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icons/tool tray on side of screen

Posted By: sandy54 on 2006-08-17
In Reply to:

Can't move them back to the bottom where they were, inadvertently moved them when resizing screens.  How do I get them back on the bottom?  TIA

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Why do some posts have yellow icons by the left side?
Look over to the left side of your screen..
Good luck.
On the left hand side of screen, there is --sm
CONTACT info. They give their email addy's only, which is understandable. Contact the admin and ask for fax number to send info to. pretty simple, if you really want to do it.
how to move task bar from left side of screen to down below where it used to be??
EXText Word Client - blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen
I am using EXText Word Client software with Transnet. I am getting a blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software an upgraded but still errors out the same way. Are there any EXtexters who could help?
EXText Word Client - blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen
I am using EXText Word Client software with Transnet. I am getting a blank screen everytime I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen). I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software an upgraded but still errors out the same way. Are there any EXtexters who could help?
EXText word client blank screen everytime I give ok in DIS screen
Thanks your suggestion was very valuable. At a specified time (which the technical side say, when the net speed is very good), it is working without a problem at all (whereas this was half working and half not working before even at this time), but other times, still the same problem exists.

Actually the blank screen comes every time I give "ok" in the DIS screen (patient details info screen).
Screen Resolution/Font/Screen Percentage
My eyes are tired all the time. I usually have my monitor set at 800 x 600 pixels and use Bookman at 10 font in Word at 111% in the normal layout. What might be a better viewing screen setting to use?
Flashing Icons


What are the flashing icons beside the job postings on the Job Seeker's Board?  Are they intended to indicate that the jobs have been filled or still open?  Thank you.

I didn't use ANY icons. LOL
I have lost my icons... Help!

I have missplaced all of my icons on desktop. I would like to have those and use instead of having to use start and pick them up from there. Can anyone tell me, step by step, how to retrieve those. Thanks a lot!

I'm sorry, I see that there are postings already for this.  As you can see, it's driving me crazy.  Thanks
Desktop Icons
go to your desktop and right click, hit new, hit shortcut, and then browse for your page.
how to move desktop icons so .
 they won't return to original positions.  I know there is something to uncheck, somewhere, can't find it.  Probably am asking at wrong board.  Thank you for any help. 
Setting up icons on desktop
I have a page that I want to appear as an incon. How to do? Thanks.
Or is it that brew your 2 icons are clicking??
Just kidding. I thought at first you were trying to say a beer wouldn't hurt. Yep, popcorn can liven up the looooooong evenings once in awhile, I know where you're coming from.
Every program I bring up is Adobe. All my desktop icons were my IT icon.
But to bring one up, it was the Adobe Flashplayer. I have needed a PT job for two months and cannot apply as Vista is not compatible. Also, ExpressScribe is incompatible with Vista so I could not take the tests. OMG, I paid 1600.00 for this (my first laptop Dell 1330 XPS) on 2/19 and have already had to have a system recovery. Now, nothing will upload and I am told my hard drive has the Conficker virus embedded in it; I am waiting for a new hard drive as I type this.

This totally sucks. Vista has rendered my computer useless. Dell does not sell XP anymore and even if I could get XP, it would not work in this particular computer. Dell is being very unreasonable, stating that even though it has been just over 30 days, I am stuck with this Vista and just "deal with it."

I wanted this to be the last computer I ever bought. Now, it appears not to be true.
your tool bar
has a language option. I use it all the time when I need to transcribe for UK
on your tool bar at the top....
there is a paragraph symbol. click that and your formatting should turn off.
tool bar

Open Word, run your mouse up to the top of the page and right click in the space where you would see the tool bar, another elongated box should pop up, click standard or whatever tool boxes you use.  If this does not get your tool bar back, under tools go to customize.  This will bring up the same information to access your various tool bars.



Yep, I'm a complete tool like that.

I thought as I aged I would grow cojones...the problem is, we moved up here and it's just so far away from friends and family, that when company does show up, planned or not, it is truly a blessing.  I am incredibly lonely up here, and as I work out of a home in a land where I don't know ANYONE except my immediate neighbors, friends have not been easy to make and, well, you can see why I have so many postings on this board. 

