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Chiropractors? Anybody use them for your aches and pains? SM

Posted By: RockinMT on 2008-08-22
In Reply to:

My mom swears by hers.  I've never been but I have such problems with my neck and shoulder.  I get neck spasms chronically.  I was in a car wreck years ago where I had whiplash and that coupled with being an MT has not done my neck any good.  From time to time my neck will act up, get stiff and sore and my head feels like it weighs 100 pounds!  I was rear-ended back in June and it aggravated my neck AGAIN and now it's stiff all the time and pops when I stretch it out.

So I'm considering going to a chiropractor for the first time in my life.  I also have TMJ and my dentist has told me that a neck adjustment at a chiropractor's would help that as well.  So what do ya'll think?  I'm kind of nervous about a guy popping my neck and back.  What exactly do they do?

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aches and pains
I got tarsal tunnel while working on reports by a physician who constantly was changing his mind and had no normals. He dictated a high volume and I finally had to get a doctor's note that I could only transcribe his reports for no more than 2 hours a day -
aches & pains--chair
I tried every chair known and still my rear was in agony (just like yours) as soon as I sat down. For the last 6 months, (because my last office chair broke in the middle of the shift), I pulled out my $10 K-Mart foldable canvas camping/fishing chair--took it out of its canvas drawnstring bag--and have been using nothing else ever since and no more ''rear''pain. The canvas seems to ''mold''perfectly to the back and rear-end. (The only draw-back of course is that it is not on coasters, but I have found that since it is so light, that really does not present much of a problem.) (I know it sounds strange but this cheap little canvas folding chair has been a dream-come-true for me.)
My heart aches for you...I am so sorry that--sm
you have lost your beloved pet. I know the feel of such a terrible loss. take care...and hug your other dog. I know he/she will be suffering a loss, as well.
Not all chiropractors are *bone crushers* - geesh -
chiropractors and billing
I used to go to a well known chiropractor and my visits were only 40.00 because I did not have insurance and paid out of pocket. My doctor told me that if after 6 visits to a chiropractor you are not a lot better than don't go, waste of time and money. I had to stop going as I could not afford it. If she is the office person, then I would nicely call her and ask her how many visits he has been to their office for, because you got a bill and want to make sure it is correct, as you are paying out of pocket. Maybe if you don't accuse her of anything, she won't take it so personal. Good luck, you are in a very tough situation. Sometimes chiropractors do help a lot, especially neck, back and sports injuries.
Chiropractors and other alt med docs?
Does anyone know of a good site for this? I usually use WebMD or AMA but chiros and the sort are not listed, and I can't find a good resource for them.
working for chiropractors
I was just wondering if anyone out there is working for c hiropractor.
working for chiropractors
What kind of reports do you transcribe? Where exactly are you located?
working for chiropractors
I know what you mean, I have 2 accounts like that.  I am typing from the notes from the 1 account.  It is working great for us.
Oh, ugh, attorneys (and chiropractors, IME). My sympathy to you! (nm)
I do the same thing - switching feet and stretching. I also try to walk every day and that seems to help. My shoulders are my big problem area as well. It seems no matter what I do, they are still killing me at the end of the day! Whew! :)
It pains me to say this
But I've been on both sides, MT/ME and QA, and you're absolutely right. I've seen some atrocities sent through by 'experienced' MTs, reports that made me give thanks they did not go straight through to the client because it would have been an blemish on the entire company.

I'm not referring simply to blanks left for QA to fill in; I'm talking about outrageous typos and flat-out mistakes on meds, diagnoses, etc., throughout the body of the report.

This certainly is not true for all MT/ME's, not by any means, but it's not just the newbies, either. I was mortified at how many inept MTs are out there with 15+ years of experience. I found it so exasperating that I went back to MT/ME and haven't ventured back into QA since.

Chest Pains
We just had a good family friend that had been having chest pains, he went to his son's soccer game instead of the doctor and died several hours later. I am not saying that it will happen to you, but chest pains are nothing to mess around with. Go see a doctor!
Similar pains sm

I had similar pains when my shoulder started bothering me and I started losing ROM of my shoulder. 

I'll tell you what I was told (and didn't listen to very well) but you should probably stop and stretch your arms frequently (like every hour maybe).  Also, stretch other parts of your body too.  I noticed you said after typing "long periods of time" or something like that and maybe that is the key!  Don't type long periods of time without a break for stretching.  Hope it helps. 

back pains
To much inactivity girl. Try standing at your desk instead of sitting for a couple of hours. Do stretching exercises at your break for your back and whole body and get outside at least an hour a day and walk, work in the garden. Get some sun, vitamin D ya know, we need sun. Swim in a pool, great for back. For the most part strengthen you abdominals. I have done all of the above and it has helped.
Vista Pains!
Hey all,

I am trying to set my laptop up with XP since Vista is not compatible with anything. I was told that you can "dual boot" XP and have Vista in the background in case it is one day worth a crud. I know how to reload XP onto my laptop and take Vista off completely, but I'm not sure I want to do that. Plus, I have a remote login setup on it now for the hospital work I do on the weekends. So I need to be able to transfer that to the XP side also.

I am so frustrated with Vista! I just want to go back to good ol' XP without losing EVERYTHING I have on my laptop.

If someone could provide me with instructions I would be so grateful!

I would never let a bone cruncher touch me. I used to work for chiropractors
and have seen the damage they can do.  Personally, my choice is going to my wonderful acupuncturist.  She is a chinese physician who performs a combination of acupuncture, magnetic heat, massage, and herbal application.  Folks, acupuncture WORKS wonderfully for the treatment of sciatica and acupuncture has been performed in China for thousands of years successfully, so they must have been doing something right.  One suggestion, make sure you find a GOOD acupuncturist.  Believe me, you will know when you've found a good one.  Good luck!
You got it. Did you get those embarrasing spasming pains sm

The next day?

I'm walking through the parking lot at the grocery store (I know, I know, I shouldn't have gone but I did) and I'd get like a huge pain in one hip or behind my knee or in my foot and I'm walking through the parking lot, pausing and yelping quietly and looking and sounding as if I needed someone to call security. :)


back and neck pains
does anyone have any tips for backache and neck pains from sitting?  I do try to take breaks and do stretches.  As far as a good chair, any hints?  I know of a good brand but it is awfully expensive but may be worth the investment, but I would like to spend under $200 if I could.
yes, and i'm feeling empathy pains.