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Anyone have a mesh chair? Are they really any

Posted By: better or just trendy? nm on 2008-03-13
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I better switch my computer chair for a potty chair. nm
Mesh chairs??
Was wondering about the new mesh chairs, has anyone tried one? Pillow doesn't help, have tried that. I've got some serious saddle sores from sitting all day.
Mesh chairs
Herman Miller Aeron Chair, wouldn't work without it, changed my working comfort completely, no sore butt and no back pain.
Umm, I had mesh panties put on me after
childbirth with surgery.
Try "Perigee mesh" .. /nm
maybe not the skinny, and maybe not the mesh
s/l two 4 x 4’s peripad and mesh panties.......PPH procedure
What is the question? Peripad is right, 4 X 4 is right, mesh panties SM

I googled it and had to read down but found this:

HomeHealthWares.com provides medical equipment and health care ...

Healthdri Panty L Mod Sz 6, $17.71 Each, Add to Cart. SCT31201, TENA® Mesh pant TENA® Mesh pant -Medium. Package - 2 - $4.61, Case - 12 - $45.78 ...
www.homehealthwares.com/ catalog.asp?catid=6&start=360 - 30k - Cached - Similar pages

The big flippin' deal is that the story doesn't mesh.
disclosing it immediately. Also, notice how he will only interview on Faux News...where he knows he will be handled with kid gloves? It's the secrecy, stupid.
mesh chairs.....you need to email or find Hayseed.
She test sat 2 chairs from Herman Miller in the last couple of weeks or so. she would be the one who could give you the skinny on them.
I need a new chair!

I have had this chair for about 8 years.  I have to sit on pillows or else it feels like I am sitting on bare metal!   I am ready to buy a new one & would appreciate suggestions.



Herman Miller Aeron Chair, changed my LIFE!!!!  Can't say enough good about it.  The cost is high, but I felt I could justify it since I spend so much time sitting in it, check it out on ebay, lot cheaper, that is where I got mine.

Am looking for a new one.  What kind do you have?
When I was going to PT because of a MVA the theapist told me to allow the chair to support the back, not to sit like they used to make us sit straight and forward but sit back and allow the chair to support you. Also hold in your core muscles.  Once I have done this as well as having a chair that I can easily change up and down positions, I have not had a problem.  She said a pillow would not support the entire back and and thus put you off balance again and you then overcompensate for it.  So I sit completely back in my chair with my entire back being supported by the chair.  Also sit a little higher up.  Works for me and never have a back ache.  Also chair is not one of the most expensive models, $99 at Office Depot.  Though I do need a new one as it is 6 years old.   I work 8 to 10 hours per day in this chair.
chair help sm
Go to a site called "Nada Chair" it is not a chair but a device that pulls your spine forward by attaching a belt via a strap to your knees. My son is  a PT and one of his patients swears by it. Just check it out. Been there, it's painful, every little bit helps, also ask for a TENS unit. Good luck! I empathize!
my sister visited a chiropracter in atlanta and was told of an office chair called herman miller but is pricey. She has one and loves it so far. it is the best one out there of late. visit CSN-chair.com they have different types, but they sound like a dream! Thank you for your well wishes and hope you are doing okay too! I e-mailed you also
Hi - I've had many various chairs over the past 10 years, and just found the perfect one for me for about $250.00.

It's the Unanimous model chair from the Hon company, part of their 7600 series -- specifically, the 7602 model is the best. It has a high back and adjustable everything -- seat depth, back height, arm width and height, etc...

I've spent lots of money on chairs and love this one!

Sites like NexTag do comparison pricing and show you where you can get the exact item you want at the best price.

