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Any Canadian MTs here? Am thinking of moving north. Could you

Posted By: E-Mail me please on 2005-08-06
In Reply to:

I am interested in knowing a few things about living in Canada and working for the U.S. company.  I also understand Canadian medical institutions utilize MTs.  Would like to correspond with an MT living in Canada. 

My e-mail address is above.  If you have time to answer a few questions, please e-mail.  I am considering moving to B.C., Vancouver or Okanagan Valley depending what I find during my scouting of each area; am presently in California. 

Thank you!

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Oops I was wrong, he's not Canadian. I was thinking of Chad Kroeger LOL
we are thinking about moving to Denver (sm)
and I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who lives in or around that area.  Any info good or bad would be appreciated.  I just wanna know the basics, like how hard would it be for a southern family to adapt to Colorado? TIA!
Spheris hires Canadian MTs and has Canadian accts. Can't answer the wage question. So much depe
Speaking of Kenny Chesney, is anyone thinking what I am thinking? see message
When I hear the words, "annulment" and "fraud" in the same sentence, I can only think of one thing.  Anybody else thinking the same thing?
Canadian ICs
HI Denise - I am a recent grad of an MT program in BC and just signed on as an IC for a Florida Company. I start in a couple of weeks. I've found that lots of US MTSOs will hire an IC from Canada. That is not really an issue as long as you are a grad of a respected course and do well on the testing. The hard part is getting your foot in the door without any experience!! I am not familiar with the CareerStep course. I've heard of it of course but have not researched it lately. I took the Advanced Medical Transcription Program through Selkirk College via distance ed. I can highly recommend this one and employers seem to be impressed with the grads. Let ME know if you would like further information.

PS - A new baby in November? Boy, you must be pretty energetic to consider taking on something like this at this time!!
pays Canadian, hassle with bank when you cash it after you get it 3 months later.
Canadian Tx
It doesn't bother me.  It is hard to articulate why, in a logical way, so I have to just explain from my gut.  I feel that they are our "kinfolk."  In my mind, they are our neighbors, in a way that I feel closer to than other countries.  Therefore, it's like more "sharing" of "our" workload, rather than "them" sort of "stealing" the work from "us."  No "Us and Them" attitude with me, on the issue of Canadians.  Yet, I feel that way strongly about India and Philippines and whoever else comes up the pike "stealing" our work.   I realize this isn't logical, but hey, you asked.  Does anyone else feel the way I feel? 
To "I am canadian"
I'm sorry you're Canadian. I lived in northern Vermont for awhile and could only get Canadian TV. From that I learned how much you people hate us and envy us. But of course, you don't mind taking our money and taking our help when you need it.

Exactly how do you know what the people dying in Afghanistan are innocent?

Like of the rest of the world, you were too ready to dip in this country's deep pockets and you sued us when some of your Canadians were mistakenly killed by some U.S. pilots. With allies like you, we don't need enemies.

By the way, wasn't your lily white Canadian government involved in the British invasion of Las Malvinas, or as you would probably call it, The Falklands War? Do you think you Canadians killed any innocent people there?

Keep up your bellyaching - that's the only thing Canadians know how to do, other than drink beer and ice skate. Sooooooo, how aboot that, heh?
Canadian MTing?
Are there any Canadian MT's on this site? I am from canada and wondering where I go to find jobs in the US for Canadian's to work! What is a fair wage? Any help would be very much appreciated!
Why not try a Canadian company?
www.absmed.com (I don't think they are hiring, but you can check it out).
Hope that helps!
Canadian rates, please help

Could any of you help me in making this very important decision please?  I have contacts that can help me get contracts from a small Physical therapy/chiropractic care clinic in Alberta, Canada.  But, I have no clue as to how much is charged per 65 cpl with spaces in Canada.  Considering that one US dollar is equivalent to Canadian $1.15, I guess I would perhaps be able to get a better rate.   But how much would you say is a rate that would do justice to both parties?  Anyone doing a similar work from Canada, working MTs with MT companies in Canada, please help. Any input will be welcome…Thank you….Maple

I am from Ontario.

