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Posted By: lied to on 2005-09-14
In Reply to:

Computer under warranty and the modem went bad.  Called tech support and I told them the modem was bad (I am not a computer idiot), but went through everything with them anyway.  Of course, they could not help and stated that I had to go through software support before I could be sent a new modem under the warranty.  The first thing you get in software support is a salesperson.  I told her this was NOT a software problem but I had been told I had to go through software support before I could get a new modem.  It cost me $54.23 for a one-time software support problem.  Before I did this, I asked her if I would receive a refund if this was determined not to be a software problem, which I already knew it wasn't.  She said,'YES, just call this phone number back and give us your case number and we will issue a refund'.  So like an idiot, and because I happen to trust people, I paid. I called them right back to advise that software support determined I needed a new modem and to please issue a refund."OKAY - we will issue a refund' the girl says.  Now after 2 months I still have not received a refund and the 'refund supervisor' tells me they cannot issue one because I did receive software support.  She says they will 'counsel' the girl that lied to me.  I told her I never would have gone through software support if I had know that, and if I had not been LIED to, because the new modem only cost $14 if I had purchased it outright so why would I pay $54 to get a free $14 part????  DELL LIES!  They just lost my business.  I can afford the $54, but it is the principle of the thing.  I hate the way big corporations can lie to you and get away with it.  My grandfather owned a small grocery store.  If someone called to ask the price of ground beef and an employee told them a price that was lower than the actual price, he would have sold it to that customer for that amount.  He would not have said,'Sorry but you have to pay the correct price and I will COUNSEL the employee'.  WHATEVER HAPPENED TO COMMON DECENCY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE???? 

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Beware of computer virus.

I got this email from a friend today and thought I would share it with you all.

*Emails with pictures of Osama Bin-Laden hanged are being sent, and the moment that you open these emails your computer will crash, and you will not be able to fix it!!!

This e-mail is being distributed through countries around the globe, but mainly in theUS and Israel.

Don't be inconsiderate; send this warning to whomever you know.

Confirmed at: http://www.snopes.com/computer/virus/osama.asp

Origins: There are few headlines that would grab the attention of more computer users around the world than Osama bin Laden Captured, and that's exactly what whoever created this lure was counting on to snare unsuspecting victims who use Microsoft platforms.

Osama bin Laden Captured isn't a virus in itself; it's the text of a message that includes a link to a file called EXPLOIT.EXE. When a message recipient clicks on this link to view what he thinks are pictures of Osama bin Laden's capture, he can end up downloading an executable Trojan known as Backdoor-AZU, BKDR_LARSLP.A, Download. Trojan, TrojanProxy.Win32.Small.b,or Win32.Slarp.

Clicking the embedded link in the Osama bin Laden Captured message auto-executes a file called EXPLOIT.EXE, which exploits a known security hole to download the Trojan.

According to McAfee Security:   The Trojan opens a random port on the victim's machine. It sends the Port information to a webpage at IP address The Trojan listens on the open port for instructions and redirects traffic to other IP addresses.

Spammers and hackers can take advantage of compromised systems by using the infected computer as a middleman, allowing them to pass information through it and remain anonymous.*


Dell computer
Call them back and ask for a supervisor. Do not back down when telling them that you want a refund of the $54. Also keep stressing to them that you will NEVER buy another Dell if this is not resolved immediately. This kind of tactic usually works if you are persistent. Good luck.
Dell computer
Does anyone own a dell computer that they do their own accounts on? their customer service dept told me I can use MS Works which is compatable to Word. Just wonderingif any one else has it and how it works out for them doing their own accounts. Thanks for your help in advance! I'm new at this. I have worked for a national for 8 years and 2 years at a hospital.
Dell computer
My Dell laptop is being delivered today. I had to order it with just XP because my company's program is not compatible with Vista. I ordered it online.
Dell computer
I have seen here where other posts have mentioned to tell them that you need it for your business and Dell will make sure you get someone in US for support.   
Dell computer anyone?
My friend has a virus and we can't get rid of it.  We decided to reinstall her computer from the discs that came with the computer.  I've done this on mine before and it is simple, it just starts and prompts you what to do.  This one is asking many questions.  Any of you experts at this?
Dell lover here too for reg computer...sm

