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Canada drugs

Posted By: JB on 2008-03-12
In Reply to: Has anyone bought Rx drugs from Canada online? (sm) - Rambling Rose

I used them. Did not seem to have any problems. I figure you do not hear of Canadians dropping dead left and right from using the medication. Saved some money.

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Has anyone bought Rx drugs from Canada online? (sm)
Was your experience favorable?  Were the drugs compatible with USA drugs.   Allegra is an OTC in Canada and I can get it for 67 cents per pill as compared to $2.50 per pill in the USA.   Lot of difference when you donít have insurance!
Drugs! Lots of drugs! Sadly, you're probably like
most of us and don't have time to go to the doctor! Oh well! Feel better soon! You are not alone!
Canada? When did Canada become a third world country?


Canada Day
I know this is late, but Happy Canada Day to you too!! :)
I wonder if she was from Canada. sm
Used to have a doc from Canada who talked like that. It was hilarious to see how it printed out from voice recognition.
Where in Canada was this??
Did you go to private school in the U.S.?
MQ has offices in Canada, have you tried them??
MT in Canada
There don't seem to be any large companies like in the States. It seems most jobs are in-house with the hospitals. I consider myself very lucky to have found steady work at home with a Canadian company.
Hey what about canada
I live in canada and I would love to edit reports from home. If you know of any jobs, let me know okay.! It is desperate up here for jobs!! Hubby out of work and so am i!!


offered overflow work from Canadian company at 9 cpl. Don't know if this is good or not. Can anyone help advise me, I really need it. Thanks.


Hi Janett, could you provide the company name that is offering this job?  I live in Canada and was just curious......

You can email me privately if you want to.  Thanks so much.

What does Canada
have to do with the price of tea in China?

Hi Molly - I'm currently taking the Canscribe course and it is excellent.  From everything that I've read they are the best school in Canada.  I would certainly look into it further.  The course is very thorough, well layed out and very user friendly!  I'm pretty sure employers are happy to hire Canscribe graduates.
So where will the MDs run if both Canada and

So, the issue is because all the MDs in Canada left and came to the USA because they did not agree with the government run health care?

So if USA goes to the same thing, where will all the MDs run to?  Don't they have the same thing in Europe, too? 

I just don't understand.  Will they all leave the profession?  It is because they want more money than the government will pay? 

It just all does not make sense to me.  Reading this, I am more apt to blame the doctors than the government.  They are the ones protesting the system and running away, all because they want more money. 

Please tell me if I am understanding this wrong. 

Maybe at the very least, we will get younger doctors getting into medicine for the right reasons and not so much for the big paycheck. 

But I am probably understanding this whole thing wrong.

Thanks for your reply.  I will probably read it again a couple times because it takes me a while to register things.  Thanks. 

MT Companies in Canada
What part of Canada are you from?
Hello there Canada :) Here is an idea.
Spheris offers training for a price and then will place you in a position. They hire Canadian MTs.
offshoring to Canada sm
My supervisor said offshoring includes what MQ does which is "offshoring" to Canada.  Are they saving money there?
$2.73 here on Vancouver Island, BC Canada
Its $1.05 a litre and with the conversion, about $2.70 a gallon. Yikes, when will it stop going up??
Ditto on that, just did a report on a guy from Canada who came to the U.S.
surgery....would have actually died if he had waited for the doc's in Canada to operate (obstructing adenocarcinoma of the gallbladder)...he'd been told he would have to wait 3-4 weeks to even get it dealt with in Canada...so it had the brains to come here to get it done....granted he's fighting with Canadian insurance now but at least he is alive.
Your welcome, Canada :) You snowbirds keep warm up there.
Errr...should be ~You're welcome, Canada."
C*H*E*C*K in America! Eh? Don't like it? Go back to Canada!
Enjoying the slaughter Canada?
They ought to ship a video of the baby seal slaughter with every piece of seal skin attire they sell.

And don't forget to catch a glimpse of the seal mothers going nearly insane with fear and pain as they watch their babies being clubbed to death in front of them.

Please write to the Canadian prime minister (or whatever they call the leader of that sick country) to express your outrage. That is, if you feel any at all.
Canada pharmacy recommendation

I've personally used this pharmacy in Canada by mail and they have been great.


I was wondering the same thing about Canada.....
It's the drugs
I almost always use drugs.com for almost every drug need.  It's the best site I have found, but otherwise, I prefer Stedman's Quick Look, but let's face it, by the time these books are printed, there are another 100 drugs out there.  Can't keep up fast enough with them. So the web site is the best. 

You can search for any 3 consecutive letters and pull up a list of all drug names containing those 3 consecutive letters.
I use this site because you can put in a part of the drug name, and it gives you a list of drugs that contain that letter combination. So if you can only hear the middle part of a drug, it gets a little easier to narrow it down.
try drugs.com (nm)
The problem I have with this site is that there are many generic drugs that are listed with a capped first letter. It is hard to tell which drugs are brand name and which are generic when using drugs.com.

If you are typing the drug name in a paragraph and it is generic, the first letter is not to be capitalized so it is important to be able to find out if the drug is brand or generic.
Drugs.com... just for MTs... sm
Drugs.com lets you type in just a few letters and provides choices. Also, from the homepage on the right, there is a link to drug search just for MTs. It lets you do a wildcard search. I.e., audio is garbled and you hear t-max, you could type in t*max, and it would provide all drug choices. It also has a 'sounds like' search which is most excellent. You can also search for drugs by condition. This site hasn't let me down yet. Best part, it's completely up to date, and free.
I will take canada's health care in a nanosecond
Well, I gotta tell ya, I would love to have Canada's health care, as I dont have health care..You see, if you are an SE, MQ does not offer health care.  So, universal health care through the govt, IMHO, is better than paying out of my pocket.
My experience was the opposite living in Canada.
I found their schoolwork to be remedial compared to what I learned in the U.S.  In Canada, they used to have me work in the library and clean the teachers' lounge because the work didn't challenge me.  In the U.S., I was able to take advanced and college prep classes so I didn't get bored with school.
Seeking home-based MT job from Canada!!!

Hello, I am seeking a full-time MT job from home (in Canada). I want to work for a great company that pays well. I also want my computer and all required supplies paid by the company. I will pay for high speed internet!! Where I reside, we have fibreoptic telephone lines - therefore it is the best place to do medical transcription, the quickest speed of voice data and the clearest in north america!! We also rarely have storms here! I live in New Brunswick, 1 hour for calais, Maine.

I have 5+ years of experience and I am also a coder trained in Toronto. HOpe to hear from you soon. Thanks!






Can't remember but someone hiring in Canada on Job Board.
How do you folks feel about work going to Canada?
Yes... I heard on another forum out of Canada that they don't always pay on time...nm
In Canada, my relatives waited months for an
Drugs!! Works for me!
Seriously. I actually was a big procrastinator, and really suffering for years from lack of motivation. Turns out I have ADD, and have been on meds for a few months now.  Actually tripled - TRIPLED my income in these few months. Everything is just focused and easy and I am so productive, its scary...Maybe you have adult ADD. Supposedly millions do...I used to be a skeptic, but I'm a believer now!
New generic drugs.
New generic name for viagra......................micoxafloppin.  Next.. please add.
Oh, yes! Illegal drugs are fun!
I never even did drugs when I was a stupid teenager.
Anyone know where I can get a list of new drugs
generic drugs
I type drugs that are capped or have capital letters anywhere in them into autocorrect. Then I just type the drug just like it is generic, then autocorrect "corrects" it.
did in the past but does not do drugs...sm
I wish he'd come in here and sue your arse...for that post
She could even be on drugs. Keep distance.
She might think you are where she would like to be and wants to impress you in her little mind and little world.
www.drugs.com.... don't care much for
rxlist.com....never helped me any
Try *sartan*. It will come up with drugs ...
that contain those letters in any part of the word. I don't think you can just do an ending but you can quickly go through the list it does give you.
I agree about the drugs.
My nephew was on the Fiengold program and diet without the drugs and it worked very well until he was around 12 and started to cheat on the diet and sneak the junk food :) It is a LOT of work for the parents and tough on the kid. But it did work for him for many years and it's a very healthy preservative-free/chemical-free diet. I think it's probably worth looking into.

onelook.com; drugs@FDA...nm