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Can you clarify that?

Posted By: MT on 2006-11-27
In Reply to: How does this sound for QA? - New to QA

I don't quite follow the pay structure. If you train and QA 10 MTs for 2 weeks you get $150 total + a $250 bonus? Did I get that right? It doesn't sound like a deal to me. Perhaps I am totally missing something, though.

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Let me clarify
When comparing being paid by words and lines, the same file came up about 40.00 less when counted by words and multiplied by the formula as compared to being paid cpl.  So anyone out there who works for this company, can you tell me if this is a good process and how exactly you figure it.  I added it all up using Abacus.
What is going on with MQ? Please clarify!
I didn't get any information from MQ or attorneys.  Please tell me what is going on.  Thanks.
Just to clarify

Is this post from the administrator of this board?  Thanks.

Please clarify..
I'm sorry I didn't understand your reply. I was wondering what the standard 65-character per line rate is for general transcription... Thanks!
Let me clarify, too. sm
I didn't post to upset you or try to make you sound like a terrible person. My original post to you was to suggest that maybe your kids need a break from the stress, too, and that maybe they could go with you on vacation and you could all enjoy some relaxing time together, and also still get in plenty of alone time or "me time." That's why I signed my post as Devil's Advocate - to let the reader's know that the opinion inside wasn't going to be the same as everyone else's and would show a completely different side.

And believe me, I do understand. I have a 17 y.o. boy, a 14 y.o. girl, and a 5 y.o. boy, so I definitely understand the stress levels involved. I also understand that while I have huge amounts of stress, they're dealing with their own stress, so if I feel I can take a vacation, then I take them with me. That's just the way I do things, and everyone's entitled to a different opinion, and I was just trying to express another option. If you end up going without the kids, that's your choice and if that works for you guys, that's great. I really do hope you have a great time, regardless of whether you go alone or take half of the town with you. With the amount of responsibilities and jobs (mom, cook, MT, chauffeur, etc.) you've been doing, it sounds like you truly do need a relaxing vacation, and I wouldn't deny that to anyone. Have fun. ;o)
Clarify please . . .
I have had no trouble with Lori, the owner, so I'd like some information on your definition of "lunatic" (not saying it isn't true, just looking for a bigger picture). The company I IC for is based in Portland, OR. The owner resides most of the time in Manhattan. Are we talking about the same company?
just to clarify... see msg
In this case, "oriented" is being used as an adjective, not a verb. It's being used to describe the status of the patient. And "orientated" is OK to use because it's also an adjective. We've just become more accustomed to hearing "alert and oriented," but "alert and orientated" is also correct. :)
lol, just to clarify....
I change them twice a day, in the a.m. and before bed so have around 14 pr to wash a week. Maybe you don't change yours ENOUGH? Ick! To each his/her own. LOL
just to clarify this==sm
it sounds like you are saying that you have both word 97 and word 2003 on your computer and you are using both? is this what you are saying? If this is the fact, then you should not have two versions of word on your computer at the same time. either/or, but not both. No wonder you are having conflicts! Your computer is confused as to what you expect it to do. Your word97 docs will be just fine if you use 2003, exclusively.
Let me clarify as well
I am new to this particular company, haven't even been there a year, and am struggling on their platform. I have to work 9-10 hours to get 1600 lines. I used to work for a company and had been there for 5 years, and that is when I did 2000+ lines per day. I knew all the docs and had everything down. I would have stayed at that company but lost the work to India so had to move on.
Just to clarify...
I have not found any free FTP server sites that are would be considered secure HIPAA compliant servers that will allow multiple users. So, again, if you or anyone else out there has found such a place, please do share.
I should clarify.... (sm)
I'm not saying "Patient sent to Radiology" is incorrect. In some types of reports, clipped sentences are more desirable. In office visits (which was my specialty for a long time), though, it's less acceptable than in hospital reports.

And I was meaning to point out that new MTs are often confused about editing, and sometimes overedit which is what the OP seems to be describing.
clarify please. did you say should get the job?
Or did you mean shouldn't?  I don't understand. Thank you.
need to clarify..

Well.  I guess I have to clarify.  The lady I was talking about that had this experience was hired by front girl (office manager) for a certain amount of money hands down because she aced the test 100.. Then she had to meet the man who "owned" the establishment in person.  He was quite happy with her on the phone after she aced the test, even quoted her insurance for her family at like x amount  per two weeks.  then when he met in person (they were sitting at the break table in lunch room to talk) there was a cake on the table and he asked her was she wanting to eat the cake (like she was going to eat the whole thing).  Then he said the price went down 3 dollars an hour and that the insurance would be 1200 per month.  something like nearly triple what it was already quoted.  Then, when the girl that would train her asked if she could be started the next business day, the guy said no that they had to wait  so that they could move some desks around to make  "room" for her in the office and was looking her up and down while he said it.

