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Chartnet by Chartscript

Posted By: jlg on 2007-04-13
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Is anyone working on Chartnet by Chartscript? Would like to know your opinion on it. My hospital is moving to it soon.

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Has anybody used this platform?  Migrating to it from Word and concerned about the "learning curve."  Any comments on ease of use?  Wondering how many (if any) use it besides us or if it is proprietary.
That's definitely reassuring!  Thanks!  How long did it take you to "get up to speed" as far as your quota?  Are you able to keep up with your lines or are you flying in the dark?
I went from DictExt, to Chartnet, and now back to DictExt. I definitely miss Chartnet. It is very efficient and I would not hesitate to recommend it.
It is by far the BEST platform I have ever used.  Have been around the block on hospital-based platforms for years.  And while it pains me to say this, prior to using chartnet, the best platform I had used prior  to that was the DQS system from MQ.  (pthewy!)  Well let me tell you, Chartnet just FLIES away compared to DQS.  It is extraordinarily efficient.  My line counts easily doubled.  Give it a shot!  You won't be disappointed.  BTW, I am not exactly a tekk wizard, so if I could do it, anyone can. Good luck to you and spend all your extra cash wisely!
Alright, then!  Bring it on!  Thanks ladies.
Have used chartnet while working in house, now working at home for same hospital, but cannot access reports previously typed which I was able to do in house.
Have used chartnet while working inhouse.  Have been set up at home from the same hospital using the same system.  However, I cannot access old reports to review them.  Any suggestions.
Does anyone know of ANY company that is hiring that provides Chartnet for their transcriptionists?  I heard it is a a big timesaver and easy to use, especially for non-tekkies like myself.  Appreciate the info, THANK YOU! 
SPI Healthcare Documentation uses Chartnet. I think it is very user friendly.
chartnet fan
Also Premier Office Transcription.  Small company but friendly, honest, and reliable pay.  Gotta love ChartNet!
CyMed also uses Chartnet.
I use Chartnet and need to know how...
to backup my expanders.  Does anyone know how to do this?  Do I use a disk?  I read about using a thumb drive or data stick.  No idea how to use this either.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.
Is that the web-based program by Chartscript? My hospital is moving to it also. They said by 1st quarter of this year but no news yet. We had a presentation on it and it looks pretty good.
I've worked on Chartnet for about 1-1/2 years and like it. Send me a private note if you have specific questions. You can see some screen captures here: http://www.hudson-medical.com/cn-transcription.htm
I worked on Chartnet for several years, and after just about a half hour of training, I was back up to 1500 lines a day!  It is the best, THE BEST, platform out there as far as I'm concerned.  I'm working with ExText out there and words cannot express how much I detest it.  Dictaphone never did have a clue.  Go with ChartNet.  Your employees will adore you!
Sorry I cannot answer your question regarding internet speed but wondering if you can tell me what company is going to Chartnet.  I was under the impression that SPI bought that program exclusively.  I loved working on Chartnet for Cymed.  Did not love working for SPI.  Thanks in advance.
I have been using the ChartNet platform for
the past 9 months and love it. It is a word-based platform and very easy to learn and use. I find it to be very productive. There are also several features that I especially like, such as being able to access reports previously dictated by a physician for reference and the ease of entering shortcuts. Give it a try.
ChartNet to EXText
Has anyone moved from Chartnet to EXText lately? If so, were you able to move your expansions to EXText?
Does any company use chartnet?
I think Chartnet was the best plateform I've every typed in and I haven't heard of any companies who use it anymore.  Does anyone know of a company that uses it?  I would love to work in it again. 

Any information on Meditech-ChartNet would be extremely helpful.


I worked on Chartnet for a very brief...sm
time. I did not like it because it is not word based and therefore my Expander would not work and neither would my spellchecker. That is a major slowdown.
Instant Text with ChartNet

Does anyone who works with Chartnet know if Instant Text is compatible? 


Does Shorthand work with Chartnet?

