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You can try cleaning the heads or changing out the

Posted By: Maddie on 2007-10-12
In Reply to: I did what you said and nothing - Needen to print

ink cartridge, especially if you have one of the trial or low capacity ink cartridges.

Go to your Start Menu, Control Panel, Printers and Faxes, right click on Dell Printer 720, Properties, General, Printing Preferences, Options pulldown menu in the top right hand corner of that screen. Then you go to Troubleshooting and you can check your ink cartridge levels. Cleaning is under the little ink drop menu tab on the left hand side under maintenance tool.

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Have you tried cleaning the heads?
Check the printer software for an option to do that and/or diagnostic tool.
Cleaning up after one's self and cleaning up after strangers are two different issues
Nice try though
heads up on X-mas

My mother likes to read soap mags, and they have these advertisements for really pretty items at the back. I decided to see if they sold these items on the web, and sure enough:


So, for anyone who likes to give these types of gifts, you'll find plenty here. I think the prices are fairly reasonable.

And, no, I have no connection with this company. I just think they have beautiful items that would make wonderful gifts.

That is because men have 2 HEADS! nm
What fun. Thanks for the heads-up. nm
Thanks for the heads-up.....sm

I have to tell you that I grew up in Scarsdale NY also (like Linda McCartney) and the rumor was she was an Eastman.  So, I thank you for the heads-up and I just did my own research and came up with this paragraph:

It is often stated that Linda McCartney is related to the Eastman Kodak dynasty. This is a myth and McCartney had no connection with the family, as she herself explained in an interview. Her maiden name of Eastman was an anglicised version of her family's original name, Epstein, coincidentally the same surname as the Beatles' long-time manager Brian.

thanks for the heads up

I'll definitely be watching with my box of tissues by my side.   

thanks for the heads up
I appreciate it. This will be parttime work for me as I have a fulltime job too so at least I have something to fall back on if it doesnt work out. It sounds like the hot keys are where it's at!

Thanks again
Exactly and I can't get that through their heads. sm
I took ICD9 and CPT only coding class in 2002. I'm taking a billing and coding class now which is not really heavy on the coding. I'm not ready to take a certification exam. Along with the housekeeping "suggestion" she also suggested "you might have to take a menial job." I assume she meant a minimum wage job. Why should I do that when I'm making more than that now? What possible "benefits" are worth that?
thanks for the heads up!
i wasn't paying attention to the "audio hour" not sure how that was calculated. nice of you to warn her!! :)
Can you go over both of their heads to the department
supervisor? Tell her that you're getting conflicting reports on your job performance. Do you have emails saying that you're doing great? Keep them, print them. Explain to the department head that you simply can't afford to pay for gas or daycare to work in-house. (Yeah, I've told my supervisors this before and their reply was that my daycare and gas expenses weren't their problem. I told them it was their problem and quit.) What is your production level? Eleven minutes or 130 lines per hour are about the average for direct hospital work. It's usually less than that in-house with all the interruptions and other tasks.

As far as the online company, can you work part-time or as-needed for them for a while? Is there any way you could do both jobs until after you get the bonus? You applied Friday and got called back Monday. That tells me that they're interested and you're a decent MT. How much research have you done into this company? Are you sure it's the best company for you? Honestly, if you're good, you'll get more offers. Sometimes it's nice to have the security net of a hospital job and a regular paycheck, especially with Christmas and bonuses coming up. Your production will probably drop by starting a new account, and it's not the best time of year to be taking a pay cut.
Thank you both for your responses, especially for the heads-up, lw.

I have been hesitant as well, not only here, but at other MT sites also. 

Are the other MT sites particular about who views the resumes as well? 

Are offshore companies allowed to view them? 


PA Sales Tax - HEADS UP PA MTs

Everyone has to know about this. I posted this on the tax board, too.

How desperate are the governors getting? PA sent out tax forms to everyone that bought cigarettes from a Native American reservation and they want their tax money. One woman in PA was hit up for over $4,800 and last week, they slapped a Sheriff's Sale sign on her property.