There are two companies in BC: www.absmed.com and

Check these out - I think they only hire local at home MTs.
Canadian spelling?


$1.29 to our dollar so if the Canadian MTs...sm

If Canadian MTs are making more $$ than American MTs, it all evens out.  Also, the national health care system in Canada is currently under revision and my cousin tells me it takes her 6 months to get an appointment for an XRAY in Calgary!!!........

Canada's dollar is not as strong as our dollar in the US and I LOVE CANADA so please do not think I'm bashing that wonderful sister country of ours.

canadian pharmacy
Hi, I've used feelbest.com (located in Ottawa, Ontario) numerous times and have had nothing but good results -- give them a try!
Re: Canadian Companies
I would work for either, I just find more and more American companies not taking Canadians. I get nailed with taxes either way. I used to work for Spheris and then took a year off and was told I would be on re-hire status and when I went to re-apply was told they no longer higher Canadians.
also had a French Canadian
very difficult...  now if I ever hear a doctor with a New Zealand accent  I think I will recognize it  - very distinctive - have heard it only in a few movies.
Canadian Needing Help

Hey everyone, I'm Canadian and am currently researching possible MT schools. I was originally thinking Canscribe, but am not so sure anymore (I read on another forum that they don't train students enough, and I want the best possibly training so that I am great at my future job). I know M-Tec and Andrews School are seemingly the top two schools in America, but I kind of wanting to attend a Canadian based school possibly. If anyone can help me out, I would really appreciate it. Also, if someone knows a Canadian based MT forum please let me know. I have been trying to find but it doesn't seem like there is any out there.

Thanks so much for your time!



from canadian newspaper
I am sorry, I can't provide the link but it is a direct quote from a Canadian publication.

"Because the health care plan is regulated by the government, bureaucracy shows it's ugly head. Waiting lists are long and wait times for certain procedures are equally long. For instance, in New Brunswick, a person requiring heart a bypass procedure may wait for up to six months. A knee replacement in Ontario takes about the same. These waiting times are expected and those in need should prompt their doctors to be proactive in diagnosing the problems and gaining access to the waiting list at the earliest possible instance."

Okay, wanna wait six months for your CABG? You'd be dead. I do see that as a problem, don't you. I am sure there are Canadians who love it, just as I am certain there are those who don't. I would like to know where you got that 5% statistic from, though. I don't mean that as a smart aleck remark. I really would like to know if that is the case. Can you point me in a direction that would verify that?
You might get answer on the Canadian website
Canadian Dollars- probably French ESL nm
re: a canadian MT who lives next to MAINE
I have a MT company from portland, Maine who w ants me to work for them as an IC. They offered me 7 cents per line american. WHat a freakin joke!!

I wont work for under 12 cents per line and I have been out of it for awhile (6 years!!).

See ya!!
Boycott Canadian Seafood
Due to the horrible seal hunt the HSUS is asking that we boycott Canadian seafood as a way of protesting the hunt.  The hunters get the majority of their income from their jobs as fishermen so boycotting their products will hurt them in turn for them hurting the baby seals.  Thanks.
I'd love to help - how do we know if the seafood is Canadian or not though?
Canadian Health Care
A 6-8 week wait time to see a gynecologist? Is that good or bad for the US. I personally have been waiting to see an endocrinologist for 1 year, 3 months...still nothing. Seriously. The wait time for any type of procedure of specialty is actually quite scary. Sometimes it feels as though we are in Russia, we just happen to pay more taxes. We "pay" for our health care with 13% tax on absolutely everything you buy. That is supposedly for health care, but it really doesn't seem to help. I personally believe the problem is in the fact there are not enough doctors. When you compare how many doctors there are in each specialty to the amount of patients that require them, that is where the wait time comes into play. Ironically, Canada is starting to implement "pay as you go" clinics for procedures because the wait time is so ridiculous. It seems that Canada is adopting the US's health system and the US is looking to adopt Canada's system. That reminds me of something...the grass is always greener on the other side (nope, same grass, different place). Take care all.
They do that up north to.
I live in Illinois and there is a gas station here that posts the bad checks on this huge wall they have.
Yes! Rob Thomas, another great Canadian singer - sm
- REALLY a man, unlike KD Lang LOL
I think they stopped hiring Canadian MTs last year. nm
all this talk about canadian/european healthcare...