Does ShortHand for windows work with plantform Charnet?  Thanks.

MedScribe is in the process of going to ChartNet sm
They have moved some accounts and are doing this hospital by hospital. I'm still on the old system but my turn is coming. I was a little nervous about it at first, but from what I've ready here, I am now looking forward to it.

MedScribe is a great company...I've worked for them a little over a year after leaving MQ and am very happy here. :-)
Cymed uses ChartNet and it is a great software
system. Lots of things to make transcription easier for
Internet speed requirement for Chartnet?
My company is in the process of moving to Chartnet and are saying the optimum internet speed is 3000 Kbs upload, 600 Kbs download. At best, I get 1200 Kbs upload, 400 Kbs download,but often less. I have no other internet options where I live. Am I going to have a lot of problems? Thanks in advance.
I use it and really like it.  Expander is similar to autocorrect.   I would make my line count if I was able to sit down for 5 minutes without being bothered.
ChartScript - SM
This is a great offer.  The benefits are so-so for a hospital, but not bad.  You will easily get your line count working in ChartScript.  ChartScript counts all demographics, headers, footers, bold, italic, etc. on and off counts as two characters, as well each bold, italic, underlined character counts as two.  If you normally type 200 lines an hour on a standard 65 character line with spaces, because of the way ChartScript counts lines, those 200 lines in ChartScript would be closer to 300.  Make sure it's not ChartScript.net, SoftMed's browser based transcription platform, because if it is, it will be extremely difficult to get your line count.  There is a huge difference between ChartScript and ChartScript.net. 
Anybody know any companies that use Chartscript?

I'm wondering if anyone has the same problem I'm having with Chartscript.  I have never worked in Chartscript before, and my new primary account is in Chartscript. This is a brand-new account for my company (I work for a small MTSO), and they are pretty clueless with Chartscript and with Instant Text so are no help to me on this issue.

I don't know if it is my Instant Text that is causing the problems that I'm having.  Sometimes when I'm in Chartscript, I'll use a heading from my Instant Text in the document.  Then when I go to the next heading to insert it from Instant Text, it will copy the previous heading that I've just inserted.  Also, sometimes if I have just copied and pasted something, it will insert that rather than the Instant Text entry that I am trying to insert into the document.  It is SO aggravating and time-consuming!!

Also, Chartscript is so slow!  It's like it can't keep up with my typing, but it happens even if I'm just trying to highlight something in the document or delete something.... it is so cumbersome it seems!!  Is it ME, or is this something that other MTs have problems with also in Chartscript.  Need some feedback please!

Thanks for responding to my question. I have cable internet. The only thing on my computer that goes slow is Chartscript. I search something on Google in a different window and it is really fast, then I go back to Chartscript and get so aggravated! See my problem is that I've come to rely on Instant Text SO much.. have used it for 3 years and just the thoughts of working without it scared me so much. I was told there isn't a way to import our Expanders into CS. I really do think though that it is the INstant Text program that is messing me up here. I'm gonna have to try to figure this out and start using the expanders in Chartscript, I know it! :o) Thanks again..
Thanks very much.
Also, I've read a post that it does not work with expanders, is that correct?

Tx for the reply.
Can someone who uses Chartscript

Please tell me how to run my linecount.  I really need some help with this.  Started with a new company and asked but have not received an answer yet...maybe they don't want to discourage me??  Thanks in advance

We use chartscript at the hospital where I work.  On your main screen at the top is Reports.  Click on this, then User Documents.  Put in the date range and then click okay...then click on Print Preview.  This should do it   :)

Need info regarding Chartscript.  Is it a good platform to work on?  Is it in Word?  How long for a learning time?  Good line counts with it.  Also, are you able to use PC Shorthand, and can I use my Stedman's medical/pharmaceutical spellchecker too.  I would be lost without both of these helpers!!! 

Thank you.

