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generic drugs

Posted By: mtathome on 2006-01-16
In Reply to: Is there an easy way to enter generic drugs and brands into your spellchecker ? ( a fast way) - Working in Word. NM

I type drugs that are capped or have capital letters anywhere in them into autocorrect. Then I just type the drug just like it is generic, then autocorrect "corrects" it.

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New generic drugs.
New generic name for viagra......................micoxafloppin.  Next.. please add.
Generic vs Brand drugs
I have these in my Shorthand program and they are typed correctly - upper or lower case. No matter how I type them they wind up correct. If the word is at the beginning of a sentence, Shorthand capitalizes it there, which would be correct.
Need suggestions, generic vs proprietary drugs

It seems there are so many anymore that i have trouble remembering not to capitalize -- how do the rest of you remember? 

I am using docuscribe and the quick correct feature does not seem to work for converting back to lower case.  Any suggestions?

Is there any easy way to remember which drugs are generic and do not get capitalized. We get that
deducted in our monthly randoms from Amherst if we forget a capital letter.
Is there an easy way to enter generic drugs and brands into your spellchecker ? ( a fast way)

Drugs! Lots of drugs! Sadly, you're probably like
most of us and don't have time to go to the doctor! Oh well! Feel better soon! You are not alone!
generic also --sm
The only thing this one particular person who keeps jumping on people the minute they post anything at all seems to understand is that she has been in this business for *all of her adult life*, which she seems to feel gives her the right and necessity to berate others for anything she feels she wants to. It is a through and through superiority complex and I guess it makes her feel good to put other people down simply for asking a question. Once she attacks someone with her spiteful comments, suddenly all her little cronie followers think that gives them the right to berate and belittle someone too. What she does not understand is that seniority does not mean superiority and as far as I am concerned, 30+ years or not, she has an awful lot to learn about how to treat others. and she probably is not that good a Transcriptionist either because she is always on this board looking to start a fight or to make someone else feel bad. I know it is hard, but try to ignore her posts. it is her problem, not yours.
It's not in order of just generic???
The drug information is under the generic of the medication. It's in order of brand as well but under brand it says see (generic name) on page --- for the information on it. I love this book and use it constantly.
I seriously doubt the generic
be any sort of proficient with transcription.  Heck, the medical VR programs can't even get it right and they are SUPPOSED to bed trained to the dictators voice.  Good luck if you're looking for a quick way - I don't think you've found it with Word speech recognition.
i buy almost all generic, make a list when i
go shopping and don't buy things that aren't on it (unless it's a necessity like t.p. or toothpaste.) plan ahead on meals and buy in bulk and freeze. it's just me and my 3 yo so we can get 2 almost 3 meals from one, that is if you can handle that much left overs. keep curtains closed in the rooms that get direct sun to keep them cooler-opposite in the winter. i don't buy extra 'goodies' like candy/chips/snacks. i'm really regretting that one today-i need a chocolat fix right now :)
only buy things on sale, if you must buy 'new' clothes wait until the end of the season and by then it's usually 60-70% off. buy gifts all year round when things go on sale, the person you're getting it for will never know plus if something comes up and you need something last minute, you've got it! the other things that i would consider a luxury i wait and use them as gift ideas for my family to get for myself and my son.
KCl is the generic, Kay Ciel name brand
Offsite MTs have no way of knowing if physcian is using name brand or not unless he specifies. In most cases a service will defer to the generic to be as accurate as possible.
"wav" pedal is a generic term. Some software is

proprietary and requires a specific "wav" pedal.  Download ExpressScribe for free (google for URL).  You can open one of your completed files using ExpressScribe and if it plays okay then your pedal will work, unless of course you get a job that may use a proprietary software and then it may or may not work. 

I bought mine at Staples, generic brand for 9.99.
generic reply--guess I struck some nerves

I don't know how long you MTs have been in the business who have replied negatively to my posts, but I started at a hospital for an hourly wage, which seems to have fallen by the wayside. At any rate, did they switch me out to different hospitals while I was workking there? NO, they did not. And, if they had, it wouldn't have mattered because I was paid hourly and it DIDN'T COST ME MONEY to do so.

We are paid BY PRODUCTION, and anything they do that affects MY PRODUCTION affects MY INCOME. Don't you get that? It doesn't hurt them to do this, it affects OUR paychecks.

I'm beginning to understand that it is possibly some of your attitudes--and probably lack of other choices, I know--that has caused this downfall in the MT field.


why let him call you lazy more than once? also, sit him down and make him transcribe a generic note.
Easy reference list for brand/generic meds
Here is the link:

You can also click on the link below if you don't want to cut and paste
You can cross-reference generic and brand names and get dosage info at...SM
RXList.  I guess buying a drug book every other year wouldn't be a bad idea.  When I was a newbie, I used to think I had to buy a new drug book every year until I discovered the wealth of info on the internet and I just write new terms in my books.  I know some people like to keep their books pristine, but I make notes in mine all of the time.
save a generic dictation, sit the person at your desk and tell them to type what they hear
It's the drugs
I almost always use drugs.com for almost every drug need.  It's the best site I have found, but otherwise, I prefer Stedman's Quick Look, but let's face it, by the time these books are printed, there are another 100 drugs out there.  Can't keep up fast enough with them. So the web site is the best. 