Now, my DH received a letter today. They want anyone in business who bought anything from out-of-state companies (office supplies, equipment, tools, etc.) that don't reciprocate taxes to PA, to pay up. This doesn't just apply to last year. This goes all the way back to 1981!!! Since when, since records do not have to be kept after a certain amount of years, how can they do this?  DH doesn't have to worry about it that much. He usually always buys in PA.

I certainly do not have any receipts back to 1981 when I was an IC!

It's bad enough the governor is "threatening" to raise property taxes if he can't pass the higher income tax, but now this. I think our state government should stop the spending like he's always done. We're broke, yet he keeps handing out money.

I will. Just wanted to give a heads up about this

thanks for the heads up..i'll stick with MPI
excellent news!! thanks for the heads up! nm
I do have deer heads in my den but at least I don't have a Volvo
with GreenPeace bumper stickers on it in the garage.
Wowzer! Thank you so much for the heads up on this company.


Oooh, thanks for the heads up- I can't wait to see it! nm
We all start "over our heads" (sm)
I remember thinking my first day on the job "well, here is something I know I'll never be able to do!" - That was 23 years ago and I love transcription. If time flies while you are transcribing, then it could still be the thing for you.
Thanks for the heads up on the Belkin. I'm crossing
this one off my list for sure...I've had to use that type of keyboard before where you have to push too hard on the keys - not good!
Thx for the heads-up! I haven't been in there enough to find that out yet. nm
Thanks for the heads-up. You are 2nd person I've heard that from

holding "outsourcing" over the MT employees' heads.

So I guess hospitals by and large still have not learned the lesson quite yet.

Sit back, they will. 

They haven't heard the "sucking" noise of their money going out the mail shute yet.  When they still have to hire people to CLEAN UP what comes back to them after spending wads of money TO BUY OR LEASE THE EQUIPMENT TO HAVE VR...and the finance and accounting man comes to the staff meeting and says WE ARE SPENDING MORE ON MEDICAL RECORDS AND TRANSCRIPTION  THAN ON THE WHOLE HEART DIVISION !!!! there will be a clanging of the doors to nationals.  (stay tuned )

clean the heads with an alcohol prep, if
you have one, or take out the ink jet cartridge and using a gentle wrist motion, turn it up and down a few times and replace. 
That explains a great deal. Thanks for the heads up.
I unsure what the rambling incoherence was due to, but that makes more sense than just her being off her meds or something.
Don't lay down to read to them at night, do everyone's sheets, and your shampoo your heads, to
That's called "doctor swapping" and yes I would give the doc the heads-up
Quotation, good men to do nothing. Yes, it's from Edmund Burke. Thanks for the heads-up!
All diamond-shaped heads are poisonous snakes! I do know that! nm
Leftover beef stew for the men. Veg heads get veg burgers and salad. nm
Again, jealous heads rearing its ugly head. When I said ice cream, sm
I meant I COULD NOT AFFORD TO BUY SQUAT for them. Give me a break. I am not going to Angel Ministries or anything else. And, you have NO idea how much I actually paid for my SUV. There are mini vans out there that take a lot more gas than my SUV!
Why do you do this?  If a dish is left on the counter above the dishwasher, I call the guilty party to the kitchen and make them put it in the dishwasher.  I will even call them to come home from a friends house to do this.  The guilty party has to be responsible for their own mess.  I have even gotten the kids out of bed, to pick-up after themselves.  Believe me,  doing this just a few times works wonders for getting them to be responsible for their own messes.  Also, my kids have chores, including running the vacuum, that they have to do.  A lot of my friends say it is just so much easier to do it themselves and at first, it is.  But the kids will never learn to do it right if they don't start somewhere.  Even if you have them do it initially and then you go over it, after they go to bed, and do it a little better, they have to start somewhere.  You can only be used as a maid if you let yourself be used that way.
how about cleaning
up for small businesses/offices/clinics. You might know of somebody in your town who can give you a referral. Somebody from church maybe?
Dogs dying from 'miracle drug'. Heads up, doggie owners
Marketed as a miracle drug for man's best friend, Rimadyl is one of the most popular painkillers available for dogs. And it's killing dogs by the thousands.