I have several friends who use Averatec laptops and swear by them.  I, too, am a DELL lover and I never use their tech department anyway, even when the tech dept was still in the USA.  I have 2 computer people who help me when and if I need computer help/fixing.  I think the Averatec runs around $600 but I'm not sure today.

I just bought a new computer through Dell and they had a few
new ones without Vista so I got a new one with XP. If you know a computer whiz, they can take Vista off and load XP--I had a friend who said he would do that for me if I couldn't buy one with XP. Just have to call the company, if getting a new one, and ask.
Waiting on new Dell computer, anyone else?
What in the world is going on with Dell, does anyone know? I have had a brand new computer ordered since about a month or so ago and today has been the 4th time they have prolonged the delivery, stating needing to get parts. I have ordered several from them before and never this problem. Has anyone else had a problem with them?
Dell for office computer and lap top and love both. (nm)
Just bought a new Dell computer, needing XP
and knowing that Dell at 1 time did not offer XP anymore, only Vista. Am wondering if I bought XP how much is that as opposed to what Dell charges to put XP on now.
I bought a dell computer and financed it at their site

Anyone that bought a Dell computer are you happy with it and what happened if you needed anything

fixed under warranty. I guess you Fed Ex it back and wait on it. Can you tell me how this went please.

I got my computer locally so as not to deal with Dell and Fed Ex etc. I have a flat panel and I
think it is okay but not as clear as the regular monitors. I think if you pay a fortune for an LCD you get great clearness but with the 3 or 400 dollar ones it is adequate. I live in PA also. I got it because it is better for your eyes.
When buying a new computer would you use a company locally that builds new computers or go with Dell
or a large outfit like that. This local company has been around awhile. Not sure what to do about buying a new computer that is going to be compatible with just about all MT jobs.
RE: I keep getting an e-mail from Ebay as a reminder for aun upaid item - a Dell computer - sm
but I've never even ever bid on one.  Anybody know what's up with that?  It keeps saying respond to this e-mail but I haven't done that - is this some type of scam?
Update..bought computer today and Dell and found out it couldnt get here as fast as I needed it so I
Got the same computer for like $400 less and they'll ship it out tomorrow. Should be here in 4 days..Same everything including warranty. Try Ebay.!!!
I have both a Dell Latitude Laptop and a Dell Dimension desk top PC and bought both...
off of Ebay.  The laptop I paid $300 for had Windows XP and works great.  It wasn't wireless, but they sent me a PCI card with it and it works fine.  The desktop PC has XP on it as well and I paid $250 for it.  Both have Pentium IVs.  Both work great for work.  I have no complaints and I feel like I got a great deal both times out on Ebay.
Company provides a Dell for work, I have a Dell for personal use, too.
Dell customer service is overseas. I have had a Dell, a
Toshiba Satellite, and an HP.   The Dell was a piece of junk from day 1.  The HP hard drive crashed after 4 to 5 years, but otherwise no problems.   I bought a Toshiba about 6 months ago and it is okay, nothing special.  I was looking at the Sony Viao and the salesman said that some laptops are made to be portable, but that the Sony was not one of them, but the Toshiba was.   My keyboard also has a numerical pad on it, but it throws the other keys off a bit, so when I'm in a portable mode and don't have room for an external keyboard it really slows me down.  I have a Duo Core processor and notice no difference whatsoever in speed, the number of programs I can have open, etc.   I have also noticed that even when I am not on battery power that every so often the battery is charging.  I don't know if this is a defect or something that is supposed to happen, but I need to investigate it. 
I've had two dell laptops and 5 Dell PCs. Here's the thing...

