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start a fad - wear a wig

Posted By: nooutstandingwarrants on 2006-02-03
In Reply to: Crazy question for this board, but - does anyone wear wigs? SM

I think the idea of wearing wigs is very trendy and up and coming.  I hate having to fool with my hair every morning or spend 3 hours in the salon each week -- if it were up to me, and I could find good looking wigs -- I would shave my head and wear a different one every day -- just velcro that sucker on.  I think the beauty industry fears that we may just well do this and prevents making really really good wigs -- but I think the time is coming...and very soon.

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It will wear off-- they start out this way but then get tired of it
Sorry, I don't wear "smarty pants." I wear thongs. Hehehe

I wear them
but I paid a lot for the small ones that fit in the ear canal. That way i can use the head phones. Contractor loves my work so seems to be working out well.

Let me know if any other questions.
Ear wear?

So they scammed you out of money, complain about that.  Don't go turning it into a HIPAA violation.  That is the part that is dumb.  No one stole your purse, knocked you over the head, and took your money.  You didn't have to pay them.  You paid, now your mad, so you want to get them back by filing a HIPAA complaint.  At least have the guts to admit what your doing instead of whining like a baby.

Wear a tiara (nm)
Anyone that would normally wear bifocals

able to function with contacts?  I need new contacts.  My optometrist says that he can make my contacts function so that I don't need the granny glasses, but so far I feel like my eyes are zooming in and out like the lens on a camera trying to focus.  I also have glasses, but I need a stronger prescription and if I have to go back to glasses I have to get bifocals.  I really don't want the lines, but have heard from several people that they have problems without the lines.  My DH has bifocals without the line and he says it makes him dizzy sometimes.  Optometrist says he just needs a smaller frame/lens. 

I've got to do something soon as I'm getting daily headaches, but just can't decide what to do.  I am legally blind without correction and my lenses are about $300/pair without any of the extras.  Fortunately I have good frames and won't need new ones.  I really would prefer contacts as my vision seems to be so much clearer when I'm looking far off, but up close I just don't know if I can use them. 


What to wear to a wedding-sm

I just can't decide.  It's an evening wedding, outside in a park.  Apparently the bride is going to be barefoot and the groomsmen are in khaki pants.  That's about all I know.

Could I wear slacks and a casual top? Or go with my original plan to wear a dress and sandals?  Or does it matter at all?  Lol.

Don't know about that but I definitely think Yoko should wear a bag...
Do any of you wear gloves while
And if so, what kind?

My hands get very cold while I type, which makes them stiff and therefore makes it harder for me to type.

Have any of you found that wearing a thin pair of gloves maybe with just the fingertips cut out helps this at all?
plus the wear-and-tear on your car and all that - sm
mileage. Do you have a back up vehicle if it breaks down so you can get to work? Personally I just don't think a 100+ plus drive to work is worth it, no matter what the pay, but if your bottom line makes this a better offer you need to figure out if you want to make that drive 5 days a week (unless you can work something out with them and work 10 hour days, and only drive it 4 days a week).
Any WAH MTs wear scrubs?

I'm tired of wearing out my jeans (not to mention that they aren't that comfortable to sit in all day) and want to be more professional than working in sweats -- I used to work in Medical Records and wore scrubs, and I loved them.

Hubby caught me surfing ebay for scrubs and laughed at me -- he didn't see why I would wear a uniform if I didn't have to, but the way I see it -- it makes me feel more professional and is a comfortable and effortless solution that is better than bathrobes and slippers.  Am I crazy or silly for wearing a uniform to work when I work in my dining room?

Any other scrub-wearing MTs out there? 

Headset - what do you wear?
I just can't seem to find anything that I really like.  I want good sound quality (of course), not bulky, comfortable.  What do you like?
For those who wear gloves

for RSI/carpal tunnel problems, which brand do you use?  I'm curious because I have been looking at a few different brands on-line, but cannot seem to find them locally, so my husband picked up one from Wal-Mart last night, which does seem to be helping the pain somewhat, but it is difficult to type while wearing it.  Some of the ones I've seen mentioned on here before (Handeze, Smart Glove, and Softflex) appear that they may be more flexible than what I've got and so better for working.

