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Are wav pedals compatible with all programs?

Posted By: Linda on 2005-10-26
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I'm looking to invest in one since I see a lot of jobs require you to have one.  I was wondering if there was a brand out there that is compatible with most programs.  I see some ads say they must have the Start-Stop one and so on.  Any information on this would be greatly appreciated. 

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Don't think so. So many new programs/software aren't DOS compatible. nm
Misys, compatible shorthand programs

Does anyone know if ShortHand or InstanText is compatible with Misys?  If not, are any other 'shorthand' programs compatible?



Also regarding foot pedals and antivirus software programs
You can also try to find foot pedals on ebay, there they are much cheaper, I know, everybody knows this.

I think every antivirus software 'works' with any platform.
Why should it make a difference?
I do not think that the companies mean that some antivirus softwares DO NOT WORK with their platforms, they just ask for the safest and believe tht these 2, Norton and McAfee are the safest.

I work with Escription/Editscript and it is strongly recommended by my employer that either Noton or McAfee is downloaded and paid for.

I have McAfee, because, be;ieve it or not, MTSOs see these 2 as sefest.

Now I am expecting to be bashed by certain MTs for my 'rude' comment.
Never mind.
Where do you buy foot pedals for your transcription. Who has the best foot pedals for sale.
Word Expander Programs - Are there any expander programs that are easy to use and learn
that are similar to the MS Word expander?  I prefer something very simple.  I like MS Word expander; however I have gone over my limits and cannot add any more shortcuts so I need a program that will hold a larger amount of shortcuts.   Many thanks.
Wav pedals
No, wav pedals can be proprietary. Wav player software is divided into two catagories, OEM & Generic. The OEM solutions generally have wav pedals specifically for their solution. By a large, Generic solutions make use of the Infinity wav pedal. However, some modify the pedal so that the user must purchase the hardware from them $$$$$



I'm really confused and need some clarification.  I have been transcribing for some local doctors the old-fashioned way with cassettes and microcassettes.  They now want to get updated by going with wav files (they will be on CDs).  What do I need to get?  I've never had a pedal that plays wav files even when I tested for some different national accounts. 

Could someone please recommend a brand of pedal?  Is it something that plugs into the USB port?  Thank you in advance for any advice.

USB pedals

Yes, it definitely matters which foot pedal you use.  I'm in a situation where I need to replace my USB foot pedal and have found that there is NONE that is interchangeable with my software.  I love my software but do not like my pedal so I need to decide which direction to go.  Anyway, the software has to be compatible with the type of files you are transcribing from, i.e. .wav, .dss, .msv, etc.  Be careful though.  Even though it says it is compatible it may not be.  I have the Sony FS-85USB which only works with Sony's Digital Voice Editor (MSV files).  Other software says it is compatible with MSV but not those.  ONLY the FS-85USB pedal works.  If your company doesn't provide your kit for you make sure you research it real well and ask a lot of questions.

They are not compatible. nm.
Sorry, they are compatible.
Foot pedals
When I was a C-phone user, I had to buy a couple replacements. It was too costly to have a repairperson repair them, and instead it was best to throw it out and buy a new one. It used to be we could open them up and clean the CONTACTS.
There are different types of USB pedals

There is Olympus, VEC, Infinity, many, many.  Look at the bottom of your pedal to get the code.  If it is an Infinity, you will see something like IN-USB1, or IN9B (for 9 pin) or IN-DVIUSB.  All the Infinity foot pedals work with ExpressScribe EXCEPT the DVI because it is a higher technology than is compatable with ES.  Run the foot control wizard on ExpressScribe to help it locate the foot pedal and recognize it so you can use it.  You may have to try all the COM ports on the wizard before you hit the right COM port and the foot pedal is recognized.  My Infinity foot pedal USB1 is recognized in ES as the _VEC_ if that helps you.

I have had to do the hand control thing and it is very frustrating and can make the test take 4 times longer than with a foot pedal.

foot pedals

If the footpedal setup wizard doesn't work it may be that your 9 pin port card has been setup to do other things (maybe games?). You need to get the driver for the card (perhaps the driver CD is lying around somewhere) or get a nerd to update the card's driver. Port settings can also be a problem. Sometimes it's just easier to switch to a USB footpedal!

