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Check EBay for the tray. Think can remove

Posted By: slider from desk and install Human Scale. nm on 2008-01-05
In Reply to: keyboard - ML


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  • keyboard - ML
    • Check EBay for the tray. Think can remove - slider from desk and install Human Scale. nm

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Can someone tell me how to remove a word from spell check?

I'm using ExText (Word based?), ran spell check, and accidentally clicked on 'Add' (adding a misspelled word) when I meant to click on 'Change' (to change it to the correctly spelled word).  I know, I know, I shouldn't be using the mouse, I should be using the Keystrokes anyway, right?.  LOL 

But now that I have a misspelled word in spell check, how do I remove it?  Does anyone know?  TIA!

not sure, but you can check on ebay...
that's where I got mine. $20.00 for a brand new Infinity 9-pin foot pedal.
Did you check eBay? nm
you might check ebay and such.
check ebay for machine sm
I've gotten several things for transcribing from ebay and have been thrilled every time.  good luck!!
Check the classifieds here, eBay, or half.com. nm
Check ebay, there's a lot of them pretty cheap.
Some people buy them and then don't like them as much as they thought they would, so you can get some that are practically brand new for next to nothing.
First, you need to remove 4 screws to replace/remove your hard drive. (sm)
Once the screws are all removed, the hard drive (4 x 4 x 2) is sitting in the bottom of the cage. This won't always be the situation, (some really cheap cages are open at the bottom, so the instant the last screw is removed the drive drops if you aren't holding on). Oddly enough, this is the most critical stage of replacing a hard drive, in the sense that removing the drive through the case where the ribbon cables are bunched up and over the CPU and heatsink is most likely to create another problem. If the cables are long enough, you can leave them attached to the hardrive as you slide it out, but don't try pulling through a mess, clear a path first. If you are discarding the entire unit, dont worry about  being gentle handed.
Might want to check out eBay if you're not into JCP or Sears stuff. Can find some good bargains
You don't need to remove the key, remove the shortcut assigned to the key
in the customize keyboard dialog box.
Looking for a tray for my keyboard...
one of those that goes under the desk, slides out, and can be adjusted up and down for height. I had one when I worked at the hospital and would love to have one at home. Do any of you know where I could order one?
Keyboard tray
I bought my first one through Viking and the second one through Office Depot.  Love it as I can put is in dozens of positions and I love to have my keyboard slanted.   Been doing this for over 20 years and never have had carpal tunnel or hand pains and type 35 to 40,000 lines per month.  Docs cannot believe it and I do attribute it to the my keyboard that I am able to adust so much.  Costs over $100 if I remember but well worth it and in 20 years have only been through 2 which is a lot better than my keyboards.   Look online at Office Depot.   Good luck.   Patti
Keyboard tray
I actually found it the perfect keyboard tray! It's the single best investment I've made in years!

The AKP keyboard platform is enormously versatile...it will do absolutely everything. I love it, have been using it for 6 months now and can't imagine not having it.

Jeb Scannell is the owner, and was wonderful to work with. I was concerned about working with a footpedal, as the platform has a star base, but he explained how other MTs have used it, and I truly have no trouble.

There are several models, and lots of different surfaces for the tops. I recommend contacting Jeb directly...he often has slightly flawed tops that he will put together and sell at a discount. I saved quite a bit on mine, and I still haven't found the supposed flaw.

Web -- www.akp-inc.com

Email -- Jeb@akp-inc.com or akp20@aol.com

Voice Mail -- 727-526-6278 or toll free 1-877-925-7462 (1-877-9-AKPINC)

Jeb's direct Line: 727-410-1841

Keyboard tray
I worked at a hospital where we had fully adjustable trays...I ended up adjusting mine until it ended up flat like a regular old keyboard tray (!)  The key for me, too, is the ergonomic keyboard and proper ergonomic alignment. 
Keyboard Tray


I wanted to get some opinions on a keyboard tray.  I am using an ergonomic split keyboard that rests on my desktop.  I use wrist braces, and some days my wrists still ache.  I wanted the opinion of anyone who had used a keyboard tray versus not and if there was a difference.  Is there such a tray that you don't have do drill into your desk to attach it?  Any benefits that justify the cost of the tray?  I have my monitor on a monitor stand to help prevent neck strain.  That seems to help.  Just looking for any ideas to help save my wrists. 


Thanks in advance!

