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Document Enterprise System I think

Posted By: nss on 2005-09-10
In Reply to: ?what does DEP stand for? - DocQScribe/is it DEP?


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Can you save the document as a Word document? nm
At ease, soldier! This isn't a medical document. I repeat, this isn't a medical document. nm
We use enterprise
Their weekend rates, which are from Friday morning until Monday, are incredibly cheap, as low as 70.00 for the entire weekend with unlimited mileage.  Our car is old so if we want to go anywhere or do serious running around, that's what we do.  We have rented luxury cars or 4-door trucks for about 150.00.  We signed up for the quick online ordering and we get emails to upgrade 3 steps for the price of an economy car all the time.
so far Enterprise
is my favorite. I find it easiest to use and fast..   the other ones I have worked on are TWS and Cornerstone. 
Enterprise Platform - sm

Any MTs with experience using Enterprise platform for transcribing - I am interested to know if you can get a decent line count and how many lines per hour you are averaging.  

Is it possible to do 350 lph on that platform?

Enterprise speech
No, currently working in-house at a local hospital.  The hospital recently leased the program and we are all having troubles.
Enterprise Platform
Have any of you used Enterprise Platform and what are your thoughts?
Enterprise Express Test
Does anyone know if you can use ShortHand word Expander with this Dictaphone system? Thanks in advance.

Teachers/tutors new Indian enterprise
National news a couple of weeks ago - kids that need tutors can now get a good deal on an Indian tutor over the internet.  During story internet connection went down and class was dismissed. 
Dictaphone Enterprise Express Speech Rec. SM

I am supposed to do some practice speech rec jobs tonight during my shift.  I'm all set to go except that in my Dictaphone manual, I do not have the chapter pertaining to the speech rec function keys, etc.  Now, I could wait to start training tomorrow and call my supervisor and asked for the missing chapter or I am hoping one of you wonderful ladies can give me a head start and let me know the important function keys I need to know so I can get going on this.  It has taken me weeks to get this far.  I had to have a the training Editor installed and a upgrade patch downloaded and if one more thing stalls me, I'm going to lose my ever lovin' mind!

So if you can help me out, I would really appreciate it!



Webmedx-Enterprise and Instant Text HELP!!!
I am a hopelessly devoted IT user.  I have been honing (sp) my IT glossaries for 5 years now, and am very proud of them.  I just recently started at WMX, and I find I am having a lot of problems using IT.  For anyone else who has used Enterprise with IT, what are your thoughts?  Does it get any better or should I just try to switch over the SH.  I am really enjoying WMX, but I am just not sure I am ready to let go of my faithful friend IT
Dictaphone Enterprise Express Editor

Enterprise Express Speech - Nuance Dictaphone

Is there anyone from UPMC Health Systems in Pittsburgh, PA, who is currently using this system?  If so, I would like to chat, ask a few questions, and maybe get some pointers.  Thanks a bunch.

Meditech is an operating system and Fusion is voice for a dictation system
What Document is that?
Is your document (sm)
going "full screen" when you do this? If so, use Alt-V to pull the View menu and change the view back to normal. I'm guessing you are hitting Alt-V instead of Ctrl-V for pasting. If you are in full screen mode, there should be a little box floating that says "close full screen." Clicking that will change it back too.
Do you want a new document to...
to show the template or the new blank page within the current document to show the template?  In other words, is every report created in a document of its own or are all the reports created in one document containing several reports?  Either way, I would think a macro would be very useful. You could use a macro to insert the template on the blank page of new document or, if several reports are joined together to form a document, you could make a macro that would create section break at the end of the current report and insert the template on a new page.
Don't get mad, just document.
Save QA e-mails in an e-mail folder. Then when you get conflicting messages, simply forward the conflict to the QA and very respectfully say that this feedback seems to be conflicting, so there must be something you don't understand.
If for some reason they do this over the phone, I'd ask if you could get that in writing so you'll be able to keep the rules straight.
Don't get mad, just document
The corrections go into an on-line type folder. I have e-mailed the person in charge stating that feedback seems to be conflicting. The response? There wasn't any. One Editor correcting the work will say "good report" while the next will do just the opposite even though you set up/type basically the same way. Some days I get so upset I could literally cry. I love the work but how can one please when the editors are not on the same page? Really broken at heart over the whole thing. :-(
So I can see the document (sm)
otherwise, it runs off to the right of the page.
Did you try it elsewhere in the document?
When I entered the cm2 as a formatted auto correct, it did make everything suprascript; however, go to another line and type the cm2 there. It should work correctly. Just don't know why it won't on the original. Let us know if you're successful.
Maybe it has to do with how you have your document set up?

did you try to hit F11 anyway? