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Anyone know anything about changing sim on cell?

Posted By: Technically challenged on 2005-07-22
In Reply to:

Can you remove sim card on Sprint phone and put in a T-mobile?  Please help if you can for I am a "technically challenged MT."

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I think you should reconsider that.  I believe you could be sued for transmitting HIPAA protected information over cell phones.  There is no way to encrypt it.  The MDs who dictate on cell phones should all be suspended for a month, as far as I'm concerned.

fax to cell #
Anyone know if there is  way to receive a fax to a cell phone?  I do not have a landline and have a client that wants to fax.  Can they fax to a cell # and then I download to my computer and print?
I have a pay as you go cell phone
I got one for emergencies only that I pay as I go.  There are several different kinds out there, you just have to keep your eyes open and watch what you get and for what price.  I got mine at Radio Shack and re-up my minutes every other month for $30.  They have discontinued that particular program for new people though.  You can get Trac (sp) phones at places like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and I think you can buy a year's worth of minutes on that one for about $99.  Keep an eye on commercials, too.  I saw one on MSNBC yesterday that I had never seen before. 
Cell phone
Tracfone.  Its on the web, if you want to check the specifics.  www.tracfone.com
If you are in a place where you cannot get a cell

phone signal, you will not be able to get an Air card signal.  I travel quite frequently and you always have to have a backup plan.  You need to have dial-up as a possibility or limit where you stay based on where you know you can get WiFi or use an air card.   Sprint is supposed to have more service with their air card than Verizon, but I haven't used either so I can't say for sure.  If you go to their website you should be able to find a map of their service area. 

Getting internet access depends on how you will be traveling and where you are staying.  If you are staying in a hotel, most of them have WiFi available, either free or for $$.  You can check the websites and find if they do or not. 

If you are going to be traveling/living in an RV lots of campgrounds now have some form of hook-up.  Many are now getting WiFi, though most of them still charge for it.  If you get a campground directory this info will be in there so you can plan your trip, though it is always good to call to verify.

Everywhere you go know the Panera Bread locations.  They have free WiFi.  I've had to use them on occasion, though I always purchase at least a cup of coffee, it not a meal.   Starbucks has WiFi, but at least in my area you have to pay for it.  

If you are on the road and you see a hotel advertising free WiFi you may be able to pick up a signal in their parking lot. 

If having a signal is an absolute must and you'd like to go to out of the way places look into satellite.  It can be pricey and the signal is not reliable, but as long as you can get a clear view of the southern sky you can get a signal.  If you travel often, instead of staying in one place for a length of time a satellite is a pain, unless you spend upwards of $5,000 and get one that mounts on the top of an RV/truck. 

cell phones
I was just at the hospital Friday evening attending a death, and one of the family members said, "Oh, we can't use the cell phones," and a nurse said, "Sure you can. It's okay." Things have changed. There may be some places in a hospital where they are still not allowed, but they are becoming accepted in more and more parts of the hospitals.
Cell phones
The candidates running in our state (LA) are calling cell phones. It was on the news a little bit ago that the phone numbers are the ones that were wrote on the voter registration and if you don't want the calls, to write the voter registrar.
cell phones
It seems to mean i read it was against the HIPAA (?) for doctors to dictate on cell phones. I've heard stories, though, of many doctors who do. What about dictating from home--are they taking medical records at home to do this. Seems like that is a violation, too. But who is going to say anything to doctors about diddly squat stuff like rules or slowing down a little so we can understand what the heck you are saying?
on ice while dictating, or I have a few suggestions where to keep it.  My nerves aren't frazzled enough with this industry, now we have these clowns keep their cell phones ON while dictating.  This morning I had to sit through dictation from one of the worst, and he knows it, all the while having his shrill, loud cell phone ringing in my ear.  I know they have to stay available as physicians, but what's wrong with voice mail, text messaging, until he/she is able to take the call in an appropriate, courteous manner.  No, they have to let it keep ringing.  My ears are still buzzing.
Unless you only use your cell phone
and internet for work, you cannot take a full deduction, only a percentage.
I don't even own a cell phone..sm
I used one that belonged to a family member and they are pretty fast and reliable. But, when I called to try and get one, because of my "not so good" credit, they wanted like a $700 deposit.

Also, I am afraid if I go over the allowable amount....as I tend do a Lot of movies on my computer.

I will go with the Satellite, people in the area do not have problems with it, I will just have dial up for backup when the clouds do come in. LOL....

