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Based on the posts below, there must not be anything good on TV tonight. -nm

Posted By: JS on 2008-02-23
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based on posts below regarding supervisors not e-mailing, etc
 does anyone know what a work at-home supervisor's job duties area and what salary they are paid.  looking for a supervisory job so i can quit the grind of transcribing but need to know more about duties and pay.
Sorry, based on above posts of others, figured the average age was kindergarten! Am I too old??
I'm not an offshore supporter - Why aren't you big and brave enough to post YOUR real name on here and then we can all take pot shots at YOU by name. Or are we scared to do that??? Wah, wah...
Is 9 cpl, based on a 55 black character line good pay?
I think I explained that okay. Basically, a 55-character line, black, and pay is 9 cpl per line. I was not sure how this compared to 65-character line with spaces at 8 cpl etc. Any help out there?
Whats for din din tonight? Need some good recipes!!!!
I usually have lots of ideas but starting to run out .  Need something different for a change.
what's up for dinner tonight? Any good ideas?
14.00/hr for radiology private contractor job/PT, internet based. Good dictation.

When he said we pay by the hour not the line, I was unprepared to give him my fee!   I typed for these rads when I worked at the hospital so know them well.  About two hours per day of work for their outpatient imaging center (MRIs, CTs, mammograms, ultrasounds).


I'll be here! Good luck tonight!! Hope you have work
Line-based vs. hour-based requirement
Hospitals do have an hourly requirement, and generally incentive after a certain line level. MQ only has a line based requirement, which is 12,000 per pay period. The hourly requirement is strange, unless they now plan to convert to an hourly pay plan?
Nobody posts there, but we should. A good laugh is
essential for well being.  I've posted there, but it is obvious that nobody bothers to check it out.  So fellow MTs.  Add your stuff to the Comedy Stop and have a good laugh once in a while.
It's easy but about 1/2 good, 1/2 bad as to the line counting. May posts if you
Sounds like a good place, where you work! BTW: the other 2 posts are not mine
Somebody is cloning my username now and posting. Guess on a board like this anyone can troll. So, I guess I will change my username again, so as not to be taken the wrong way. Wow, people really have a lot of time on their hands!
Lots of recent posts if you do a Company Board search. Good luck! nm
Just do a search and read the posts. There are plenty of posts about OSI on this board. nm.
Um have you read any of your posts and the other posts? I think everyone DOES believe me..you

I don't think so - my pay is based
on my base rate of 9 cpl and then my incentive that can be as high as 2 cpl.

Nothing was mentioned about extra pay for weekends or holidays.

M, based on what you know,,,,
from doing transcription for an insurance company, what do you feel is a fair price to charge per page.  The font is Courier new 12; the right and left margins are 1.5 inches - each side, with the top and bottom margins being 1.0 inch - each side.
If her job was based on that and they
found her out I guess they could fire her, but unless she is saying she is an MD or such and practicing, doubt it.
Have set up the new web-based email,

still not getting any info that you are "quoting" on this board.

Wonder why ALL MT's are not getting the same info???

levels are based on what you can
do, i.e., can you do ANY type of report or only clinic notes? the more types of work you are able to do the higher your level. Supervisor told me about levels, I think they are relatively new.
I think your compensation would be based on the...sm.
following:  Your level of experience, the time that you are able to commit to transcribing each day, your use of expanders, your baseline typing skills, your ability to utilize the software package utilized by the company, your ability to adapt, and you ability to negotiate your line rate.
DOS based system
Has anyone ever worked for a company that is DOS based? I started a new job today, and their system is in DOS. To me it is really old-school, but I guess I will just have to learn.
American-based here!
What exactly is a DOS based program?
I think I have heard this is kind of an outdated platform; is it really?  Also, is it anything like Word or WordPerfect, and is it complicated and slow to use?  THANKS!!!
Most are internet based. $$$
Based on the definition above...
I would come away from viewing that site with an unfavorable impression and unjustly so for the name of the company as well.

I think there's a good argument for libel there.
Yes it is word-based and it is a
terrific program.  I give it 2 thumbs up.
Word based.
Ask for time-based pay
You're an independent contractor. That means you can choose what you do. If an account is not productive for you, you do not have to do it. You can make a suggestion for another type of compensation.

Write out the issues with the account. Keep a log of the time it takes you to do each part of the task. Figure out a charge for that part of the report--like a surcharge for the demographics or whatever it is that takes all that time.

Present that to the service with a request that you be compensated adequately for the work. Specify exactly what that needs to be. You can do this verbally, but a written copy would be good.

They may be unaware that this account is such a problem. It may be that when you point out the issues objectively and dispassionately, in a business-like manner, they'll see the light.

If they do not agree to do compensate you, be prepared to leave. Find another job and, if you really want to remain with these people -- although I can't imagine why you would want to, other than due to inertia -- explain that you would really like to stay, but you cannot under the circumstances. Your previous written explanation of the inadequate compensation should be helpful here.

If you do look for a new job, don't quit this one until you're settled in at the new one. Even if you have to work 2 jobs a while, do so until you are sure the new job is ok. Then quit the old one.

Be sure to be very polite and give adquate notice so you can return if you need to later.

