
Do you suffer from postmenopausal anxiety? If so, how do you handle it? Am having a terrible problem.
Does it ever end on its own?
Has been 5 years now for me. I have been on medication in the past, but decided, because of side effects of meds, to try to handle it alone. Not doing too well with that. Can't seem to get past it. I guess I was hoping you could provide a definitive answer - you know something quick, cheap, and easy, and VOILA - no more anxiety! Oh well!! TKX anyhow and best to you!
Anyone else have anxiety using heat?
I've had to turn on the old heater this past week and I must admit I'm feeling really nerrrrrvous about getting my bill! I'm afraid to keep it on for fear of a thousand dollar charge! Anyone else with "heating bill anxiety"?
Heat anxiety
I live in AZ so our big bills are in the summer for the AC. I moved back to upstate NY for a few years and am back in AZ now. When in NY I almost froze and had huge electric bills, so I bought a little electric space heater and put it under my desk. It kept me toasty all day and I didn't have to crank up the heat in the entire house to stay thawed out. Give it a try! Heating costs have gone up everywhere this year because the poor oil companies really are hurting for money (HA). The little space heater will really do the trick and keep you toasty all winter. What part of the country are you in?
Heat anxiety--here's what I'm trying sm

Hubby wants the furnace on 67--too cold for me but we settled on 68.  Last year we had it at 70.  Our windows this year have all new caulking and loose windows are sealed shut, but that didn't seem to be enough. I bought a bunch of those 4.00 fleece blanket throws 50 x 60 " from Big Lots and some cafe rod clips from Walmart, enough to adequately cover all 20 windows. I cut the blankets in half and put 7 clips on each half, hung them on a standard rod and they cover the windows adequately for me.  If you want more fluffiness, use 1 blanket and 14 rod clips for each panel. It really helps in keeping the sun out of my office which is way too hot during the day being on the south side but then gets cold at nights when I work, so the blankets keep out the drafts. So far, so good.  We'll see if it helps on our gas charges. So far, they have us on budget billing and our bills are 72.00 a month.  Hopefully, they will go down a little more. I'm going to try leaving them up in the summer to see if they keep out the heat and keep in the air conditioning. I priced the thermal rubber backed drapes and they were about 25.00 to 50.00 a window-a little bit more than I can spend right now.

Anxiety attack maybe
I have read some of the other posts and yours. It sounds to me like maybe an anxiety attack, but not a panic attack. Panic attackes are usually more severe like those others have explained. I have anxiety attacks where I cannot catch my breath and cannot talk. My mom has suffered two panic attacks that were much different and more severe. One landed her in an ambulance. Panic attacks are like others have said you feel like you are dying. Those around you may suspect a heart attack or that you are dying when you are actually having a panic attack. My mom did not know where she was or who anybody was. She could not speak or breath clearly. She could not move either. I can understand not having insurance. I have been there. I would monitor if it happens again and when you are able to go see a doctor. We have a discount clinic in our town so maybe you can check into that. They charge a cheaper office visit fee.
Maybe he had stool anxiety...nm

anxiety disorder
I'm feeling I have this, though have never been clinically diagnosed.  I get very uncomfortable in large crowds and much prefer being in a setting with just one or two people or even being alone.  I have gotten worse as I've gotten older.  Then again, I really seem to ENJOY my solitude so I'm not certain it's a bad thing completely.  
dog anxiety from thunder

We are having record thunderstorms here in NM this  Aug.  My dog is outside in her fenced yard while I am at work in the daytime.  She has a dog house and  a covered area. She goes literally nuts when it thunders.  Sometimes I can get home to let her in, but not always.  The vet gave me Clomiprizine today (50 mg capsules) to give her in the morning.  I don't know, should I try something more natural, or try giving her half. Not sure what to do, don't like the idea of tranquelizing her but she will try to chew through anything to get out and is in danger of hurting herself, or getting run over if she does get out.  Any suggestions?   

storm anxiety
I'm in Tampa, the lightning capital of the country, and my poor dog has gone crazy ever since our house was struck by lightning (scared us humans pretty bad too). Storms come up so fast that tranquilizers don't kick in fast enough. My vet suggested turning on music, which helps some. I've also created a safe space for him inside my bedroom closet. If at all possible I wouldn't leave your dog outside. Lots of dogs here panic during storms, get out, and get lost.
social anxiety
Maybe we're loners.

When you get older, more anxiety?
I am in the 60s now so don't know about it getting worse. Am looking forward to a high school reunion this weekend. I only have anxiety if I have to speak in front of a lot of people or even stand on a stage in front of people. I love my home and so love being able to work from home but as far as anxiety escalating in later years, ?? same as before for me.
Social anxiety, yes!!
So good to know I am not alone.  Just last night I was at karate class watching my kids and watching all the other moms interact.  This is how it always is for me.  Watching everyone else chat and laugh and have a good time.  I am very uncomfortable in social situations, and it seems like everyone else is not at all uncomfortable.  Feels like I am the only one in the world with this. I don't really want to rely on a med, but I don't know how to get past this.  All my neighbors are very close knit, I am the only one who never interacts or joins in on the get-togethers.  They must think I'm stuck up.  The truth is, I would rather take a beating than go to a block party!  Any ideas on how to get past this? 
thanks, i feel better now. yes, the anxiety is something different. nm
Given the extreme nature of your anxiety
plus your other medications, I wouldn't mess with it. Just because it's "natural" doesn't mean there aren't any side effects. The warnings on RxMed say not to take with MAO, SSRI, tricyclic antidepressants or dopamine agonists.

For starters, St. John's wort causes skin photosensitivity, mucus membrane inflammation, and interferes with birth control pills. I don't know if that's a concern for you or not. Kava kava can cause skin reactions, pupillary dilatation, lack of skeletal muscle coordination, and may exacerbate depression.

There are some European studies out there indicating that St. John's wort is effective with mild side effects. Still, I'd avoid taking herbs period with your existing symptoms and medications.
Heat anxiety solution
I have "electricity" anxiety all the time and especially in winter when I use my electric heater. What I do is shut off the power (at the breaker box) to my electric water heater. I turn it on a few minutes before I'm going to wash dishes or take a bath. I also keep all the lights off except in the room I am working in. I am single so I am able to do this without an argument from anyone.
Anyone have social anxiety disorder?
Psych reports/anxiety
This might help;  When nurses attend college, one of the first thngs they are told is "do not identify with patients' symptoms"!  It might be worthwhile talking to your supe, taking him/her into your confidence but the results may be as you anticipated.  Psych can be upsetting, especially if you are compassionate.  If no help from supe, the Valerian is a good idea, or a cup of soothing tea and trying not to relate - if you can, "block."
So much anxiety that I haven't even turned heat on
Left out depression, anxiety, becoming a hermit...
Certain antidepressants/anti-anxiety meds also attribute to being antagonistic.
I agree.. I would be working from home even if I didn't have anxiety attacks!
Thanks for sharing!
Valerian and Kava Kava will both help with anxiety... sm
I would be careful, though, if you choose to continue taking the Soma or other anxiety medications. If you are worried about the side effects from herbs but are still interested in trying them, take them in tea form and use milder herbs, such as chamomile or oatstraw. Herbs are usually safer when taken as a tea, as the most active constituents of the plant are not isolated. When you use the whole herb (as in a tea, not a capsule or standardized extract) you get a more balanced effect from the herb.

You know, oats are extremely nourishing to the nervous system. You can eat them as oatmeal or drink a tea of oatstraw. Oats are mild with little or no side effects when used in this way.

Good luck!