You could also try Port 1, 2 etc in the settings, running through the wizard each time and see if that helps on one or the other of them. Another possibility is mechancal, the cable/socket may be damaged.


I have Infinity pedals

I have two Infinity foot pedals and just ordered a new one recently for my laptop, a USB from Jay Vance (who posts  on another MT Forum). It was $79 including shipping and I had it in about three business days. I was very pleased with the price and his service. You may contact him at: info@vancedigital.com

I have an old Infinity that still works but needs to be sprayed with silicone I think as it squeaks after many years of use but it still works. :)


I need help quickly.  Someone gave me a foot pedal with a serial adapter.  However, there is no serial port on my new computer.  Is there any way I would be able to use this foot pedal with my new computer?  Thanks in advance for your help.

foot pedals
I had a 15-pin serial port (game port) foot pedal and when I got a new sound xcard, it no longer had the game port on it, so I was stuxck. I tried the adapter route, but it does not work bexcause of the wiring for the fast forward etxc in the pedal. I ended up having to buy a USB pedal. Alot of newer *puters don't have game ports anymore. good luk.
foot pedals
I would like to thank everyone who offered their advice. I will let you all know how the adapter works out once I get it. Again, thank you.
2 foot pedals
Yes you can; I've used as many as 3 pedals at one time, as long as you have enough ports to plug them into.
Foot Pedals
Any idea why the MT companies are asking that you buy their foot pedal?  I have several foot pedals I purchased from employers, and no one wants to use the one I already have.  Each new job wants you to buy their foot pedal.  I see an ad with MedScribe who is requiring the same thing.
There is no software for these pedals. --sm
you should shut down your computer. plug in the pedal, restart your computer, and it should recognize that the pedal is there. It won't recognize it if you just plug it in with the computer already running. give it a shot. good luck.
Foot pedals

I am going to have to be purchasing my own foot pedal soon, and I was wondering if there are some that are better than others, etc. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

foot pedals
Does anyone know if a dictaphone USB foot pedal can be configured for Emdat Inscribe?
Foot pedals
I have a question about foot pedals. Up until now, I have always transcribed from tapes, and I loved the foot pedals on the transcribers because they were easy to use.  I am now transcribing with a 9-pin foot pedal, and I find it very dificult to use because it appears to be tight.  I feel as if I have to stomp on it to make it play, rewind, etc.  Any suggestions on foot pedals?
I like my Infinity pedals. nm
foot pedals
If I have no foot pedal and don't know what company I will work for, what would you buy.  I just won't test without one, and one has always been furnished to me by the other companies I work for.  Any advise on this, and any recommendations on what is the best company for part-timers.  I have been around a while, and too old to do full-time, but have the knowledge in acute care, etc.  Lots of experience. 
It's very compatible with Word, and quite
similar to Autotext/Autocorrect.  That's why I like it better than IT.  Download the free 3-day trial offer to see how you like it.
SmartType compatible with DQS
Has anyone had any luck getting SmartType to work with MQ DQS?
No you don't have to buy it. If you don't have a compatible player - sm
that can play "PlayAll" files then they will supply the PlayAll XTRA player, though they do ask you send them a CD for it I believe. They supply the WP DOS 5.1, Stedman's Spellcheck via email. That is why I said don't let the question throw you, you don't have to buy anything.....unless you are new of course, then you will need a footpedal. Bytescribe is compatible with the sound files and that is what I use, I also have a copy of the PlayAll which I use to pull up the file information I need to transcribe, but it won't work if you have Bytescribe on your computer. I love my Bytescribe so it stays. They will train in in the use of WP 5.1 and they hire newbies too. I started to work for them with 2 months of experience....it will be 4 years in May since I began working for them. As I said good people, I appreciate them as much as they appreciate me.
Won't work, new IT Pro V is now compatible with
expander compatible
Shorthand runs with meditech
eScription isn't compatible yet . nm
bayscribe is compatible.
I don't know if Stedman's is compatible or not, but it
is considered the best and the most widely used I believe. 
Is Shorthand not compatible?