So, I guess I'll continue to treat people as I wish to be treated...with a big hug, a warm smile, and a "I'm so glad you were able to stop by"...and then stress out and drink black coffee laced with 1/4 pound of suger catching up on work while they sleep soundly.  I only got this one life, so I might as well try to squeeze everything into it with at least a calm and cool outer appearance    ;-)


moving tool bar
So I played around with Word. There are three dots to the right of the word File. Put your curser on the three dots and drag them back up to your tool bar. They will then be in a "little bar/box" then click on that bar again and "drop" it back on top. Hope that helps!
pick your tool
I am a slow-medium typer, and I do quite well straight typing, using a word Expander program and LOTS of expansions. With VR I found less opportunity to take advantage of expansions. Expander programs and VR are both tools we can use to increase our productivity. Because the VR pay is so low, I choose to straight type and use the expander tool.
Looking for a tray for my keyboard...
one of those that goes under the desk, slides out, and can be adjusted up and down for height. I had one when I worked at the hospital and would love to have one at home. Do any of you know where I could order one?
Keyboard tray
I bought my first one through Viking and the second one through Office Depot.  Love it as I can put is in dozens of positions and I love to have my keyboard slanted.   Been doing this for over 20 years and never have had carpal tunnel or hand pains and type 35 to 40,000 lines per month.  Docs cannot believe it and I do attribute it to the my keyboard that I am able to adust so much.  Costs over $100 if I remember but well worth it and in 20 years have only been through 2 which is a lot better than my keyboards.   Look online at Office Depot.   Good luck.   Patti
Keyboard tray
I actually found it the perfect keyboard tray! It's the single best investment I've made in years!

The AKP keyboard platform is enormously versatile...it will do absolutely everything. I love it, have been using it for 6 months now and can't imagine not having it.

Jeb Scannell is the owner, and was wonderful to work with. I was concerned about working with a footpedal, as the platform has a star base, but he explained how other MTs have used it, and I truly have no trouble.

There are several models, and lots of different surfaces for the tops. I recommend contacting Jeb directly...he often has slightly flawed tops that he will put together and sell at a discount. I saved quite a bit on mine, and I still haven't found the supposed flaw.

Web -- www.akp-inc.com

Email -- Jeb@akp-inc.com or akp20@aol.com

Voice Mail -- 727-526-6278 or toll free 1-877-925-7462 (1-877-9-AKPINC)

Jeb's direct Line: 727-410-1841

Keyboard tray
I worked at a hospital where we had fully adjustable trays...I ended up adjusting mine until it ended up flat like a regular old keyboard tray (!)  The key for me, too, is the ergonomic keyboard and proper ergonomic alignment. 
Keyboard Tray


I wanted to get some opinions on a keyboard tray.  I am using an ergonomic split keyboard that rests on my desktop.  I use wrist braces, and some days my wrists still ache.  I wanted the opinion of anyone who had used a keyboard tray versus not and if there was a difference.  Is there such a tray that you don't have do drill into your desk to attach it?  Any benefits that justify the cost of the tray?  I have my monitor on a monitor stand to help prevent neck strain.  That seems to help.  Just looking for any ideas to help save my wrists. 


Thanks in advance!

Keyboard tray
I don't know what you mean by "tray." The one I prefer has a plastic wrist rest attached which can be taken off. Using this, you can rest your wrists on the wrist rest as you type and it gives support to your hands and wrists. Using this, you don't need the gloves or the splints. Just keep your elbows close to your body and level with your keyboard and rest your wrists on the wrist rest as you type. Simple basic ergonomics is all. Also try to relax. Getting tense may put extra strain on your wrists and hands. Never used ergonomic keyboard. Tried it once and go nowhere fast.
keboard tray
I needed some height for my keyboard and I bought a laptop stand...one that is adjustable. I bought it at office max. it is adjustable and works just great for me....
I have a wooden bed tray that I use for

holding my laptop.  I have a heavy box that I put near the foot of my bed to prop my footpedal up against, and then I use a pillow in my lap for my keyboard. 