Good luck!
I would try out some chairs at the office supply stores for good lumbar support. I also found that chairs with arm rests were very tiring as the arm rests got in the way of my elbows. I use a pillow to push me forward and also a Nada chair device. They have a website which explains how this work, pulls your spine forward by straps that go over your knees. It was a gift from a therapist. Works pretty well. Also, a microwaveable heating pad helps. Good luck, sometimes more than a chair is needed. It's painful, I know!
Best chair - sm
I have been working from home for many years, and over the years, I bought a new chair just about every 12 months, until this past year. I splurged and bought a Henry Miller Aeron chair, and it's wonderful. No more back pain, no more neck pain, no more shoulder pain. I wish I had saved all the money I spent on a chair every year and bought this one back then. They are expensive, but check online, you can find some good deals with free shipping, and sometimes no tax. The chair is well worth the investment if you can swing it. Hope this helps.
The chair in the link I am providing is by far the best chair I have ever owned.
I bought the chair in the link below and it has been the BEST chair I have ever used. I have major back problems (we're talking 2 back surgeries in the last 3 years) and I can sit in this chair with no problems at all. It has multiple functions for lumbar support, back support, and the arms can go up and down/in and out. I highly recommend it! Also, if you live anywhere near an Office Depot store, shipping is free. The closest Office Depot store to me is like 75 miles away and they still delivered it for free.
Good luck, I knew I had a really hard time finding something I liked for a long time too.
Thanks for recommending this chair! I have been looking for a chair for so long and can't find one that is quite right. This one looks like it has everything I need - I'm heading to Office Depot this weekend to try it out. Thanks so much!!

I have a herman miller Mirra chair that I love.  Very expensive (over 700 bucks) but way worth the money.


I found a sealy posturepedic with ergonomic lumbar support and many other features for just under 200 and it is great
This is the best chair I have ever owned and the price is fairly reasonable.
Thanks for the tip. I am looking for a new chair


New Chair !
I am very happy to share this information. My daughter graduated from college in May in interior design. She found this chair 2 yrs ago and after I took a week off and came back to my old chair and could not get out of it, I drove and bought this. Go to google.  Allsteel chair, the one I got is #19. I spent a lot of money on it, but it is SO worth it, all my pain is GONE! You will have find a dealer near you. I live in upstate NY and drove 180 miles round trip to get it. 
Aeron chair
I went online and found the closest Herman Miller distributor (which happened to be Las Vegas for me) and drove there and picked it up.  I have had a few people tell me they have seen them at Costco, but I am not sure if they are authorized distributors and if buying from them voids the warranty.  Because it is such a big investment, my recommendation would be to buy from your closest authorized dealer (per the web site.)  The shipping is what it is - but the main thing is to get your chair from a reputable dealer. -Dana
My dog sleeps right behind my chair..
She has been having a real hard time with the weather and is always itchy and has hot spots, so when she sleeps or relaxes, I just here until she gets up on her own.  Seems like she has so few moments of peace this summer.  Her coat looks awful.
Aeron chair
I have one too and they are so worth it! My back used to kill me sitting for 10-12 hours a day. Now I never have that problem. I know they are expensive but if you can at all swing one, buy it! Think of it as an investment in your health.
Has anyone used a kneeling chair?  Are the comfortable?  I would like to alternate between my regular chair and a kneeling chair to change positions during the day, but was not sure how comfortable they were.
Kneeling chair
I have used one of these for several years and used a foot pedal - it can be done.  It's just not as ergo as it would be if you didnt have to use your foot.  I do change from time-to-time, though to give my back a break and use a regular office chair, but I love my kneeling chair.
Love my HM chair!
Got to the point when I could hardly get out of the chair after 12 hours of working, went and ordered me a new Areon HM and love it to death! I have been using this chair for 3 years now, still love it. The arms are easy to remove if you like. I have mine set low so I can type but that they they are still there..it is all personal preference really, but my back is not sore after the long days like it used to be and I can sit forever without needed to get up due to feeling sore from sitting.
Lift Chair
I just purchased a lift chair for my husband this weekend. We purchased the Pride brand as it was the most comfortable for him -- he is only 5 foot 5 nches tall and heavy. If your mom has Medicare, please be sure to check with them first -- if there is a medical necessity, they will pay for a portion of the chair (the mechanism portion). Good luck in your search. The best we found was to use a medical supply house that was able to actually have them on display to sit in and try for comfort, etc.
Most comfortable chair please!
I am on a quest for a new office chair.  Cannot afford the Aeron.  Any other comparable ones out there????? Thanks!
Regarding the chair u sit in to type....sm

I have read that just like sitting on an airplane for a long time, where one must get up and walk....that regarding sitting and doing MT work, one should change the height/level of the chair you sit in to work......so that you avoid DVT (deep vein thrombosis).

