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I was told to have 2 phone lines, one can be cell. But (sm)

Posted By: Modem backup on 2005-08-08
In Reply to: Are you an MT? How do you work? Just - curious. No offense please.

The one time I needed to use modem for backup, it was virtually impossible to type, so having the second line is useless. Having a second HSI connection would do the trick in the event some castrophe took place and the HSI co. went out for a day or so.

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I was told I needed 2 phone lines, but was told I was dialing into the doctors' system. What woul

I have a pay as you go cell phone
I got one for emergencies only that I pay as I go.  There are several different kinds out there, you just have to keep your eyes open and watch what you get and for what price.  I got mine at Radio Shack and re-up my minutes every other month for $30.  They have discontinued that particular program for new people though.  You can get Trac (sp) phones at places like K-Mart, Wal-Mart, and I think you can buy a year's worth of minutes on that one for about $99.  Keep an eye on commercials, too.  I saw one on MSNBC yesterday that I had never seen before. 
Cell phone
Tracfone.  Its on the web, if you want to check the specifics.  www.tracfone.com
Unless you only use your cell phone
and internet for work, you cannot take a full deduction, only a percentage.
I don't even own a cell phone..sm
I used one that belonged to a family member and they are pretty fast and reliable. But, when I called to try and get one, because of my "not so good" credit, they wanted like a $700 deposit.

Also, I am afraid if I go over the allowable amount....as I tend do a Lot of movies on my computer.

I will go with the Satellite, people in the area do not have problems with it, I will just have dial up for backup when the clouds do come in. LOL....

I am not going to worry myself over it much longer.....I tend to slowly wean away from MT once I move anyway. :)
A cell phone is not secure, so using it to

listen to dictation is not viable.  I have downloaded digital files via cell phone in a pinch, like during storms when I lose land-line.  If you got dictation via cell, you would have to re-record because there is no way to start/stop the dictation to transcribe live.  The quality of the dictation would not be as good as a land line or digital or whatever.   When you have unlimited service, it usually doesn't include unlimited data transfer so would not be feasible for downloading consistently.  

Just not a good idea any way you look at it, especially if this is your primary source of obtaining work. 

Tracfone cell phone
This is a place where I value your opinions, so here goes on a non-MT question:  I recently bought a Tracfone because I truly only need a cell phone for emergencies and thought prepaid was the way to go.  After the first time I reloaded minutes, I got "No service" message; then 1-1/2 hours later with customer service, I was informed they would send a new SIM card.  I installed the new SIM card and still no service.  Next I tried calling customer service back and found out they are down for maintenance.  Ditto for website. Anyone else had a similar experience?  Which prepaid should I go with next time if this is not resolved?  BTW, I am thinking of forming a militant branch of SHHH--the society for hand-held hushing!!
Cell Phone Laws
Here in NYS there's a law that you can't be on your cell phone unless you have a headset. The police rarely enforce the law. Every day I see someone on their cell phone. I wish they'd catch these people before they kill someone. I'm sorry your son had to go through the accident because of someone's stupidity.
can't you get her number off his cell phone?
I don't blame you for being mad but I wouldn't call the friend's wife and tell her b/c its not good to get involved in marital disputes and it is technically not your business. BUT your husband is another story! First off, why won't he give you her phone number?? And secondly, if it were me, I would most definately call her & tell her NOT to involve your husband in their affair!
OT: Amp'd Cell Phone Service
I am looking for a new cell phone service, preferably pay-as-you-go or something really cheap because I barely even use 100 minutes a month most months. Has anyone tried this new Amp'd broadband cell service? What'd ya think?


you can get a net service through cell phone. sm
i have altel and their plan in the south is $25/mo for unlimited use. it picks up anywhere you would get a cell signal. software was around $99 i think. it isn't as fast as DSL or cable, but would work if desperate. you plug your phone into your laptop via the software/cable and it uses your phone as the modem to dial in and connect. downfall is you can't receive phone calls while using it, calls go to voicemail. do you have to continually download voice files so that you couldn't download before you left? not sure a VPN connection would work with cell if you used that for national.
can also use your cell phone but it's rare
If you have bluetooth technology on your cell phone, you can get a cheap bluetooth plug-in for your laptop and use the cell phone as sort of a modem. Good luck trying to do it, though :*( I have Verizon and have everything I need but they have some double-knot top secret spy access phone number that they don't give out. If you can somehow get that number, you can connect anywhere you can get phone service. (and if you can get it, PUHLEEEEASE let me know it! LOL) I think that most, if not all, of the major cell phone providers have this same capability.
Barring that, you can get a card from your laptop maker (i.e., Dell).
Here's a link to Sprint's mobile broadband card. Through 6/17/07, they have a promotion going and the card itself is free after a $49.99 mail-in rebate. You have to sign up for their service, which is $59.99/month if you have their voice service (i.e., you have a Sprint cell phone and calling service) or $79.99/month if you don't.
Verizon has several mobile broadband cards (you want one that is 'Rev A' compatible/capable). Here's a link to a page with all of them and their prices ($9.99-$179.99) which are 2-year contract prices.
They have 2 plans: National Access $59.99/month & Broadband Access $79.99/month.