You have to have a program compatible
with whatever he has to download the voice files from his office.
Is Escription 3 compatible with

I have MS Word 2002 and I know that it is not compatible with Escription 8 which is what I am going to have to start using Monday.  I have a Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 disk that came with my laptop.  So....my question is.....will MS Word 2007 Home and Student work with Escription 8?    My next question is do I need to uninstall my MS Word 2002 before I install MS Word 2007 or will the Word 2007 overwrite the 2002?  Any help with this would be wonderful

I mean Escription 8 compatible with



99% of the pedals are made my Infinity
and look alike, though the wiring configuration can be very different.   I currently had 3 pedals and 2 will work with ExpressScribe, but they won't work with other software programs as they are wired to work with proprietary software. 
Pedals usually last for years. Try it in another USB port if that's what it uses. nm
Most foot pedals will work with just about
any software program, though some are proprietary and will only work with one program.   What software program did you utilize previously?  Do you still have the software on your computer, there could be a conflict between the 2. 
Question about wave pedals...please help
I know this may seem like a simple question to most but I have always worked through phone lines to receive dictation.  I did purchase a USB port pedal from Expresscribe a couple of years ago in hopes of finding part time work to go along with my full time but I never could get it to work.  My computer would not recognize that it was connected.  Anyway, I am will to try again but at $189 for a universal pedal, I do not want to get stuck with something I can't use.  So, if anyone has the time to fully explain this to me I would appreciate it.  How does it work?  Can I use my MP3 player on my computer?  If I can use my MP3 player, wouldn't any pedal work in the game port?  Sorry for the questions but I would appreciate some answers as I am really looking for something I could move around with, like on vacations or business trips with my husband.
Can you use 2 foot pedals on 1 computer? sm
I use a USB currently and am thinking about applying for a part-time job that uses a 9-pin.  Thanks
Software for foot pedals? sm

If I would purchase an Infinity foot pedal, would I be able to use it with any software, such as Expresscribe or my MP3 player? Or does it come with some type of software. 

Still afraid to purchase a foot pedal as I bought one last year and it just sits here because I can't get it to work.  Tried it with Expresscribe and get a message that the connection is not recognized (USB port).


I use a USB and INDb9 foot pedals
I plug my headphones into my computer tower, but my friend who uses the USB port for her foot pedal only plugs hers into her speakers, so I don't think you will have any problems. :)
laptops and foot pedals
Hi.  could you explain a little further how the hot keys works versus foot pedal?  thanks for helping me out.  I feel so out of it with some of this.
Laptop and foot pedals?

OK, DH ordered a laptop for me as a surprise.  For our current situation it will work best because we have a very small house (800 sq feet) and right now my dining room table has become my office/desk.  With the laptop we can use a smaller/compact computer desk in the corner of the living room and move the big computer back to the basement office.  (That office doesn't work for me on a daily basis cause there is not enough room for our 2 year old and 4 month old to play) 

It is an Acer, not sure of the model as I haven't seen it and didn't order it.  Our computer guy is switching it from Vista to windows and will have it set so I can switch to Vista when/if Escription is compatible. Anyway, my concern now is with the foot pedal.  I type on Escription so have the 9-pin pedal.  How do I get that to work with the laptop?  Do I need to have a 9-pin port put into the laptop?  

winscribe foot pedals used are
I found this on their website. Hope this helps you.

The WinScribe digital dictation system is a software only platform meaning you can choose the type of hardware that you use and are not limited to a specific model or brand. We work closely with key manufacturers including Olympus, Philips, Grundig Business Systems and VEC Electronics.

The WinScribe digital transcription application is a PC interface that offers an easy to use graphical user interface. You can control dictation playback using a standard foot pedal adapted to connect to the games port on a sound blaster or compatible sound card or a supported USB foot pedal. Any suitable headset may be used.

Wireless foot pedals?
Does anyone know if there is any such thing as a wireless foot pedal?  I do a lot of transcribing on the weekend in the car (not driving of course!) and it would be nice to eliminate one more wire.  Not a big deal, but if there is one I may have to put it on my Christmas wish list! :)
Laptops and foot pedals
I just discovered that the foot pedal I use with Bayscribe does not fit into my laptop! The foot pedal has a 9-pin connection and the laptop has mostly only USB portals. I don't want to buy a new foot pedal. Is there any sort of adapters or some other way to make this work?
I only know that the Olympus foot pedals
does not work with eScription/editscript. But this was some time ago and they told me that they will work on it. Maybe now it does.
If I were you, I would try to get into contact with your doctor's software provider.
Olympus is one of the most expensive foot pedals, I have one myself and I could not use it.
You have to remember, not all foot pedals