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You can use salt in your carpets. Sprinkle it on heavy

Posted By: Some suggestions on 2005-08-30
In Reply to: Does anybody have a GOOD home remedy for fleas... - MI MT

use your broom to work it in and leave overnight and then vacuum like heck the next couple of days.  My mom would put her vacuum cleaner bag in the microwave to kill the fleas cause they can get out and changing bags every time gets expensive.  The salt dehydrates the fleas.   You can bathe dogs in tea tree oil, though I warm you it is a strong smell for days.  I read recently you could put a few days on their collar, but again this is very strong and I couldn't tolerate it.  I haven't tried it, but boil 2 lemons, let cool, and then refrigerate.  Use it as a spray every other day, being careful to keep out of eyes and other sensitive areas.

You should also wash all bedding in hot water if you don't ready and this will kill any fleas in the bedding, but is a good idea to do anyway. 

There many options available through your vet if this doesn't work.

Fleas seem to be bad this year.  We adopted kittens from the shelter and we've had a difficult time getting rid of them.  We are using a pill, plus a topical; both from the vet, and still have them, just a few of them, but enough to drive the animals bonkers.  


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toss in olive oil, sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika

Got Snakes - GET LIME!!!!! Sprinkle generously! Burns their bellys.
If it isn't a real high traffic area, sprinkle baking soda on it, leave it overnight,
and vacuum it in the morning. Good luck!
If you catch it when it's first spilled, use salt.  Pour salt on until it stops absorbing and then let it dry.  You can then sweep up most of it in a dust pan and then vacuum.  This also works for animal urine.
Grain of salt
I got the wierdest perception from this company.  They advertised it as a transcription job, but tell me they don't have a word expander.  In fact, they said they are just editors, but that they will be doing transcription at some point in the future.  They told me they don't have word processing, they use "Crystal Reports" (which is a very sophisticated database program).  Answers to my questions about platform, word expander, etc., made me feel like the buck was being passed.  I sense they are more into money and business than medicine.  Maybe they place an ad periodically to stroke their egos.
I would take this all with a grain of salt.
I want to do the 39 hours, rah, rah, rah, but I hear bad things about DEP monitoring MTs to the minute, people getting in trouble for having to pick up their kids, "you signed off for 20 minutes, where were you"? and so on. I don't want big brother breathing down my neck. We are not machines. If the monitoring gets crazy I will be forced to cut back to 24 hours. Let's see how it goes.....
with a grain of salt..................sm

Not to worry....if you remember, when we all were young, we sometimes said we were *going steady* - well they say that now at a younger age than we were back in the days.  And don't let the other posters worry you about *in 5-6 years you'll have plenty to worry about* - I have a daughter who gave me very little grief in her latter teen years (in comparison to other kids and their parents) and so I feel very lucky.  My only nonsolicited advice would be to keep all doors of communication wide open. 

LOL!! :) Me too...with salt and pepper too! NM
Cut down on salt, and get up and move around sm
every hour or so. If no better, might be a good idea to see your doctor.
Grain of salt

I've been in this field for just under a decade.  I have to say in all my years as an MT, I've never had that much animosity towards a QA person reviewing my work, whether it's being done at random or for help with a blank.

I appreciate a few QA people I have, as my accounts are mainly very tough ESLs.  One QA in particular e-mails feedback on every little blank there is, even if it was only for a *duhh moment* for the word "the."  She is not a friendly soul, pays no attention to the greetings I send along with notation of my attempts to figure out that blank and my thanks for her assist, but I certainly do learn from her input and appreciate her backing me up at times when my ears fail me.  I find this QA person invaluable.  She's all business, and that is just fine by me.  When I first started with this company, her comments to me were harsh for a format error.  She is the one who released me from QA after a couple of days on the job, she is the manager of this particular account.  Work I produce is a reflection on her ability as QA and manager. 

Flipside on a different account, same company, QA person is nonexistent.  She can't be bothered to advise of a blank, answer a question, even with my being new to the account and learning the doctors and all the account specs.  I have absolutely no idea how my work is, e-mailed weeks ago, received no reply.  I would rather receive some kind of input, whether bad or good, than feel as if I am left to drown in a sea of doubt.

Sorry you dislike your QA, try not to think of them as the enemy.

