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Crazy question for this board, but

Posted By: does anyone wear wigs? SM on 2006-02-03
In Reply to:

I've really been considering one. Just to wear on occasions, but same as my hair color. I have no idea about wearing wigs, but went to a wig store yesterday and felt really silly trying on wigs. I tried on some Raquel Welch wigs (she has some gorgeous ones). I know many people (ex, cancer patients) wear them all the time, but would just like to hear about someone's personal experience. My hair just never seems to do what I want it to, and it would be great, especially on weekends, just to pull on a wig and go!! Talk about bad hair days, I have them!

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Why in the world is this crazy board so addicting?
Anybody know?  I am spending more time on here than I am working!  What is wrong with me?
Thats just crazy!

Makes no sense!  Wonder how these types of people are running the HR depts?!!  I am fortunate enough to have three offices that I IC for.  So, you moved because of the pay situation??  Hope your in a great position now!


That's crazy!!

Are you serious?  I can't believe they would cut our pay.  The more you produce, the more the pay should be.  They are getting paid per line from their clients.  I'm sure they are not getting less from their clients because of DQS.  If that happens, I'm quitting.  I barely make enough now!!!  How much was the cut, if you don't mind me asking?



Wow - now I know I'm not going crazy!
I had never had this happen so didn't know what to think of it. Sheesh! Is the US outsourcing EVERYTHING now??? ARGH.
Are you crazy?
Crazy Day
I don't post too much here, but I just have to vent. I went to pick up my daughter from school today. While I was waiting in my car, a woman backed into me. The damange didn't look to bad, but the lady won't get out of her car, so I called the police.

She was so drunk, she could barely walk. She had a baby in the car, about 18 months old, and was picking up her 2 sons. The police took her away in handcuffs, the breathalizer was over 0.13 and still rising!!

I was so upset about getting hit, but started thinking, maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Our school parking lot (grades 3-6) is so crazy after school, I started worrying about how many kids she could have hit in the parking lot if she hadn't hit me first.

Now, I like a drink or 2 myself, but come on, it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the school parking lot. I always worry about getting hit by a drunk driver, but I thougt I was safe at school.
crazy day
Oh my - how sad is that!
Yep . . . I must be crazy :(
I have been on the account for 1 day so far :(  Obviously I don't expect to get 1400 right now, but I am hoping within the next few months I can work my way up to that.  My Expander is my own.  I have about 100 entries right now, but that is only after 1 day of work.  I do plan on adding more, but just haven't gotten there yet.  I have been transcribing for a total of 4 years now, but brand new to this account.
No, you are not crazy! sm

Although you may be expecting too much of yourself too soon in your MT career.

I have been in over 12 yrs.  I have my own Expander with 20,000+ short cuts in it (if you email me, you can have a copy of it).  I know this expander like the back of my hand after using it for about 10 yrs.  I make about 1800 lines or so a day, less if I am tired like I have been lately :(. 

It IS doable, but I don't believe you have enough expansions to maximize your skills and time.

Crazy, huh?
I know that is simply ridiculous. I admit 3 years ago I was naive enough to believe you could make over 40,000.00 a year, I am sure there are people who do, but I certainly don't. I do enjoy my job, but I wish something could be done about the misleading advertisements which are placed luring in unsuspecting people. Because honestly, if I had known, I would have most likely gone for a profession such as court reporting where there is a wider range of different branches that can be quite lucrative.

going crazy!!!!
I would consider myself to be a new MT.  I have only been doing this for 2 years now and you know what, I enjoy doing this, but for some reason, I am just not getting some of it.  I look things up, I do not reach my goal everyday because I stop to look things up, I run my reports through word to double check the spelling of things, and I still seem to have numerous mistakes and it is very irritating.  I am trying very hard, reading, re-reading.  I just do not know what I am doing wrong.  I am at a loss.  I honestly do not know what to do.  I am in tears just about everyday because I get soo frustrated that I still make mistakes.  I use macros so I do not have to type the same report over and over.  If anyone has any advise what so ever, please, someone throw me a bone.  I will try anything.  I love being home with my children, but at the rate I am going, not making any money, I do not have a choice but to look for another job.  Do not really want to do that.  HELP!!!!
crazy idea

 I am not sure what would trigger anyone to think washing a keyboard in the dishwasher would work.  I know from others who have had accidents by spilling a cup of coffee, water, soda etc it shorts out the keyboard so what would make anyone think washing it in a dishwasher is smarter?  I cannot believe someone would try such an insane thing.  Oh my.   Those who have tried and ruined a keyboard obviously like to waste money on having to buy a new keyboard.


