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Anyone besides me having trouble with yahoo messenger? nm

Posted By: LMT on 2008-03-07
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Anyone else having trouble with Yahoo IM and Vista?
any one having Yahoo mail trouble today?
no msg
Anybody else having trouble accessing their Yahoo! Mail today? nm
Right here, and don't attack the messenger when you don't like it.

America and the Poor...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

By Bill O'Reilly

America and the poor, that is the subject of this evening's “Talking Points Memo.”

The aftermath of Katrina has produced a debate over poor Americans. There are about 37 million people living below the poverty line right now. The issue was described this way by Newsweek (search) reporter Evan Thomas (search), a liberal guy but not alone, who writes, "Liberals will say [the authorities] were indifferent to the plight of poor African-Americans. It is true that Katrina laid bare society's massive neglect of its least fortunate."

Massive neglect? Let's take a look at that bit of overstatement. Halfway through President Clinton's tenure in office in 1996, the poverty rate was 13.7 percent. Halfway through President Bush's tenure, the rate is 12.7 percent, a full point lower.

In 1996, the Clinton budget allotted $191 billion for poverty entitlements. That was 12.2 percent of the budget and a whopping amount of money. That's why Bill Clinton (search) was called the first black president by some.

However, the Bush 2006 budget allots a record shattering $368 billion for poverty entitlements, 14.6 percent of the entire budget, a huge increase over Clinton's spending on poverty entitlements.

Did the elite media mention that? Jesse Jackson (search) mention that? Of course they didn't, because it's much more convenient for Evan Thomas and others to imply America under President Bush has turned its back on the poor, but it's absolute nonsense.

Even in the midst of the war on terror, this country's spending a massive amount of money trying to help the poor. So why the lie? Because political gain can be made off the suffering of others, that's why.

Those who oppose the Bush administration don't care about the truth. They only want to advance their own agenda. So once again, the no- spin zone rides to the rescue.

Hard-working Americans are providing the poor with Medicaid, food stamps, supplemental security income, that's free money, child nutrition programs, welfare payments, child daycare payments, temporary assistance to needy families, foster care, adoption assistance, and health insurance for children.

But it will never be enough for the Jesse Jacksons and Howard Deans of the world, never. They told you the truth. They'd go out of business.

Now I fully expect to be attacked by the far left media for telling you all this. I'm sure they will label me a racist, a shill for Bush, stuff like that, but I don't care. The dollars don't lie. We are a generous nation. And that is the truth. And that is “The Memo.”

Is that the messenger you're shooting?

Shooting the messenger ISN'T the answer... SM
Maybe you (and/or the Moderator) didn't approve of the *tone* of some of the responses to Appalled, but it's too bad the thread was locked before the REAL issue could be addressed.

Appalled said that she'd been out of the MT workforce for 3 years and she was very upset to find out her new employer was expecting her to bounce back and forth between multiple accounts, making her not as productive as she once was -- like the MTSO was doing it on purpose just to make Appalled's life miserable.

Well, guess what: That's what it's come to in the last 3 years. It's not just Appalled's MTSO - it's pretty much Standard Operating Procedure these days for all or most MTSOs to be scrambling to keep their accounts in turnaround and keep their clients happy. This has turned into a VERY competitive business in the 3 years that Appalled was out of the loop. Someone should've made sure Appalled had a clear understanding of that... but the thread was locked because the focus was perceived to be on negative name-calling and whining.

And guess what else: If this business is competitive among the MTSOs, it's EQUALLY if not MORE competitive among the MTs. If Appalled can't, or won't, adapt her work habits to what's expected in the Here and Now, Appalled will be replaced by an MT who WILL do the work exactly as assigned.

And if there are no MTs willing or qualified (or hungry enough) to be adaptable in meeting the employer's needs, and if not cheerful about it at least willing to take on the challenge of multiple accounts, there are MTs on the other side of the world who WILL do it, and for much LESS per line.

THAT'S the REAL issue: MT as a reasonably profitable career choice has changed radically in the last 3 years.

Did it occur to you (or to the Moderator) that many of us have been working in the conditions that so appalled Appalled, and we don't like it, either, but we suck it up and DO what's asked of us -- and we're lashing out with negative comments, not so much against Appalled on a personal level but with the MT situation in general?
I don't know how to off-line instant messenger....guess I'm
tooo stupid. WOW, thanks for clearing that up! Have a great day!!!!
I've had no problems with mail/messenger-nm

Both have been working fine.

You don't know how to show yourself as offline on instant messenger? It's simple.
not sure about cell phone, but you can sign up for free efax messenger. sm
you can get a free efax messenger as long as you don't care what number they assign you. then you can have them fax to that number and it will come into your email inbox and you can print from there.
My kids have the paid subscription to yahoo radio and you can download and burn songs for only 79 cents each.
Yahoo IM does this
Then is just you and him and not in a room,just in your instant message.

This is a bit off topic, but...

