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Posted By: Laurie Nash on 2007-04-02
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Was just wondering if anyone can tell me what a CMT is?  I have a "certificate" from the school where I learned "medical transcription"..does that qualify me to be a CMT?

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In a perfect world there would be no offshoring.  There would be no voice recognition.  There would be nothing but great companies to work for, etc., etc., but this is not the case.  I feel my certification gives me a better chance to continue doing what I do for the next 15+ years, be it in an editing capacity or as a transcriptionist.  This is just my opinion......no one has to agree with me.  Certiciation is each MTs personal choice. 
Whatever ---- you are entitled to your opinion!! But if that is what you think of MTing, comparing it to blacksmithing,you have no pride in what you do. I, for one, still have pride in what I do, and I chose to be certified! You can laugh at me all you want. Maybe I should be laughing at you - maybe you just can't pass the test ....bwaaaaaaahaaaaaa.
I have said this on this board many times-- I have been a CMT since 1987.  I have NEVER made a nickel more because of it anywhere.  The bottom line is-- they want the work done at the cheapest price and if a trained monkey could do this job and be paid a banana a day, that's what they would hire.  I have kept my certification up for all these years because of my own personal pride, but as of this last go-round, I am letting it drop.  Ever since AAMT changed all the requirements for recertification and made it that much harder for me to get my credits, I have decided it is not worth it to keep it.  AAMT has done nothing to improve our lot in all the years I have been involved with them and I refuse to jump through any more hoops for them.  Besides, I am too busy struggling to make a living any more to attend all their stupid meetings, symposiums, etc., and can no longer afford to do so-- thanks to their "help" in undermining my paycheck by offshoring and promoting the "production only" type of employment. 
Have you ever seen anyone get the certification
certification sm
I quit as well after almost 20 yrs of  being so dedicated. I attended "real" life meetings, sacrificed  soooo much but now you can go on line and submit for credit. I don't think so! Old time - hands on - person and willing to keep it up but need to see it more open and available to all, no matter what $$$ are involved. Truly experienced professional would like it to be open to all who are involved without the big bucks. Just an altruistic person here,probably born poor, die poor.
I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say after 2 years of experience you are actually certified. Are you meaning the CMT? Because if that is what you are referring to, you are not a CMT until you join AAMT and take the CMT test....and pass. Some MTs with many, MANY years of experience cannot pass this test.
CMT certification

Is there any way to verify that someone is indeed a CMT?  The work of some I have seen lately cannot possibly be.

For me, getting certified was a complete and utter waste. It did nothing for me other than making me poorer with all the fees and having to purchase the BOS. The local AAMT chapter folded, so the neat continuing education and networking seminars I used to attend are no longer held. I let my certification drop and did not renew. AAMT has not supported American transcriptionists nor have they even helped us in any way IMO. I will not be supporting AAMT with my hard-earned funds.

I basically boycott AAMT the way I boycott Wal-Mart for their business practices. Ugh.

cmt certification
Most companies pay by the line/report and with CMT certification most companies pay more

I sent an email directly to them stating that when our wages went back up and work came back from overseas then they could talk about certification then they could talk about certification.  They should be working on the first two.  Every MT should email them directly.


There is not certification available for

CMT certification

I need some help here please.  I have been thinking of taking the CMT test but cannot decide.  The company that I work for will pay extra for the certification but is it really worth it?  I have been doing this job for almost 25 years, however, I worked for a local multispecialty clinic that did not have any idea about BOS, we simply typed what the doctor said and the format depended on each doctor.  They phased out our department several years ago and I have worked for a few services so I have definitely grown in all areas and learned BOS.  Can anyone give me the pros and cons of taking the test?  Is it as intimidating as it seems?  To me, one of the pros would be, after doing this job for so long, feeling like I really accomplished something in my field.  Any opinions, pros, cons, etc., would be greatly appreciated!!!


Thinking about CMT certification...

I have been a Transcriptionist for six years and am considering getting CMT certification.  I was just wondering what would be the benefit of having CMT certification, other than looking good on a resume? 


I guess what I am trying to say is would it be worth the time and effort to joint AAMT and pay to test when I already have a great MT position.




 "All Dictaphone transcription service partners are required to pass its rigorous certification program to ensure even higher levels of service and proficiency in speech recognition editing..."

(here is link to complete article)


 Why doesn't MQ ever tell there is "certification" for editors? 


WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT HERE --- "certification program" 

I haven't heard anything about certifying editors, have you?

And if that's so we better get a HE^^ OF A LOT MORE MONEY!!!! doing it.



Aug. 30, 2005

CHRISTUS Health, a faith-based, not-for profit health care system comprising more than 40 hospitals, inpatient and long-term care facilities, clinics and other health care services serving more than 70 communities, has selected MedQuist as its premier vendor for documentation and speech recognition needs.

