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Barely working 20 hours a week...sm

Posted By: blondie_1147 on 2008-10-11
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I have worked for this company for over a year now.  I love the account.  I love the work.  I am used to it and don't want to think about going elsewhere but I am not making squat  I don't get paid by the hour I was just letting you know that is the amount of time I am getting to work due to the fact there is not enough work.  I have never been able to get full time work here but more that this.  I don't know whether to stick it out or look elsewhere.  I only have 1-1/2 years exp so I don't have a lot of options with less than 2 years exp.  I don't know what I should do.  I have asked about a secondary account, but they said they don't need help on any of their other accounts.  Anyone else in this boat?  What to do? 

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Doing wrong? Probably only working 80 hours a week 6 days.

At 53 working 2 jobs 80 hours a week is impossible. I tried it, it does not work!! (sm)
I have been at this business 30+ years and at one point worked 3 jobs and 2 were for hospital contracts with taxes taken out and the other IC. It gives you no life. My suggestion, if you need the extra $$ work your 40 during the week, then 1 or 2 nights 2 hours and then Sat/Sun 16 hours which would give you 20 hours. That is more than enough and will give you a chance to see if you want to make a job change. Have tried the 2 FT 80 hours and almost had a seizure over it. Remember if your not physically well you cannot do it all!
Made 60K last year working 50 hours a week being paid on gross line
typing 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week
on my wrists I mean.
and not getting any benefits... and for a salary of less than 30K? not really worth it...
Right around 10 hours a week

Less with really good dictators.  More if you get mostly lousy ones. :)

One guy I've got I could do in 8 hours.  Wish I had him all the time.

Another guy is a "pauser" and he would probably take more like 14 hours.

Average is right around 10 hours.


how many hours a week is that?
I need a company like you have!
PT - 24 hours a week
about $24,000 a year.
It would be more but, as my name says, I have 3 kids. The twin babies distract me a lot. I expect to make more when they are older :-)
now maybe $45,000/yr 40 hours/week...nm
I don't think so - but 80 hours a week would

and work more than 40 hours/week you are due

compensation.  If your company requires you to work 7 days a week I'd find a new job.  They may ASK you to work extra as workload dictates but by no means should you be required too.  Many companies require 1 weekend/month or every other weekend, but there are off days during the week, unless you WANT to work.

If you are an IC you work what you commit to.  If a company can get you to work as an IC by holding over your head you dictate the hours you work, versus working a set schedule, why not.   With having to compete with companies offshoring they have to cut expenses where they can and cutting benefits, etc. is where they do it.  I don't like it, but in order to stay in business they have to, but they also can't require you to work 7 days/week either.  




I go to the gym 4 days a week for 2 hours
each. I do 1/2 hour on 2 different machines and then go use the weights for the last hour. I had a trainer when I first joined and he taught me a lot about how to change my routine but his favorite job was the torturing. The gym has a day care that costs me $10 extra a month so I usually go right after I finish work at 1. You need to make time to exercise. It was hard at first to get into it but I love it now.
5-10 hours per week, approximately $78K...sm
send the work out, send the work back, put out fires, bill the clients, pay the IC's, make everybody happy...mind you, I feel I've earned it. Many was the night I was up until 12 typing my brains out and many the time I've gone in and done proposals only to get shot down.  I could make A LOT more if I typed the accounts too - but I'm happy with what I make with the little time I put in. I'd rather have my freedom than the money right now, I guess. Plus I'm keeping 5 or 6 other people employed.
2-4 hours of dictation a week
IC MT with 13 years experience looking for a few hours of clinic, hospital or general dictation to do per week.  Anything available?
I work 40 hours a week and more
if there is work and I don't slack off and barely take a break. I do acute care and seldom leave a blank. According to my Expander stats, I am saving myself 23 hours of work and do 22% of the total in expanders. My pay has actually gone down especially this year and I am using more Expanders every day. That's my story.
I currently work 70 hours a week and three jobs...
so it is physically possible to work that many hours. I am going down to 50 hours a week in two weeks, but you do what you have to do.
No one could pay me a big enough salary to work 80 hours per week

Don't laugh, I make $100 a week for 7 hours.

AND. . . my Christmas tips last year were over $500.00 for 65 customers.  It's only 5 small streets in my own neighborhood (no car required) amd takes less than an hour every morning.

Great exercise, great nontaxable money.

If you're an early riser, this job is for you. I start at 5:00 a.m.

My only drawback is that I live in the Northeast and it's kinda rough in February when it's 20 below.

