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First, you need to remove 4 screws to replace/remove your hard drive. (sm)

Posted By: giddy pc guru on 2007-03-20
In Reply to: where is the hard drive sm - americanmls

Once the screws are all removed, the hard drive (4 x 4 x 2) is sitting in the bottom of the cage. This won't always be the situation, (some really cheap cages are open at the bottom, so the instant the last screw is removed the drive drops if you aren't holding on). Oddly enough, this is the most critical stage of replacing a hard drive, in the sense that removing the drive through the case where the ribbon cables are bunched up and over the CPU and heatsink is most likely to create another problem. If the cables are long enough, you can leave them attached to the hardrive as you slide it out, but don't try pulling through a mess, clear a path first. If you are discarding the entire unit, dont worry about  being gentle handed.

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You don't need to remove the key, remove the shortcut assigned to the key
in the customize keyboard dialog box.
Replace semicolon with comma, remove comma
You only remove the ones you want to remove
the one with the i-d-i-o-t remark in it as you had already been asked to do.
Did they remove you from one account (sm)

and put you on a more difficult account?  It could be the bait and switch.  They might save the other account for favorites.

I have about 20 little hairs to remove. About how much
I had to remove one from the kitchen a little

It was the middle of the night, as I was walking towards the kitchen, I noticed the snake (maybe 14" long, maybe 2" in diameter) side winding towards the refrigerator.  I am a nature person but only to a certain degree, so don't want the snakes in my home or any reptile for that matter.  I bent down as far as I could with my arthritic hips, scooped the snake up into a dust pan with my arthritic fingers as fast as I could (which wasn't very fast) and walked it up my very steep driveway towards a nearby drain.  I didn't want to kill it, just get it far away from the house as I could.  I never heard from it again.  However, I have bird feeders near the house and maybe that is why I had to even deal with it being in my home in the first place.  Not much of a reptile or insect person.  I remove the lizards from the house too instead of killing but will spray or destroy insects.



Potatoes might help...Then remove them.
Good luck.
They had to remove "American"
from their name because it's no longer an American association - but where is the integrity the claim?
Remove Spyware...
The best method for removing Spyware is called "Spybot Search and Destroy" It is available from downloads.com. http://www.download.com/3001-8022_4-10804822.html that page will start the download right away, it's a safe link. It is also a free program. Spybot will clean the PC, and when you run the "immunize" program it will keep things safer. Also if you install "Teatimer" which is included, it will warn you if something is trying to make a change, such as a website that tries to change your home page or add to the registry. Teatimer can become annoying when you are installing software though, because it pops up every time the new software tries to make a change to warn you, and you have to click "approve change" if you're in the middle of installing something.

On another note, I have found that just running Firefox instead of Internet Explorer has saved me from many problems as well.

My 2 cents.
I cannot remove DQS for a year now

I have been unable to uninstall DocQScribe for a year now from my computer. 

Has anyone else had these problem or can help me remove DQS from my computer.

I have already tried to removed from the program's list under the startup button as well as the add/remove program section.  I keep getting an error message not allowing me to remove the program from my computer.



I went into add/remove programs, then had to go into
start and search, and it still was coming back. If you Google you can find out how others have gotten rid of it also, that helped me a lot. OMG - that is awful, isnt it, that message that keeps coming up haha,

happy 'deleting'

Ugh, no. I would remove it from the house if I dared.
I do have to keep books out of the office, though.
Administrator: Can you remove the link for me?
I put the link for the Spheris article below, without realizing how long it was! Can you remove it as it is distorting my page?! Thanks!!
I use Registry Mechanic and it does remove--
old and unwanted/unneeded registries from your registry. What you saw was probably just an advertisement and had not actually run a scan. It is good to have a program that does scan and clean out your registry though, as it frees up much needed hard drive space and keeps unwanted invaders that creep into your registry unknown by you when you visit other sites. I don't know anything about the program that was advertised to you though. Just my experiences.
how do I remove page break?
in MW Word.  I should know this, but apparently I do not.  Thank you.
Edited to remove place of employment. sm

That might be a little too much information. 

You can remove the built-in shortcut from the Insert key. sm
Go into Tools, Customize, then click the Keyboard button. Scroll down and click on All Commands in the left window. Scroll down the right window and click on the Overtype command. Click on the command in the current keys box, then click Remove.
Can someone tell me how to remove a word from spell check?

I'm using ExText (Word based?), ran spell check, and accidentally clicked on 'Add' (adding a misspelled word) when I meant to click on 'Change' (to change it to the correctly spelled word).  I know, I know, I shouldn't be using the mouse, I should be using the Keystrokes anyway, right?.  LOL 

But now that I have a misspelled word in spell check, how do I remove it?  Does anyone know?  TIA!

Check EBay for the tray. Think can remove
my dad swallowed 2 nails while working and had to have an EGD to remove them. nm
why not remove your resume instead of voicing disdain? NM
Remove Service Pack 3 and go back to
Service Pack 2. I had nothing but trouble with my computer with SP3. I do not have automatic downloads turned on. I go over to the microsoft.com website occasionally and see what is new for downloading. I choose the custom settings so I know exactly what is being uploaded.