Vince Sharkey was faced with the decision every pet owner dreads, whether to euthanize his beloved dog King Billy.

Arthritis and deteriorating bones made it too painful for the 8-year-old golden retriever to walk.

His veterinarian recommended putting the dog down.

"He had so much life in him. I said, 'I just can't do that'."

Then Sharkey discovered Rimadyl, a prescription anti-inflammatory drug heavily marketed to owners of older dogs. Sharkey says Rimadyl saved his dog's life.

"Before I had him on the Rimadyl he was not even able to walk. He would drag his back half of his body. The moment we got him on Rimadyl, he was back to being his normal self again.

But Lynne Bradburn tells a very different story.

Her Saint Bernard, Honor, was just 22 months old when he died after taking Rimadyl for a sprained knee.

"He'd been sitting in my lap. And he looked up at me, and he died," Bradburn said.

Honor died after taking just four doses of the drug.

"They tell you it's as safe as aspirin. But it's not. And yes, I'm angry. And I will always be angry," Bradburn said.

The FDA reports some 12,516 complaints about Rimadyl dating back to 1997, including more than 2,300 cases where the dog died or had to be euthanized. The largest number of cases involve liver or kidney failure or internal bleeding.

Rimadyl's manufacturer, Pfizer, maintains the drug is safe, saying some 10 million dogs have taken over a billion doses of the drug, with less than 1 percent of them experiencing any negative side effects.

"There are side effects just as there are benefits with all medicines, with all medical procedures and certainly with Rimadyl. The good news about Rimadyl is that for the overwhelming majority of those 10 million dogs, plus, it has provided safe and effective pain relief," said Pfizer spokesman Robert Fauteux.

But the FDA approved Rimadyl after it was tested on just 549 dogs, raising the question, were the rest of the dogs that took the drug acting as guinea pigs?

Retired veterinarian turned attorney Paul Mabrey says a drug for humans would never be allowed on the market with such a small sample.

In response to continued concerns about the drug, Pfizer sent a letter to veterinarians across the country warning them that some side effects may "occur without warning" and, in rare situations may result in "hospitalization or even death."

Still, veterinarians continue prescribing Rimadyl more than any other drug in its class. But they're careful to warn dog owners looking for a miracle cure.

"There's a lot of people that want the medication not fully aware of everything that's entailed with that but we make sure to do everything we can to educate before they go on the medication," said Dr. Deborah Feltz, a the Elliott Bay Animal Hospital.

It's a warning echoed by those who know first hand what happens when a miracle drug proves imperfect.
Heads up warning! A company called DictaCall posted a classified ad

Heads up warning! A company called DictaCall posted a classified ad
here yesterday claiming great cost savings. After researching the company, I have found that the company is overseas in India and is offering the identical rate structure as another US voice service.  There is absolutely no cost savings whatsoever and anyone using their voice system would be calling into a toll free number where the voice file would end up on a server in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. 

What does this mean to you, the transcription service?
1. HIPAA compliance is compromised.
2. Your client information is at risk. Offshore entities can come in try to undercut you and take your business.
3. In case of outage, you're stuck if you can't get in touch with technical support.

I could go on, but I think you can probably see the same big problems that I see.

Heads up folks! I use Express Scribe wav player, but don't waste your money on their other

paid for products because they're buggy and have horrible customer support!  I bought Express Dictate for my doctors and Express Delegate and I have had nothing but one problem after another.  Forget calling, that's not an option.  I have emailed until I'm blue in the face and the "support" I get are canned responses and they do not address the problems I'm having.  They have a forum you can post on, but no one ever posts responses. My client has been extremely patient, actually too patient, and now I'm looking for another alternative.  I can't tell you how many sleepless nights I've had over the past almost 4 weeks.  Thanks for letting me vent...sigh....

First I will be cleaning like a madwoman
because my in-laws are coming. I think we will have a traditional family barbecue and maybe head to the beach.
cleaning sofa
I have a white sofa and have cleaned it myself many times.  You can rent a Rug Doctor with an upholstery attachment and it is really powerful.  Your sofa will hardly be even damp when you finish.  You can use regular upholstery cleaner in the Rug Doctor or sometimes I use Simply Green.  Try the Rug Doctor.  It really works.  Linda.
cleaning keyboard
Gosh, I cant believe you did that and it didnt destroy your keyboard!  I know in the past when I have even dropped a minute amount of water on my keyboard the keys would no longer work.  I am always afraid of having water near my keyboard so much so that when I work, I keep my soda glass way on the other side of the keyboard.  I know there is a spray to clean the keyboard as my previous boss woiuld use it constantly.  I would probably go with that as with my luck over the past five years or so, I dont want to *rock the boat*, ya know?  :o)
Don't need to be cleaning no trailer.
Y'all can jist haul it off and git you a new one iffen it gets dirty.
I'd have taken pictures when you were done cleaning.
They just think they can rip you off. They obviously didn't have to clean a darned thing! (And I don't even know you, but believe your description of things) :)
cleaning for businesses
Definitely pays more and there is less grunge to clean. You vacuum, empty trash cans and easy. Probaby depending on the size of the office, good money
friends of mine pay house cleaners once or twice a week, $75 for half a day.. the hispanics do about 2 or three hours and leave to another job.


I shake it out upside down, used canned air, and wipe with an alcohol wipe.  I kill about one keyboard a year, so it doesn't have much time to get too dirty. 

cleaning house

We have a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom house, about 1600 sq. ft.  and I have my girl come every other week and pay her 30.00, she's here for 2 hours  I've had her for about 8 years now.  She's like a daughter to me.  Hope this helps.


Faux fur cleaning
Looking for solutions to cleaning a faux fur duvet cover, says to dry clean by fur method only, no one does that in my area, has to be sent away and would cost me $80, only paid $100 for it, so that is out of the question.  Any one ever clean one on gentle cycle in cold water before and what were your results, no drying?
I definitely would have gone into CARPET CLEANING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Carpet cleaning is an incredibly lucrative industry and wish I went into that 25 years ago.  I got into transcription to get out of bagging groceries.  It quite a change for me.  But sad to say, I got burned in many different ways in this particular field (transcription).  I love doing pathology though.  But believe me, I have found that people are much quicker to pay for cleaning services than anything else.  Making between 17 and 30 grand a year is ok, but in carpet cleaning, a guy/girl can make at least 50 grand on his/her own first year out.  This is no joke nor is it an insult to the transcription industry.  Just a comparison.  Regrets?  yeah, some.  But it seems to me that no matter how old you are, if you have the ambition and desire, it's never too late to start over again.
Cleaning your screen
Never use windex it will mess up the screen and good. Water is okay, but not the best. I use Klear screen. You can order it on e-bay fairly cheep. It is recommended by all computer industries for both laptops and regular desktop screens. It is awesome.
Cleaning a sofa.... Suggestions?

I want to clean a sofa...It's a material that is safe to put in the washer (the arm covers and cushion covers come off and do fine in the washer), but I need to clean the "body" of the couch.  Any products you might suggest that would clean it?  I hate to soak it with my upholstery cleaner and make it dripping wet.  Thanks

What's your favorite cleaning product....sm
for say the bathrooms and kitchen?  I usually use whatever is on sale and that I have a coupon for as they all seem to work about the same to me - and if I see one more advertisement that claims that something will clean without your having to scrub and not see it come true I'm going to have a hissy fit! 
I still dislike cleaning the bathroom.
I have all boys.  Between them and their friends and the cat litter box, ugh.  It's got to be done at least twice a week.  I'd rather do anything else.  I've thought about hiring a housekeeper just to do that, but I'm teaching the boys how to clean the bathroom instead.  No half effort job accepted.  My Grandma is of the old school, so she always comments about how sad it is that I have to clean up after my husband and all our boys.  She wants me to keep trying to have kids until I can have a few daughters to help me with the housework.  No, I'd rather train the boys.  LOL
Maybe it's cleaning cobwebs from the ceiling?