I type 16 hours 5 days a week
No cause I want to. Took a part-time job hoping to work into full-time, however, don't make enough with it after 1-1/2 years to make it full-time, so I'm still doing both jobs.. I guess I'm a glutton.. Would like one job to make that amount.
48K with full benefits, 40 hours per week,
I also have a PT subcontractor position (about 5 to 7 hours a week), made about 7K last year.   
Disagree. I work 48 hours a week for $65K.
If you can't make a living, it probably isn't the job for you.

Not everyone can do this work successfully.

Of cours. I only work 48 hours a week. ?
I work 5 days a week. Have plenty of time in the evenings and all weekend with my family, my friends and to go out of town, etc.

What kind of quesiton is that?! LOL

I'm no Olympiad but I do workout. Do YOU? LOL

Any companies out there that allow you to work 5-10 hours a week?

I posted this on the company board, but didn't get any responses, so I'm hoping there will be some help here.  work full time outside the home and I am looking for something for just 5-8 hours a week to supplement my income.  I worked for MQ for 6 years, but certain things led me to quit.  Is there a good company out there where I can work 5-8 hours?  Back at the Q I think now you have to commit to 24 hours and I just can't swing that.  Is there such an option out there anywhere?  Any input would be very much appreciated.



I beg to differ. I work 35-40 hours a week
FT and have an IC job I work maybe 3 evenings a week for 3-4 hours. I easily make over 50K a year. There are good jobs out there that pay wages one can live on.
I work for a small MTSO about 25-30 hours a week
And then consider when you work 9 hours a day 7 days a week...that adds up to way TOO much!

Ummm, $98K, 30 hours a week. I believe that is what this poster is talking about. uh huh LOL. nm
$44,000 last year at 7.75 cpl with wonderful bonuses at maybe 30-35 hours a week, BUT
then my bonuses were cut when we went to a new system and now I have to work 60-70 hours a week to make the same. So, really there are too many variables here.
At 40 hours a week? Is that gross line or 65 char?
You'll never get an accurate comparison unless you have every single detail lining up, i.e., same rate per line, same amount of hours, same type of work, same doctors dictating, same amount of Expander entries, same typing speed, same method of payment, etc., etc.

It just doesn't matter what anyone here posts -- it's going to be different for each individual. There is no real true way to predict what you will make at this profession!
I do have assigned accounts and even those I can't get back within 24-48 hours at end of week. s
I think I need to have on-call coverage to help, but I don't have much time to train...I sometimes just think it takes less time to do it myself than to train someone new, but I'm just tired of working all the time. If I could find people who have so much experience that they can just be able to work and get it right by having a sample report and a template...hard to believe, but not everyone can do that....Also need a c-phone to access work on my system.
I have work...16 hours' worth every day, 6 days a week no less. nm
No. Passed test but they required 20 hours a week minimum
They seemed very nice. I've heard a lot of good things about them. Wish I could have worked with them. I just needed a few extra hours a week.
2-1/2 hours a day, 1300 lines/day, $150 a day, 7 days a week, IC status
Busy MT'ing never answered the question of how many hours she works in a week.
It's not that we don't believe, necessarily.  We'd just like to know HOW.  I'm sure most, if not all, of us think of ourselves as somewhat intelligent, fast typists, educated, experienced, motivated, and capable.  Those are pretty much givens.  However, there's got to be a secret that we don't know.  Is it the work type, platform, keyboard, expander, account type, national or local, big or small MTSO, clinic or acute?  If we have the same tools available to us, why is there such a disparity among earnings?
Yes, I work 80-90 hours a week. I am going to stop because life is passing me by and it has caused
depression. There is no way mentally or physically you can keep up the pace. It is finally getting to me and I now realize there are more important things in life than work.  I have been a workaholic all of my life. It started as an escape to a bad marriage but I ended up missing my kids grow up, I've lost friends because I have no time for them, and this is my last chance with an 8-year-old child left at home to get it right and put my family first. It means giving up a lot of "material things" but what do they matter when all you need is the love of your family. I'd never recommend this to anyone.
I'm sorry I didnít make myself clear. As an employee I can only work 40 hours per week (sm)
Overtime has to be approved by manager. I have always been an SE and could work as many hours as I wanted to, such as when I had a day of bad dictators I could work until I got my daily line count. Just wondering if all states had this law. I am working in CA.
working 12 to 15 hours a day
I have to say that is very impressive.  I'm just wondering how you split up your days, i.e. do you work a few hours at a time or all at once or what.  Hope you don't mind sharing, I'm just trying to put in more hours myself, and I find I need to take frequent breaks which seems to keep  my production down.
working 12 - 15 hours
Thanks for sharing that, I appreciate it.  You are a highly disciplined MT !! 
working 12-15 hours

