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Dell printer 720 problem

Posted By: Needen to print on 2007-10-12
In Reply to:

Have a problem with my printer. The cartridge is okay but the printing comes out really light, unable to see. Donít know of anything else I can check. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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Problem with Dell printer
My printer is printing so small can hardly read. Any ideas on why and how I can correct? Thanks.
Need to make font bigger for my Dell printer

Can someone tell me in layman's terms how to do this? Thanks!

Ok, simple things now for Dell printer small print
One time before had this problem, rebooted, unhooked the printer and the printer reverted to where the print had been before, not working this time. I have no idea how to fix. I could go in and look at different things but what then? I donít know exactly what I am looking for or at. I miss my printer. Besides getting another printer, any other easy suggestions?
Check your USB drivers. The printer works off the printer driver. The pedal needs a joystick

driver in order to work.  You have to configure your USB port for this.

I have both a Dell Latitude Laptop and a Dell Dimension desk top PC and bought both...
off of Ebay.  The laptop I paid $300 for had Windows XP and works great.  It wasn't wireless, but they sent me a PCI card with it and it works fine.  The desktop PC has XP on it as well and I paid $250 for it.  Both have Pentium IVs.  Both work great for work.  I have no complaints and I feel like I got a great deal both times out on Ebay.
Company provides a Dell for work, I have a Dell for personal use, too.
Dell customer service is overseas. I have had a Dell, a
Toshiba Satellite, and an HP.   The Dell was a piece of junk from day 1.  The HP hard drive crashed after 4 to 5 years, but otherwise no problems.   I bought a Toshiba about 6 months ago and it is okay, nothing special.  I was looking at the Sony Viao and the salesman said that some laptops are made to be portable, but that the Sony was not one of them, but the Toshiba was.   My keyboard also has a numerical pad on it, but it throws the other keys off a bit, so when I'm in a portable mode and don't have room for an external keyboard it really slows me down.  I have a Duo Core processor and notice no difference whatsoever in speed, the number of programs I can have open, etc.   I have also noticed that even when I am not on battery power that every so often the battery is charging.  I don't know if this is a defect or something that is supposed to happen, but I need to investigate it. 
I've had two dell laptops and 5 Dell PCs. Here's the thing...

Make sure you get the extended warranty, again, MAKE SURE YOU GET THE EXTENDED WARRANTY. And, here is why.

My first laptop went out on my, though it was a couple of years old.  Because I had the extended warranty, a service tech came to my house, replaced motherboard, hard drive, heat sink, and keyboard.  He was able to back up everything first and restored it once all the new stuff was in place. 

One of my PCs kept giving some weird blue screen error and I couldn't get to go even in safe mode. I called up Dell, told them the problem, they looked up my extended warranty and they sent someone out to repair it.

Overall, I have been happy with Dell products.  The only drag is that everything Dell sells regarding accessories is proprietary and you have to order it through Dell.  No generic accessories will work.  My suggestion is if you decide to buy a Dell laptop, make sure you get the car power supply and you might even get a 2nd regular power supply because I have been known to leave town and forget the power supply at the house.  Now, I have everything in my laptop bag for when I go out of town and can just throw my laptop in the bag and know everything is there.

Lastly, some Dell laptops require a special aircard to connect to the internet.  I ended up getting a 2 cabled USB air card and I'm glad I did because 2 USB plug ins give better reception than one.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. I'm happy to help.

I don't like Dell. I bought a Dell laptop and it

was a piece of junk, so I'm not the one to ask if you should buy a Dell.   I'd get at least double that processor speed.  My computer is about 10 months old and I have 5 times that, which means that there is probably something faster out now, or soon will be.  It is more than I need for work, but I also use computer to download music/pictures, and a bunch of other stuff.   The Dell I had had 650 mHz and it was slow and that was almost 6 years ago.   You may have to customize anyway to get XP unless you buy one previously owned, which you can also buy from Dell.   It is always a good idea to buy bigger than you need currently just to allow for updates to any software or new software you may add.    You need to also think about tech support.  I know Dell has tech support in India, which can be extremely frustrating.  I don't know that other computer companies don't offshore their tech support, but that would be a question I would ask and find out if there is a locally authorized dealer to handle warranty repairs or if you need to send off the computer.    I would not recommend a Gateway computer and I would not recommend any computer that has a Celeron processor.   They tend to be in all the lower end computers. 