Keyboard tray
I don't know what you mean by "tray." The one I prefer has a plastic wrist rest attached which can be taken off. Using this, you can rest your wrists on the wrist rest as you type and it gives support to your hands and wrists. Using this, you don't need the gloves or the splints. Just keep your elbows close to your body and level with your keyboard and rest your wrists on the wrist rest as you type. Simple basic ergonomics is all. Also try to relax. Getting tense may put extra strain on your wrists and hands. Never used ergonomic keyboard. Tried it once and go nowhere fast.
keboard tray
I needed some height for my keyboard and I bought a laptop stand...one that is adjustable. I bought it at office max. it is adjustable and works just great for me....
I have a wooden bed tray that I use for

holding my laptop.  I have a heavy box that I put near the foot of my bed to prop my footpedal up against, and then I use a pillow in my lap for my keyboard. 


snap on keyboard tray
I bought a keyboard tray with brackets (sorta like an over the door organizer that has the brackets on each side to fit over the door). It took less than 1 minute to install, just push the keyboard tray brackets over the edge of the desk and tighten the knobs. It has a rubber guard inside the bracket to prevent scarring up the desk. It then works like a regular under the desk pull out keyboard tray. The pull out tray is already installed, just fit the brackets over the desk and tighten the 2 knobs and the keyboard will slide from up under the desk. It was $24 at Wal-mart.
Anyone use an articulating mouse tray? sm
I have an articulating keyboard tray which is not quite large enough to place my mouse on without causing me to get a shoulder cramp from incorrect positioning. Does anyone use an articulating mouse tray,and if so, which one did you purchase? Thank you very much.
Get a keyboard tray for under your desk to keep it low.
My desk came with a keyboard tray, as do most of them

I've seen.  It is just a flat piece that slides in and out maybe 4 inches below my desk surface.  My parents bought me an adjustable tray years ago for Christmas.  It has levers that I can raise or lower it or tilt from side to side.  It recently broke and I'm using it in a fixed position now and not able to push it up under my desk when not in use. 

You can check any store like Office Depot or Staples and they have various kinds of keyboard trays.  You can look on-line, but they also have various ones setup in the store.  You can check e-bay too. 

I have tried working sitting up in bed or in a recliner.  I put something heavy on the bed and then prop my footpedal up against it and that works fairly well.  In a recliner I put the pedal on the leg rest and used my heel to push it, which I didn't think worked very well.  It kept slipping and I spent a lot of time messing with it to try to adjust it instead of typing.  I read a few years ago about an MT who had rigged her pedal so it was nailed to the wall.  I don't have a space to do that, plus I don't see how you get close enough to push the pedal if you are in a recliner.


On a wooden TV tray for more mobility.
Adjustable keyboard tray?
I'm a short person and need to get an adjustable keyboard tray that I can move up or down to accommodate my height better (one that slides under my computer desk as well of course).  Can anyone recommend a particular brand and model?  There are so many out there and I need a good one.  Thanks!
Can you see the Icon in system tray..
next to your clock (right bottom corner)? Otherwise, you just installed it. Go to programs menu and run it first.
Yes, the icon is in the systems tray. nm
Free-standing keyboard tray
I found a free-standing keyboard tray that might be handy for travel. There is a picture of it at this site. Here is the link:
I prop a pillow on my keyboard tray and then

put my keyboard on the pillow.  You need a sort of squishy pillow, too firm and it doesn't work.    I find that it makes me sit with my back against the back of the chair and it also helps with pain in fingers, wrists, and shoulders. 

I use a standard bed pillow - foam not feather. 

You only remove the ones you want to remove
the one with the i-d-i-o-t remark in it as you had already been asked to do.
icons/tool tray on side of screen
Can't move them back to the bottom where they were, inadvertently moved them when resizing screens.  How do I get them back on the bottom?  TIA
I removed the drawer to mount the keyboard tray.
Surprisingly, I didn't need that drawer as much as I thought I would. I found an adjustment keyboard tray at a bargain clearance store for $19, originally sold for around $80. Try ebay, too.
On your start up icon tray (right lower corner) there is
an icon that looks like a green arrow pointing down.  If you click once on that, your transnet status box pops back up.
Did they remove you from one account (sm)

and put you on a more difficult account?  It could be the bait and switch.  They might save the other account for favorites.