My family and I may be moving to Poland temporarily, maybe 3 years or so (job opportunity for hubby).  I only have one kidney and have been fine all my life until recently, now doctor says I have a stricture in the urethra and wants to do surgery.  Apparently it's not a minor surgery, has a 2-week recovery period to just feel normal, and needs at least 6-month followups to doctor for monitoring to make sure there isn't scar buildup tissue, etc., oh and a stent will need to be removed 4 weeks after the surgery (in-office procedure).  I am going to have the surgery here but in the event we do move to Poland it will be sometime later this year, which means I'd be following up over there.  What are your thoughts on this?

2.21 here in North Georgia
Yep, so were we - the Metro North!
North Carolina
North Carolina here too!
Only in North America

By the way...I worked a 12 hour shift today. I really don't need the correction on my spelling. I realize I hit the 'n' instead of the 'm'. I'm done now...this is dumb.
Me, too! We're in north Fla so
still haven't had the worst yet.  Can you believe it is starting this early?  This is getting pretty old!!   I guess this one shouldn't be to bad though (hopefully).  Stay safe!!
No, I'm in the north (Michigan) and (sm)
really don't have any at this time, either; I've only had a couple of accounts over the years where there were lots of drawls, I think one was a V.A. in S. Carolina. I think now they've probably all been replaced by ESLs!
Many co. use Canadian MTs. There are also many accounts in Canada held by U.S. MTSOs
Americans should be so lucky as to be paid what some Canadian transcriptionists are.

Job security, union jobs, full benefits, 1 year of maternity leave, parental leave, vacation time, sick time, $18 or more an hour...

Can anyone recommend a good, safe Canadian pharmacy? NM
North Alabama Transcriptionists
Are there any hospitals based in North Alabama who use at-home Radiology Transcriptionists?
Any North Alabama Transcriptionists?
I posted on the state board, but I don't think many people go to that board.  I was just wondering if there any home-based transcriptionists near me.  Thank you for your time.
North Alabama Transcriptionists
I am in Limestone County.
North Myrtle Beach
Having lived at Pawley's Island - this is some really pretty country.  Get out of the car at the Myrtle Beach Sign in the middle of the highway for some photo ops.  Also, for those of you traveling to North Myrtle Beach - please make a short trip (30 minutes with no traffic) down to Pawley's Island and see the Brookgreen Gardens and Hunnington Beach.  There are also a lot of "real" little shops at Pawley's Island with real treasures to find - not cheap souvenier stuff.  You can watch the weavers make the Original Pawley's Island Hammacks.  I know that you are all probably going for either the beach or the golf, but beware that the sewage drains into the ocean up on the Grand Strand and there is usually a daily feces report - so if it is high - don't go into the water.  I hope that ya'll have a great time.  If you get the chance - try some Shrimp and Grits, frogmore stew and some of the other low country delicacies.  You will have a blast.  Remember hurricane insurance, too - in case one is headed that way and you don't want to lose your money on your flight and accommodations. 
In Columbia, TN now about 3 hours north. nm

But of course, only in North America for the most part.
Read up some more. They use this term WIDELY in Asia...go figure! Don't know about you but I'm a bit sick of the politically correct crap going on in this country. I will side with the first dictionary - that it is grammatically correct albeit politically incorrect, because like who cares? I sure don't. : D
Yep, a hospital north of the river.
I'll email you the name.
Would love too, but I am in North Wilmington sm
and can't afford the time away from my account this time of year. Would love to take you up on it in the summer time. Spring is just so busy for me.
I'm in North Central Indiana
and have used ATT/yahoo DSL. Not sure if this would work for your or not, but I've used it for years and very rarely have problems.

Note it says North America - sm
that does not necessarily mean in the United States, still could be Mexico or Canada.
They recently got rid of all their Canadian MTs, guess to make room for more Indians. nm
Hope she lives in the north cuz if she gets in the sun and walks
across a highway it will create a grease slick from all that lard rendering.