Hence, I change the height of my chair weekly....that is, if I can remember to change the height.  *L* 

Aeron chair
I'm not Romey, but I do own an Aeron chair, and it is just as comfortable after 6 hours as when one first sits down.  The chair is pricey, though - I bought mine several years ago for $600.  Best money I ever spent for equipment, though.  Hope this helps. 
Office chair - sm

If you have a clothes shaver, that should remove the "tufts"...as far as keeping it clean, the towel probably contributed to the "tufts", so I would try a pillowcase or other non-linty material.  Spray foam cleaner made for furniture should help keep it clean, or ScotchGuard maybe?   The shaver is definitely a help for all kinds of pills and pulls in clothes.  I love mine.  Hope this helps.

office chair
Does anyone know of a good ergonomic chair to help with upper back/neck pain? I haven't found one yet and am in desperate need. Thanks!
Aeron Chair
Do you dislike your Aeron chair? I have thought about buying one.

I would like some chair recommendations too...
I am having the same problem, and I know a chair would help. The one I am using needs to be replaced. I am fortunate though that I can go through my husband's work to get a chair for about half price. I just have no idea which one to get yet.

Hope you get to feeling better! :)
Comfortable Chair?
Any suggestions on a COMFORTABLE office chair with good lumbar support that doesn't cost $600?  Thanks!
comfortable chair
I cannot afford an expensive chair, so went to Staples, got a leather chair, high back and arms, adjustable back and seat, ergonomically correct and it works for me. I have sciatica and neck and shoulder problems and this chair works fine - I paid 100.00 for it on sale.
comfortable chair
Hi - I found a great chair from the Hon company, their model 7608 from the Unanimous series. This chair retails for about $500, but many online dealers carry it for under $350. It's a quality chair and everything on it is adjustable - seat depth, back tilt and height, arm heighth and width, etc...

I'm really enjoying mine and got it from CSNchairs.com for $349.

Good luck!
What do you think is the best computer chair?

   I recently switched from in-office to at-home transcription, and my neck is killing me.  I have a good, solid office chair, but I tell I need something with a more contoured back and adjustable lumbar support like the one I had at my other job.  Any suggestions?  What brand, make, etc. do you swear by, and where did you get it? 


Chair recommendations
My old chair needs to be replaced. I can't seem to find the same one to replace it. I guess the manufacturer doesn't make it anymore. So I'm in the market for a new one. Anyone want to recommend a great chair?
How About a "Gamers" Chair?

I was looking at chairs for gamers.  Since "gaming" seems to be very big at the moment, they are making office equipment for it.  I came to the conclusion that gamers sit in these chairs for hours at a time and, therefore, the chairs need to be comfortable and ergonomically correct.  I was going to order one, but the place I wanted to order from wouldn't accept my address, so I had to go with a different chair from a different place since I really needed a chair.  I got an executive chair which is comfortable, but the arms don't adjust and I really wish I'd bought one with adjustable arms now.

I'm rambling, but I would suggest a gamers chair.


I got a great new chair!

Anyone looking to get a nice, comfy computer-chair?  Here's one! 

SEALY  POSTUREPEDIC Executive chair:  (I didn't even know Sealy made chairs!)  I found it at Office Max, total cost + tax was $216.  They have both a cloth and a leather version - I got the leather, which I figure will stay cleaner, longer, and repel pet-hair.

Features:  Very soft, cushy seat!  In addition to a pneumatic up-&-down adjustment, it also tilts foreward and back.  Very nice feature for micro-adjustments while working! 

Very easy-to-adjust seat back, both up-&-down, and tilt.

Adjustable lumbar support!   This is hard to find on most chairs, and those that have it are usually more $$ than I can afford. 

Easy to assemble.  The instructions were pictures only, and very tiny, but there were amazingly few small pieces such as screws, etc.  So even with very limited space and my characteristically low frustration-level, I still got this baby put together and at my desk in about 20 minutes! 

Office Depot is usually my first stop for office equipment, but in this case they dropped the ball.  After an hour of comparison-sitting on all their chairs, I had finally decided on a chair that wasn't half as nice as this Sealy!  So, I took the tag up to the cashier, and wouldn't you know - they were out of stock!  (The most hated phrase in my vocabulary!   The cashier gave me directions to an Office Depot in another nearby town, which I never did find, her directions were wrong.  But I happened to drive by Office Max, so wandered in and found this wonderful chair at what I consider to be a bargain price!  So, I thought I'd pass on my lucky find to anyone who might be shopping around for a great work-chair.

Happy typing!  

I also have this chair and love it !!! nm
I got the same chair! It's GREAT!
adjustable in nearly every possible way.  The first one I have EVER had that I really, really like.