I am not going to worry myself over it much longer.....I tend to slowly wean away from MT once I move anyway. :)
A cell phone is not secure, so using it to

listen to dictation is not viable.  I have downloaded digital files via cell phone in a pinch, like during storms when I lose land-line.  If you got dictation via cell, you would have to re-record because there is no way to start/stop the dictation to transcribe live.  The quality of the dictation would not be as good as a land line or digital or whatever.   When you have unlimited service, it usually doesn't include unlimited data transfer so would not be feasible for downloading consistently.  

Just not a good idea any way you look at it, especially if this is your primary source of obtaining work. 

Tracfone cell phone
This is a place where I value your opinions, so here goes on a non-MT question:  I recently bought a Tracfone because I truly only need a cell phone for emergencies and thought prepaid was the way to go.  After the first time I reloaded minutes, I got "No service" message; then 1-1/2 hours later with customer service, I was informed they would send a new SIM card.  I installed the new SIM card and still no service.  Next I tried calling customer service back and found out they are down for maintenance.  Ditto for website. Anyone else had a similar experience?  Which prepaid should I go with next time if this is not resolved?  BTW, I am thinking of forming a militant branch of SHHH--the society for hand-held hushing!!
Cell Phone Laws
Here in NYS there's a law that you can't be on your cell phone unless you have a headset. The police rarely enforce the law. Every day I see someone on their cell phone. I wish they'd catch these people before they kill someone. I'm sorry your son had to go through the accident because of someone's stupidity.
can't you get her number off his cell phone?
I don't blame you for being mad but I wouldn't call the friend's wife and tell her b/c its not good to get involved in marital disputes and it is technically not your business. BUT your husband is another story! First off, why won't he give you her phone number?? And secondly, if it were me, I would most definately call her & tell her NOT to involve your husband in their affair!
OT: Amp'd Cell Phone Service
I am looking for a new cell phone service, preferably pay-as-you-go or something really cheap because I barely even use 100 minutes a month most months. Has anyone tried this new Amp'd broadband cell service? What'd ya think?


The father just bought her a cell
and sent her a text message. She was able to send a message back saying, "I love you guys." I cannot even imagine the pain that family is going through or the other girl's family who was victimized.

The sheriff was even emotional and crying after it happened. It's really sad. I don't know if I could deal with that.

you can get a net service through cell phone. sm
i have altel and their plan in the south is $25/mo for unlimited use. it picks up anywhere you would get a cell signal. software was around $99 i think. it isn't as fast as DSL or cable, but would work if desperate. you plug your phone into your laptop via the software/cable and it uses your phone as the modem to dial in and connect. downfall is you can't receive phone calls while using it, calls go to voicemail. do you have to continually download voice files so that you couldn't download before you left? not sure a VPN connection would work with cell if you used that for national.
can also use your cell phone but it's rare
If you have bluetooth technology on your cell phone, you can get a cheap bluetooth plug-in for your laptop and use the cell phone as sort of a modem. Good luck trying to do it, though :*( I have Verizon and have everything I need but they have some double-knot top secret spy access phone number that they don't give out. If you can somehow get that number, you can connect anywhere you can get phone service. (and if you can get it, PUHLEEEEASE let me know it! LOL) I think that most, if not all, of the major cell phone providers have this same capability.
Barring that, you can get a card from your laptop maker (i.e., Dell).
Here's a link to Sprint's mobile broadband card. Through 6/17/07, they have a promotion going and the card itself is free after a $49.99 mail-in rebate. You have to sign up for their service, which is $59.99/month if you have their voice service (i.e., you have a Sprint cell phone and calling service) or $79.99/month if you don't.
Verizon has several mobile broadband cards (you want one that is 'Rev A' compatible/capable). Here's a link to a page with all of them and their prices ($9.99-$179.99) which are 2-year contract prices.
They have 2 plans: National Access $59.99/month & Broadband Access $79.99/month.