Buy a Dell!! You can't go wrong with a Dell but
I bought an Emachines and had trouble with it from day one. I returned it, as the store I bought it from a six month return policy, so I returned it after about five months. I bought a Dell two years ago and have had no problems since!! Buy a Dell, you won't be sorry!! :)
I am not a Dell lover. My Dell has been
a lemon.  I just replaced mine with a Toshiba Satellite and I have seen a few others here recommend this.  Dell's customer service is in India.   The only thing I dislike about my Toshiba is that because it also has a number keypad the shift key is in a different position than I'm used to and I end up deleting and retyping when I use the laptop keyboard.  I normally use an external keyboard, but I travel a lot and try to work on the road and just don't have space for an external keyboard.    
Where did you hear that everything you buy for a Dell has to be from Dell?

I have LOTS of peripherals on both my laptop and desktop Dells and they certainly didn't come from Dell. You've been misinformed.

I love my Dells.

Yes, I have an ink jet printer

I just bought an HP Photosmart 2610v that is an all in one printer, fax, scanner, copier. I really don't want to have to go out and buy another new printer. :( I really appreciate you letting me know that a laser printer eliminated this problem. Which one do you use that eliminated this problem??? I might have to resort to this.

Also, I am trying to get them to consider going digital so I would not need to print anything for them (unless they were willing to have me just deliver transcription one day a week - I might consider that). However, I don't know how we can resolve the issue IF I do get to go digital and I won't be doing the printing and there creates another problem unless they have a printer that wouldn't do the same thing as mine. 

Thanks again! 


Laser will work better because  the laser uses a different mechanism -- do not understand all of it but it was explained to me.  Some of it is because something has already been printed on the paper when it runs through a ink jet.  But my laser printer, have a large one that cost a lot, but it works so well it has paid for itself in the past 4 - 5 years.  But there are some inexpensive ones out there also.  But what you need to do is when you try a printer out  --- take samples of what you will be printing on to the store and try it.  Might waste some paper but it is worth it.   I use the sticky  paper and had a lot of problems because of the weight of the paper and that is why I had to go with laser.  Also do 40 to 50 envelopes a day and needed that.  

Be prepared that if you go digital and they will print off -- they will probably want to drop your cpl since they are doing part of the work.   That happened to me.   So see what the trade off is. 


My husband works in a print shop. I definitely make more money.
Can anybody recommend a good reliable printer?  I have had 2 HP printers, one was really cheap (so I did not expect it to last).  This last one I spent a pretty penny on, but is no better than the cheap one.  TIA.
HP printer
I'm not sure if you are having the same problem I was having, but... try this and see if it helps the next time that happens. Unplug both cords in the back of printer (not the phone jack, the other two). Reboot your computer.. after computer reboots, plug everything back in again. I was told to do this by HP rep a couple years ago, and it works for me.
HP Printer
I have a C5200 and love it. Have had no problem with any kind of paper I use. The only thing that seems to be necessary to use is HP Ink. I have had problems with other brand cartridges. I would return it if I were you.
I had that problem with a printer (sm)
what type of printer is it? inkjet? I bought myself a laser printer and it solved the problem.
What kind of printer do you use? sm
I used to use an Epson which was pretty good on ink and I would get cartridges from e-bay. However, now I use a Lexmark and that eats ink like crazy. I second e-bay as a great source.
inkjet printer ink............
I think it's hp dot com.......
printer cartridges
I've actually ordered some off of ebay for 1/3 less!  I'll never buy a cartridge from a store again.  I thought I'd just take the chance and give it a try since they were so much cheaper.  They work like a charm. 
If only one printer is listed...
How can you change your default? Can you actually create a default that does not exist?
Okay...I don't have that there. Mine is the printer
icon. Maybe I accidentally hit F11 then.

I appreciate everyone's help! :)

Printer not printing

My hp LaserJet 1300 will not print what I send to it, however, it does print a page with a single line at the top - ?%-57755}euom%oog/ and so on.

