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It makes me cry, $12.50 an hour in (nm)

Posted By: San Diego on 2005-09-30
In Reply to: Hahaha this post makes me laugh-$9.69 in NC - for real


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Well at this point, who cares about that? I have an LPN friend that makes $26 an hour
and $39 for those "extra" hours or OT. I would say in about 5 years you won't be able to get even close to $20 an hour doing MT. At least nurses will still be respected and paid decent wages :)
Depends on the pay and account. My lowest average is $15.52 an hour (roughly 182.6 lines an hour) w
1850 lines per 8 hour shift. 15.00 hour - no real requirement
if it is feasable, split that 6-hour shift into two 3-hour shifts. sm
i work a split shift and find that i am much better able to stay focused and get more work done that way. also, being 3 months pregnant you have gone through the very tiring time of pregnancy and you should start seeing an energy perk before long.
I start an hour or 2 early and then take an hour or 2 for dinner -nm
At 200 lines a day for 6 cents, you are making $1.20 a day or 0.15 hour for an 8 hour day!!!--cm
Did you mean 2,000? Even then you would only be making $1.50 if you work 8 hours a day.
$32/hour? You said $36/hour on an earlier post. Either way would be great. n/m

10 reports/hour or 25 markers/hour
I appreciate your responses. I had an option of line vs hour ($14/hour) but if line pays more...nm
65 to 75 an hour comes to $15 an hour if u are fast
Makes me wonder
I've heard how many times that children that are mean to animals are being mistreated in some way. After hearing how this little girl (at only 10 years) is so brutal, makes me wonder how she is being treated by the adults in her life.
I think they do it because it makes you
pay attention to them - you cannot just continue working without at least talking (yelling, touching them to move them) to them.  At this time, they are seeking any type of attention, even if it is negative.   Same with cats flopping out on my keyboard. 
That's what makes me so

1/cent for no reason....I'm telling you the CHECK is fulfilling

some legal purpose.  Please run this past an attorney again.

I will try to call Drew, Eckl et all on Monday myself too.

What makes you think
that Zipper. We all LOVE YOU.
You have such a wonderful personality. You bring such warmth and compassion to the board.
makes you wonder...
what happened to the 3 martini lunch?
makes you wonder...
what happened to the 3 martini lunch?
That makes two of us
I want out of MQ DESPERATELY!
Nobody makes that in this biz
that makes 2 of us! sm
Just about a week ago it was 80 degrees and now it is winter all over again. Kinda nice since I don't have to go out tonight though. Just stay warm and dry at the computer.
doc makes me so mad.....
I have a 24-48 hour TAT contracted with 7 docs.  90% of their work is returned in 24.  One of them constantly wants rush jobs, sometimes asking before they've even sent me the work!   Then always had to do him first.  Since each doc's dictation comes at different times, I now have to stop what I'm doing and get his done the minute it comes through.  I just think he's such a demanding jerk!! 
She makes that much just as an LPN? What
state is this in, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks!
Yes, it makes since as that is what

You can use Ctrl + Shift + hyphen and Ctrl + Shift + Space for the hard hyphen and hard space.  If your work platform has overwritten these Word settings you can reassign keys for them.  Both commands worked for me in the beginning but IS did some sort of upgrade on my work computer which disabled my hard hyphen (Ctrl + Shift + hyphen).  I tried reassigning it back but no go, so I reassigned Ctrl + H.  Works like a charm plus saves me from hitting the extra key.  I know you can ESP words with hard hyphens.  I don't remember if I tried with the hard space or not (oldtimers!!). I'll have to try tomorrow at work because my interest has been piqued.  For the hyphen, I highlight the words with the hard hyphen, hit Crtl + Ctrl for the ESP box to come up, and then give it a short.  I'm going to try this with the hard space tomorrow to see if it works. 

Why is it that you think being an IC makes - sm
you a better transcriber than anyone else on this board? It isn't WHO you work for that makes you worth more than pocket-change, it's how WELL you work.
If she indeed makes anywhere near that, (sm)
it would have to be pulling up multiple-page templates, and typing in the patient's name, over and over and over. Not straight dictation on so many different docs and hospitals that there's no hope of having templates for them.
Okay, when I do that, it makes
the whole thing (cm2) superscript. What am I doing wrong?
Makes you want to
Makes you want to barf in your hand - Ha!

What makes you think we pay OS MTs more?

OS = offshore

Makes me want to cry!

You know, people........ it just makes me want to cry out loud!  I am getting more angry as we speak.. you have all heard from me before about this business, but I'm going to be VERY frank and spill my guts right here in front of you and the whole MT world, hoping that someone who is in the right position will read it and HAVE THE GUTS to make a stance. (Can you say "hospital board of directors?") This is something that AAMT (or whatever the daylights they are now) should be doing for us. It's about time these "high and mighty" doctors listen up!

We are a family of hard-working people who practically have to become doctors just to transcribe these stinking reports.  I don't know about all of you, but I DON'T MAKE A DOCTORS' SALARY! I truly believe that all of you as well as myself try every day like the devil to do the very best we can to participate in patient care and earn a decent living, but as I have said a million times if not more, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE and at this time, there ARE NO ANSWERS TO ALL THIS CHAOS.... 