Hope this all helps!
Cell phones in hospitals..sm

No cell phones allowed in hospitals.  Nothing new.  I recently saw a newscast on cell phones in hospitals and what they can do.  Turn off respirators, mess with EKG readings, mess with infusion pumps, etc.  Not only should cell phones not be used in hospitals but they should be turned off.  I can't tell you how many times a day my computer jumps around when I have my cell phone anywhere close by.  If this is so, I come doctors carry cell phones around the hospital.  I have a dictator that constantly gets phone calls and when we went to a new dictating system, I had to shut him down because if it rang when he was dictating, well, he had to redictate because nothing was there.  My son was once having a heart procedure done and while we were in the waiting room a lady was on her cell phone.  A nurse noticed her and told her she had to turn it off, she kept talking and he waited until she was off.  As soon as he was out of sight, she got back on.  I almost got up and told her myself to get off because she was risking my son's life!

cell phone telemarketers
This is a SCAM. It was originated by internet thieves to get our email addresses. I used to fall for these kinds of emails all the time. Now, I always check www.snopes.com before I ever forward anything to anyone. And probably 99% of them are scams. This particular hoax has been in circulation for years. Also, when I DO forward an email, I send it to everyone as a blind copy (Bcc). Most email programs have this option. If they don't, then I wouldn't forward it.
The he11 with that...ask them to give you a cell #; someone always
will answer one of those...the attraction still??
Best wishes.
Turn off that &%*@* Cell Phone...sm

I know docs need to remain available but give us a break!  When it rings, please either turn it off or turn off the dictation machine and tend to your call.  I dont need their ------g phone blasting high volume in my ear, often while some inconsiderate jerk is trying to dictate over the loud ringing.  I had one clown the other day who actually left his cell ringing the entire 5 to 6 minutes during his dictation.  I felt almost deaf by the time he finished. 

I was told to have 2 phone lines, one can be cell. But (sm)
The one time I needed to use modem for backup, it was virtually impossible to type, so having the second line is useless. Having a second HSI connection would do the trick in the event some castrophe took place and the HSI co. went out for a day or so.

They do have wireless with laptop through cell phones now
I have it but it is slow too. Probably as slow as satellite. It is supposed to be DSL speed, but I dont think it is. I have never had DSL to know for sure. It is faster than dial up but it is slower than cable. I am able to work, but you can forget about fast downloads. Small jobs are fine. The only thing that takes so long is the actual sending/receiving dictation.
They do have wireless with laptop through cell phones now
I have it but it is slow too. Probably as slow as satellite. It is supposed to be DSL speed, but I dont think it is. I have never had DSL to know for sure. It is faster than dial up but it is slower than cable. I am able to work, but you can forget about fast downloads. Small jobs are fine. The only thing that takes so long is the actual sending/receiving dictation.
Think of WiFi as a cell phone signal.
Have you ever had a call dropped, or the signal go from 5 bars to 1?  WiFi speed depends on the amount of traffic, weather, interference from construction, etc.    I think it is always wise to have some form of backup available just in case.   I have Earthlink cable, but I also get 20 hours of dial-up with that.  I have a laptop, so if my power goes out at least I can download and continue to work with a dial-up connection. 
I am wondering too. I have cell phone for back up
if cable service goes down so that is not a concern any more. Want to discontinue SBC (now AT&T) and get the cheapest possible second phone line I can.

In fact, I am considering just having a cell phone for phone service and that is it. Does anyone do this?
I have her on my quick dial on my cell phone
but I wouldn't share it without permission.  She is Editor of one of Elsevier's MT publications so visit their web site and you may be able to find an email address for her.  She still frequents another MT web site and you could put out an SOS call for her there.  Good luck.
Listening to a cell phone conversation
My doc left his recorder on again. LOL
How did SHE get YOUR husband's cell phone number? nm
Important - Telemarketing to Cell Phones


Cell phone numbers going public tomorrow

REMINDER....all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies tomorrow and you will start to receive sale calls.


To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone:            


It is the National DO NOT CALL list. It will only take a minute of your time
It blocks your number for five (5) years.  You must call from the cell phone number you want to have blocked.  You cannot call from a different phone number.

It take about 20 seconds


I have had cell phone for 2 years, newbie but
yesterday had 2 text messages (I do not do those myself) from my cell carrier. Never before had I gotten the first thing like this.
I just forward my calls to my cell and answer that way...
if important. Or I can just get the call on the computer through my email.
He also listed his cell phone number. (no msg)
I don't think I am in a light of sight for cell towers either. sm
They pick up signals within distances like cell phones do. I don't think a direct line of site is needed period like it is with satellite. With satellite, you have the big dish that is placed on your house and it beams the satellites in space to get your signals. With wireless it gets signals from the towers. You have nothing but you wireless network card or USB plug that picks up the signal from the tower. No big, ugly dish around on my home.