Control Panel
Add or Remove Programs
Find SP3 and remove it.
Enough about Kristen Pineda and all her aliases. We remove posts as we see them, but
this person uses aliases, different email addresses, and IP addresses.  WE DO WATCH.  If you were taken by this person, deal with the authorities.
Thanks! Maybe I'll remove the caps from Failure!! I do use all expanders
almost exactly as you have described!  Its my account that specifically wants verbatim and NO canned text.  They must "know" about that, and want to make sure they get their pennies worth out of the MTs!! 
Does anyone know of a free program that will completely remove Starware - nm
I'm not going to remove this thread but ask that religious discussion be moved
to the Religion boards.
Changing to Final only hides the tracked changes, it does not remove them. sm
To make sure that all your tracked changes are removed from the document, you must accept all changes. In Word 2003, click the little arrow beside the Accept Change button on the Reviewing toolbar, and choose Accept All Changes.
They don't remove eyes based on transcribed medical reports. SM

Hate to burst your bubble - we're important, but not that important.

I take great pride in doing great work and doing a bunch of it.

Can the Administrator remove the Christmas tree cursor from the other boards? :) nm
Mine shows under Contrl Panel/Add or Remove Programs. No
I heard it is great, try Amphion too. ADMINISTRATOR, please remove INDIAN's post on JOB BOARD
I intended to email it- already email the mods to remove
where is the hard drive sm
I never unscrewed the tower case. Where will I find the "hard drive?" I know it sounds like a dumb question, but I really don't know squat about the guts of the hardware.
Hard drive out, now what?
So now you have the hard drive out, what do you do with the hard drive?  TIA
Photo of a hard drive
So you can see what you're looking for:


How large is your hard drive, and
how much free space do you have. Remove unnecessary programs that you do not use. Download CCleaner from the Internet. It is a great program and free. It cleans out the temp files, cookies, etc. when you log off the Internet. See how much RAM you have and check your motherboard manual for the maximum RAM allowed. More RAM will speed up your computer. Also, if you have more than 1 stick of RAM, some of them may be dead, and this could slow down the computer too. A lot of variables come into play. Try one thing at a time. There are plenty of things you can do. Good luck!
Also as I just blew my hard drive
Take the sideoff and get some compressed air and clean out the inside of your computer..I noticed mine was getting slower and slower..Forgot to clean the inside and here I am replacing a hard drive...All it takes is a spec of dust on the hard drive to make things haywire
You need to get somebody to partition your hard drive. sm
Your computer can have both Vista and XP on it, your tech guy or somebody who is up on this stuff partitions off your hard drive so you can boot up with either one. My computer is partitioned so when XP is no longer supported, my Vista will be like an upgrade. I also read, on here I think, that you could even use a second hard drive.
Hard Drive Twilight Zone...


Last night I had a file and folder open and left them there.  This afternoon I sat down to try to get some work done on it.  I decided to clean up the bottom tray and closed out the file, folder, and other www pages I left open (Yahoo., local library, etc.) to re-open items in the order I usually like them only to discover that the drive that I work on is totally missing. 

I've done searches for names of files on that drive, searched for the drive itself, checked the trash bin in case of some fluke it might be there.  Nada, zip, zilch, ___you fill in the blank, the system says I used a bad word. 

What else can I/should I do besides shoot myself?


OOPS my hard drive crashed

Either charge him an astranomical amount or say "oops computer crashed and lost them" or snce you no longer have his account you erased them.  They are your property and you are entitled to be compensated if he wants them and give them to him.   They are yours and not his. 


Download the file from FTP to your hard drive.
Then hit Load button, find where you saved the file on your hard drive and Load. Now, you're in business.
Part was cut off. Deleted it from the hard drive. I would
like to get this working so I can test with other places.  If not, I dont know what to do.  I have an Infinity foot pedal and it works fine on DQS so I dont want to go out and buy foot pedals not knowing what to buy and if it will work.  Hopefully this tech guy will have an answer since he works for the company I am testing for. 
How much room do you need on your hard drive if you work for 2 companies at once. I know this is a
stupid question but I am ready to buy a computer and I am thinking of going part time with 2 companies and each one has their own platform but I dont want to pay for some hugh unnecessary computer. Can someone tell me what has worked for them if you work for 2 separate companies.
Do a search to see where the file is located on your hard drive.

Make note of the full location name. Next, in ES, choose Load and go to the above-noted location to find the file. Hit the Load button and you're in business.

Is it possible to do a system back-up (hard drive information) to a USB
zip drive?  Have you done it?  How do you figure how big of a zip drive is needed?Thanks.
I too use an external hard drive, backs up My Documents folder. sm
It only takes once to lose everything to know how important backups are.....I should know, happened to me!!
Mine works with printer and external hard drive
You just need to get the more expensive USB Hub with a power adapter if it doesn't work with your printer.
I've lost more than one hard drive on Dell computers
That's the message you get normally if the hard drive if fried.  I just called Dell and they diagnosed the problem and sent me a new hard drive and I returned the bad one. Is yours still under warranty?
There are usually screws in the bottom
that you can open up, but I will warn you it can be a bear trying to put the thing back together because of positioning the screws deep in those holes. A magnetic screwdriver will save you a lot of aggravation. When I've opened it up, I've seen springs broken, springs out of place, the plastic holding the springs broken off. There will be a little nubbin of plastic in the lid side of the pedal that is the contact for the little silver internal PLAY button. If that is broken, fixing it may be impossible.
Turn it over and see if the screws are screwed in.
and then and then I have trouble with it - but I can't say that it's stopped working COMPLETELY before from that.
Except that when QA screws up originally correct
That's the whole point of this thread.