Can anyone who works on ChartScript tell me if it is Word-based, and what they thing of it?  TIA.
Chartscript, sm
as far as the format- sorry donít know that.
I am about to take on a new account that will be using Chartscript.  I am wondering if normally when using Chartscript is the work is in a pool or is it assigned to each individual MT?  Or does it depend on the company and how they do it?  I am totally new to Chartscript and don't know what to expect. 
Chartscript is the platform used to transcribe the reports and is word-based software. It has nothing to do with how the work is distributed or "pooled" ... that would be done through their dictation system, i.e. Lanier, Dictaphone, etc.
I don't know about ShortHand but Instantext will. I just started using Chartscript and so far hate it because I cannot use Smartype which is what I am used to. I also do not know how to get my spellchecker to work in this. It just doesn't recognize anything. I NEED my spellcheck. If anyone can help with this please let me know.
It is Chartscript.net and ...
yes - said it was linked and when I click on the chartscript typing page the IT goes away or the whole screen locks up and flickers like fireworks!!!  I have never had a problem with IT running with anything before???
My company uses Chartscript right now and is fairly user friendly... we use Word/Stedman's and I have ShortHand abbre. progam, all work fine with it.   You can check the patient's other records, which is a super feature and copy and paste if need be into the document.   Why are they changing from Extext?... as I work for a 2nd company who is looking to have that installed...
IT and chartscript..
Thank you twitters, I had that question a few months back, would come up and link,but when went to type disappeared.  Glad to know I was not using my mind!!!
Re: Chartscript.net
Thanks so much for your feedback. Not sure what I'll do yet since I don't know what my choices will be, or if this is the only account. But at least I know I wasn't imaging things and that others have experienced the same problems. I totally agree with you. It's hard to be productive when you're working on a platform that goes against productivity rather than helping it. Companies just don't seem to care about our end of things and the process we go through to create their reports. They just want to see the final version, and they want it perfect!! Good luck to you in your future endeavors.
Chartscript help

Hoping someone could help.  I am unable to copy and paste in Chartscript.  I can copy and paste anywhere else, in any other program.  This is a new computer I am using, new install of Chartscript.  On my previous computer and Chartscript, I had the ability to copy and paste in Chartscript.

Any ideas??

Thanks much in advance!

did you try rebooting.  I remember getting that msg before. 
Chartscript.net CC's
I have been using Chartscript.net for 2 years now.  The training was terrible, very superficial and basic, and the manual and web site don't provide any information on adding cc's.  I was wondering if anyone out there knew about adding a cc.  When in a document, you do Ctrl + E and it brings up the cc window.  The top box says "providers on case."  The bottom boxy says "providers copied on document."  Sometimes a doctor is in the top box but not the bottom.  Do you click the green + next to that doctors name to add him to the bottom box so he gets a cc?  Or will he get a cc without adding him to the bottom box?  We have a new transcription clerk and she insisted the top box will all get copies, but the rest of us don't think so.

I have worked with Chartscript for more than five years for two different companies. I know management sets the character count and what is included/excluded from the count, i.e. demographics, etc. I know companies have had class action suits for "cheating" MTs. There should be "checks and balances" - can anyone recommend a good line count software that works in conjunction with Chartscript to verify line count?



One of my clients uses Chartscript
It is a little confusing at first, but once used to it, it is a breeze. You just have to be careful because the system is picky about what it will accept, such as no % signs, but rather spelled out, etc. Not hard. If I can do it, anybody can. :^)
Chartscript and Smartype
Hi, I lurk here, and I need some help. Been an IC for 12 years, using Smartype for almost 10 years I think. I have SEVERE CTS and could not do my job without ST.

Just found out my client who's over 80% of my pay for 12 years now is moving us over to Chartscript. I know older versions of Chartscript would work with ST, but what about now? I'm just terrified that I am going to have to quit because I will lose all my abbv's, and my hands just can't take rebuilding a new set of them. I am feeling very SOL.
I'm hearing a lot of "local" gloom and doom about this. Does anyone have any advice? Encouragement? Ideas?

Thanks everyone. MUCH appreciated.