Any info you guys could offer would be a great help and much appreciated. 


okay, what's those gloves some MTs wear?
i never paid much attention before, but 2 of my fingers are so cold; and now i want to know!!
Well then, don't start at the beginning, start in
do you wear shoes when you work? sm

if so, what kind? If I wear sneakers, my feet get too hot and sweaty.  If I wear slippers, I don't feel like I get enough support.  Any suggestions?

Definitely less wear and tear on your own computer,
but also the company can monitor which web site you visit, all emails sent and received on their computer, and just about anything else you do on it.  But my main reason for using my own computer is that I have all my info on it, i.e, my favorites for the web, lots of reference material, etc., that is a pain to have to re-enter into another computer.  Also, it is much easier to transfer autocorrect from within a computer than from one computer to another (at least that's what I've been told, but in this instance it seemed to be a real problem for this tech).
I don't let my kids dress like that! My son will wear
anything I buy him, usually athletic attire, like Nike or Addidas T-shirs and carpenter jeans that fit!

My daughter likes jeans and t-shirts (kinda tom-boyish). So, I am lucky in that regard.

If they were difficult, they would never be allowed out unless they dressed properly.

I have a fit if my daughters shorts are too short. You know, how they roll them at the waist and the shorts go up their butts - well, that is a no-no to me. I don't care where we are in public, I pull them down to a normal length. Other than that, their dress code is fine.

You just stay strong, he will try to wear you out.
I didn't wear a veil...
I wore my hair pinned up with jeweled clips. 
I wear wrist supports,

and with the wrist rest attached it puts my fingers/hands/wrists at an angle that isn't comfortable for me. 

After he said "she tried to have me first"? I doubt it. You don't have to wear a bag.sm
She certainly doesn't.  She is just to full of herself.  Ballbreaker then, ballbreaker now. 
I wear my pj's until my coffee break
I am up and working by 6:00 am and I usually get up at 5:30, have a little snack and watch the news. I literally roll out of bed and downstairs to my office. So I work in my p.j.s for the first two hours. I wear flannel sleep pants and t-shirts/sweat shirts. At 8:00, I take a coffee break that includes my morning shower. That's also after my hubby and teenagers have left for various school/workplaces. For the rest of the day, I usually wear workout clothes, because when I'm done at 2:00 or 3:00, I head straight for the Y. Now in the summer... well, lots of days I'm in my bathing suit and shorts, and I take quick breaks in the pool to cool down. (We don't have a/c and it can be pretty hot here.) I consider wearing whatever I please to be a perk of WAH.
Oooo, I forgot I would have to wear a bra!! That's something to consider.
Be sure to wear your splints at night, too.

That has helped to make a difference. I have also invested in a quality keyboard, tilt desktop and wrist rests.

I don't wear the gloves to type with
but I got wrist splints to wear at night to sleep in. You can get them at WalGreens. They are about $24 each, come in R and L, and 3 sizes. I used to work for an occupational therapist who recommended them for her patients all the time. The elastic in most of the gloves I bought (including the ones recommended to you) made me break out in a rash.
Keyboard that the letters won't wear off
Does anyone have a suggestion of a keyboard where the letters don't wear off. Got a new keyboard one month ago and I can hard see the letters. I have tried the flexible keyboard and totally hated it. (I think I have too much acid in my body or that is what I have been told).

The #1 reason to wear an arm band.

My doc says "I did a rectal exam to make sure we had the right patient". 

There has to be an easier way.......


Any MTs out there who wear hearing aids sm

I posted awhile back in January about needing hearing aids.  I was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss back then and was sent for an MRI, which was clean.  I was told the next step would be hearing aids.

I had been having a lot of blanks through work and let the company I am an IC with know what was going on.  I received an e-mail today telling me not to turn in more work until they have a copy of my hearing test.  I am not sure what that means. 

