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Brewer's yeast in tablet form, Purple can Raid that you can spray on dogs and bedding

Posted By: Sorry for the hassle.. is the shorther hair white? on 2005-08-30
In Reply to: Does anybody have a GOOD home remedy for fleas... - MI MT

I tend to find that fleas love pink-skinned kritters the best!!

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Vacuum the house a lot, garlic powder and brewer's yeast (not baking yeast) sm,,,
in all the dogs' food, and definitely give the little one a bath. You'll  need to comb the fleas and their dander and eggs out wtih a flea comb. My dogs used to love this. During flea season, I'd get on the floor and comb them after dinner every night. Have a bowl of soapy water handy (with the flea soap if possible) and dip the comb in the bowl when you start and especially after you find the fleas (and ticks!) on the comb to drown them. Residual soap will help keep them off the pooch. Fleas congregate at the base of the tail and in the groin area. Get puppy used to combing and he/she will come to love it as part of normal grooming. An herbal flea collar might help, too. The other dogs will need to be watched for fleas, too. Good luck!
Be careful with pepper spray, you'll get your dogs too

and possibly yourself if the wind is blowing just right.  The stuff is extremely powerful and won't just bring down the offending animal.

I agree with calling animal control, as they are the "animal police" and the "people police" won't even bother. 

The dog owner needs to be reported whether he was in his yard trying to get his dog back in or not.  Sure, maybe the dog "got loose," but he should have at least been decent enough to apologize.


Here's a tip: Put fabric softener and hot water in spray bottle and spray the paper down. Works

You're bedding my pardon? Oh my!

When transcribing "command" or "imperative" form, use verb form or "follow up"
For a long time I would become confused by "discharge instructions" type followup/follow up usage ...

Yes, the patient was to follow up with his doctor ... but was also to make a follow up appointment ...

In my experience, certainly your QA may vary and/or be inconsistent all-on-its-own ... but most of these truncated forms, fit into what I was taught was called "imperative case" and follow up is being used as a VERB ...

[[[ even though there is a reasonable argument to be made that "followup with primary care physician in 2 weeks" refers to an "appointment" which is a noun. ]]]

You can figure out the prevailing "rule of thumb" for your QA ...

Not having to think it through --- priceless.

Has anyone tried using a graphics tablet

to use in combination with an Expander using a pen input device?  Just wondering how that works for you and if any recommendations on graphics tablets.


Chisel and stone tablet...LOL - just kidding...Actually, Commodore 64 computer.
It is not a plural form. It is a possessive form. SM
The man's name was Metzenbaum and he devised this particular instrument.  The correct spelling would be Metzenbaum's.  WITH THE APOSTROPHE.  AAMT BOS is full of crap.
They say yeast loses its effectiveness.

Here's an interesting science project a kid did proving that yeast loses its effectiveness.  It's in Adobe Acrobat format.


You can use it anyway, but it will take longer to rise, and you might get flat dense pizza dough.  BTW, thanks for the idea for dinner. 

I've only seen that pinky-purple shade when the monitor
Mine is working fine and turning purple...
Probably staining the new fence we put up to keep our dogs in and other dogs out.
The neighbor dog won't stop trying to attack our dogs, so we put up a nice big fence. Should do the trick. Doesn't keep the rabbits out, though. We'll BBQ, too. Can't go far. Hubby is on call for the weekend with his job.javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
I have the Triquetra tattooed on my lower back with purple roses...
You are hysterical Purple!! Made me laugh at this late hour!
Thanks, chick!
Question. Does Fleischmann's yeast ever expire? The reason....

I am dying over here for pizza. Have ALL the ingredients - cheese, sauce, toppings, but forgot the yeast for the dough. Called my 80 y.o. sweetheart of a neighbor to see if I could borrow a packet until I get to the grocers (quite a bit away).


She drives to my house and lovingly hands me the package. As I go to open it to place in my dough mixture the expiration date reads: Oct 25 1992


LOL!! Should I go for it or what, girls?

You can proof the yeast by putting it in some warm water...

with a teaspoon of sugar.  If it starts to bubble within 10-15 minutes it's still alive.  Otherwise, it has died and will not breathe it's bubbles into whatever you are making and you'll get no rising. 

Next time you buy yeast, stick it in the freezer.  That puts it to sleep, and it will last years. 

For me, it's ham, mashed potatoes/gravy, yeast rolls and some nice dessert, pie or cake.
FeBreeze Air Spray

It eliminates odors in the air rather than covering them up. It comes in a variety of scents so you are bound to find one that you like.

We have a very small kitchen so cooking odors saturate the whole house, plus, to make matters worse,  we have a dog so I always use the Febreeze air spray to get rid of odors in the air & regular Febreeze for the sofa, curtains, etc. Its a life saver!!

I use Endust Electronics spray...
Look for a blue can. I'd never use anything else. It's also antistatic.

Other than that, you can get those special LCD cleaning kits (they come in packs of wrapped towelettes)-just look in the Office Depot catalog.
Will pepper spray work?
I was considering getting some as the dogs behind me mauled another dog  (blind in one eye, collapsed lung, laceration on its front leg, back claws broken off from resisting being pulled under) by pulling it under the fence between the yards. Animal control says we can't do anything as long as the dogs are fenced in. But, it is just a matter of time before they dig a big enough hole to get under the fence - as it is, they look like they can make it over the fence if they try hard enough.  Animal control told me to build a privacy fence with my own money.  TG we are moving soon.  I swear if those dogs come in my yard and get anywhere near my kids, I will be tempted to shoot them.  They have bitten two neighbors already.
oh, when done? Spray Lysol Disinfectant...nm

Spray-painting daughter

Another thing that matters is the composition of the pavement, concrete vs. blacktop for example.  Concrete is porous, and has a tendency to absorb paint into the pores rather than it just sitting on the surface.  Heh.  Relax, and think how much you would enjoy their little art project 20 years from now.  It will wear off eventually.

maybe spray outside the house around the base? NM
try Listerine in a spray bottle
it works in my car.  I had problems with ants getting in the car during summer. I was told to spray (soak) the carpet, and WA la... no more ants!! 
Carry mace or pepper spray for this. (nt)

I just found the best spray for June bugs sm
and spiders, ants and those yukky black and yellow bees that go in the ground. I have June bugs something awful this year, hundreds banging around my house. And those bees were so bad last year I couldn't get in the garden, they had invaded everything and got in the house as well. I talked to a farmer who used this stuff called Suspend. He said it really worked but it was expensive.  I found some on the web and mixed a couple gallons and went around the foundation, under the decks and sprayed a bunch in every bee hole I could find and wow, it's like magic. I haven't seen one bee scouting around the holes, no ants in the house anymore or in the gardens and not one spider. We get those big wolf spiders and I found 4 dead ones in the alley. It's great. It's $40.00 for a bottle (I think its a pint) and it makes around 11 gallons. I bought it at http://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com.  No, I am not a distributor nor do I make any money off referrals. Just recommending something I finally found has worked.
Spray paint is oil based. Regular cleaners
will not remove it. My recommendation is for you to go to the paint department of your local Home Depot or Lowe's and ask them. They should be very knowledgable about it. I used to work in the paint department at Home Depot, but it was a loooooong time ago, so I cannot remember what product you should use.
At the hospital I used to work at we used to spray ours with WD40 and never had a problem after doin
If you're going to be covered in bug spray & slapping at skeeters, I'd be as comfie as I could
I started using paper towels and a disinfectant spray. Washcloths were starting to gross me out..sm

I know it may be a waste of paper towels, but I feel safer and cleaner.

Spray might stain carpet underneath. Put a plastic bag with a paper towel under the foot pedal while
Carpet cleaner? Flea spray? Chemicals used inside his car? Restaurant food? New vitamins? Cold
Gotta open windows, spray fabrics with Fabreze, and boil up some orange peels and spices.

I got the form and started to fill it out. Where do I get another one? There was a phone number and web address on the information but I'm trying to search and can't find anything. Help hugs


The new tax form

so as IC/SE anD EMP..which form did you use..
I was SE for most of the year and employee for 2 different companies last 2 months of year..I also am now part-time emp. with a co. and trying to start up my own business which I started up in Dec. and want to take deductions for equipment purchased for that business. Oh my head is hurting.
Is this form something I can...
request to fill out on my own, or is it usually requested by the IRS?  Will the company I contract through know that I have requested this form?  I, too, am an IC who is treated like an employee.  I have worked a set schedule (days and hours), including nights and both weekend days, for a long time with little or no flexibility.  The pay is good, though.  TIA  
Form your own.
I love escription...won't work on anything else.
There has always been some form of
QA, don't know that there was ever an official start. Most employees in any business are evaluated on the quality of their work.
You don't need the form.
You don't really need the form. 
Lysol works great!! Either spray or Lysol Bathroom cleaner. nm
continuous form
It probably means to just type the dictation and make new paragraphs as needed, but to just keep going down and make no headings unless specified.
I think that any form of indiscretion with someone
else would be considered being unfaithful to your spouse. That includes talking on the phone or in person when your spouse is not aware of it, holding hands, kissing, or "going all the way." Anytime something is done with another person and we feel it necessary to keep it from our spouse, there's something going on that doesn't need to be. This, of course, is just my opinion, but I hope it helps.
Just tell yourself all of that is just food in a different form. lol sm
Seriously, though, just put in your contract you don't do toilets, the same as some don't do windows.  I bet there are people who would rather get other things done, and would be willing to do that themselves, especially if the price was just a tad bit lower.
form 8829
You said you use your den "almost" exclusively for business.  Almost doesn't count.  The room has to be used EXCLUSIVELY for business in order to be able to take business use of home.
would you say its the same as "paragraph form"?
why form "friendships" - probably so that the gov...
can dump more money into the pockets of the Indians! Did you know that the government will give out $60,000 loans or aid to help Indians/Pakistanians help open up a business in this country!! I couldn't get a business loan for $25,000 and I'm from this country!! Born and raised!! There was a grocery store in our town that was for sale and no one in town could afford to buy or get a loan for it, then out of nowhere, this Indian family moves to town (lily white community, by the way) and bought the store. They told the store patrons that the government gave them the money to open up a business. Can you believe that???!!!
Pleural form........
No form needed.....
Just put your complaint in writing and send by fax, mail or hand deliver to the Patient Care Representative at the hospital.

The PC rep at the hospital I work for investigates all complaints from beginning to end and will make a follow-up call back to the patient or patient family regarding the issue if further comment is wanted.

I've typed these reports for admin and can be very interesting to say the least.

it is a form of media ...
for healthcare professionals.  It has a circulation.  It is readily available in schools.  All media matters because what is in the media influences the way people think.  I think it gives a negative view of us to those who call the shots over us who read it.  That's why I think it matters.
Would you capitalize the name of a form the doc's use?