Make sure you get the extended warranty, again, MAKE SURE YOU GET THE EXTENDED WARRANTY. And, here is why.

My first laptop went out on my, though it was a couple of years old.  Because I had the extended warranty, a service tech came to my house, replaced motherboard, hard drive, heat sink, and keyboard.  He was able to back up everything first and restored it once all the new stuff was in place. 

One of my PCs kept giving some weird blue screen error and I couldn't get to go even in safe mode. I called up Dell, told them the problem, they looked up my extended warranty and they sent someone out to repair it.

Overall, I have been happy with Dell products.  The only drag is that everything Dell sells regarding accessories is proprietary and you have to order it through Dell.  No generic accessories will work.  My suggestion is if you decide to buy a Dell laptop, make sure you get the car power supply and you might even get a 2nd regular power supply because I have been known to leave town and forget the power supply at the house.  Now, I have everything in my laptop bag for when I go out of town and can just throw my laptop in the bag and know everything is there.

Lastly, some Dell laptops require a special aircard to connect to the internet.  I ended up getting a 2 cabled USB air card and I'm glad I did because 2 USB plug ins give better reception than one.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. I'm happy to help.

MT Corp
Anyone know anything about them?  Just took their test.
MT Corp
I found them online. Go to their website.
I know of at least 3 MT's that have written/emailed Corp about the work situation at Amherst and Foxboro and not one of them every rec'd a reply. One of the girls had been terminated for lack of work and MQ left a message on her answering machine to say that she was terminated and to make arrangements to return her equipment. The thing about this is that she had been in and out of the hospital, had made numerous calls  and faxes to Foxboro to update them about the situation, had been with MQ P/T for the last 7 years, so they knew that she was a reliable MT but yet do to the endless lack of communication at that office, they had the nerve to call and leave a message to terminate her. She wrote letters to everyone from the Foxbor office to Human Resources to the President himself and never heard a workd from anyone--so yes I would think that Corp has been told about Amherst/Foxboro but I really do not think that they care one way or the other. Life goes on and they can hire 10 new people to replace her and continue to flood the accounts so that we are always out of work--just like today
former corp headchopper

1.  They want you to resign so when they don't have to pay unemployment.

2.  Turn in your computers so that when they file BK, have more assets.

3.  WTH knows......

It easy being an S-corp
other poster said "Reading all info gives me a headache, members, stocks, annual meetings, and so on." It's easy. Your attorney sets it up. You are the only shareholder. You have an annual meeting where you are the president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. They have a standard form for your annual meeting and you sign it. Simple, really.  
I don't like Dell. I bought a Dell laptop and it

was a piece of junk, so I'm not the one to ask if you should buy a Dell.   I'd get at least double that processor speed.  My computer is about 10 months old and I have 5 times that, which means that there is probably something faster out now, or soon will be.  It is more than I need for work, but I also use computer to download music/pictures, and a bunch of other stuff.   The Dell I had had 650 mHz and it was slow and that was almost 6 years ago.   You may have to customize anyway to get XP unless you buy one previously owned, which you can also buy from Dell.   It is always a good idea to buy bigger than you need currently just to allow for updates to any software or new software you may add.    You need to also think about tech support.  I know Dell has tech support in India, which can be extremely frustrating.  I don't know that other computer companies don't offshore their tech support, but that would be a question I would ask and find out if there is a locally authorized dealer to handle warranty repairs or if you need to send off the computer.    I would not recommend a Gateway computer and I would not recommend any computer that has a Celeron processor.   They tend to be in all the lower end computers. 