Just too sad to me.  She is a fantastic transcriptionist.  Thing is she is not that big!!   I think his loss if she chooses not to take the job. 

The reason that I brought myself up with the job experience that I had was that I was given same little knock downs while at my employment, just little snide remarks that I tried to overlook as I thought that perhaps I was just a bit over conscious of my weight. This just makes me wonder that maybe I was not being over sensitive after all, maybe it is a anti-fat work place.  Who knows,  but what she experienced was just down right mean.  Maybe he will get a thyroid goiter and gain a few pounds and see how it feels.  Just very shallow... Oh well, their loss...


Let me clarify... SM

It is wrong for the company subcontracting work to the IC to expect any amount of work even though the IC took the work.  An IC has a right to take work and then give it back is what I meant.  This is true to form.  I've had work offered, refused, work given to me and given it back, taken work and given it back.  Never has it been a problem.  I'M AN IC for goodness sakes.  I have that choice and right.

Now, if I didn't have a very good reason with the one company I work for as an IC, which I have been charged, but there is a policy statement that I would be charged a flat rate for just sending a job back incomplete with an explanation.  But, the explanation doesn't matter, it just boils down to communication.  I can simple say.  Something came up, and I cannot do the job, and the job is taken care of. 

Let me clarify.
I never said that I worked for her, nor would I work for her since I do know her meeting her here and there over the years and I do not work for my friends. What I was trying to point out and on reading my post, not very well .. choppy .. not enough coffee onboard .. was that often your years can work against you depending on where you have been in your career and the bad habits you have developed and can't let go because it is "the way I have always done it." We need at this juncture, to open ourselves to the possibilities. Many people who go to M-Tec or wherever have had other very successful careers. Students are not necessarily people without experience. Many are very capable of moving forward much fsster than traditionally.

This is not an easy business and it gets worse every day as far as I am concerned. I can never retire - how sick is that! A bit of unification and cohesion in the ranks would help a lot. We still allow ourselves to be herded and we act thankful we are getting screwed. It has never made sense to me .. not for 1 day of the many years I have been doing this work. It really is a pitiful mess, this industry.
To clarify sm
These two IC position, while driving me to distraction, are the about the best two I have ever had! I have the following:
--not be paid for a month's work (more than 3 times this has happened to me in my time as an MT)
--the boss figures out that I am making about what she does, so she cuts my work several times until I have to find other work, then gripes because I have other work done during the day when she has nothing for me.
--been dumped with the worst dictators that no one else will touch. It was all I could get, I did it.
--had an MTSO call me names, most of which will get flagged on here and I won't repeat anyway.
--been told I was worthless because I "thought for myself" and there was no room for "MTs who think for themselves" in this company.
--Been called at 1 a.m. on a Sunday morning (not my day to work) for a stat note because...they knew I'd be home and that "would not mind" helping out. Well yeah, except it is my only day off?
--expected to work when my child had a ruptured appendix and I was spending as much time at the hospital as at work, then have someone's vacation work dumped on me because "you know you can do it"!?!?

I need my income. Between some debit I am paying down slowly and my income tax, I am paying out 60% of my income. Another 20 to 25% are my actual business expenses and I am living on a very tiny portion of my income. The only way I can afford something I need, like a newer vehicle because mine has 125K miles on it, is to work like a dog to save more money. I get sick and tired of recruiters lying to me about their work loads, the way they pay lines, the hours that we agree upon and then changing their minds and deciding when I can work extra or be threatened with the loss of my situation.

It is an UGLY world out there for MTs. I am angry, defensive and frankly P.O.'ed because I firmly believe that out there right now is a wonderful MTSO who needs me. I believe that if I can find he/she it would be a mutually beneficial and enjoyable relationship. I also know that this person is about to throw their hands up in disgust because they can't find someone with everything I have to offer. We will give each other a chance and make both of our lives easier, hopefully in the very very long term.

If you don't have these things happen to you, good for you. I need to eat and put a roof over my head, clothes on my back and help out my college kids. I take whatever comes my way.
Just to clarify
Missouri is an at-will state. I checked the site and they aren't very helpful. To clarify, I am wondering if we are full time employees of the hospital, do we not have the right to recieve what all of the other full time employees recieve reguardless if we work at home?
Just to clarify
I forgot to mention I also live in Missouri.
I should clarify...
with online access to voice file, like iDigital, etc.

