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Any suggestions for cleaning stainless steel appliances? sm

Posted By: SuzyHomemaker on 2006-01-24
In Reply to:

Everything I use seems to leave streaks.  Any ideas appreciated. 

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cleaning stainless steel appliances
Sounds crazy, but it works.  W D -40 and a soft cotton rag will made stainless steel appliances shine!  Got that advice from a person in the professional cleaning business who uses it most every day.
stainless steel appliances...
i've seen it posted before on this board but can't find it- what is a good way to keep stainless steel appliances clean and shiny? (other than not being in the same room with them)  do i have to purchase something or is there something i can make?  i thought i read something that included baking soda to make a paste....?????TIA
stainless steel
Chrome cleaner works wonders and is easy.
Cleaning a sofa.... Suggestions?

I want to clean a sofa...It's a material that is safe to put in the washer (the arm covers and cushion covers come off and do fine in the washer), but I need to clean the "body" of the couch.  Any products you might suggest that would clean it?  I hate to soak it with my upholstery cleaner and make it dripping wet.  Thanks

Cleaning up after one's self and cleaning up after strangers are two different issues
Nice try though
Actually I like both teams, but pullin' for Pitt
If you have gas heat/appliances in your home, PLEASE make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector!
Apparently our stove is not burning the gas properly and it built up inside our house.  We are lucky we only need the stove repaired.
Why do you do this?  If a dish is left on the counter above the dishwasher, I call the guilty party to the kitchen and make them put it in the dishwasher.  I will even call them to come home from a friends house to do this.  The guilty party has to be responsible for their own mess.  I have even gotten the kids out of bed, to pick-up after themselves.  Believe me,  doing this just a few times works wonders for getting them to be responsible for their own messes.  Also, my kids have chores, including running the vacuum, that they have to do.  A lot of my friends say it is just so much easier to do it themselves and at first, it is.  But the kids will never learn to do it right if they don't start somewhere.  Even if you have them do it initially and then you go over it, after they go to bed, and do it a little better, they have to start somewhere.  You can only be used as a maid if you let yourself be used that way.
how about cleaning
up for small businesses/offices/clinics. You might know of somebody in your town who can give you a referral. Somebody from church maybe?
First I will be cleaning like a madwoman
because my in-laws are coming. I think we will have a traditional family barbecue and maybe head to the beach.
cleaning sofa
I have a white sofa and have cleaned it myself many times.  You can rent a Rug Doctor with an upholstery attachment and it is really powerful.  Your sofa will hardly be even damp when you finish.  You can use regular upholstery cleaner in the Rug Doctor or sometimes I use Simply Green.  Try the Rug Doctor.  It really works.  Linda.
cleaning keyboard
Gosh, I cant believe you did that and it didnt destroy your keyboard!  I know in the past when I have even dropped a minute amount of water on my keyboard the keys would no longer work.  I am always afraid of having water near my keyboard so much so that when I work, I keep my soda glass way on the other side of the keyboard.  I know there is a spray to clean the keyboard as my previous boss woiuld use it constantly.  I would probably go with that as with my luck over the past five years or so, I dont want to *rock the boat*, ya know?  :o)
Don't need to be cleaning no trailer.
Y'all can jist haul it off and git you a new one iffen it gets dirty.
I'd have taken pictures when you were done cleaning.
They just think they can rip you off. They obviously didn't have to clean a darned thing! (And I don't even know you, but believe your description of things) :)
cleaning for businesses
Definitely pays more and there is less grunge to clean. You vacuum, empty trash cans and easy. Probaby depending on the size of the office, good money
friends of mine pay house cleaners once or twice a week, $75 for half a day.. the hispanics do about 2 or three hours and leave to another job.


I shake it out upside down, used canned air, and wipe with an alcohol wipe.  I kill about one keyboard a year, so it doesn't have much time to get too dirty. 

cleaning house

We have a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom house, about 1600 sq. ft.  and I have my girl come every other week and pay her 30.00, she's here for 2 hours  I've had her for about 8 years now.  She's like a daughter to me.  Hope this helps.