Because gas is going up like crazy, supposedly going up
30 cents/gallon tomorrow and will continue a steep climb.   There are talks of rationing too as production has been severely cut due to Katrina. 
yes - it will probably drive you crazy until you get
How are those crazy cupcakes?
Don't leave us hanging.
I'm w/you on this one! It's crazy to accept LESS THAN 10 YRS AGO. And that is just what MT com

benefits and put them in their pockets and called them PROFIT.

They put us at home and said that was an excuse to LOWER THE BASE RATE OF PAY.

I tell you what, 4 years ago I was making $42,000 a year working for a hospital.

I had benefits along with that $42,000


I HAD FLEXABILITY OF TAKING OFF just like I always had in life.

Do you want to know what I made last year doing the same amount of work??

I made $14,000 and NO BENEFITS.

The company I have worked for (which shall remain nameless but we all know who it is) has managed to take away BONUS LINES, ENOUGH WORK, and NEVER GIVE ME A RAISE IN 6 YEARS.

If they think they have created a better medical record system they have lost their everlovin minds.  Reports are less accurate now than they ever were.  The hospital may have a PIECE OF PAPER back in their hands quickly, but it isn't worth a tinkersdam. 

So if you new MTs and even the older ones who now are on supplemental income or have a husband to back them up, us MTs who need to make a living to support our children - think again if you believe what we have been WORKED DOWN TO is a good deal. 

MTs at home have taken on the RISKS of transcription.  It is our personal time that goes unpaid while the company RISKS NOTHING.  We are the ones sitting around setting up computers, eating down-time, trying to learn new programs on our own dime.


crazy vs crazier
Actually, I KNOW that I worry so much more about things than I did when I first started out many years ago. Of course, now I have a family too, but I consider it an occupational hazard as we know what CAN and DOES happen to people. :)
Glad to know I am not just crazy :)
The company I previously worked for were so much more understanding.  I guess this is what I get for moving to a bigger company
Does it drive anyone else crazy when..
You are listening to a dictation and can hear another doctor in the background dictating quite loudly, and then go to start that same docs dictation, and can barely hear him??
No, you're not crazy - but she is. Sorry.
It also drives me crazy when...
my kids send me e-mails with absolutely nothing capitalized and everything spelled phonetically. 
Call me crazy...

but I don't really see how telling the truth is a stunt.  I have never watched The View, so I don't really know why Star is so anoying to people (Please fill me in!), but it seemed from that video clip that she just decided to tell the honest truth.  I think it is admirable that she decided not to put a spin on it and deceive people, IMO.  From that clip, she seemed very gracious and sincere.  I don't think it was a stunt.

Going crazy, need some answers...
My husband's grandfather is in the hospital. His mom just called and said that his kidneys have shut down and "it could be any day now." What does this mean?? Any idea of how long he could live?? He's refusing any treatment. We are just sitting by the phone waiting for his mom to call back after she talks to the doctors, but we're trying to decide if we should drive out there today (16 hr drive) or if it's already too late. Thanks for any help.
Please help me with a crazy idea....

Talk me out of this, tell me why it would not work, and tell me I am nuts. 

OR tell me it is a great idea, how it would work and why...

I keep reading of all those who want to get into the MT field.  Those who are in school and hoping to land their first job.  Those who have finished school and are struggling to get a job because they have no experience.

I keep thinking I could do something about this.  Somehow I could mentor newbies.  Get them up and running, give them experience, then off they would go into the world of MT.

Whenever I get this crazy idea, I think I must be insane.  Why and HOW would I venture to do such a thing?  I have years and years experience, I make a VERY good income as an IC, I have what most would want in the MT field.  I have no accounts of my own, nor would I desire that.  I contract from two services.  They have the headaches - - - I have the flexiblity and pay I want.

Then I think, maybe I could do this for a service instead of having my own accounts.  Then I think no one would pay me what I make now.

THEN I think I have lost all my marbles and I put these crazy ideas aside.  Then, they resurface.......

Please tell me why this would not work.  Help me understand once and for all that it would be a devastating move for me, that newbies are too hard to mentor, that the field is *going downhill*, etc., etc., etc.