You can search for any 3 consecutive letters and pull up a list of all drug names containing those 3 consecutive letters.
I use this site because you can put in a part of the drug name, and it gives you a list of drugs that contain that letter combination. So if you can only hear the middle part of a drug, it gets a little easier to narrow it down.
try drugs.com (nm)
The problem I have with this site is that there are many generic drugs that are listed with a capped first letter. It is hard to tell which drugs are brand name and which are generic when using drugs.com.

If you are typing the drug name in a paragraph and it is generic, the first letter is not to be capitalized so it is important to be able to find out if the drug is brand or generic.
Drugs.com... just for MTs... sm
Drugs.com lets you type in just a few letters and provides choices. Also, from the homepage on the right, there is a link to drug search just for MTs. It lets you do a wildcard search. I.e., audio is garbled and you hear t-max, you could type in t*max, and it would provide all drug choices. It also has a 'sounds like' search which is most excellent. You can also search for drugs by condition. This site hasn't let me down yet. Best part, it's completely up to date, and free.
Drugs!! Works for me!
Seriously. I actually was a big procrastinator, and really suffering for years from lack of motivation. Turns out I have ADD, and have been on meds for a few months now.  Actually tripled - TRIPLED my income in these few months. Everything is just focused and easy and I am so productive, its scary...Maybe you have adult ADD. Supposedly millions do...I used to be a skeptic, but I'm a believer now!
Oh, yes! Illegal drugs are fun!
I never even did drugs when I was a stupid teenager.
Anyone know where I can get a list of new drugs
did in the past but does not do drugs...sm
I wish he'd come in here and sue your arse...for that post
She could even be on drugs. Keep distance.
She might think you are where she would like to be and wants to impress you in her little mind and little world.
www.drugs.com.... don't care much for
rxlist.com....never helped me any
Try *sartan*. It will come up with drugs ...
that contain those letters in any part of the word. I don't think you can just do an ending but you can quickly go through the list it does give you.
I agree about the drugs.
My nephew was on the Fiengold program and diet without the drugs and it worked very well until he was around 12 and started to cheat on the diet and sneak the junk food :) It is a LOT of work for the parents and tough on the kid. But it did work for him for many years and it's a very healthy preservative-free/chemical-free diet. I think it's probably worth looking into.

onelook.com; drugs@FDA...nm
Over the counter drugs

Are over the counter drugs capitalized? Example: "Unisom"



Canada drugs
I used them. Did not seem to have any problems. I figure you do not hear of Canadians dropping dead left and right from using the medication. Saved some money.
on drugs, esp helpful to me
with my expander, is something a poster previously shared sometime back: to put in meds with the consonants, ie, Lasix is lsx, Protonix is prt. that helps with capitalizing proprietary drugs as well. myself, for dosages, i do mgd, for mg daily, and such.
Convicted felon wants drugs
How's this....I just wrote a report where I had to look up the patient's name on Google for spelling purposes and found a document from within the year stating that he was appealing (and lost) his conviction on four counts of obtaining illegal prescription narcotics.  At the end of the report, the doctor states that the patient went back to his primary care physician stating that THIS doctor said he could have Dilaudid for two weeks.  My doctor then stated that he did not feel comfortable treating this patient.  Question:  Should I tell my boss or this doctor about the patient's recent record?  (And now he is, again, trying to obtain illegal drugs.)  Or does this violate the privacy rules?  Are illegal activities subject to the privacy rules? I know counselors always warn patients that they have to report any illegal activities should they disclose such.  Now please don't slam me.  It has been a long day and maybe the answer is obvious and I am just brain dead for the day.
Word and Drugs boards (SM)

Please use the appropriate boards for these questions.  This forum has been set up so that these questions can be more easily navigated.


John Lennon was much more than about drugs. NM
No, don't take any. I think WAY TOO MANY people are taking these drugs than really ought to.
How about the cops.....illegal drugs??? That should be
I prefer book for drugs.
I use the Quick Look Drug Book and it has worked well for me.

Google is where I start my search for other medical info and it has been remarkably useful - may even discontinue purchasing more books.

But the drug book will not likely be replaced as it also has the generic and dosage information right there, which I have needed on many occasions; it is faster for me to use the book. Just a personal preference.
site for drugs and lymphomas


and for different types of lymphoma which I found one day:


What is it they're looking for in the blood? Drugs?
Drugs with pseudoephedrine are restricted.
I had to show my driver's license and they recorded my info in a log book.

This ingredient is used to manufacture illegal methamphetamine, which is why it is limited and regulated.
Exactly true. And you don't have to fool with new drugs and stuff, either. nm
not detailed but i like the easy search options when i am unsure of spelling.
No growth hormone, antibiotics or other drugs are used.
No animal cruelty. Completely organic beef, chicken and pork. It's cheaper and better quality than at the grocery stores. If you buy locally, you're keeping your dollars in the local economy instead of further lining the pockets of the Walmart owners and CEOs. We buy our vegetables and fruit from local vendors at roadside stands or farmer's market, too. (Those that I don't grow myself.)
They are basically "sister" drugs. I am allergic
to naproxen, so cannot take ibuprofen now, as they are closely related. I would think if naproxen isn't helping, neither will ibuprofen. Try something unrelated like Tylenol?
glitazone is a class of drugs, Avandia, etc.