not the sharpest tool in the shed
great motivational tool

I have found that this greatly motivates me to keep my speed up.  I set one of those metal change counters that you wear on your waist next to my screen. Everytime I complete a line I press the nickel lever and a nickel falls out. Just the sound of that makes me want to type faster.  For those of you who make 7 to 8 cpl, it is a few more presses per line, but definitely will keep you going as fast as you can.


tool bars moving
Usually you can click - drag and drop them where you want them - hope this works for you this time.
Tool bar in Word. I do not see the option to
SEARCH tool does not work...

When I try using the SEARCH tool, to look up past information, it does not work.  Is this just temporary, or am I doing something wrong? 





MS word tool bar - another question
I also lost the "paragraph" symbol and cannot seem to get it back the same as the print and print preview method. Can you guide me on this one as well

Part of my toolbar, from file through help, is now vertical along the left side of my screen. I checked "help" but could not come up with the solution for moving it back to the horizontal top of the screen position.

Thank you

snap on keyboard tray
I bought a keyboard tray with brackets (sorta like an over the door organizer that has the brackets on each side to fit over the door). It took less than 1 minute to install, just push the keyboard tray brackets over the edge of the desk and tighten the knobs. It has a rubber guard inside the bracket to prevent scarring up the desk. It then works like a regular under the desk pull out keyboard tray. The pull out tray is already installed, just fit the brackets over the desk and tighten the 2 knobs and the keyboard will slide from up under the desk. It was $24 at Wal-mart.
Anyone use an articulating mouse tray? sm
I have an articulating keyboard tray which is not quite large enough to place my mouse on without causing me to get a shoulder cramp from incorrect positioning. Does anyone use an articulating mouse tray,and if so, which one did you purchase? Thank you very much.
Get a keyboard tray for under your desk to keep it low.
My desk came with a keyboard tray, as do most of them

I've seen.  It is just a flat piece that slides in and out maybe 4 inches below my desk surface.  My parents bought me an adjustable tray years ago for Christmas.  It has levers that I can raise or lower it or tilt from side to side.  It recently broke and I'm using it in a fixed position now and not able to push it up under my desk when not in use. 

You can check any store like Office Depot or Staples and they have various kinds of keyboard trays.  You can look on-line, but they also have various ones setup in the store.  You can check e-bay too. 

I have tried working sitting up in bed or in a recliner.  I put something heavy on the bed and then prop my footpedal up against it and that works fairly well.  In a recliner I put the pedal on the leg rest and used my heel to push it, which I didn't think worked very well.  It kept slipping and I spent a lot of time messing with it to try to adjust it instead of typing.  I read a few years ago about an MT who had rigged her pedal so it was nailed to the wall.  I don't have a space to do that, plus I don't see how you get close enough to push the pedal if you are in a recliner.


On a wooden TV tray for more mobility.
Adjustable keyboard tray?
I'm a short person and need to get an adjustable keyboard tray that I can move up or down to accommodate my height better (one that slides under my computer desk as well of course).  Can anyone recommend a particular brand and model?  There are so many out there and I need a good one.  Thanks!
Can you see the Icon in system tray..
next to your clock (right bottom corner)? Otherwise, you just installed it. Go to programs menu and run it first.
Yes, the icon is in the systems tray. nm
I think you click on the symbol for return on your tool bar


Great tool for creating shortcuts

I just found this really great site with a tool on it for counting the repeated phrases in documents which we as MTs can use to make shortcuts! 

here it is:  http://medicaltranscriptionexpandproductive.blogspot.com/

Free-standing keyboard tray
I found a free-standing keyboard tray that might be handy for travel. There is a picture of it at this site. Here is the link:
Check EBay for the tray. Think can remove
I prop a pillow on my keyboard tray and then

put my keyboard on the pillow.  You need a sort of squishy pillow, too firm and it doesn't work.    I find that it makes me sit with my back against the back of the chair and it also helps with pain in fingers, wrists, and shoulders. 

I use a standard bed pillow - foam not feather.