Or tell me why it is a great idea.

Thank you for your input.

You are exactly right - you really have to WANT to. Right now,crazy as it sounds, I don't want

crazy people
They had one of those people on Hannity and Colmes on TV last night - what a weirdo.  I think her name was Roper.  Those people are absolutely insane.  Does anyone know what time and what radio station Mike Gallagher's show is on?
just thought it was crazy nm
crazy mouse - sm
My past experience with this has been a sure sign of spyware/adware or a virus.  If you have any programs to detect such, try running them and see what comes up.  Sorry to say, I wasn't very lucky with this problem and ended up getting a new PC because of a virus I couldn't eliminate.  I HOPE this is not your problem, but it sounds similar to what I had once.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but lets hope I'm wrong.
Crazy, sad, true!
Thanks for sharing the video!

There really does seem to be no way for us to get around this.
You're not crazy, I wonder every day
what the next months and years are going to bring. I've been in MT for the last 17 years and the last 10 of them, I've watched the benefits and pay go down and expectations go up as far as TAT and this "verbatim" crap which is really not verbatim. Clients all seem to want to have their cake and eat it too, and unscrupulous "big business" sales guys buying and selling MT companies with no regard for the profession or the people who practice it.

I'm thankful every day for where I work and the people I work for, but it's a scary feeling when you feel that all that may stand between you and unemployment is one account. If the account quits, poof, no job. I know that's not different from all the domestic factory workers laid off 20-30 years ago and that I'm not anything special, but that certainly doesn't make it any less scary.

I'm pretty good with the computer, but nothing like these folks who are doing their own web sites and promoting themselves and getting into other kinds of transcription. I feel like that's where the money is going, but I'm not sure I've got the time or ability to teach myself all that. It's certainly something to consider if you're really young.
have to say really drives me crazy too
but when I used to do work for docs I knew more personally brought a smile to my face when one night the doc said "and for your listening pleasure my daughter Lilly on the piano" and she played a few bars of something (she was about 5 at the time) at the end of his dictation.
my crazy schedule

work for company A: Mornings (Tues-Sat) approximately 10-12 sometimes 9-12. Monday 2-6 , then make dinner , 7-11 pm work again  go to bed "early" on Monday night.  Usually work 2-4 hours on Sunday afternoon/evening.   Sunday morning church, Sunday night watch a DVD or something (love Netflix)

company B (this company has plenty of overtime available): sometimes do a few hours Monday morning, Tuesday-Thursday 12:30-pm 6 - dinner  - 7:30-12 am , Friday and Saturday 2-6 - dinner - 7:30 - 1 am. 

don't take too frequent breaks - once in a while to make tea.  too many breaks is bad for my concentration.  and so is checking my e-mail on my PC. (but sometimes I do).




Drives me crazy

I have a new doc today and he says that he has a ton of reports to read, so to make it easier (I'm not sure for whom) he says NOT to type articles (is, are, of, etc.).  It is actually HARDER for me not to type these words in than it would be to add them!  It's making me nuts looking at these choppy reports.  They should just be doctors and let us do our job!

You are crazy for pushing yourself so much!
If you stop pressuring yourself, the lines will come easier. THe only time I ever got that many the first days on the job was when I worked for a hospital which had the same exact doctors I worked for 10 years prior to starting the hospital job. Even then, I just made that amount because the new job had different style rules. If you care about your QA you won't worry about the numbers. You need to make sure that you are comfortable with your dictators and account through doing rather than pushing yourself. You are in it long enough now to get the big numbers as far as your experience level. It can take up to 6 months depending on the kind of work you do to get the big numbers with a good quality score. So hang in there, with your persistence you will get it, but please don't drive yourself nutz! :)
Thank you so much, it was driving me crazy
I'm gonna go crazy!!
I've been typing all day and I told my boss i would for sure finish these last two reports tonight. I feel like i'm gonna go crazy typing! I just don't want to type anymore but I know i have to! does anyone else have days like this? I have to think about the $$$$$ and how good I will feel when it's all done!
This MD is driving me crazy!
Have you guys ever typed for a doctor who instead of saying period at the end of a sentence, he instead says "full stop".  I am about sick of hearing him say that.  I have never heard of that.  Where do these dictators get this crap from?  Please let me hurry and finish typing for this man before I have my hair pulled out!!!
MD driving me crazy

How about the ones who dictate discharge summaries and they don't have their thoughts together before they sit down to dictate and they are flipping through the patient's chart pausing, eating, and carrying on a conversation with another resident in the same room with them.  The dictation ends up being 20 minutes long but you get 400 lines out of it.  Drives me nuts!!!

Not saying you are crazy or a liar.
Saying the state you live in is crazy though.

How does that have anything to do with a person's ability to operate a vehicle? That seems kinda outrageous if you ask me.
yes, crazy business.....sm
but know what made this business go down the tubes? AAMT (or whatever they call themselves now) and the suits with dollar signs in their eyes. This used to be such a good profession. I used to LOVE it so much, I used to look forward to getting up in the mornings and getting to work. Now, I do it ONLY because I have to pay rent, buy food, and pay bills. The joy of doing MT has all but disappeared for me. I also do this because I have physical limitations and do not qualify for disability and too young to retire.

It's sad really, the suits are getting richer and we are getting evicted.
yes, crazy business.....sm
but know what made this business go down the tubes? AAMT (or whatever they call themselves now) and the suits with dollar signs in their eyes. This used to be such a good profession. I used to LOVE it so much, I used to look forward to getting up in the mornings and getting to work. Now, I do it ONLY because I have to pay rent, buy food, and pay bills. The joy of doing MT has all but disappeared for me. I also do this because I have physical limitations and do not qualify for disability and too young to retire.

It's sad really, the suits are getting richer and we are getting evicted.
It is crazy. I don't believe in spanking period.
There are other ways to discipline.  My kids know how to behave (99% of the time they do) and fortunately they aren't in our public school system so I don't have to worry about that.  School should be a place where children feel safe and there are lots of kids in school who you could use some discipline, but paddling is not the way to accomplish it. 
I don't think she is crazy..more culturally sound..sm
I do, however, think her and Brad make a better pair. Brad and Jen were just TOOO Hollywood. I think Ang and Brad have similar interests, etc. I have always like Ang..she is naturally beautiful!
I thought mine was the only crazy dog that did this
Like clock work, when I sit down at my station, pull up my chair to my desk, he'll wait and watch me.  When i've stopped moving and started working, he'll trot right under the desk, plop down and place his little snout right on my foot pedal foot.  Does not even bother him when I do the rewind, back and forth to play, his head just bobs along with my foot.  I have a bichon mix.  It bugs the heck outta me but how can I move him, its too adorable.  My cat also used to rest her head on my forehead while I slept. 
kid's crazy waiting to see mars
do you have kids stay up late just to see mars... oh!! my poor little girl waited for this planet since the start of august, and she is hoping to see it tonight or tomorrow as big as moon. she even marked it on the calendar... and what's funny about it is that we have never spoted the mars... not once. grrrrr!!!!
just cuz the crazy train always stops at your
now pick a personality already and stick with it.  Maybe up the meds or take a nap or something.
Crazy Rick from Klaar
I'm not threatened by this BOZO. I've made it very clear about my time/hours worked. The girl from the Labor Dept. office wanted to know what I wanted to do. She's prepared to receive another phone call from me. She said this type of thing unfortunately is VERY COMMON. I'm 41 years old now. I've been doing this job since I was 23. I don't think Rick can give me any bad karma in my medical transcription career. I have an interview today, plus 2 other offers for employment from other companies. I'm not worried about this clown. I'm just not working another FRIGGIN hour for this sleazebag. I've worked under extremely difficult supervisors before and have maintained a good reputation of integrity and hard loyal work to this career and have always been able to find work with reputable companies. This bozo will be exposed. Why does no one answer the phone in that office?? It's very suspicious!! I just sent him an email letting him know I'm not buying into his personal line of BS. I don't care how angry I make him. If it was a decent company, he would have sent my paycheck AT LEAST PRIORITY MAIL OR CERTIFIED MAIL, not regular mail just like some regular piece of junk mail.
my kids are driving me crazy...
cant wait til school starts again...
I had one also with my first initial and last name - all to crazy for me. It was spam also.
Crazy dream I had last night...
I dreamt that a company I used to work for had an ad for a Transcriptionist to do just ESLs, offering $55-$90 an hour depending on their difficulty.  Ha-Ha!!  I was still hesitant as to whether to apply or not, because I remembered some of their ESLs and was not sure if that is really how I wanted to spend my time.  Oh well, maybe at that rate I could stand it for 2-3 hours.  LOL!