If you can only occasionally get a cell signal, it might not be the best option for you. Do you know anyone around that has wireless? My brother had it and came to my home with his laptop to show me how it worked and that is when I choose to get it. I like that I can now also travel and pick up signals rather than be limited to one location with the satellite on my home also. No need to worry if a hotel has wireless or not as I have it. I would figure out who the best cell phone company provider is in your area and contact them. Tell them specifically your location, your situation with iffy cell signals and see what they suggest. Like I said mine had the 30-day money back guarantee so I knew I could go that route if I saw it wasn't getting good signals for me. All the major cell companies have wireless now, but your best bet is who has the most towers in your area. I am thinking there is a website that shows cell towers and locations, maybe research it? Cannot recall right now, but I have seen it before. Just contact the company in your area and tell them to explain their wireless INTERNET plans to you.
Cell phone & modem reception can be very different sm
I have very iffy cell phone service with Sprint but have been using a USB modem through them for the past month with an external antenna and amplifier. I get up to 1200 kbps download speeds without the antenna being installed outside yet (it's sitting in my window until we get a lightning protector). 3gstore.com is where I bought my equipment, and they can answer any questions you have. In fact, the tech person I spoke with has actually written transcription programs, so he definitely knows what is involved.
If you don't get your wireless through cell phone signal,
I haven't heard of any other way to get wireless broadband other than through the cell phone companies.
Nope, it is their cell phones, beepers, etc.
I agree with the poster because when they go off you can tell they are being reached for and checked to see who is calling as the dictator usually pausing and trying to find their words while still trying to check just who that is. They sit cell phones and beepers so close to the dictating units that you have screeches going off throughout the dictations. Hard on your ears. Sometimes I have to hold away and then I cannot type what is being said, oh well.
Does anyone use a cell phone for their long distance to transcribe? I am just
wondering if this would work since a lot of plans have free long distance now. I'm assuming there must be some kind of adapter out there to connect your cell phone to your PC or laptop. I am wondering if anyone has tried this and how it worked out. Thanks!
is there such a thing as a cell phone with pre-paid minutes,
and no monthly bill?  A couple years ago i heard one was being developed, and yet, at least here in the middle of the country, have yet to see such.   I would like to have a cell phone for emergencies or very occasional use, but can't go for the monthly bill...
LOL. That's funny. I like the retro cell phone headset. nm
If you have a cell phone, why not use that for your LD calls and CX the LD on the land line?
The hospital where I work took down the no cell phone signs
last year. Apparently they aren't as much of a problem as they once were. Also, I was an inpatient last year and was allowed to use my cell phone in my room.

It seems like I was told that they have machines that block the phones from getting a signal in areas of the hospital where they may cause interference with equipment.
I transfer my calls to cell phone during work. nm
Cell phone dictation in the middle of the night
First, they are inaudible, and they are so tired that they forget where they are at and backtrack or forget parts of the surgery. Then you have to figure out what they are saying when yawning and everything else. Also, I hate it when there are screaming kids or a bunch of people in the background that are louder than the dictators, and the dog is barking like crazy. Ambulances: Why do doctors dictate in front of ambulances when the siren is going?
How do they think that changing their name....sm
would matter diddly squat in the industry?  If their rationale for considering it is because no one knows who they are then changing the name isn't going to change that.  Seems silly that members and supports would be asked to pay for the costs of changing instead of focusing on marketing.

Well, after the reading and research I have done, I think I agree with one writer that stated that at the rate things are going now in the transcription world that in 5 years 80% of us will be out of jobs!!  Either through technology and/or offshoring!!

So, instead of waiting for another axe to fall on me...I have been chopped up enough by the MTSOs...... I am hoping to decorating cakes for a living!!!

I am waiting to hear back from a local bakery where I just interviewed. 

I have taken all the Wilton cake decorating courses and have done quite a few birthday, wedding, and mother's day cakes in the past...I definitely am not Duff or anyone at Charm City Cakes, but it is something I truly enjoy doing and it was my "therapy" that got me through a divorce about 10 years ago. 

So, I will be working 8 hours a day only, get immediate feed back, paid hourly and not production, and hopefully will be able to transition into this job permanently....

So, I hope and pray that I am wrong about the future of this profession for which I have worked so long and hard....but the stress now is almost unbearable and ain't worth it no more!!!        

Changing Course
That is a great idea. You might work into doing some on the side and go into business for weddings, etc. I had a friend who did that and make good money. She was in great demand too. If you get a business of your own, you would make a lot more and could probably do a lot of it sitting.
Probably not...just changing
I work on a VR account, and trust me, there will always need to be people behind it checking what the computer types.  There are just certain things that need an actual brain to decipher that a computer just cannot pick up. 
Oh, I am not changing what I said
because again, have not seen it ever used with lung.