Sorry, I will clarify. What I meant to say
is that I just started with MQ. I had been doing medical transcription for the hospital that I used to RN at.
Let me clarify a few things. First off, I

bring my kids everywhere and never ever leave them out for anything. They are wonderful kids and I'm proud of each and everyone of them. We do spend a lot of time together. When I say my mother is ready to pull her hair out, it's because of how busy we are. She came here a week early to learn the routine of what each kid has and where they have to be. If you have a teen you may understand how the phone never stops ringing (2 lines), or the fights about stupid things like "why did she get it and I didn't, how come I have to go first for the shower when I was first yesterday or she keeps taking my socks." They all have the same brand and color of socks, why kid A's socks are better than kid B's is beyond me. On top of this we have the drop off and pickup from volleyball practice for one, gymnastics and cheerleading for the other 2. Then you have cooking dinner, homework help, play time and all the time trying to entertain a 2 year old who is a big handful. He is my sister's kid who I now have custody of (long story). Just when things get setttled down at 8-9 pm I then start work until 3 am. His other grandparents take him every couple of months for a week long visit which they are doing this weekend.

Just when you think you get breathing room you walk out to the living room to find out your kids have grown by 10 other kids. I'm the "mom" around the neighborhood and everyone congregates here. If you want entertainment, sit and listen to a bunch of teen girls who talk a thousand miles a minute try and have a conversation.

Admin - can you please clarify? sm
I thought we could not post any places that have MT chats? I had a post deleted because I gave a link to the (place) where you get your CMT credentials.
Could you clarify what you're looking for? MT? nm
can we clarify a few things

>>>that I didn't think the problem was that I didn't know what I was doing.

I could never make such a blanket statement, because I don't know what you did or did not do.

But I do know there are some specific things that can have a direct impact on the "success or failure" or the product. I believe you also mentioned getting a microphone recommended by Knowbrainer, which I'll presume is the Sennheiser headset. Am I correct?

If I might ask, how often did mistakes occur and about how many lines per hour were you getting with Dragon (and also what do you get with using the keyboard with an expander)? I'm just trying to get a visual here.

>>>Unfortunately, Dragon doesn't limit their claims to only disabled MT's.

Nuance (the company that <I think> owns Dragon) is targeting several specific markets, one of which is the Medical field. So, for that product, they are going to target ALL people in the medical profession. It's up to each individual to see if the product is suitable for them. But that can be true for a lot of products, and you don't necessarily know if it's right for you until you buy it. Unfortunately, Dragon ain't cheap. So, buy the time you get done purchasing the product and everything you might need (i.e. more memory), you can spend a few thousand dollars. (ouch!)

>>>So I thought it important to post that it doesn't do what Dragon likes to say it can do.

But it *DOES* do what it claims, at least for me, and I'm using the product at a very bare bones level. So, if it doesn't work (satisfactorily) for you but it does for me, my only question can be, "why?" 

th is is confusing. Can you clarify what you mean,
PS: To clarify, not the actual job but more what is becoming
And I really just want out :(
I really have to clarify that my niece..sm
really isn't the kind of girl who would send anything suggestive. 
Ok, I think I need to clarify some things...sm

First of all; NO, under no circumstances does my husband go or has he ever gone out w/this particular *friend* to bars drinking...this man does this every single Friday night after work...gross!

Secondly; this woman got my husband's # from his *friend*...just in case the friend's out of town, she can reach him through my husband...yeah right...

Also; I have decided not to call this woman, mainly cause my husband never gave me the # and I don't want to bring it up again. I believe in my husband and I know he's not doing anything he shouldn't be. And, he didn't have to tell me any of this, I'd never have known. So, for now I'm leaving it alone, BUT....if this EVER comes back up again...and I informed my husband of this...the gloves are off. I'm telling the *friend's* wife and calling the other woman, no more excuses...and my husband told his friend this, under no uncertain terms should this woman call his cell back or I'd tell the *friend's* wife!  I hope this is over...I just hate knowing all this and keeping it from the wife, you know? I mean, I'd wanna know if it were my husband.....but, I'm keeping my mouth shut...FOR NOW...

Maybe I should clarify, that I would definitely proofread everything if... SM

it was a new account or I had just started a new job.  I'll be honest though, I have started jobs with services where while I'm in training, I take my time, proofread everything because I know that I'm being scrutinized.  When released from training, I stopped re-reading everything.

I also have never been afraid to argue with QA if I didn't agree.  That didn't make me popular for sure and probably my work was scrutinized even closer because they wanted to catch me in a mistake, but they also knew that if they counted me off for something, they had better be 100% right.

I'm not arrogant, just good at what I do and confident.  I take pride in my work and I've been doing this for a long time.  I just think some QA people need to consider each MT and mistake individually.  If you've got an experienced MT who is good and productive and she makes a few minor mistakes from time to time, let it go.  Maybe mention it to her in a friendly email, but don't fail her on QA for a period or hyphen or a typo.

That's all I'm saying.

