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No, he is salt and pepper so it is really hard...

Posted By: MI MT on 2005-08-30
In Reply to: Brewer's yeast in tablet form, Purple can Raid that you can spray on dogs and bedding - Sorry for the hassle.. is the shorther hair white?

to find the fleas on him when bathing him.  The long haired guy is blonde.

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LOL!! :) Me too...with salt and pepper too! NM
toss in olive oil, sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika

I just make like a meat loaf mixture with egg, cracker crumbs, salt, pepper, egg and milk. SM
Form into patties, cook with some chopped or sliced onions, then add an envelope of gravy mix and water, cook a few minutes. Easy, you can add other stuff or use canned gravy. Enjoy!
DON'T use the RED PEPPER! Can you
imagine if you had surgery and got capsaicin from the peppers in the wound?  OUCH!  Try men's or boy's underpants.  Turn them around backwards so you can pull the tail through the crotch hole, then pull the waistband tight and safety pin it.  We used to use that for our female breeding dogs who were in heat.  Otherwise, you can try him for a few minutes at a time without the collar to see if he'll leave it alone.
Be careful using hot pepper and such
Animals will literally scratch out their eyes if they get that near them.  There are other more humane options depending on the animal.
Cayenne pepper may help

look up "health benefits of cayenne pepper" on Google and/or www.curezone.com.

Some of the benefits are amazing, and pain relief is one of them, increased blood flow to extremities, etc.

Gotta have Dr. Pepper
The phone, cell phone, TV remote, lots of post-it notes, the blinds up on the window for sunshine (if I'm lucky). The standards already mentioned, Kleenexe's, q-tips, fan, lotion.

Things that I have to have but not by choice........the dogs at my feet (hopefully not on the pedal), the cat roaming around annoying the dogs, and last but not least, hubby in the next room snoring away! (thank heavens for noise cancelling headphones!)
Black pepper very bad for arthrtis.
Will pepper spray work?
I was considering getting some as the dogs behind me mauled another dog  (blind in one eye, collapsed lung, laceration on its front leg, back claws broken off from resisting being pulled under) by pulling it under the fence between the yards. Animal control says we can't do anything as long as the dogs are fenced in. But, it is just a matter of time before they dig a big enough hole to get under the fence - as it is, they look like they can make it over the fence if they try hard enough.  Animal control told me to build a privacy fence with my own money.  TG we are moving soon.  I swear if those dogs come in my yard and get anywhere near my kids, I will be tempted to shoot them.  They have bitten two neighbors already.
If you catch it when it's first spilled, use salt.  Pour salt on until it stops absorbing and then let it dry.  You can then sweep up most of it in a dust pan and then vacuum.  This also works for animal urine.
Carry mace or pepper spray for this. (nt)

Grain of salt
I got the wierdest perception from this company.  They advertised it as a transcription job, but tell me they don't have a word expander.  In fact, they said they are just editors, but that they will be doing transcription at some point in the future.  They told me they don't have word processing, they use "Crystal Reports" (which is a very sophisticated database program).  Answers to my questions about platform, word expander, etc., made me feel like the buck was being passed.  I sense they are more into money and business than medicine.  Maybe they place an ad periodically to stroke their egos.
I would take this all with a grain of salt.
I want to do the 39 hours, rah, rah, rah, but I hear bad things about DEP monitoring MTs to the minute, people getting in trouble for having to pick up their kids, "you signed off for 20 minutes, where were you"? and so on. I don't want big brother breathing down my neck. We are not machines. If the monitoring gets crazy I will be forced to cut back to 24 hours. Let's see how it goes.....
with a grain of salt..................sm

Not to worry....if you remember, when we all were young, we sometimes said we were *going steady* - well they say that now at a younger age than we were back in the days.  And don't let the other posters worry you about *in 5-6 years you'll have plenty to worry about* - I have a daughter who gave me very little grief in her latter teen years (in comparison to other kids and their parents) and so I feel very lucky.  My only nonsolicited advice would be to keep all doors of communication wide open. 

Cut down on salt, and get up and move around sm
every hour or so. If no better, might be a good idea to see your doctor.
Grain of salt

I've been in this field for just under a decade.  I have to say in all my years as an MT, I've never had that much animosity towards a QA person reviewing my work, whether it's being done at random or for help with a blank.