No, just trying it tonight. sm
Hope it goes okay, I have never tried it.  It was on a special about Elvis' favorite foods.  I read the reviews and they said the cake was very rich. 
I think Ace is gone tonight
Taylor was WONDERFUL last night! I really enjoyed his performance. I was not thrilled with Katherine or Paris. I thought Bucky, Kelly, and Elliot did really well. I did not like Chris' song last night, but not sure if it was just the song I didn't like or the way he did it. So, all in all I would have to say that the bottom three will be Ace, Paris, and Katherine. Ace will be the one leaving in my opinion.
Is that Medrite windows based or DOS? nm
I think it was based on 65-character line

All these formulas are confusing to me. I guess I need to ask some more questions. But, it's also an IC position, so that makes a difference doesn't it? Low pay for that? But, you are right, might be good experience.

The treatments are based on weight normally.

I have a Frontline spray and it can be used on either, 1 to 2 pumps per pound, but if you have the other kind it is premeasured based on weight.   Can you call your vet and ask them?  The people at the front desk should be able to answer your question.  

I looked on-line and there is only 1 dosage sold for cats, but it didn't say what the dosage was so I couldn't compare it to a dog dosage.

If you buy your flea treatment from your vet check out www.entirelypets.com. 


You R probably right about PRD/Dos. That Cottage Prog I was on was DOS-based. I have never used

Will go check that out in case the tower turns out to be too expensive right now.


Need help with Word-based expanders ....sm

I am starting with All-Type soon, and the handbook says that their platform works with any Word-based expander.  That's all fine and good, but I have never used one.  I'm a PRD+ girl from the old WP51 days, and currently work in Bayscribe, and the Expander in it is a lot like PRD.  Are any of the Word-based Expanders like that?  I tried Instant Text once and hated it.  I don't want popup windows and such.  I like it to be simple, like PRD ... enter copdd and get chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc.  Are any like that?

Thanks for your help!  

Winscribe-is this Word based? nm
It is based on lph, not total lines sm
produced.  It is based on lines per hour over the total pay period.  200 lph, one bonus, 300 lph, another bonus.  Per line bonus based on all line produced.
None from what I can figure based on the numbers - sm
listed below. The amount of lines was the same for 65 cpl with spaces versus 55 cpl without spaces. So I'd say you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The smaller number of characters per line is your saving factor. Wish I had a 55 cpl, but I get 65 cpl w/o spaces and by comparison lose about $200 a month due to this. Like I said you have nothing to lose, lucky duck!
Web based transcription/dictation
The company I now work for has asked me to look into web based transcription/dictation applications.  They are currently using tapes, and going to a web-based application would be a real time saver.  Does anyone have suggestions?
have 18. expand library based on your need,
not on what the 'jones' have going on!!
Not anymore. Most are internet based.
Is Emdat Word-based?
opinions based on the negative
Then I ask you this...is it right to base your opinion on a large group of peopel based on your experience.  We have all had negative experiences. I have had quite a few of my own. I have had experiences with legal and illegal Mexican's.  My husband was an engineer at a poulty plant in NC that ran on the hard work of legal and illegal immigrants.  He did not agree with hiring illegal workers, he knew it would not change, and he has since moved on.  We cannot go around pointing fingers because there is always someone to point the finger back.  For example, your father did something wrong, should we hate him, should we suggest he got what he deserved?  I would not do that.  You also talk about hygiene a alot.  In fact....you say  they work all day in the hot sun and then do not shower.  Is it possible that working ALL DAY IN THE HOT SUN exhausted them.  Lets continue this dialog.....again I ask is it right to form opinions of hate based on your own experience, which in a world view is still limited or is it better to dialog with people find out what their experiences are, not just the ones that match yours.  We all have negative experiences, but you can chose to forgive and move on and yes even love.  I hope you do. 
I based pay rates on positions I have
been offered in the past 6 months.  Sure there are lots who pay less and some who pay more. 
Encompass is based in Wisconsin
Same Day Transcriptions is based in New Jersey
The people who own Same Day live in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I used to work for them and will again if I can find the time. Nice people. They pay well and on time.
I agree with Megan.
It is based on a 65-character line. sm
Headers/footers not included, spaces are.

My ES accounts always match that of Word when you take total characters including spaces and divide by 65.

EditScript software does not "control" spaces after a sentence. If you put 2, it will count 2, and if you put 1 it will count 1.

If a comes up ready for editing and you have to transcribe part of the report, you are paid at the editing line rate....unless you contact your account/supervisor and tell them you had to transcribe it. Depending on the company or hospital, they may or may not give you the transcription rate. That is probably a case-by-case basis or account-by-account basis.

The software can not determine you transcribe part of a report that was initially q'd for editing. If that dictator is voice recognized and he dictates one sentence, it becomes a document "Ready for Editing."

I hope this answers your questions.

I have been working with ES for about 7 years now. Absolutely enjoy working with this software program.

Home-based Pathology
Does anyone out there type for a Pathology Dept. or a medical examiner in the privacy of their own home?  I saw a message where one gal said she worked for a hospital Path. Dept. from her home which included benefits, etc.  I cannot find her message now, and am wondering if she is still out there and would answer my message.  I would love this as I really need the benefits.  Thanks  Del
My thought is that it's just an excuse to cut US-based
It would be interesting to see if those same 'qualifications' are required for our India-based counterparts. Betcha' NOT.
It's an India-based company...

...with a few offices in Tarrytown. 

This sounds like the tier based pay
at the company I'm about to start work with. They also offer consistency bonuses quarterly on top of the normal pay, which sounds like a nice addition. They also offer a straight base pay cent per line for IC status.