I turned off the printer for 1/2 hour and tried again and it is still doing this.

Any ideas?

Thank you. Barb

printer not printing

Thank you for all the help. I tried everything and then called the place where I bought the printer. Three days of no printing, the morning the tech was due here the thing printed! He came out and determined that we probably had a "brown out" and that something was hung up in memory and it eventually cleared itself. Had a few other questions for him and so I guess the $90.00 for his 45 minutes of time was somewhat worth it!

Printer problems - HP All-in-One
Anyone know why I would suddenly have a single thin vertical line in all my printing from my all-in-one EXCEPT when I print off the internet.  I totally cleaned the mirror and the flatbed scanner.  Now, trying to print pictures, the same single line appears.  It appears with copies printed from the flatbed, faxed copies, and when I try to scan.  Thanks for any suggestions.  
Is the printer on a network?
You may have to "wake up" the computer that printer is directly connected to and/or reboot that computer.
When this has happened to me (I have HP jet printer)....
and I cannot delete the printing when it seems to freeze, or print, the only thing I have found that will work is uninstalling it and reinstalling it.  It happens if I run out of paper too, so I am careful about that.  Mine is getting older but it just started happening in the last year.  This happens on both my computers, so it is the printer. 
using dot matrix printer
Does anyone use a dot matrix printer for continuous labels and what printer do you use?
Printer problems - sm

HP laserjet 1300 - when I try to print anything all I get is one line of characters, i.e.


Has anyone had a similar problem and/or any ideas as to what I need to do other than call a repair service.

Thank you

Does anyone have an HP Photosmart printer? see msg
I have not had any luck printing on the HP Photosmart 2575 unless I use Hewlett Packard paper. I have a huge stack of photo paper from Costco that used to print out beautiful photos on my old Epson. When I switched to this HP Photosmart printer, the Costco photo paper is all smeared and oversaturated with ink. The same applies to using copy paper as some of the lines are either missing or too light. However, when I use the HP paper products, everything prints out perfect. What a ripoff having to use only HP products. Is there any solution, or else I will return this printer to Staples?
If this is the printer I'm thinking of (S/M)
I was given one as a gift last Christmas with photo paper (H/P) to go with it, but I had the same problem when I attempted to use a cheaper brand of paper. There was an atrocious bleeding problem and the pictures took FOREVER to dry. Upon examination after drying, it was just a substandard quality as well.

I returned mine for store credit.

Hope that helps with your decision :D
Printer question, help!

I know many of you may not even print at home, but I have to, and I'm running into a big problem with my new laser printer getting jammed up by the sticky paper. It's a Samsung ML-2510. I'm having to feed the paper one page at a time in order to get it to go through.

Are there any good brands/types that work well with the sticky paper?

I was using my inkjet printer, which took the paper fine, but the cartridge was running out in about a week's time, and I couln't afford to buy a new one once a week.


laser printer
I think it's because it's a laser printer.  Laser printers work much like copiers in that they heat the paper to seal the ink onto the page. Sticky paper hates laser printers.  Do you have options as to where you purchase the paper?  Maybe look at the manufacturer's web site to see if they have a type that works with laser printers.  If they don't then you are looking at either dealing with feeding the paper in one at a time and keeping the laser printer or trading it in back for another ink jet.  Different ink jets use ink at different rates so you can compare and see which would be the most economical for what you do.
Printer Problems
I have a Cannon BJC-4100 printer. It was printing fine 2 days ago but now it keeps saying it is out of paper. There is plenty of paper. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this? Thanks in advance!
Printer Problems
It could be a lot of things. Go to Google and type in "printer is saying out of paper." See if any other the suggestions can help.
URGENT: Do I need a printer for DQS training? nm
Need Laser printer recommendations

I may need to purchase a laser printer as the SOAP sheets that the office I work for sends to me are jamming in my HP ink jet printer. It has to be due to the writing that is being done on these SOAP sheet pages at the top where they fill in pertinent patient info, i.e., name of pt, vitals signs, birth control, etc., as well as how much the paper is being handled, shuffled, corners getting bent, etc. 

I have a new ink jet printer and have always had a problem with these sheets in every ink jet printer I have owned but my newest (and nicest printer thus far) it is happening more than ever before. It is very frustrating and time consuming to deal with this.