Honestly, with the amount of blanks I have had, they could have let me go for not hitting whatever percentage of accuracy required. 

Anyway, I am just looking to see if anyone else out there has had to get hearing aids and what type they use that works best with being an MT.

Thanks for your help!

short, can't type with them long and also wear
contacts so long nails are a hazard, not to mention a hygiene issue.  
She stated she didn't wear mascara.
When I have pain, I wear the splints at night.
I also do daily stretching exercises many times a day, stretching the fingers backward to get the kinks out, especially the thumb. The most helpful thing of all is I wear gloves to work. I could not work without them. Try Wal-Mart or Walgreens and try on several kinds to select the one you like best. I also exercise with one of those squishy things that they give you when you donate blood. Helps a lot.
Do you wear rings or other jewellery while you transcribe?
I am finding I cant stand to have anything on when I work now.  Weird.
Oh, no.. You can't' expect KR to wear the werewolf hair
I also have astigmatism and wear Accuvue Advantage as well.
I was told the Accuvue is the best contact lens made and that it might just take a while to get used to it.
I don't experience blurriness, but it feels like the lens moves every time I blink. I can see the outer rim of the lens out of the corner of my eye every time I blink.
When I went in for a followup, they fitted me with several different lenses until I found one I was comfortable with.
Good luck!
Does anyone wear bifocal contact lenses?
I am considering trying them out and would like to hear others' experiences with them.  Currently, I alternate between regular contacts and no-line bifocal glasses.  How do your bifocal contact lenses work with MT work (staring at a computer screen for hours)?  Thanks!
I wear bifocal contacts and I love them
The only thing is that you have to decide which degree of a trade-off you are comfortable with because for my contacts to help me see up-close better, I have to give up some distance vision.

I went to a professional sporting event recently and couldn't see the players' numbers from my seat in the stands, where I used to be able to with my regular pre-bifocals contacts.
Also wear Handeze. They keep wrists and hands
warm with some tension, not too much though, but helps with carpal tunnel also, being that they are elasticized.  I bought mine through craft catalogs, such as Herrschner's and Mary Maxim.  Can buy them through the catalog or online. 
No, I like to feel human thank you. I wear my jeans or better.
I am not the type who wants to go around sloppily all day. It makes all the difference in your outlook as to how you dress and your personality.
$2 not enough for gas, wear&tear on car, lunches, clothes,
My doc said at some point, you do need computer glasses to wear
If you are good enough typist to wear off letters,
Do you have to wear those ugly black burkas?
I wear sunglasses all the time, told to by
my ophthalmologist because of small Drusen spots. Unless it is cloudy/rainy or the like I would have the specks on, especially snow because of the glare.
Nasty? The poll is only about whether you wear bifocals or not when transcribing.
It may take a few days for the full effect of the anes to wear off
I know it's hard, but give it some time. Call your vet and ask questions, express your concern. If it doesn't get better (which I think it will) you may want to speak with a veterinary neurologist.

Hugs to you both!
My daughter got married a year ago and didn't wear
a veil. She chose a tiara instead.
and I thought I was bad. I usually wear mine for a week and then change into something else.
A fellow back brace wearer! I wear one too. sm

And I wear a waist-nipper type undergarment underneath the back brace, for comfort and because it seems to help my back too (not as much as the brace, though).  

I put off using the brace for a *long* time because my doctor discouraged it, saying that it's a substitute for strong back muscles, so better not to wear the brace and strenghen the back instead.  Yeah, right!  I did exercises every day for months, and I would still have back pain if standing for more than 5 min.  (Chronic, muscle spasm type stuff, supposedly from mild scoliosis, but who knows...)  I would be in misery with a burning kind of low back pain after doing something as simple as going to the grocery store.  It was awful. 

Now I wear the back brace for anything strenuous, and my back feels sooo much better.  I found the brace at Walmart, under $20.00.

(Disclaimer:  This was just my experience.  Consult your own doctor!  )

Add to above: Minis surge at restart will gradually wear on PC.
Lots of people wear Rx glasses just for using the computer, nothing else. Ask doc