I appreciate a few QA people I have, as my accounts are mainly very tough ESLs.  One QA in particular e-mails feedback on every little blank there is, even if it was only for a *duhh moment* for the word "the."  She is not a friendly soul, pays no attention to the greetings I send along with notation of my attempts to figure out that blank and my thanks for her assist, but I certainly do learn from her input and appreciate her backing me up at times when my ears fail me.  I find this QA person invaluable.  She's all business, and that is just fine by me.  When I first started with this company, her comments to me were harsh for a format error.  She is the one who released me from QA after a couple of days on the job, she is the manager of this particular account.  Work I produce is a reflection on her ability as QA and manager. 

Flipside on a different account, same company, QA person is nonexistent.  She can't be bothered to advise of a blank, answer a question, even with my being new to the account and learning the doctors and all the account specs.  I have absolutely no idea how my work is, e-mailed weeks ago, received no reply.  I would rather receive some kind of input, whether bad or good, than feel as if I am left to drown in a sea of doubt.

Sorry you dislike your QA, try not to think of them as the enemy.

Be careful with pepper spray, you'll get your dogs too

and possibly yourself if the wind is blowing just right.  The stuff is extremely powerful and won't just bring down the offending animal.

I agree with calling animal control, as they are the "animal police" and the "people police" won't even bother. 

The dog owner needs to be reported whether he was in his yard trying to get his dog back in or not.  Sure, maybe the dog "got loose," but he should have at least been decent enough to apologize.


Red hot pepper poured in the garden works wonders. sm
I had moles and rabbits and cats eating everything in mine so I poured red pepper and bought a cheap can of jalapeno peppers and threw them around as well. As if by magic, all the animals went away. I just got the cheap 2 for $1 stuff at Dollar General.
BBQ shrimp, red pepper and squash; garden salad, new potatoes.

You can use salt in your carpets. Sprinkle it on heavy

use your broom to work it in and leave overnight and then vacuum like heck the next couple of days.  My mom would put her vacuum cleaner bag in the microwave to kill the fleas cause they can get out and changing bags every time gets expensive.  The salt dehydrates the fleas.   You can bathe dogs in tea tree oil, though I warm you it is a strong smell for days.  I read recently you could put a few days on their collar, but again this is very strong and I couldn't tolerate it.  I haven't tried it, but boil 2 lemons, let cool, and then refrigerate.  Use it as a spray every other day, being careful to keep out of eyes and other sensitive areas.

You should also wash all bedding in hot water if you don't ready and this will kill any fleas in the bedding, but is a good idea to do anyway. 

There many options available through your vet if this doesn't work.

Fleas seem to be bad this year.  We adopted kittens from the shelter and we've had a difficult time getting rid of them.  We are using a pill, plus a topical; both from the vet, and still have them, just a few of them, but enough to drive the animals bonkers.  


mix any essential oil with salt to crumbly form sm
it makes a scrub, really good for arthritis. scrub it into your hands over the sink. rinse off. leaves hands soft, silky, and painfree for a while. i used peppermint oil last time i mixed some and it left that cooling feeling in my hands for a while and i loved it! takes my pain away and i do this every morning before i start typing as i wake up with my hands/wrists aching.
Coke and pretzels!! Sugar and Salt will
EEWWW SM, got any salt for her wound? MUST BE QA, or I should say QuAp
If it rains hard, the wind blows hard and there are trees
nearby, it snows heavily it will mess up the signal.  The speed is not constant, sometimes as slow as dial-up, but at least still connected.  Many companies will not allow satellite. 
Black olives and celery with coarse sea salt
I find eliminating salt helps an awful lot.
Sometimes drinking more water helps, too.
No word expander that is worth its salt is FREE...sm
Wish that was so! There are several that have DEMO versions though, including FlashType offered through this website.
So, you think it is okay for hard-working MTs to earn 7-8 cpl for their hard work?? nm
Dogs; Cheech, Timida, Pepper, Franco. Cat; Nellie Belle. Finches; Norman & Betina.
Use less salt than directed in the recipes. Try the powdered milk hot chocolate recipes! Yummy :-)
take essential oil and mix with salt and do a hand scrub. feels awesome, smells awesome, and very r
It is hard but only at first...

I have 2 children and did it with both of them.  I am also a nurse but after trying part-time out of the house work combined with MT-ing to stay home with kids as much as possible, I ended up strictly at home 2 years ago. 

