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Inquiring minds want to know!

Posted By: No kidding! on 2005-10-02
In Reply to: Philadelphia - $25 per hour at a large teaching hospital. nm - FlyerGirl

I work at home for a national in Philly and make $18.50 and I thought that was good!

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Not complaining, inquiring. sm
Not complaining, but inquiring. The OM said they are new to dictation, so it may take a while for them to get used to it. No dictation in a month is not good, though, and they will be backlogged.

One time I had a doctor who didn't dictate for a month. She was trying VR, which did not work. Then she did it again for a month, and was trying another service that was cheaper. Want to check to see if they're not fishing around, but never can be sure.

I gave them handheld units with the intent on their dictating, which they dont. Can't stop them from using my equipment with another service, but want some consistency. If I don't type, I don't make money. Thank goodness he's not my only client.

Next time will make them pay for them or find a way to prorate them. In that sense, I feel I've lost money.
Inquiring mind
More than I care to admit really.  Transcribed for insurance companies for years and then switched to medical.  Did neurology for 14 years, switched to acute care for some years, and now back to neurology and a little rheumatology.  It was very hard for me to make good money on acute care, but sufficient for a while.  It is also extremely extremely extremely hard to get a job doing 1-2 specialties, which I have been lucky enough to do.  When you specialize on 1-2 accounts, straight typing with lots of templates, the income shoots up dramatically. Work is steady, management and QA are good.  Very small U.S. company who does not offshore, but they do not hire much either because no one leaves. I am not the type to do 1200 lines and then quit.  That income would never be enough no matter what the pay.  I don't expect this to last too very long with the way things are going, but I am making hay while the sun shines.
Not inquiring about a specific company. sm
Just trying to find out how many reports on average are to done during the course of a day.
What future demand is there for higher-skilled MTs? Inquiring mind wants to know. SM
Seriously--with computers taking over the keyboarding and the electronic medical record replacing much (just HOW much?) of the currently dictated verbage, what need will healthcare providers have that we can train to fill at least the same remuneration if not better? What potential is there for remote work? I confess I'm very fond of my current commute down the hall to my office, and googling MT in England, which has had the EMR for some time now, suggests it's high time I figure out how I'm going to keep it. Any thoughtful or knowledgeable answers would be greatly appreciated.
I have to share this. Got a call from a doctor today inquiring about my service. See message.
He apparently has been working with a service that outsources to India and he is so fed up at the bad quality of the transcription in addition to the fact that he wants to work with someone who actually speaks English! How about that!! They will all learn the hard way, but they will learn. There may be hope for American MTs yet.
Great minds
Great minds think alike!  See my post above
MQ has lost their collective minds!
2 cents for a check?? What in the world is up with those goomers? They must be smoking some chronic over there in New Jersey...
Free Your Minds and Hearts

 I just starting coming on this site as a job seeker and recently began to read the main board. Up until now was pleased with the fact that I had not read one hateful posting, all of that has changed after today.  I don't recall anyone ever telling the "majority" that they had to celebrate anything other than what they've celebrated all of these sixteen centuries.

If the finger of blame is to be pointed anywhere, it should be pointed at a society that feels guilty, whether that guilt is deserved or not, for its treatment of other races, cultures, lifestyles, etc.,  in the past and feels the need to make up for it by being politically correct about "everything," not just Christmas.     Those of you who are bashing others for their cultural/religious beliefs will be the very same ones who believe they have the right to stand at Heaven's Gate when the time comes. 

It isn't necessary to spread hatred and ill will every where, why not leave it in your heart and let it fester there and continue corrupting your soul and not those around you.    

As for me, I will not visit the main board again, and will undoubtedly have my thoughts on this subject bashed to death with hateful banter.  Please feel free to do so, that is your right. 

like I say, great minds think alike...*S*..nm

LOL. I think it's more desperate minds than great ones. :)
and where were some peoples minds when re-electing--sm
our present leader, knowing that he holds strong with off shoring?! He wants to *democrasize* the whole world. He thinks sending our jobs overseas is going to make other countries stronger, but it is only weakening us! That was a major issue with me during the elections and why I did not vote for him...among other reasons.
I think ASR may be able to read docs' minds!

ASR:  He will return to see us in 3 weeks unless he has no sense.

Actually dictated:  He will return to see us in 3 weeks unless he has any problems.

I think the ASR read my doctor's mind!  I would be good money that's what he was thinking! 

You GOT it !!!! Great minds think alike *GMTA*

GMTA-great minds think alike..sm
a little hard work never killed anybody....*LOL*
Haha! Great minds at work! - nm
Survey - inquiry minds want to know - how many lines...sm
can you normally type in a 6 hour day?  Not your highest, your average please.  I know there will be specifics, but base it on your average day, average dictator, average workload.  I am very curious to see what everyone else can do.  TIA
TENS unit inquiry minds want to know:

Just wondering if anyone has a personal experience using a TENS unit they could share.  How long do you use yours for, if you find relief that you forgot you could have, etc.  As a chronic low back pain sufferer, Iím looking forward to getting mine on Tuesday! 


We are nothing to them. The fact we work on production never enters their minds.
I know how you feel. Working at home can be distracting, just having other things on our minds (sm)
like dirty dishes in the sink, piling up laundry, a bed right across the hall to take a nap in. What works for me is tune everything out including internet distractions and e-mails, phone calls. No more than a 10 minute break every couple of hours, 30 minutes lunch time and just hit those keys. The end result can be pretty rewarding.
I love to see people exercise their minds (and their rights)...will check it out...
Thank you, for sharing...

After all, if no one would have stood up years ago, we would still be called the 'typing pool' and making probably $7/hour, AND answering phones, filing, etc.

AAMT did have a huge role in that happening, but I have not seen them do anything for the American MT in a very long time.

According to the Advance Health mag (which is turning into a 'rag' in my opinion), their latest article is how MTs with disabilities are now being trained in INDIA...and elsewhere overseas, and just how wonderful and joyous that all is - !?#@$#@

Sisters, it is TIME we do something and take a stand.