CHRISTUS Health was having challenges streamlining productivity and transcription costs. According to Robert Jacobs, CHRISTUS market information officer, a selection committee made up of HIM directors, radiology directors and physicians, evaluated vendors and selected MedQuist for its capabilities to provide front-end speech recognition and back-end speech recognition transcription services.

National Certification for MTs

Can someone refer me to a website or something so I can get certified.  Finished my course with a college and they don't of course deal with the National Certification.  Anyone out there done the certification part.  Please help.  Thanks

However, having some sort of certification does
not necessarily mean one is a good Transcriptionist any more than not having certification does not mean one is not a good transcriptionist. That would be saying that anyone who goes to medical school and has M.D. behind their name is a good doctor. While they have to have M.D. behind their name to practice medicine, it does not mean they are a good physician. Just my 2 cents worth.
certification v. certificate

CMT= certified medical transcriptionist.  

MTs with 2+ years of acute care experience who pass a test given by the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT)are CMTs.  They also need to prove they have accumulated a certain amount of continuing education credits every three years in order to maintain the certification.  HTH.

certification question

Ok, I have seen all the bad info about them in the Archives...  and I can't seem to type the name of this company; I get a message that I've used a "bad word!"  (Initials are TA -- sounds like a car name)  LOL 

I wish I had known about this site before my dealings with them.  Anyway, I finished trning w/them and have been a paid IC for them for some time now.  But I'm working way too hard for too little money.  I do MT, QC, and file managing for them, and I'm chained to my computer for very little return.  The good thing:  I AM working, and I now have experience with rheumatology, cardiology, vascular, chronic pain mgmt, pulmonology, psych, etc.  The experience has been great.

My question:  the only certification I have for MT is their course completion.  Anyone out there have experience with looking for another job with *only* a certificate like that? 

Just wondering...  I'll sit back now and wait for you all to tell me I'm foolish.




Certification is an investment in your future!
I have been told that only the "best and the brightest" will have a job MTing in the not too distant future; these are usually the CMTs.  In my opinion, it is a good investment, and it is not too hard to maintain once you have it.  I get all my credits through the AAMT journals. I am quite proud of my certification.  I think it shows to your employer that you know what you are doing and take pride in your work. 
medical transcription certification


I'm trying to figure out what the best all-around option is for gaining certification in medical transcription. (Balancing cost and quality of training)  This is what I've come across so far.  Recommendations would be very appreciated!

Penn Foster (online): Around $1000

Local Community College: Around $1300

TechSkills: Around $6000 (which I thought was ridiculous, since their training is done from online or prerecorded modules just like many other online or mail options)

Should I be looking for an Associate's degree, or is a certification (provided that it's accredited, of course) enough? I already have work experience on the clerical side of the healthcare industry.

Thank you!

Maybe it would finally be real certification, and not

Becoming a nurse requires education and certification.

MT does NOT.  A flying monkey could become an MT with a little training.  Some people make it sound as if we're doing brain surgery here.  Honestly, we are glorified typists.  Anyone who thinks it's more than that is just trying to feel better about being a medical typist.  I get slammed all the time for this opinion, but the harsh reality of it is that this is NOT a difficult field to get into IF you have the proper skills.  Don't slam someone for being a nurse and wanting to transition to MT.  She has more education and certification in the medical field than we do.  As long as she has good grammar, spelling, research, and typing skills, SHE WILL DO GREAT!!!!  Why do people have to be so egotistical and negative on these boards?  We ought to encourage newbies getting into the field instead of telling them it's too difficult or they aren't qualified.  Hey, let's just alienate all the newbies and send the work overseas to people who don't have EFL skills.

Forget the worthless AAMT certification
It will help you a lot more in the long run.
I relinquished my certification and proudly call myself an
They have sold us out, and they will never see another dime from me.
I agree. Certification does not beat experience ever!!! nm
I got a written certification to participate in swimming
class for senior center but guess what, no breast exam or gyn exam that went along with that. Where does it say breast or gyn exam here? Donít believe this story.
check state certification requirements

Make sure you check not only how much a program may cost you, but what your state requirements are. I'm in Utah and we are required to pass a state exam to be licensed to practice. There is also a national exam that is supposedly good if you take it, but is get pricey. I took the course locally with a program that included an internship. I personally found the career boring and it didn't pay well enough for me to pursue it, but every state has different pay scales so check into it.

You should have a leg up because you do have to learn and memorize a lot of drug names and what they are for. Also, make sure your basic math skills are good. Mine stunk, so make sure you can remember how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and decimals. Good luck!!!

I meant eligible to take the certification. Thanks for pointing out my error.
I didn't express that clearly.