If you read her post above she clearly states:

1.  She is alone.

2.  She loves what she does

I personally give her a lot of credit for working hard to earn a decent living and making that her priority instead of out looking for a boyfriend/husband or whatever.  She sounds like a person of integrity.  What does it matter to you what she does in her free time?

working 8 hours?
There are companies out there that will let you quit when you reach your designated lines for the day - I work for one now - they pay you on a tiered schedule also so it is beneficial for you to keep working, but your benefits are based on the amount of lines you type, not how long you type.
35K here working not a whole lot of hours.
I probably work 35 hours a week or less.  I do work on weekends, but not much.
Working Hours
I work as an employee 37-1/2 hours a week. They let me work from 9-12 and
2-4 (sometimes I'll work 1 or 1:30-4) and then I make up the other hours anytime I want at night. Basically as long as I work 7-1/2 hours a day it's okay with them. If I have to leave the house for a half an hour/hour or so to run an errand I can do that too as long as I deduct it from my daytime hours and add it onto the evening.
Definitely split. I'm working on 10 hours right now,
not because I want to, I have to.  I have to leave town in the morning for the day so I need to finish my stuff that is due tomorrow afternoon tonight.  My wrists are really tired. They don't bother me when I split it up.  Only 20 more patients. I guess I best get back at it.  Short and sweet notes though. I did the long stuff first.
Not used to working 40+ hours and my back is
working "off hours"
I work I guess what would be considered nights as most nights I work 8 p.m. to 1 a.m., but on Fridays and Sundays I work long days, and have Saturdays off. I wouldn't consider working anything different until all my kids are in school. My husband works days and this works out well for us. I am home with the kids all day (save on daycare and get to be with them), and I don't start until after they are all in bed at night so no guilt that I am taking time away from them either. Fridays I work during the day and am done at 6 so I have Friday night and all day and night Saturday with them too, and Sunday mornings I am still able to go to church with my family, but I work noon to 9 p.m. on Sunday so that is my only "long" day. I tried working a split shift before, woke up super early and typed before the kids got up and then typed again at night after they went to bed. That was too hard for me, but I know others who do it and love it. Email me if you want to. :)
Okay, I'll go first. I'm right at 300 and have been working for two hours. Already need a na
 Come on girls!  Make those fingers fly!
working early AM hours
I am considering changing my hours starting work around 4 am in order to finish up earlier.  Are they any of you who do this and have young kids to get up and moving in the morning too.  My goal is to finish early in the summer months.  I will have interuptions from seven to about nine with getting the kids ready and off to summer camp for the morning.  So I would like to start as early as possible in order to get as much done as possible before they even get up.  I don't know if I can do the 4 am thing, tho.  I don't get to bed all that early.  To those of you that do this, how do you get yourself up and moving at such an early hour????
I don't mind working more than 8 hours a day; however,
I would rather be compensated hourly and not by salary.

Here is what is holding me back also ~ I make a bit more than than 52K a year as an IC and work 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

I will continue to keep that job as an IC, but I am thinking "wouldn't I'd rather just put more time into that IC job and make more on production than be on a clock making less money?"

PTO includes holidays. So, if I want to take Christmas off, it goes against my PTO hours.

The health insurance benefits are really not that good, though I don't need them at this time. I may in the future and they are not great. No reimbursement if you opt out.

The 401K matches up to 4% - pretty much the same as others.

I don't know ~ There doesn't seem to be anything "special" to convince me to take this job. I was hoping someone would give me their opinion to change my mind!!!

I really need to think this through.
You made $90.00 in 3 hours working as a lifeguard? LOL!
Cute. What are you doing posting on this board. This isn't BayWatch, it's for MTs!!
Best - I love the freedom of working the hours I want -sm
--as long as the work is in my deadline my "employer" does not care when I work- WORST is when I procrastinate and then either have to work like a nut to get done, or stay up to ungodly hours to get the work done, or work all day instead of doing whatever project or thing I wanted to get done that day. ---I can deal with the taxes, yes its a pain, but my lack of schedule is well worth it to me.
Time saved working at home is about 2 hours
The time it takes to get up, shower, do make-up and hair, dress, get in the car and drive to work, then back home equals about two hours for me. I work a PT job along with a FT job at home. Plus money saved not needing to use a dry cleaners, keeping up the ward robe.

Stats during normal working hours are one thing
but being paged at un-Godly hours ???     It's just not worth the aggravation,IMO.