You have obviously never been heavy.
It is not a matter of LETTING yourself get fat. Some people are overweight because of genetics, some because of over eating. You remind me of my ex-husband, who has never been heavy in his life -very narrow minded. Keep that attitude about it and as punishment it will catch up with you. There are far better words to use rather than FAT.
No, he is salt and pepper so it is really hard...
to find the fleas on him when bathing him.  The long haired guy is blonde.
MQ sure is top-heavy isn't it? Wonder if that's where are raises are
and why they have to put them on-hold for awhile?
I'm trying heavy towels next sm
for my bedroom windows. Seven clips for each towel, two towels per window so no cutting and costs 36.00 for 3 windows.  Walmart wanted 20.00 a set for one window and I would have to cut and re-hem them.  Hey, I figured if they didn't look right I wouldn't be out anything since I could use them for baths and wouldn't need to return them.  Anything to keep out the drafts.  I think it looks fine.  Of course my son told me I was a redneck cheapskate, so I told him if he didn't like it that he could finance the purchase of "real curtains" himself.  He decided they were fine.LOL
Be careful. If you were a heavy
PRD user, you will be disappointed with Autocorrect. Also, Autocorrect is not a stable program and may crash if you go over 12000 terms in it.
mix any essential oil with salt to crumbly form sm
it makes a scrub, really good for arthritis. scrub it into your hands over the sink. rinse off. leaves hands soft, silky, and painfree for a while. i used peppermint oil last time i mixed some and it left that cooling feeling in my hands for a while and i loved it! takes my pain away and i do this every morning before i start typing as i wake up with my hands/wrists aching.
Coke and pretzels!! Sugar and Salt will
EEWWW SM, got any salt for her wound? MUST BE QA, or I should say QuAp
Black olives and celery with coarse sea salt
I find eliminating salt helps an awful lot.
Sometimes drinking more water helps, too.
No word expander that is worth its salt is FREE...sm
Wish that was so! There are several that have DEMO versions though, including FlashType offered through this website.
Nope...not top heavy at all, pudgy!
1500 managers/execs at the top
8600+ MTs on the bottom

I'd say they need to lose a few pudgy MTs from the bottom! LMAO
Is this the one with a heavy "suthern" drawl?
Is anyone out there that is heavy truly comfortable with their body? sm

I have had a struggle with weight my entire life. As we speak now I am on Weight Watchers.  I don't want to be model thin because I know that is never happening and some people aren't made to be that way.  I am tall, an inch from being 6'.  Before when I look at pictures I am thinking "Hey, I was not so bad.  I DID carry my weight well."  But during those times I thought I was horrible.  Now, just topped the scale to 300 and I am scared to death!  In the past year, since working from home and being depressed, I have put on an easily 50 lbs.  I weigh more than I weighed with being 9 months pregnant with my son. 

Anyway, I know for my health I need to get my weight down.  But the question is - if you are heavy, how do you feel good about yourself and your body, enough to let that stress go so you can focus on other things in life?  This consumes my every thought.  Sometimes I think I need to see a psychiatrist to get this matter resolved. 

I pray daily and ask God to help.  I feel if I can learn to have a better self image of myself that I CAN conquer this goal and lose the weight.

Tips please....I don't look at other heavy women as ugly and fat.  A lot of people I couldn't imagine being thin, yet they look great!  I just wish I could picture myself that way. 

BTW - in the almost 6 years my husband and I have been married, he has NEVER seen my naked, even when I wasn't so heavy.  It is always "give me the covers, turn out the lights" and never intimate without clothes on.  I want real intimacy.  I want to feel good about myself. How do I achieve this while in the process of losing weight?

Kirby is heavy to lug up stairs though -nm
I can understand that. Especially if you are heavy chested. Your
I think CTS in a transcription setting usually has to do with poor posture of the wrists and hands. Bending the wrists is a baaadddd idea. The heavier the chest/belly (believe me, I know, it's why I have a split keyboard, lol) the more difficult to get the hands centered in front of you to type, which usually causes unnatural positioning.

I can understand all of that reasoning.
Average 8-9 on heavy days.