Faux fur cleaning
Looking for solutions to cleaning a faux fur duvet cover, says to dry clean by fur method only, no one does that in my area, has to be sent away and would cost me $80, only paid $100 for it, so that is out of the question.  Any one ever clean one on gentle cycle in cold water before and what were your results, no drying?
I definitely would have gone into CARPET CLEANING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carpet cleaning is an incredibly lucrative industry and wish I went into that 25 years ago.  I got into transcription to get out of bagging groceries.  It quite a change for me.  But sad to say, I got burned in many different ways in this particular field (transcription).  I love doing pathology though.  But believe me, I have found that people are much quicker to pay for cleaning services than anything else.  Making between 17 and 30 grand a year is ok, but in carpet cleaning, a guy/girl can make at least 50 grand on his/her own first year out.  This is no joke nor is it an insult to the transcription industry.  Just a comparison.  Regrets?  yeah, some.  But it seems to me that no matter how old you are, if you have the ambition and desire, it's never too late to start over again.
Cleaning your screen
Never use windex it will mess up the screen and good. Water is okay, but not the best. I use Klear screen. You can order it on e-bay fairly cheep. It is recommended by all computer industries for both laptops and regular desktop screens. It is awesome.
Have you tried cleaning the heads?
Check the printer software for an option to do that and/or diagnostic tool.
What's your favorite cleaning product....sm
for say the bathrooms and kitchen?  I usually use whatever is on sale and that I have a coupon for as they all seem to work about the same to me - and if I see one more advertisement that claims that something will clean without your having to scrub and not see it come true I'm going to have a hissy fit! 
I still dislike cleaning the bathroom.
I have all boys.  Between them and their friends and the cat litter box, ugh.  It's got to be done at least twice a week.  I'd rather do anything else.  I've thought about hiring a housekeeper just to do that, but I'm teaching the boys how to clean the bathroom instead.  No half effort job accepted.  My Grandma is of the old school, so she always comments about how sad it is that I have to clean up after my husband and all our boys.  She wants me to keep trying to have kids until I can have a few daughters to help me with the housework.  No, I'd rather train the boys.  LOL
Maybe it's cleaning cobwebs from the ceiling?

I absolutely have a cleaning lady - sm
about $65 bucks every two weeks, she does all the hardwood floors throughout my house, bathrooms from top to bottom (with bleach), dusts and vacuums.  All the "big" stuff that I never do since I'd rather work and make money than clean my house. 
I actually went to wal-mart and bought new toilet seats because i didn't feel like cleaning them YUCK..so sick of that job can't someone ELSE do it?? Like the adult male who makes the majority of the messes?  And the laundry?  WHAT HAPPENED?  I SWEAR I JUST DID IT!! I just got done putting away the last load and i go look and there is about 20 loads.....who did this?  Why are they doing it to me??  OMG OMG OMG...it just HAS to go away..those little dwarves, elves, aliens, leprachauns really need to GO AWAY and visit someone elses house cuz i am just plain POOOPED!!
in the future, leave the cleaning to them

Where I live, you're not going to see $150 of your deposit 'cause they automatically charge you for cleaning up after you leave. It's just a shame you didn't take pictures after you cleaned up.  

Live and learn.

We did, and they put down 3 hours of cleaning. I agree..
carpets SHOULD be shampooed between tenants, but as long as they're only dirty to the point of normal wear and tear, shouldn't the landlord incur that cost themselves as part of doing business.  Our carpets were almost immaculate!
"Ethical" pay for my cleaning lady...sm

I write her a check each and every month to her business name.  She does her OWN accounting and pays her own taxes and things on earnings and such.  As she is not my personal employee, my accountant has advised me that it is the same thing as paying our lawn service yearly, which means I do NOT need fill out a 1099 for her as I don't do it for TruGreen/ChemLawn or any other service provider for our home when we need it.  I do not pay her cash and I hope this ends this discussion.  She used to work at a local firm for $6.25 an hour before starting her own business (yes she is American). I pay her what she bills me for as well as Holiday bonuses (yes in cash as it is a gift not a fee) and I also pay her 4 times per year and give her the day off - we go to lunch instead and I foot the bill.  It saddens me to see this discussion go so far downhill regarding pay, tax evasion, etc.  I am thankful she does what she does for our family and she is thankful there are people like me who employ her to do what she loves to do.  Have a great weekend ladies (and gents)!  I'm glad I got a chance to look through here and set the record straight. 

Can you try one of the at-home dry cleaning methods? nm

I've done cleaning houses and do my dog and sm
my mother-in-laws, prefer doing the dogs as to dealing with ignorant people.  Actually, we'll have a spare room that could be converted to bathing facilities, etc. as it is right above the water supply line. More or less just looking to see if anyone knows of good training schools, etc.
Had it. You'd get tired of cleaning it in a hurry.

You guys must be young.