Has anyone besides me had no luck accessing Yahoo for the past two days?


listen up everybody. something really weird is going on. clicked internet icon and got the download box, happened a couple of times and then, no internet. whatever, don't open box.called cable guy, he said to unplug modem, few minutes, then plug in again. said he has had alot of this lately. people don't have anything better to do than to mess up a computer?
Me too YAHOO!!
I am at 58K already this year!
Yahoo IM
Does anyone know how to download Yahoo Im? I need it for my job and when I try to download it, all I get is that advertisement/questionaire, which I can't seem to get past. I looked for other sites and they want to charge me. javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
yahoo im
go to yahoo page and click messenger and then it should direct you from there...hope it helps
Is anyone else having trouble with Yahoo mail this morning, I have 2 accounts and cannot get into either of them.
EMR on yahoo
Am I the only person who thinks Obama is absolutely ignorant for making all records electronic? If you go to yahoo and look up the time.com piece, EMR is NOT a smart thing to do. Honestly, is a computer going to fix it when the doctor dictates the wrong dosage of the drug, or during an op note if the doc dictates the wrong appendage, will it fix that? Obama thinks that it will improve the system. I say it is fine as is, and we wouldn't be needing to do this if SO many people weren't outsourcing OUR WORK to India. That sure as heck isn't helping the economy!! But neither are the doctors that dictate with their head in their rear.
HI: I would love to chat. It is nice in between working to chat. Barb
I pay my taxes at the end of the year also. I take 30% of each of my paychecks and place it in a savings account each pay period. At the end of the year, what I owe comes out if needed and the rest stays in there.
Yahoo profile - how do you look up? n/m
Will that work with yahoo?
I will have to try that, but do you know if that will work with yahoo?
Is Yahoo mail down? nm
Yahoo IM is up, but mail still down.
anyone able to use yahoo yet, mine still down
Yahoo Email-sm
Anybody's Yahoo E-mail account been down today?
yahoo mail

Is it just me or is everyone having trouble with yahoo mail. 

yahoo mail down for anyone else? nm
yahoo web site that I use
i think yahoo has a feature like this
but I haven't used it so I don't know for sure
From the Yahoo Group.
yahoo-is anyone else having troubles?
my yahoo mail is acting soooo goofy what is going on here
I'm on Yahoo IM so yeah,

I can talk to others on my account. 


Use Gmail or Yahoo!
Every junk mail goes to spam folder.
He has Yahoo now and it just keeps coming
What does he need to do with Yahoo to cut down on it?
Yahoo! No dinner tonight!

Kids visited friends and got fed. Hubby works the night shift and wasn't hungry. He said he'd make something for himself later. I made myself a sandwich.

Doesn't get any better than this! 

Yahoo jee kidhar ja rahey ho
None at all
I am thinking it is a yahoo ad. Google ads usually
are not that big but the one I am seeing right now says Ads by Yahoo. It just looks strange on an all US site.
I am thinking it is a yahoo ad. Google ads usually
are not that big but the one I am seeing right now says Ads by Yahoo. It just looks strange on an all US site.
I went to my Yahoo mailbox this morning--sm
with no difficulties whatsoever. I see they have revamped their whole website page though, perhaps you have to re-download it?? or maybe you are talking about IM.
My Yahoo IM is not working either...still waiting


How do I get Outlook Express to put up Yahoo

I would like to know what how to set up my Outlook Express to received email from my Yahoo email address so that I can download multiple attachments at once instead of clicking on each individual attachment.  Is there a way to do this? 



Yahoo/Outlook Express
If I understand correctly, you have a Yahoo account and an Outlook Express account set up.  The reason I am asking is I have Outlook Express, and it was suggested to me that I switch to Yahoo as there are some functions that I cannot do in Outlook Express.  I have not switched over to Yahoo yet as I am not sure about the storage space, download/upload storage, etc. is on both to compare.  If you have any further information that could help me in deciding, I hope you will share with me.  TAA
yahoo mail problems
Over the last month every once in a while I just don't receive an email that someone sends. Have used yahoo mail for years, never had this problem. Guess I'll switch to another mail program.
Yahoo is currently experiencing problems with (sm)
servers on both coasts. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have this feature, as well as other, fixed ASAP.
Thank you for your patience while our experts are working on the fix.
I read thiis too on Yahoo.............
'Great side job for extra cash'

Medical Transcription. Are you a fast typist with excellent grammar and a medical background? If so, medical transcription may be for you. This job often calls for at least one year's experience in a hospital or clinical setting; some ads require transcription experience. Tools you will need for this job likely include high-speed Internet and Microsoft 2000 software. You should also be prepared to take a skills test. Medical Transcriptionist median salary per hour: $13.78.


Doesn't say anything about the necessity of having an MT training and MT certificate!

A dog walker gets $ 16.29 per hour.

Yahoo is a better search engine!

Google is not the only search engine on the planet and it is not the best either.  Make yahoo your home page and use their "search assist."  It's much better than Google and you will not have any problems whatsoever. 

It behooves me to know why people are so stuck in the google mode?  Make the change to Yahoo and never look back.

WOOPEE!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!! The doc SPELLED the patient's name!!!!!!!...

Yippee!!!!!!! I am jumping around like a little kid!!  Did someone finally get the message through?? I CAN NOT SEARCH THIS ACCOUNT FOR PATIENT NAMES!!! (or is it just a fluke?) 

Had to share.  TeeHee

On vacation for the first time in 2+ years - YAHOO!