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Not a good deal! I get paid 20/hr employee for working with new MTs

Posted By: MTx17 on 2006-11-29
In Reply to: How does this sound for QA? - New to QA


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Excuse me but federal taxes are paid as employee by employee
The ONLY difference in IC is you pay the ENTIRE amount of the SS which is the 15.25%, as an employee you only pay 7.75%.  And you can easily make up that difference in deductions.  As an employee you just have someone else manage your withholdings and as an IC you do it yourself.  I have much more usable income being an IC and not an employee and I am strict about putting aside what I need to.  But everyone always says you have to pay your own taxes, well your employer does not PAY them for you -- except 7.75% of SS, they merely withhold it for you.  As an IC you are the employer. 
It is an okay deal - TR 11 font is small. Not as good a deal as Courier.
Personally, I would have to think really hard and compare reports and line counts, like the other poster below suggested, before I would jump right into it. It is probably 75-80 characters to a line +/- the single character lines you get for initials, and 2 word lines you get with op reports such as Surgeon:
IV Fluids:

It probably is comparable to 9 cpl with a larger font.

Good luck in whatever you decide.

Good Luck!
Never took this job because of working from home deal
I never even considered working from home. When I learned how to transcribe everyone worked from an office, hospital or the like. Talk about a concept! You had to actually leave the comfort of your home, find places to keep the children during the day and sometimes even clock in. Talk about a Wow! How about that? I would be willing to say most of you working now would not have the first idea about holding down a real job. I went into this type of work because I happened to love the idea of working in medicine themed place, not so I could feed and run after kids all day long.
FT employee just paid 1,000 to be

I picked up a little side job (made $4,000.00 in 2005, July to December) and while doing my taxes, went from having a tax refund of 1,181.00 to 247.00 because I had to pay self employment tax.  The write offs were nothing to sing about.

I wanted this job to give me an income in the event my national job fell apart.

It seems that this makes no sense.  The PT IC job is EMR (very time consuming, going in and out of windows for each segment of the exam, i.e., HISTORY, ROS, PMH, PLAN...).  Plus, he constant corrects himself, requiring backspacing and retyping...

Maybe I should look for another PT job...I need a vacation so badly and my ticket to going on one has just evaporated into thin air.   boooohoooo

And you would have paid that much as an employee

Well he is probably thinking you get double for your big benefits.  But most do not get benefits except for PTO.  Again, I am in the lowest tax bracket and I make good money but have great retirpement set up and deductions.  If I were to be an employee either in-house or out, I would have the same bills but now I can write off a lot due to my business.  I have so much more of a usable income as an IC than as an employee and I have been both.  But I cut my income in less than half with my deductions and much more with my retirement contributions.  And I average 30 per hour and that average only is down because I average all my hours in with my income and for one I work in-house for one doctor putting into EMR and get paid hourly and that brings my average down.  But if it were only my transcribing at home, it would be closer to 40 an hour.  Again, it is all in the thinking, everyone thinks that because they don't see the income in their checks as an employee they are not actually paying "their taxes" but they are.  Compare your gross to your net and see what it is.  Anyway, I feel your accountant is not comparing oranges to oranges but oranges to apples as there are not many benefits as an employee in this field -- unless you work at the hospital as an employee.  But that is my two cents worth and may not even be worth that much. 

What if you are employee.. but no benefits, no paid vacation
If you are an employee working for a national, sm
it seems most of them require you to work say 8 hours regardless of how many lines you transcribe.   Example:  if the minimum LPH (lines per hour) that they require is 150, this would be 1200 lines per day.  However, if you get those 1200 lines done in 6 hours, you are still expected to keep working for the remaining 2 hours of your shift.  This is if you are, in fact, an employee.  Just like you would have to complete your 8-hour shift if you worked for any other business.   Some companies are more flexible and let you get your 8 hours in over a 10 to 12 hour window.  You should get this clarified with your recruiter or supervisor ahead of time.  If you need more flexibility, then you should probably get an IC position.  Hope this helps. 
What are the benefits of working as a statutory employee?
not a good deal
You would think that people would be more sympathetic...especially when it is somethning out of your control
That was a good deal....nm
that's a good deal...
there are companies who ask you to pay for the internship, what is IMHO fair because they teach you, correct your mistakes and give you feedback on your mistakes.