It's not the easiest when the children are infants - but it's worth it once you get past that phase.  I actually used to type with my daughter breastfeeding in my lap!  I had some crazy, crazy days and nights.  Don't expect to get 3-4 hours straight - be ready to get an hour or 2 when you can throughout the day.  It can be frustrating, but once they reach a certain age and are sleeping well you can work at night and during naps.  (My kids did not take to naps too well, so the night was my time.)

Now my kids are 8-1/2 and 4-1/2 and it's wonderful.  I'm finally past the crazy hours and grabbing an hour whenever I can - never at the same time.  (I am fortunate to work for a company that does not require set hours.) I type while they are at school and then on occasion after they go to bed at night.  I volunteer at their schools once a week, coach my daughter's cheerleading team, and am baseball, soccer and football mom.  I had an RN office job part-time about 2 years ago that I loved, but I just couldn't take not being able to be there for their school activities, after-school stuff, etc.  Nothing beats the flexibility of MT-ing. 

Good luck.  There will be smooth days and not so smooth ones - keep in mind how lucky you will be to be able to attend everything you want to with your child - to not have to call in sick when they are, to not have to ask permission to run that lunchbox to school when they leave it in the car, etc., etc.!

hard to say - sm

I sure hope not.  I don't want to think that God would punish many for the actions of few like this either.  Probably purely coincidental. 

The sad thing is that those who demanded that these religious monuments be removed are probably not even from the south but chose that area because of the spirituality and religious folks that make the south their home.  

I personally find the removal of these markings truly abominable.  They are a simple reminder of what this country was founded on, faith, hope, and freedom. 

Southerners are devote and proud. They will get through this with time and help from the rest of us.  This is what American grit really is.  Help from others or no, we have to stick together and pull ourselves up from the muck. 



I really would like to know why it is so hard

to let someone ask a question if they want.  You do not have to read it, think about it, address it, whatever.....what difference does it make that the topic was brought up at some past time?  This board is for communication and nobody is forcing you to read redundant posts. 

Just PLEASE stop making folks feel stupid.  Go onto the next post or start one yourself. 

You are being to hard on
Not stop it - you are just looking at your own reflection in your monitor! You really shouldn't be so hard on yourself!
How hard is it to get a job?
I'm considering getting a Medical Transcriptionist Certificate at a local college.  I was wondering how hard it is to get a job after graduating?  I've noticed on the Job Seekers Board that most of the jobs require experience.  Any advice?
Having a hard day

I'm having the hardest time working today.  My best friend is having surgery at the Cleveland Clinic today.  She is only 28 and has grade III anaplastic astrocytoma.  She was only diagnosed three months ago after she had a seizure and this is now her second surgery.  She is so far away (we live in Kentucky) and I really want to be there.  To those who are reading this, I am asking for your prayers for my friend, Jenny, and her husband and two young children, that they may all be together this Christmas.   Please also pray for me to have the strength to help her and her family through this terrible time and difficult road ahead.  Thank you all.

don't be hard on yourself for the

decisions that you've made.  we all want to believe what our spouces tell us and hope that things will change but in the end it never does and in the meantime you're raising your kids in an environment that will effect them the rest of their lives.  i've been through a lot of what you're going through and there's no good or easy answer to help anyone through it.  I used to be very confident, strong and able to do anything and now I don't have the confidence to make the most simple decisions because my x was so abusive.  my family didn't believe me about the things that would happen and I was too humiliated to tell my friends.  when I finally got the courage to make him move out I was recovering from neck surgery, couldn't ambulate by myself, didn't have a full time job,  had a 1 year old, and  he had wiped out the savings.  it's been 2.5 yrs and I'm almost back on my feet.  there are state systems that can help you but be prepared for a battle there too because you will have to nag and nag to get help in a somewhat timely manner, just don't give up.  start checking into things as quickly as possible because I found out that it's usually first-come first-served type of thing.  call you local police department and ask what they can offer and what steps you need to take to keep yourself and kids safe. what I finally realized was that I didn't want my son growing up in an environment that was unhealthy and unsafe not to mention I didn't want him to think that it was ok to treat people, especially women, in the way he was seeing at home.  I'm a firm believer that God gives you what you can handle and you will be a better person once you've overcome his challenges.  I also believe that it's my job as a mother to do anything I can to protect my son for as long as I can.  no parent, not even a step-parent, should ever be jealous of their child for any reason especially health reasons and needing more attention. I know I'm on my soapbox but I believe that you can find the confidence to do what is right for you and to be stronge for your kids.   try to remember that abusers never change. (feel free to email me anytime you need to.)  there's lots of us out there that can relate to what you're going through and although there's nothing to make it easier it helps to have people just to vent to.   my prayers go out to you and your family

Most MT's tell me it's hard to get 9 to 10 cpl now...nm
Not hard at all

I set up my Linksys wireless router myself and it was pretty much self explanatory.  The Linksys help line is pretty good too, in case you run into trouble.  Might have to wait a bit on the phone depending on what time you call. 

