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North Carolina

Posted By: NCMT on 2006-02-19
In Reply to: weather - texan


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North Carolina here too!
8 inches snow on Roan Mtn North Carolina
CONGRATS to WINNER Charmaine B. of North Carolina on winning the $50
CONGRATS to WINNER Charmaine B. of North Carolina on winning the $50
Here in North Carolina they get to operate a motor vehicle at age 15 when accompanied by
a licensed driver.  No, they do not state WHO has to be the licensed driver (i.e. friend, neighbor, etc) or how long the licensed driver needs to be licensed, but at 14.5 years they start driver's education in the schools!  It is ridiculous to me, as they are children operating a very dangerous toy and I pray they up the age before my children reach it, as I do not feel children possess the maturity and forethought to drive at such a young age.
And to Cam Ward...amazing young man.
accustat emr (carolina)
they don't pay properly. aside from the cheap pay. you might just waste your time and money.
sorry...that was United Transcription in No. Carolina. nm
ECU-East Carolina Univ.
Congratulations to the Carolina Hurricanes

for bringing home the Stanley Cup!!!!

I was going to post this the other day, but I got too busy to do so...lol.


I wasn't offered 8-1/2 cpl w/United out of So.Carolina - much lower. TransTech and DSG
I used this with United of No.Carolina. It seemed kind of slow and archaic. Didn't use the Sted&
They do that up north to.
I live in Illinois and there is a gas station here that posts the bad checks on this huge wall they have.
2.21 here in North Georgia
Yep, so were we - the Metro North!
Only in North America

By the way...I worked a 12 hour shift today. I really don't need the correction on my spelling. I realize I hit the 'n' instead of the 'm'. I'm done now...this is dumb.
Me, too! We're in north Fla so
still haven't had the worst yet.  Can you believe it is starting this early?  This is getting pretty old!!   I guess this one shouldn't be to bad though (hopefully).  Stay safe!!
No, I'm in the north (Michigan) and (sm)
really don't have any at this time, either; I've only had a couple of accounts over the years where there were lots of drawls, I think one was a V.A. in S. Carolina. I think now they've probably all been replaced by ESLs!
North Alabama Transcriptionists
Are there any hospitals based in North Alabama who use at-home Radiology Transcriptionists?
Any North Alabama Transcriptionists?
I posted on the state board, but I don't think many people go to that board.  I was just wondering if there any home-based transcriptionists near me.  Thank you for your time.
North Alabama Transcriptionists
I am in Limestone County.
North Myrtle Beach
Having lived at Pawley's Island - this is some really pretty country.  Get out of the car at the Myrtle Beach Sign in the middle of the highway for some photo ops.  Also, for those of you traveling to North Myrtle Beach - please make a short trip (30 minutes with no traffic) down to Pawley's Island and see the Brookgreen Gardens and Hunnington Beach.  There are also a lot of "real" little shops at Pawley's Island with real treasures to find - not cheap souvenier stuff.  You can watch the weavers make the Original Pawley's Island Hammacks.  I know that you are all probably going for either the beach or the golf, but beware that the sewage drains into the ocean up on the Grand Strand and there is usually a daily feces report - so if it is high - don't go into the water.  I hope that ya'll have a great time.  If you get the chance - try some Shrimp and Grits, frogmore stew and some of the other low country delicacies.  You will have a blast.  Remember hurricane insurance, too - in case one is headed that way and you don't want to lose your money on your flight and accommodations. 
In Columbia, TN now about 3 hours north. nm

But of course, only in North America for the most part.
Read up some more. They use this term WIDELY in Asia...go figure! Don't know about you but I'm a bit sick of the politically correct crap going on in this country. I will side with the first dictionary - that it is grammatically correct albeit politically incorrect, because like who cares? I sure don't. : D
Yep, a hospital north of the river.
I'll email you the name.
Would love too, but I am in North Wilmington sm
and can't afford the time away from my account this time of year. Would love to take you up on it in the summer time. Spring is just so busy for me.
I'm in North Central Indiana
and have used ATT/yahoo DSL. Not sure if this would work for your or not, but I've used it for years and very rarely have problems.

Note it says North America - sm
that does not necessarily mean in the United States, still could be Mexico or Canada.
Any Canadian MTs here? Am thinking of moving north. Could you

I am interested in knowing a few things about living in Canada and working for the U.S. company.  I also understand Canadian medical institutions utilize MTs.  Would like to correspond with an MT living in Canada. 

My e-mail address is above.  If you have time to answer a few questions, please e-mail.  I am considering moving to B.C., Vancouver or Okanagan Valley depending what I find during my scouting of each area; am presently in California. 

Thank you!

Hope she lives in the north cuz if she gets in the sun and walks
across a highway it will create a grease slick from all that lard rendering. 
Hi Soho! Just north of you in Dutchess county. :) nm
North & South Florida are radically different...

I grew up in the Miami area and agree with all of the negative posts here.  It was always hot  and humid with lots of BUGS!  There was maybe 6 weeks of pleasant weather in the winter.

I've been living in northern Florida for many years and love it.  It is like a whole different state than south Fla.  We do get hot and humid summers but that weather lasts about 4 months or so.  We have a couple of months before and after summer where it is hot but not unbearable.  Then the rest of the year is gorgeous.  We get hard freezes a few times in the winter and the leaves change color (December and January) here.  We experience the seasons without snow (once every 15 or 20 years) and have ice and frost only occasionally.  Definitely wear coats and sweaters.  Instead of palm trees everwhere, we live in a forested area and have oaks, maples, elms, etc as well as the pines.  We are inland a bit but the beach is about 30 to 40 minutes away.  Being inland, I never worried about hurricanes before.  I just don't know any more though.  These last 2 years were awful.  Anyway, I'm rambling.  Good luck with your move and I hope it is well north of south Florida and Orlando.

Up North, experienced, educated, well-rounded MTs.....sm
are making $19.76 hr average plus incentives, production bonus, and bennies....I loved working in-hospital, but right now I have family situations which must come first...no amount of money to sacrifice their welfare.
In Cherokee County, north of Atlanta
I'm in southern NY, 2hrs. north of NYC. One of the helpers on MTD is from upper NY, too. nm
Pole (North): Have U finished ur Christmas shopping?
I'll start: NO!
In North Alabama, school starts back August 4th. We get out the end of May.
Anyone ever stay at Monterey Bay Suites in North Myrtle Beach?
I was checking out there brochure and it said completely renovated for 2006 and their prices are great...Plus you get free breakfast buffet and nightly dessert...sounds great and the pictures look great...but almost too good to be true for that price....Anyone stayed there?  If so, how was it? 
Wow! I'm in North Central Florida. Last month's electric bill was $165. sm
I have electric everything and keep the thermostat set at 73. Some folks here with a different electric company have had bills triple to quadruple their normal. You may want to do some investigating.
I received mine from Zylomed North Florida. You may want to call them. nm
What an ignorant reply, not all oriental countires are in Asia, also in North Africa, see below..
Since when is 'oriental' offensive or an embarrassment?

On what planet do you live?
And in the year 2001?
I'm 1 hour north of Sacramento but lived in Citrus Heights/Roseville areas for 10 years (sm)
and pretty much 'ditto' everything CAMT says... Kaiser very big in Sacramento but you could start applying to nationals and have a job by the time you got there!! Congratulations and good luck on your move!!
Binghamton North High School, Binghamton NY in 1982
Your right..Pocatello, Idaho.. You should really see North Idaho.. that's where I want to retire.

Pine trees, gorgeous views, lakes, mountains.. now that is heaven.. right around Coeur d' Alene.. That's where you'd really want to retire.. trust me..