I am not so sure what to think about an internship program that pays you??
if I was you, I would hunker down and don't look up. You got a good deal going there.
Good Deal. Thanks for the information NM
$15,000.... Hospital employee, telecommuting from home, working less than full-time.
I'm a hospital employee, working local at home, so I get a raise every year.
50 bucks for 4 hours? good deal!

Thanks! Did not see that flyer. It sounds like a good deal. nm
that negates any chance of a good deal
when everything is going to go down - Comp USA going out of business - but I am not a fan of Dell since they offshored support - I have heard people have fits with tech support. 
Without too much effort?! A good yard sale takes a good deal of effort, IMO.
Help! Is this a good deal? .09 gross lines with a font of ...sm

Times New Roman 11 and 1-inch margins.  It will be op notes, but I have a sample report and there are sure A LOT of characters on those full lines.....

Working for 9 cpl, not paid for spaces
Does anybody else think this is not good?  Working same account I used to do paid for spaces and working harder for same pay.  Thinking of moving on.
Does anyone know where to get a good deal on a Kodak digital with zoom and who has the best prices
on them. I just want a simple to use Kodak easyshare that is reasonably priced with zoom on it.
Working at Home/Getting Paid Hourly

I sent in this info to an MT head hunter:

I am looking for a work-at-home MT position that is employee-based, not independent contractor, paying hourly instead of per line or per page, where I could work Tuesday through Friday, 32 hours a week, no weekends, no nights or holidays.

I was told this was a "TALL ORDER," and that I would never be able to find it.  I don't think that I am asking for too much, and that there has to be an MT company out there that is willing to pay highly skilled and experienced MTs what they are worth.  I know there are plenty of MTs out there who say, "Oh, if you work hard enough, you can make just as much per line as by hour,"   but it's been my experience, having worked three MT jobs from home, that that would entail cranking out btetween 1,500-2,000 lines per day...provided there is work available and provided you are getting paid more than 0.12 per line  I've been working 12 YEARS as an MT, but most companies still want to pay me between 0.05-0.12 cents per line.  FIVE CENTS A LINE FOR AN MT WITH 12 YEARS IN THE BUSINESS.  What is wrong with this picture???????? 

If there is a company willing to pay an experienced MT at least $16+ per hour to work at home, please e-mail me!

Re: Working At Home/Getting Paid Hourly
Perhaps. Don't get me wrong, I like where I work and how much I'm making, and this company acdtually has two MTs working at home; however, they are not offering this option to any other MTs at this time, if ever. The at-home MTs from this company are getting paid per hour and have full benefits, but that's only because they've been working in-house at the company for many years. *Sigh*....
Working at Home/Getting Paid Hourly
Sounds like nice work if ya can get it. :) I wouldn't mind picking up tapes, provided that the pick up/drop-off site wasn't too far.
Working at Home/Getting Paid Hourly
THAT SUCKS. You should be making FAR more than 9 cents a line. UGH. And there are still companies offering experienced MTs 5 cents a line.
Rates for working, paid more for stat?
Maybe others but I think mine are probably the average, 8 cents per line for straight and 4 cents per line for VR. My standard 4 are considered history and physicals, operative notes, discharge summaries and consults. A transfer, I think, would be a discharge summary. No extra pay for experience or lack thereof.
My DH paid every dime of his bachelor's degree working....
36 hours a week and going to school.  How did he do it?  He didn't get involved in serious relationships because knee he would get sidetracked and wouldn't have the time to devote to school.  It also helped that he lived in California where state college tuition is reasonable.  For his master's degree, he borrowed the money from  his father (only about 4,000) and paid every cent back right away (this was after we were married and had 2 kids). 
I spend a good deal of time tweaking the ones in there so ummm, may give it a shot lol
Yes. Three months paid training? That's just ridiculous unless you're working
in the office.  What service can afford to pay an MT for three months of training?
Good for you. I am MQ employee, 13 years. SM
I just read on MTJobs.com MQ is offering $2000 sign on bonus@ I have not had a raise for years, get calls at 2 AM to do STAT reports, feel burned out. Not only am I leaving MQ, but I am starting a new career in the food business.
In my mind there is a lot more that goes into a good employee/worker (sm)
than production - and you know this as long as you have been in this business!!  I would just go on doing what you do best and doing the very best you can and not worry about the figures.  Best of luck to you!!
Made 60K last year working 50 hours a week being paid on gross line
For QA consulting I'm paid per hour; QA instructing (college) paid salary, QA editing paid per li
I am an IC and work for two different MTSOs as well as instruct at a business college.
If you are being paid per report for MRI's and CT's, what is a good rate? nm
Yes if gross line or 65 character line with spaces....Good Deal!!! nm
Is $1.20 per report plus paid for links good for radiology? nm
Good working in MT help wanted ad...
It gives the usual stuff about transcribing reports, letters, etc, then says:

"...correct spelling and medical terminology errors using dictionary and medical reference books; edit documents by recognizing, interpreting, and evaluating repetitions, discrepancies, and inaccuracies in dictation; editing, revising, and clarifying without altering meaning and style..."

THIS is why we are so much more than "typists."

Good for you - DH and I are working on a similar

Anybody working for AssistMED? Good? Bad?


Means gross line is a good way to get paid, but is rarely offered anymore. nm
Go for it instead of working two jobs. Good luck.
Is it possible to make good money working for someone else?
My MJ is fine for just regular use, but don't think it would be good for working with... nm
Good for you. There is no reason any hard working MT should put up with that crap. nm
It's good for testing. Kind of clunky for working
Does anyone have any good, realistic advice for working on 60 different accounts!?...(exaggeration)

but I am really getting frustrated.  I left a company who bumped me off my ERs (which I did for over a year and were my 'bread-and-butter', and the more I complained or asked about it, the worst dictation I got, etc.  This was a change of management in which that company went down-hill fast, anyway, as far as the treatment of MTs. 

so I left, and now at the 'new' company I am still doing 5, 6 accounts.  Forget ERs, I am told. 

the question is, I am working on so many accounts, and even accounts with different management, different QA.  I am embarrassed to mention I just did a report using the SPECS FROM THE WRONG ACCOUNT.  Luckily, I had sent the report to QA, but I get a note from the QA like 'read the specs' (stupid) is how it sounded.  Yeah, I did, but for the wrong account. 

these companies do not see how making people work on so many accounts is going to be huge negative for them in the long-run.  they risk mistakes like this, not me. 

how does one keep it all straight, and why do we have to?  the only people who are having success, are people who will take any kind of abuse, it seems, and are just making the best of it.  does that mean only the aggressive will survive in this business? this gets more ridiculous all the time. 

not to mention, pay and money - LIVELIHOOD - severely diminishes the second week of pay-week.  anyone else notice that?  first week I am flying on the primary, second week in I am like getting scraps, working on 4, 5,6 accounts - there goes all I worked for in the first week. 

so these ladies typing 300+ lines/hour and making $50 thou a year, like so many boast on here, how,where, when ????  I am not getting it, and I am a 99-100% quality MT, working 35 hours/week.  every company I have worked with, my paycheck is totally dependent on the manager, period. 

anyone watch deal or no deal?

I love Deal or No Deal.......nm

if mt paid 9, editor paid 4 or 5...how can company charge 14 and make it..sm

I know the going rate in our area is 14 cents per line.  As MTs most companies here pay us 8 or 9 cents a line.  Now add in the Editor rate at 4 or 5 per line..you are paying OUT more than you can charge a line.  How would companies stay in biz?

Unless all work is sent by the company overseas at pennies per line, this would not pay for a company.

just curious how this works out

But how much are the US EDs gonna be paid? Typically this work is paid at 2-3 cpl. nm