This is hard for me to believe
I guess I am stumped as I do 180 to 220 minutes per day.  To me 60 minutes means I am hardly working.  I am not trying to  put this down but this is definitely part-time and so you should be able to do it unless they make you do it at specific times and you like to make your own time to work.  You just need to work toward goals and reward yourself for every 20 minutes you do.   But if this is an account you will be on all the time, you should be able to whip out 60 minutes in less than 2.5 to 3 hours.  You can do it.  How many minutes/lines do you do a day now?  You must not need to make money to pay bills, that is my biggest incentitive -- no money - no food or ability to pay bills.    Patti 
It is so hard
I feel so bad for you.  I had to do the recently.  I still shudder when I think of that horrible day.  I don't know how I got the courage to do it, just knew I had to.
Was that so hard?
THAT is more along the lines of what I was trying to find out - not getting bashed just because I already have a great career and make pretty good money.

I never said I was looking to swich careers. In fact, I specifically stated that I already have a very fulfilling one and was just looking at MT as a part time thing. My husband and I recently had our first child and all of a sudden I find myself at home ALL THE TIME. She's a great baby, and I have quite a bit of free time on my hands at home and thought maybe I could fill it with this after a co-worked suggested it.

After sifting through all the available information online I couldn't make a clear deduction on whether I wanted to invest money in training, and if I did invest what kind of training is best.

I love having an office and getting out of the house to work every day and am not looking to change that. I am on a computer pretty much all the time and wondered if I could turn that into some cash - nothing else was intended from my initial post!
Are Ops hard to do?

It seems some MTs love to do them, but why do they seem so ominous? Are some harder than others? I've heard of MTs making normals out of them, thus, good money. They've just always scared me for some reason.


Hard to say
If you are getting way too much, it could be a sign your skills are poor. Seriously. But on the other hand, some of these QA people are totally anal and frankly a little power goes a long way...

You ask them: Am I receiving an unusually high amount of QA?

I have 20 years in the business and for some companies who completely change the "rules" (style, etc.) I can get a lot of QA trying to get me to do things "wrong" which ya gotta do for the paycheck!

Conversely, other accounts don't seem to monitor closely enough...

What kind of errors are you getting corrected? Minor picky stuff or major (dropped words, wrong words, etc.)?

It Would be Hard...
You'd be completely starting from scratch like the first time touching a keyboard, basically. Think of how long it took you to learn QWERTY and times that by a few :o). I guess you wouldn't be starting from scratch but worse; you'd be forcing yourself to throw away something that is 2nd nature to you by now.

Of course, it's possible :o). I'd love to learn, too, but I seriously doubt I have the patience and determination to do so! If you go for it, good luck!!
it's hard
It's hard to get any acute care experience without working inhouse.  It is also very helpful to have other MTs there for assistance, cuz like you said acute care IS A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME.
very well said...It can be done but it is very hard...
definitely have to manage time wisely for sure...
It will be a while. Don't be hard on yourself. Take
It is possible but hard to get - sm
you have to file a claim and your employer the files their side of things and they usually win 9/10 times. My SIL was "fired", wrongly, filed, her former employer fought it and won. Of course if you can prove you were fired for no reason or they had no grounds then you have a better chance at getting it, but it is still hard. It is basically for people who get laid off or otherwise lose their job through no fault of their own.
It's so hard to lose a pet
I'm sorry for your loss. My own old girl Tildy died on April 21 and I miss her so much. Last week, I finally adopted another dog, and we are going to be great friends I know, but I still miss Tildy. I probably would have put off adopting a new dog longer, but a friend of mine sent me a *comic strip* called "Shelter Stories" - it shows this dog lying there with his eyes closed thinking "I'm afraid to open my eyes. I'm afraid yesterday was ALL a dream and I'll wake up and still be in the shelter. "Sigh, okay, I've got to open them. Here goes...one, two, three! it's a picture of this dog lying there on a nice soft bed and when he opens his eyes, there's a person there too, just smiling at him.

Sometimes we're all each other has. I hope your heart feels better soon.