RE: Consumer Credit Corp.
Are they the same as Consumer Credit Counseling Services? You might want to check with this service in your city. I used CCCS many years ago, and they were very helpful. They were very strict with budgeting, but they explained everything before I agreed to their requirements. I also attended classes when I could. They also have a toll-free number: 1-866-331-2227. Hope this helps.
Does anyone have a name of a person to email at Corp for MQ about this.
Quest used to be part of MQ corp
in some fashion or other, I remember when they tried to get all MQ employees to sign up for it. Just thought I'd mention it.
MT Co owned by Hospital corp.?

How many MT companies are owned by hospital corporations or the hospital corp have a piece of MT companies?  I ask this because some hospitals are only allowed to use certain MT companies.   Is this a way of keeping wages down and/or them getting more $?  Isn't there some kind of rule where doctors can't refer patient to a facility that they have part ownership of. Shouldn't this apply also?

Just wondering

Consumer Credit Corp. ? Anyone have any info? (sm)

I seem to have some high balances on a couple of credit cards and am curious as to whether their claim for negotiating a lower interest rate is valid.  It would certainly help me pay these off quickly. 

They claim they negotiate these lower rates, set you a payment schedule, disperse the money as agreed upon to the creditors and there is no charge to you.  I am sorry, but I am a bit dubious.  Their web site shows BBB logo on the bottom, that does make me feel a little better about it.

Any input appreciated.  Am NOT looking for a free ride, just checking out my options so please no flaming.


OMG! You are a riot! Maybe they should give you 19 cpl and run a huge corp on a penny?
and screaming poverty! And if you work for 8 cpl, well, then that's YOUR problem! You take peanuts for pay, and then complain about it! Go figure.
sounds like its the corp money grubbing middle men
If we could get rid of them (do not know if that is possible at this point), we would have happier, higher paid MTs, and better quality work for the hospitals.  What they must think of us with the quality of work they are seeing.  IF only they knew we are backed up against the wall with everything based on production, lowered pay rates, AND limiting reports being sent to QA.  Everyone is losing here.
They bought Dictaphone Corp, and recently Focus. nm
I ended up with back problems because of it.  No good!  I force myself not to these days.
But Beware!
I am just now taking a "desperate" client through the process of going to digital. It is very simple and easy for most offices to go digital but if they want transcription yesterday because it is piling up and don't know where the "on" button is on a computer, it can be a nightmare. Two weeks later and I still don't know if I really have a new account because she still can't figure out how to transfer the files from the recorder to the computer. Argh!
I'm not a negative MT. Most of the companies I've worked for were either great or ok. Some were fine, they just didn't work for me. I've only had really bad experiences with Medscribe, and Toth. TOTH TRANSCRIPTION IS BY FAR THE WORST COMPANY OUT THERE!!! This man threatened me when I told him I would not type any more until I received the month's wages he owed me. He threatened to sue me and physically hurt me. Whatever you do, STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN AND THIS COMPANY!! They pay slave wages anyway, if you're lucky enough to be paid at all.
Beware of Bytescribe
Just a head ups about Bytescribe.  While the program itself is great, beware that it can only be reinstalled 3 times even on the same computer.  So, if you are unlucky enough to have to replace or reformat your computer, your Bytescribe program will no longer be of any use to you after your third instillation.  They will be happy to send you an unlimited license for an extra 109.00 after the fact!  Isn't that nice of them?  This information is not given to you until after you have made the purchase during the registration process.  I am now stuck with a several hundred dollar program that is useless.  I hope I can spare someone from wasting so much money.  I wish I would have been warned about this beforehand.

Beware Bytescribe

From register@bytescribe.com 

"Our registration process is necessary because we sell foot pedals separately and because we deal with International markets. 


In the registration agreement it states that the software can be installed up to 3 times.


We would like to keep you as a satisfied customer but we do have guidelines set by our company."