Hope this all helps!
cell phone telemarketers
This is a SCAM. It was originated by internet thieves to get our email addresses. I used to fall for these kinds of emails all the time. Now, I always check www.snopes.com before I ever forward anything to anyone. And probably 99% of them are scams. This particular hoax has been in circulation for years. Also, when I DO forward an email, I send it to everyone as a blind copy (Bcc). Most email programs have this option. If they don't, then I wouldn't forward it.
Turn off that &%*@* Cell Phone...sm

I know docs need to remain available but give us a break!  When it rings, please either turn it off or turn off the dictation machine and tend to your call.  I dont need their ------g phone blasting high volume in my ear, often while some inconsiderate jerk is trying to dictate over the loud ringing.  I had one clown the other day who actually left his cell ringing the entire 5 to 6 minutes during his dictation.  I felt almost deaf by the time he finished. 

Think of WiFi as a cell phone signal.
Have you ever had a call dropped, or the signal go from 5 bars to 1?  WiFi speed depends on the amount of traffic, weather, interference from construction, etc.    I think it is always wise to have some form of backup available just in case.   I have Earthlink cable, but I also get 20 hours of dial-up with that.  I have a laptop, so if my power goes out at least I can download and continue to work with a dial-up connection. 
I am wondering too. I have cell phone for back up
if cable service goes down so that is not a concern any more. Want to discontinue SBC (now AT&T) and get the cheapest possible second phone line I can.

In fact, I am considering just having a cell phone for phone service and that is it. Does anyone do this?
I have her on my quick dial on my cell phone
but I wouldn't share it without permission.  She is Editor of one of Elsevier's MT publications so visit their web site and you may be able to find an email address for her.  She still frequents another MT web site and you could put out an SOS call for her there.  Good luck.
Listening to a cell phone conversation
My doc left his recorder on again. LOL
How did SHE get YOUR husband's cell phone number? nm
I have had cell phone for 2 years, newbie but
yesterday had 2 text messages (I do not do those myself) from my cell carrier. Never before had I gotten the first thing like this.
He also listed his cell phone number. (no msg)
Cell phone & modem reception can be very different sm
I have very iffy cell phone service with Sprint but have been using a USB modem through them for the past month with an external antenna and amplifier. I get up to 1200 kbps download speeds without the antenna being installed outside yet (it's sitting in my window until we get a lightning protector). 3gstore.com is where I bought my equipment, and they can answer any questions you have. In fact, the tech person I spoke with has actually written transcription programs, so he definitely knows what is involved.
If you don't get your wireless through cell phone signal,
I haven't heard of any other way to get wireless broadband other than through the cell phone companies.
Does anyone use a cell phone for their long distance to transcribe? I am just
wondering if this would work since a lot of plans have free long distance now. I'm assuming there must be some kind of adapter out there to connect your cell phone to your PC or laptop. I am wondering if anyone has tried this and how it worked out. Thanks!
is there such a thing as a cell phone with pre-paid minutes,
and no monthly bill?  A couple years ago i heard one was being developed, and yet, at least here in the middle of the country, have yet to see such.   I would like to have a cell phone for emergencies or very occasional use, but can't go for the monthly bill...
LOL. That's funny. I like the retro cell phone headset. nm
If you have a cell phone, why not use that for your LD calls and CX the LD on the land line?
The hospital where I work took down the no cell phone signs
last year. Apparently they aren't as much of a problem as they once were. Also, I was an inpatient last year and was allowed to use my cell phone in my room.

It seems like I was told that they have machines that block the phones from getting a signal in areas of the hospital where they may cause interference with equipment.
I transfer my calls to cell phone during work. nm
Cell phone dictation in the middle of the night
First, they are inaudible, and they are so tired that they forget where they are at and backtrack or forget parts of the surgery. Then you have to figure out what they are saying when yawning and everything else. Also, I hate it when there are screaming kids or a bunch of people in the background that are louder than the dictators, and the dog is barking like crazy. Ambulances: Why do doctors dictate in front of ambulances when the siren is going?
Also got rid of our house phone because we all had cell phones and that saves me about 75.00 a month
or so.
That's an idea -- does it matter that my cell phone won't work from the house??
It rings but then cuts you off as soon as you answer. I think we are too far from a tower.
Does anyone use laptop & cell phone/Internet Card for work?

