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Posted By: anon on 2005-09-29
In Reply to: Hospital MTs: What is your pay scale? - not going there! sm

was making $15.88/hour before MadQuist took over our hospital.  excellent health benefits, 401K so-so.

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Cleveland is, for sure.
Not sure about any other cities in Ohio.  Haven't heard.
Need help from Cleveland residents
I'm planning an overnight trip to the Cleveland Zoo with my 6-year-old daughter.  We'll go to the zoo on Tuesday because I'm told Monday is way too crowded, but what can we do Monday and where should we stay?  Someone from the zoo suggested the Lake Erie Science Center, the Natural history museum, the Science Center (different from the Lake Erie Science Center???), or the Botanical Gardens.  A fun hotel would be nice too.  Thanks a bunch.
The Cleveland Zoo is a great zoo...sm
We visit several times a year. I am sorry I cant help with hotels to stay at, as we live about 1 1/2 hours away so we just drive home! I definitely suggest Lake Erie Science Center too. Or you might want to look into one of the waterpark hotels in Cleveland. They are awsome too. It is an indoor waterpark with a hotel in it. And the drive to the zoo the next day wouldnt be all that far. I have 3 girls ages 4, 7 and 10 and they love the zoo and rainforest and the science center and indoor waterpark. Hope this was some help. Have fun and enjoy the day!
Cleveland evacuees
Just heard that has been put on hold for now, on the news. The people do not want to leave to go so far away from their homes (or what was their home).
Cleveland Clinic was advertising for MTs for their Fla

the Ohio (main) clinic was at one time being transcribed by "that" other company but don't know if they do it any more.

I'm with you - a face transplant is very interesting! 

Look up their clinic in Florida (extension) and see if they are still hiring.  Let us know.  :))

Does any one know who has the Cleveland Clinic Transcription Contract? sm

I saw where they did a face transplant today.  I would love to transcribe that operative report!   Anyone know who has their transcription contract?  I want to work for them - I think, depending on who it is.

Any help appreciated.  Thanks!

Hi - my DD goes to college in Cleveland, SIL/family are in Gainesvile :)
and so it appears( x 3) the prestigious Cleveland Clinic does too.