I have about 20 little hairs to remove. About how much
I had to remove one from the kitchen a little

It was the middle of the night, as I was walking towards the kitchen, I noticed the snake (maybe 14" long, maybe 2" in diameter) side winding towards the refrigerator.  I am a nature person but only to a certain degree, so don't want the snakes in my home or any reptile for that matter.  I bent down as far as I could with my arthritic hips, scooped the snake up into a dust pan with my arthritic fingers as fast as I could (which wasn't very fast) and walked it up my very steep driveway towards a nearby drain.  I didn't want to kill it, just get it far away from the house as I could.  I never heard from it again.  However, I have bird feeders near the house and maybe that is why I had to even deal with it being in my home in the first place.  Not much of a reptile or insect person.  I remove the lizards from the house too instead of killing but will spray or destroy insects.



Potatoes might help...Then remove them.
Good luck.
They had to remove "American"
from their name because it's no longer an American association - but where is the integrity the claim?
Remove Spyware...
The best method for removing Spyware is called "Spybot Search and Destroy" It is available from downloads.com. http://www.download.com/3001-8022_4-10804822.html that page will start the download right away, it's a safe link. It is also a free program. Spybot will clean the PC, and when you run the "immunize" program it will keep things safer. Also if you install "Teatimer" which is included, it will warn you if something is trying to make a change, such as a website that tries to change your home page or add to the registry. Teatimer can become annoying when you are installing software though, because it pops up every time the new software tries to make a change to warn you, and you have to click "approve change" if you're in the middle of installing something.

On another note, I have found that just running Firefox instead of Internet Explorer has saved me from many problems as well.

My 2 cents.
I cannot remove DQS for a year now

I have been unable to uninstall DocQScribe for a year now from my computer. 

Has anyone else had these problem or can help me remove DQS from my computer.

I have already tried to removed from the program's list under the startup button as well as the add/remove program section.  I keep getting an error message not allowing me to remove the program from my computer.



I went into add/remove programs, then had to go into
start and search, and it still was coming back. If you Google you can find out how others have gotten rid of it also, that helped me a lot. OMG - that is awful, isnt it, that message that keeps coming up haha,

happy 'deleting'

The perfect desk! No more chasing the keyboard tray or breaking it...
After years of going through desks at an unbelievable rate due to flimsy keyboard trays, I have found the perfect desk with adding a slight modification. I purchased a glass and aluminum desk (RTA Home and Office Products CT-009 from Willey Goat). The keyboard tray is actually a glass shelf. However, it did not come out far enough, and I contacted a local glass company to cut a longer piece of glass and RTA for extra parts to support an extended the shelf. Now I have a keyboard tray nice and big that I do not have to chase all day that will not break. I am in love! This desk was so easy to put together, unlike others that come in a million pieces. For anybody tired of those flimsy, ugly desks and extra support to rest your wrists/arms on, this is great!
Ugh, no. I would remove it from the house if I dared.
I do have to keep books out of the office, though.
Administrator: Can you remove the link for me?
I put the link for the Spheris article below, without realizing how long it was! Can you remove it as it is distorting my page?! Thanks!!
I use Registry Mechanic and it does remove--
old and unwanted/unneeded registries from your registry. What you saw was probably just an advertisement and had not actually run a scan. It is good to have a program that does scan and clean out your registry though, as it frees up much needed hard drive space and keeps unwanted invaders that creep into your registry unknown by you when you visit other sites. I don't know anything about the program that was advertised to you though. Just my experiences.
how do I remove page break?
in MW Word.  I should know this, but apparently I do not.  Thank you.
Edited to remove place of employment. sm

That might be a little too much information. 

You can remove the built-in shortcut from the Insert key. sm
Go into Tools, Customize, then click the Keyboard button. Scroll down and click on All Commands in the left window. Scroll down the right window and click on the Overtype command. Click on the command in the current keys box, then click Remove.
my dad swallowed 2 nails while working and had to have an EGD to remove them. nm
why not remove your resume instead of voicing disdain? NM
Remove Service Pack 3 and go back to
Service Pack 2. I had nothing but trouble with my computer with SP3. I do not have automatic downloads turned on. I go over to the microsoft.com website occasionally and see what is new for downloading. I choose the custom settings so I know exactly what is being uploaded.

Control Panel
Add or Remove Programs
Find SP3 and remove it.
Enough about Kristen Pineda and all her aliases. We remove posts as we see them, but
this person uses aliases, different email addresses, and IP addresses.  WE DO WATCH.  If you were taken by this person, deal with the authorities.