I am not real computer literate but am wondering if I couldn't get unlimited Internet with a cell phone plan and use that for my on-line job/Internet connection exclusively. I have found plans for around $70/month.

If so, I was thinking too I could possibly give up my land line phone, Callwave, my dial-up ISP (as that is all we have available where live) and actually save a little money by doing so. I don't make/receive a lot of land line calls and I have a TracFone cell phone that I don't use much now. I get excellent reception with that where I live. We have a huge tower within walking distance of where I live but we live out in the "sticks". :D I know my connection would be dependent on the reception where I live and the cell phone service I would use. I am not sure which one truly has the best coverage and/or who may be using the tower by our home but TracFone apparently does. :)


not sure about cell phone, but you can sign up for free efax messenger. sm
you can get a free efax messenger as long as you don't care what number they assign you. then you can have them fax to that number and it will come into your email inbox and you can print from there.
c-phone from cell phone
I believe if you check with your cell phone carrier they have an adapter that you can use to plug into your cell phone from the c-phone. Not sure about this but I think I had a friend tell me she had to do this but it was a year or so ago. Hope this helps.
C-phone info regarding phone lines etc.
I am completely clueless on the subject of a C-phone.  Can someone help me understand exactly how this works?  Do you have to specifically have a separate "dial up internet" service to use the C-phone? I currently have cable internet and am wondering if there is anything else I need to get.  I guess I should contact my phone company.  At any rate, any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!
help with phone lines.

We have been having A LOT of rainy weather for a while.  When it is raining and lightening I lose my internet connection.  Also, I use a C-phone so I get off when I can hear the "clicking" coming through my phone line.  Is there anything I can get for my phone to prevent me from being struck with lightening and to help my connection better? I have dial-up.   I am tired of losing money because of the constant bad weather.


RE: Phone lines
I have Bellsouth with C-phone and it is fine.
Phone lines
I have a call in digital dictation system with multiple phone lines, which are expensive through my local phone company and everything costs extra including call forwarding, caller ID, etc.   I am trying to cut down these costs and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about Vonage or another phone company or otherwise that may have cheaper pricing on phone lines or package deals.  Also, does anyone know of any good call in systems that do not utilize call-in digital technology and do not need to worry about computer equipment.  Thanks for any help.
super told me to meet lines of 12000 or be dropped to SE
i thought there was only 2 types of employees; statutory or full time
One of my employers told me to just add a 0, i.e. 30 minutes would roughly equal 300 lines. sm

Of course, if someone talks fast, you'd get more lines, and if you get one of those guys who stops and turns pages and/or talks slow, the lines would be less.  Seems to be a pretty good rule of thumb for me.

As for the length taken, when I started doing MT work 30-some years ago (back in the days of the vinyl belts and carbon paper -- eek!), the quota was that you should be able to 15 minutes of dictation in 1 hour.  However, I think anyone with experience would probably do it in much less time. 

Hope this helps.  

Who pays for your phone lines?
I am thinking about letting a couple of my transcriptionists go home....I have opened a new business and am doing so well I am running out of space here in the office.  I can do more business if they go home, but call into my main account, who uses Lanier voicewriter and is still (unbelievably) on Medword......to those of you who type from home, who pays the monthly expense for your phone lines....and do you have one or two lines?
I use a C phone and 2 separate lines.. sm
I have DSL and I was not able to have my DSL on the same line as my C phone though now I cannot remember why it did not work. I do know that if it had worked I would not have had a phone to use to call out or receive calls while I was working (which was fine by me.. my family knows to call my cell). At any rate, because of the fact the C phone and DSL did not co-exist I had to use a separate line for my C phone and then my DSL is on another line and that frees up my main phone line for calls in and out.
It will not work through phone lines....sm

I started on a Lanier at a hospital and then went home with it.  At the hospital it was connected directly to the computer.  I was told that you lose certain features through the phone lines and that is one of them.

One place told me that the Ctrl/I function gives you higher lines than going to the site does, so
VDI from ECS in Ventura I think. Get one that uses phone lines (analog)
You cannot beat the sound quality on this for the price. Dictaphone is considered the best, but this is reasonably priced and upgradable. I have a 4-port system. You can use 1-4 of the lines. Even though voice files are the "new technology," they are not the best. You can hear a pin drop on this system, and the clearer you hear the doctors, the more money you make. I love mine. If you are looking for a call-in system that uses digital voice files, I have one that does this, either one line or two.
would like to help, but don't understand the question. It takes 2 phone lines, is all.
The phone line has to support DSL signals. Most rural lines don't due to distance from central of
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