You really need to clarify that with your company (SM)
I've worked on accounts with it both ways. On one account, there are no patient names, no family names (replace with "the patient's wife," "the patient's sister," etc.), no identifying information at all. I have another account where the patient name is not allowed, but family names are allowed. It's really not a blanket thing... whether to include this other information or not. It really will depend on the specific account.
I am trying to clarify some info that has come up
It looks to me, from an article I read yesterday, that AAMT recommends the RMT to India, not the CMT for just those reasons. I don't know how they are passing it either. I haven't found proof (yet), but it really seems like the foreigners are getting an edge on passing based on the ad I read about only 6 months experience and CMT designation.

Secondly, I have found nothing to substantiate the claim that AAMT has plans to change their name. There is nothing on their website, and everything I have recieved plainly says "AAMT" on it. Third, $300 for a test and fees for renewal is ridiculous.

The amusing thing is the AAMT now has a section on their website entitled "Who cares if you are a CMT" It lists maybe ten at most, certainly not the ones that come recommended on the company board here.
I want to clarify my former comment..
Because maybe editing what a MT corrected in the draft document takes a QA less time than it takes the MT.

And medical transcriptions are not at all about 'fast typing'. The pre-requisite to enter into an MT schooling program is a typing speed of 45 wpm. After receiving our diploma we should all of a sudden be able to type 15 pages per hour and listening and correcting the physician's dictations at the same time? How come?
To clarify I use all of the above with dss files - nm
You need to clarify with the company
All of us on this board could guess what they mean, but chances are we won't be accurate.  Go back to the company that made you the offer and ask them to clarify that point and specifically what they mean.
If you don't mind could you clarify with her what she means?

I think this point really needs to be made clear to all of us.

And also, if MQ does not give us work that we can do, and get the 12,000

lines and they have no SE, are they just going to have a constantly resolving

door at this place?

I know how it has been for me trying to get 12,000 lines - try impossible.

Sorry, to clarify .0575/line - nm
Glad you added that (:) to clarify. (nm)
To clarify, I wasn't complaining.
As I stated in my post, I am actually doing quite well with MT. I actually make more as an MT than I have ever made in any other job I have had. I am currently the main support of my family and we are making it just fine. My family does have a roof over our head and food on the table, and we are all much happier to be back home.

I can, however, see why others would complain. My point was that you shouldn't be so judgmental and say that everyone complaining about money should reevaluate their living situations. Some of us are already living as frugally as we can with very little places to cut back on. I agree with the posters on this board that think MT should pay more. No MT should be making less for their work than the person working a cash register at the local fast food joint or the door greet at Wal-Mart. That is just ridiculous. This is a specialized skill and should be paid as such.
This is referring to voice recognition, but I should clarify...sm
The EditScript software from eScription is a complete transcription system, it is not limited to voice recognition. It is true that the eScription dictation system has VR capabilities, but that doesn't mean that every report will be a voice recognition report, it just depends on the facility that is using it. The client we work for is probably 70% VR and 30% straight transcription.

Working with VR reports is like proofreading, basically.

moderator, can you clarify what we can and can't post about AAMT? sm
I was reply about a course, but then thought it would be deleted. Thanks!
to clarify, I work directly for the hospital
clarify - you don't have your card? or you never obtained a number? NM
Please clarify about shareholder/beneficiary comment?
What is this supposed to mean, I have no idea? If I were directly connected with AHDI, it would not be a smart move for me to speak out?

It sounds like you are implying that by speaking out what I believe to be a problem (AHDI not being for the MTs and AHDI being connected with a company riddled with lawsuits) will get me in trouble? I'm going down? How?

That kind of comment encourages the apathy and sheep-like mentality of our industry - we all sit back and think WE can't change it, they are all making their $$, and we are just sheeple and let them do it. I'd like to hear from MTs who would like to have someone with guts to speak out! :-)

Just to clarify - This was not meant to trash anyone - I was trying to be light-hearted --
The lady that made this mistake was my roommate and she was laughing right along with us --
To clarify: 6-8 CPL with NO BENIES, PAYING 40% in taxes IS a ripoff
Line rate with benefits and without is a BIG difference.

IC's get robbed. 7.5 cpl with no benefits is rediculous.

If you're making 15 CPL as an IC you're only making/bringing home the equivalent of a 7.5 CPL benefited MT.

So I can see why you would gripe.

Now with full benefits and taxes paid and insurance and 401K and PTO and holidays, etc...7.5 CPL is TOTALLY acceptable.
Should clarify, I was an IC for a company working a split shift. nm
To clarify, MTStars is owned by USAType. Both companies are under the
Need equipment to help clarify dictation whether it be better speakers, etc. tried Speech adust a t
Poor dictators that stumble over something and do not repeat the sentence to clarify, choose to mumb