Beware Bytescribe

Yes, I have been trying to resolve this issue with them since yesterday.  They are not budging and I refuse to pay another 109.00.  I'm not sure if they just started it.  My software was purchased along with a pedal and headset about a year and a half ago.  I actually have the disk here at home.  In any case, I've filed a complaint about them to the BBB.  I'm not telling anyone not to buy it, I just want everyone to be aware of what you are really getting.  Had I known I could only install it 3 times (even on the same computer) I would not have bought it. 

Beware new companies
I have heard many horror stories like this one. IMHO, the reason this happens is that there are people out there who are not experienced in MT who think if they hang up a shingle they can call themselves professionals. Many enterprises even now are operating by the seat of their pants because they don't know the biz. Stick with companies who know their stuff and who don't mind giving you the names of transcriptionists who have been with them at least 5 years and are happy. Just my $.02 worth.
Beware - this is MY opinion
I would much rather NOT have my house RUINED by a pet. Either get rid of it or take it to an excellent vet.

There is nothing worse than walking into someone's home and having the smell of urine be so overwhelming it is nauseating.

My husband is in the construction business and runs into that scenario way too often. Seriously, it ruins your home!!!! You may not smell it because you breathe it all day long, every day. For an outsider, it is disgusting.

I am a pet lover, but honestly, once a pet goes so much in your home, that is their pattern and they may NEVER stop doing it.
Beware, you may not have 24/7 911 service. sm

In my area, Central FL, a little girl died because her parents had Vonage and did not read the fine print that indicated 911 service was only during normal business hours and that you have to take other action if you need emergency assistance during off hours. The parents just kept trying and trying, instead of using a neighbor's phone, etc., and so care was delayed and their daughter died. So, if you get it, read all of the fine print.

Hughesnet is NOT down but beware
their customer service STINKS  big-time.  But, hey, if you live in the wilds like I do, with no cable or DSL - what choice do you have?  Never heard of Wildblue - it must be a small starter company.
newbies beware


beware of medigrafix, inc.
I see my old very temporary employer Medigrafix has posted an ad for help on here and I wanted to let all you MT's know that the person you send the email to you is not a nice person to work for from day one she was negative to me and talked down to me!  Don't bother plus they expect perfection on day one.  The software/platform is impossible to work with also!  don't bother working for them unless you want to be treated badly from day one on.  Trust me it is not the way to work and it will make you not want to work when treated badly like this! 
Beware of agoraphobia
developing over time.  You will start procrastinating going after groceries, leaving the house, not wanting to go places.  Anxiety can set in.  Make sure you get out and have a life.

Fellow MTs, make note for beware list - 9555 N. Thayer Road, Columbus Grove, OH 45830

Phones:  419-659-2515, 732-917-4211, 866-659-2515

This is just way to insane. Hunters beware. sm
Our "esteemed" governor has just passed on something new for deer hunters.  I am not a hunter and neither are any people on my side of the family or my husband's side. However,  Maine is just plum full of avid deer hunters.  The deer hunting season runs from the end of October through the weekend after Thanksgiving for firearms (bow and arrow hunting starts a month earlier).


Over a decade ago, because of the supposed "dwindling deer population" Maine adopted a "bucks only" law where hunters could only shoot male deer with an antler length of 4 inches or more, but were not allowed to shoot females.


Now wait, this gets better. . . .


A few years back, the grand old State of Maine began to hold a "lottery," so to speak,  to issue "Any Deer Permits" for hunters so that they can shoot female deer or not have to determine antler length for whatever deer they happen to get within shooting range of.  This "Any Deer Permit" system is only the "luck" of the draw.


Now here is the new and wonderful thing that our governor just passed, and I am NOT kidding:


Any deer hunter that reaches the age of 100 (yes 100) can shoot at any deer without possessing an "Any Deer Permit."


100 years old in the woods with a firearm?  Now THAT is a comforting thought.

Beware of new e-mail worm!

I just read an article regarding a new e-mail worm that is showing up. Hopefully, we can all be aware of it before it presents itself to us.

The article was at: http://forum.sitefever.com/viewtopic.php?id=38.