I was told that laser printers do not cause this problem as they utilize a different mechanism in printing. So, I may need to purchase a laser printer but would like some recommendations. I cannot afford a lot. I am hoping if I have to do this I can find a good one for around $400. I would appreciate your suggestions.

Thanks so much.

I have a Brother printer and paid around $400 (SM)
I was doing a lot of printing and not only did it solve the paper getting stuck issue, but the printing is SOOO much faster!!! The quality is better too. I don't know about your docs but when I used the inkjet, if they got the paper wet (coffee or water rings and they did that a lot!) the ink ran.
Yes, especially since my printer stopped talking to me.
For the computer/printer savvy!

If you can solve this problem - you are really good!!  Here it is - The office I work for has just changed the margins and the bottom margin is now 0.3.  However, everytime that I change the margin, the computer automatically bumps it up to 0.46.

The computer savvy person in the home office believes that it has something to do with a preset margin minimum in the printer which will not allow it to accept the margin.  The computer tech where I bought the computer believes that also.  BUT - no one knows how to go about changing that. 

My printer is an HP PSC 2210 all-in-one.   Calling HP is not an option since the printer is possibly 4 to 5 years old and out of warranty so therefore the charge for their advice is not worth it!!

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions??  So far, this has stumped everyone!  Thanks in advance.

My kids both share a printer...sm
No wired connections needed. I believe it is called the setup wizard in Windows that will help you do this. We did it quite some time ago so both kids could share printer and it worked great.
Laser jet not ink jet printer - more economical
I have a laser jet printer and though the ink is expensive at 100 a cartridge, it lasts me for six to eight  months and I do printing for all of my five accounts.    My printer was top of the line over ten years ago and I just got a new HP color laser jet for $899 but they end up paying for themselves by not going through as much ink as a ink jet.   For one of my accounts I do the letterhead on the paper.  Have done that many times for many accounts.   I incorporate it into the price.   I supply paper, sticky paper also.  Two accounts supply their letterhead and I provide second sheets.   My friend has an inj jet and constanly complains about the amount of ink she goes through.  It is all a cost of business.  But if this is something new, she should put on a $10 charge per month depending on how many letters she is doing.  I probably print off 400 sheets per week.  
New computer and fax/printer...questions

I'm going to buy a new home desktop computer.  I'd get a laptop and love to get one but I want my almost-4-year-old to be able to use it and I'm afraid she'd destroy the laptop.  Anyway, the cheaper the better but I really want a Vista. Any recommendations on where to go for a good deal, any computer recommendations?  I'm awful with this stuff!!  I wouldn't really use it for work because work provides a PC, just for play :)

Oh... also want to get an all in one scanner/fax/printer so recommendations there would be helpful too! 

I need to store an ink jet printer and keep in case my others die-how do I
go about storing the cartriges so they don't dry out?  Can regular adhesive tape be put on the part where the ink shoots out (as they are when new?).  Thanks for any ideas.
jammed dot matrix printer
I was wondering if anybody else uses a dot matrix printer.  I have been doing this account for 10 years.  We are constantly having the labels jam all the time.  We use labels that the doctor's office provides.  Any suggestion would be appreciated.
Anyone know why an HP all-in-one printer would would intermittently not respond? sm
Only about 1-1/2 years old.  No new software installed on computer.  Should I uninstall and then reinstall?  I can't track any certain document/reason why it does not respond.  Thanks.
I have a printer that prints pictures very nicely sm
do you think I'm good to go without the dock?  thanks!
she said that the usb port worked with her printer, but not any pedals.
not the driver, then. it is not the port that is the problem. :^)
I travel with a laptop, printer, and keyboard - sm
My printer is small enough to fit into a backpack - about the size of a portable DVD player. So the printer, along with the laptop go on the plane with me. The keyboard and mouse go in my suitcase that gets carried under the plane. Now, if i have to take a transcriber with me, depending on where I'm going, I will either ship that ahead or TRY to take it with me on the plane, but it depends on where I'm going and how long I'll be gone. I have had to replace a transcriber because of security deciding to take it apart when it was packed in my suitcase. Lesson learned on my part.