Tuesday is my biggest day and it is a 9 hour day that includes an hour for pick-up and deliveries.  But that is with 5 doctors, and two do heavy consults/letters/ops from Monday.  I usually get abut 200 to 250 minutes and it takes me about 8 hours to do it.  But I do in shifts, 10 to 1, off for an hour for lunch/walk then 2 to 5 and then 7 to 9 or else get up at 5 in the morning to finish and print and delivery at 9.   Monday can be the same depending on that they "catch up on over the weekend". But Wed/Thurs is 6 hours and Friday or if I chose to do on Sunday is only 4.  Again my accounts have been with me for 5 to 18 years --oops just had one start last November but they are pretty good dictators and I can just move right along.  But I do take frequent breaks and am able to work the hours that are the most productive for my body which does include usually early morning hours -- 5 to 8.  But that is me and that is the advantage of having my own accounts.  

vacuuming - either the vacuums are too heavy or they don't pick up anything....nm
probably heavy rains and strong winds
Your about the distance from the coast as I was in MS with Katrina and there was damage as far as 300 miles into MS..
Filipino and actually heavy Italian. Uggghhh.
I am heavy by society's terms. I weigh
about 210 and am 5'6" tall. Every single female in my family tree for generations had the exact same body habitus. We are all German with big bone structures. I cannot lose weight - period. Been there, tried and done that save for gastric surgery. It is genetic in my case. Seriously, it really can be. I am totally comfortable with my body and how I look - I even love clothes, shoes, jewelry, until....I have to go to the doctors for anything - a hang nail, and its because I'm -- OBESE -- you name it, a cough - its because of that. And THAT makes me MAD!  My cholesterol is normal, I don't have high BP and am 50. I am what I am what I am, and am happy with it until the med profession makes me feel like pond scum. All my relatives also lived into their 80s and 90s, the old healthy as a horse body types. I am super strong and in shape. I guess you get the picture. I have no arthritis, either, or any of the normal problems of mid life. I also drink milk - I LOVE MILK. I would probably lose 10 pounds max if I eliminated milk, but then I feel sick and run down. Its been a long time until I did get happy and satisfied with my body structure, but I still honestly hate doctors for their bias. And sometimes it is bias.
I dont think so that this has heavy virus site
Again,i've used these programs and checked them and they are virus free. To confirm this, try your best antivirus and scan all files. I use Avira latest virus scan and it detected none. For those of us who can't afford to buy the original stedmans, this is a good alternative. If you have the money, buy the software! If you have them and want to share, share them by all means!
Had to share. Indian with heavy accent and stutter;)
this should be interesting!!!
We had some storms with heavy rain yesterday but did not make a dent
in the dryness. The past few years we have been saturated with it raining constantly. Last year we were 40 some inches over the norm for rain at one point. This year dry as a bone and hot as heck. The little bit you get through the thunderstorms has not made a dent in our need for rain. The river is low.

The weather pattern is so strange.
that's "lost" my work, we also have a heavy duty generator though odds are
substantial period of time that we are also without a phone.....so it would be a bit hard to work. Granted I could drive to the office if necessary (1 hour away).
I just make like a meat loaf mixture with egg, cracker crumbs, salt, pepper, egg and milk. SM
Form into patties, cook with some chopped or sliced onions, then add an envelope of gravy mix and water, cook a few minutes. Easy, you can add other stuff or use canned gravy. Enjoy!
Has anyone asked their eye doc about heavy computer use causing glaucoma. I read that article on
that. I plan to ask my ophth next month about that.
Yeah, I used to years ago but no heavy usage, what killed by brain cells
not getting high. Granted if I had done it a lot, maybe so, but I have 1 good friend who got high every day, she has a Master's degree and is a respected Speech Therapist, though we tease her about her specialty, "swallowing".
All; heavy dependence on single words and phrases/standard sentences of all lengths. SM
Like San Francisco does, they can be used with any account/any dictator, which is extremely important. Just entering mostly whole reports and sections makes one dependent on that account/that employer and back to square one when it's time to take on a new account or even a new dictator.

I also have dozens and dozens of headers, bolded, unbolded, capped, lower case, etc., in various forms of each, like "Indications" "Indication," "Indications for Procedure," "Indications for Surgery," and so on and on and on.
Its the cheap keyboards. I bought Logitech G15 gamer's, heavy, sits in one place, so I don't
Its the cheap keyboards. I bought Logitech G15 gamer's, heavy, sits in one place, so I don't have to move all the time. It was $79 and really much better than those little things that you spend your time with your hands trying to keep in place and your body trying to compensate for the keyboard moving all over the place-- Try it, you'll like it-- or any other HEAVY, GAMER's keyboards. Plus I love the touch on this, much more like touch-typing than monitoring those itty bitty light-weight keyboards that I used to have to watch where I was all the time (fingers) because they moved all the time. Hope this helps!
Use less salt than directed in the recipes. Try the powdered milk hot chocolate recipes! Yummy :-)
take essential oil and mix with salt and do a hand scrub. feels awesome, smells awesome, and very r