BUT you said "I don't mind cleaning mine."
do you wear your little maid costume, too, to help you feel more important?
glass cleaning wipes
They are in a plastic tube kinda like the wet wipes but are made for monitors and TVs.  Wal-Mart has them.
Ugh, after reading about the "deep cleaning"...

my teeth now hurt like heck and I feel almost sick to my stomach!  I think I would rather have all my teeth pulled while I was under anesthesia and just have pair of dentures with nice white straight teeth. 

I don't know why I get so queasy about teeth--nothing else makes me that way at all, and I've got an iron stomach.  I LIKE to watch my blood being pulled for testing and my wounds getting sewn up.  I don't mind if they send the new phlebotomist my way because she can poke around all she needs to and I don't mind.  My teeth though...ugh!  Just the thought of drilling and metal on enamel....I think I'm gonna be sick....  

Where have the days of using "laughing gas" gone anyway?  Thinking happy thoughts only get you so far when they bring that stainless steel pick up to your mouth to "have a look see."   I actually got up out of the chair and walked out on the last appt I made 10 years ago.  I swear, even my butt was sweating and it was I either left, or I barfed all over the place.

You can try cleaning the heads or changing out the
ink cartridge, especially if you have one of the trial or low capacity ink cartridges.

Go to your Start Menu, Control Panel, Printers and Faxes, right click on Dell Printer 720, Properties, General, Printing Preferences, Options pulldown menu in the top right hand corner of that screen. Then you go to Troubleshooting and you can check your ink cartridge levels. Cleaning is under the little ink drop menu tab on the left hand side under maintenance tool.
Cleaning the toilet. I live with five males.
Why should I have to clean it?  I don't miss!!! 
If it were me I'd do some house cleaning in the friendship department.

Make some new friends.  It's time. 

Cleaning out the refrigerator. Fortunately it doesn't need
it every week.  Hate it, hate it, hate it.  I love having a nice clean, organized refrigerator though. 
For the person who asked about cleaning her floors
My DH tracked in something that I could not get up. I had some Dawn Power Scrub and used it. Try that. I bet it will work great. Good luck!
You might try cleaning for MDs or lawyers, might make more money :)
supplement income by cleaning houses.

Get a few rather neat, clean people who want their homes cleaned (vacuumed, dusted, change linens, etc.,) once a week or every other week.  Where I live it is very lucrative, pays about $20/hour. 

If single, check out ads to be a "live-in" housekeeper.  I do this for a business man who is gone most of the time.  I clean the house once a week, cook lunch and/or dinner if he is home, and in turn he gives me run of the house, my own rooms (2 bedrooms, 1 bath for me), pays all utilities including my cable bill, and pays for all food.  I am not required to help with any entertaining he may do - he calls a caterer to do that.  I can have all the company visit that wants - he enjoys my friends, too - but cannot have late night parties or overnight male company.  Not a bad exchange 


Come to think of it, I had 1 that was worse, cleaning horse manure
Cleaning horse stall out, 20 a day. I used to have to take it over to a manurer spread that was in a riding arena that was down lower than where I was, I'd open the door and dump the wheel barrow. One time the spread was almost full and I lost me foot and fell in, about broke my leg. My kids were little then and ran to the other side of the barn and LAUGHED!!!! I came up out of there and said "You better not be laughing at me!!" Oh I was hurt and mad!! What a job!
There are colon cleaning "stores" where I live

You can go in and get a high colonic and come out feeling refreshed is the claim.

Did anyone see the Steve Martin movie with Sarah Jessica Parker where he was a middle-aged man trying to date an early 20's woman and maybe their first or second date was to go get one done.  She came out dancing and twirling in circles and he came out walking like he had been riding a horse!  Very funny scene!

Actually though, I think if you do something like this too often, it can have a negative effect on your intestinal health later in life.  I would recommend a daily dose of acidophilus (the same culture as in yogart) for a healthy colon and motility agent.  Papaya enzyme is another natural acid agent to improve digestion and helps with GERD as well.

Take turns w/ menu (and cooking and cleaning..)
I grew up in a house w/ a six-pack of kids and if you didn't like what was for dinner, too #$$# bad, will give it to your brother lol.
Maybe thinking she should have been a maid - cleaning up others' messes.
That was supposed to say cleaning up people's messes.
Only I always call it being a maid - cleaning up others' slop.

My new diet (and fridge cleaning) plan
It is getting more and more difficult for me to make myself leave the house (even though I am so sick of being here) that my fridge and cupboards do end up pretty bare. - I was thinking earlier today, I could start the "I can't get my butt to the store, so my butt is getting small" diet. : )
I would agree. Cleaning toilets up after people every day would SICKEN me.
I clean my house every other wednesday for the cleaning lady :)