Actually, I take that back... there are a couple answers..We are all reprimanded for the incompetence of the doctors.  THEY ARE NOT GODS as they would like to believe they are. They put on and take off their pants just like we do and when the he _ _ are they going to take some responsibility?  I, for one, am NOT afraid of them and if I had the chance to do it over again working "in-house", I would have the guts to tell them how bad they are right down to their burping, farting, yawning, chewing, mumbling, whispering, non-English speaking two-sided faces.  Let us not forget the 50 second operative note that should have been dictated clearly in 10 minutes.  Yes, they're busy, but the bottom line on this issue is that they don't want to do a surgery and BE TOLD to go and tell someone about it, so they dictate like their hair is on FIRE. IT JUST MAKES ME SICK.  It's part of THEIR JOB.  If they don't do a good job, how the sh _ _ do they expect us to do a good job!

Let us not forget QA.... We are punished and yelled at for leaving blanks........DUH! and I just hate the thought of a QA person (whose quality of work I don't even know), making corrections to my work - and don't tell me that at times, they are guessing... AND WHOSE NAME IS ON THE REPORT - OURS !!!!!!!!!!  In the end, if there was a lawsuit, we'd most likely be the ones to have to answer to THEIR blunders.  I would rather make my own mistakes and have to answer for them than have one or two opinionated QA people telling me what I did wrong... one telling you one way to do something and another telling you a different way.  I say, "leave the stinking blanks and let these JERKS" remember whose country they are living in.

BOTTOM LINE.......... Make the doctors more responsible... after all, they want to get paid and couldn't without us.  I say, "stand up and be heard", tell them to get with the program and most of all, SPEAK DISTINCT AND PROPER ENGLISH!!  THIS IS AMERICA, NOT PAKISTAN.

Please don't get me wrong.  I love what I do and for the right dictating physician (s), it is a gratifying experience.  Something has GOT to change. Thanks for listening... we're all in it together.  We need some mercy...   it's a thankless job  and   !

Someone makes those new now...sm
www.pckeyboard.com its the customizer 101, listed in the unicomp keyboard section. They are $70, but they make them in USB and have a very good warranty.

I don't work there or anything, I just use them.
Wow, really makes you wonder what they - sm
were charging, a dollar a line????
Makes you want to say to such a doc
I don't know. You tell me ... what's a rectalectomy?

I would so love to type the way they actually dictate. I think MTSOs should provide each dictator with a sample of this every few months or so (just as an extra sample) to remind them they really should be more careful.

Even just the way they run sentences together and say is and has exactly the same. Those 2 little things alone are a hassle for us and could be so easily a nonissue.

Okay, I guess I'm going down a different road here. Sorry. :)
Thank you so much. That makes me feel better.
Here's hoping things go smoothly. :)
we are definitely overpopulated and that makes
I live about three blocks from my school, it takes almost a half hour to get there with the traffic, not only in the school to park, but getting backed up and having to sit through two or three traffic lights due to the rush hour.  Rush hour is all day and night here.  Hate it.
what makes you think it will affect us?

What, CEO makes 350,000/year??
that is almost sickening...and what is worse, we are in this mindset that we are supposed to by happy for them, that they should not have to 'share it' with us, and we should be just happy to have jobs and shut up!

I started to hear that in the hospital setting, about 10 years ago, 'just be lucky to have a job.' I used to think back then, well, why, what if I did not have a job...I would be on social services or unemployment, and certainly the government does not want that?! we are supposed to work, right? Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and all that, or was that all lies?

I know we are competing globally now for work, but does that mean we have to work for nothing now...so even though we have the capability of perhaps fighting for our jobs, we should just let them go, lie down and give up, because that is progress? well, what is the next thing that will be taken? just lie down and let that happen, too? when is it okay to stand up for yourself?

perhaps service jobs (as what will probably be the only jobs left soon) should start paying $15-20/hour.

things are obviously changing, I understand that, but we need to also have a balance. you can not have rich and poor, because that will only lead to some kind of a revolution. people are already getting frustrated, less money in the pocket, etc.

I see these real estate developments go up all over, and more and more, the old for sale signs pop up after about a year as people move in, probably lose their jobs, and then have to move out.
What makes me sick is all of you big
digusting MTs trying to make people see things your way and if people don't, you jump all over them. So, here is a dose of your own medicine. If you don't like it, don't read my posts! See ya!
What makes you think she is a moron?
that makes sense.
I have worked for OSI for a while but this makes me want to look elsewhere,
She's not the only one who makes that mistake....
I had a medical records director 20+ years ago mark on our evaluation under "skill level", that out MT job needed little skill for the job. I refused to sign the evaluation and told her she should be ashamed of herself. Can you believe it? And she had an ART just like me...go figure!
seeing samples like that just makes
you realize just how valued and appreciated you are by the nationals and AMMT who believe offshoring is good for the industry, doesn't it??? NOT!!
That's for sure - what a difference it makes.
I know MT for Spheris who makes $75,000. 18
What do you mean IT makes a list for you?
How do you get it to do this?
That makes sense. - nm
Here's what makes me happy!
My dogs, soaking up the sunshine, good friends, good food, LIFE in general!
ok now that makes more sense.
I believe in spirits too.  Animals can sense those kind of things better than we can.
Oh man, that just makes me want to go put some shoes on!
That is very intelligent. Makes...
PERFECT sense!
Makes you wonder what they were taught in sm
high school, though I learned most of this in grammar school.
That makes sense. SM
I honestly don't know what all it entails with keeping up a forum like this.  But I think this is the best one out there and I was just worried that something was happening.  I applaud EVERYONE who keeps this going.  I am sure a lot of us out there does not know what all it takes.  Thanks for having such a good place to come to for our profession!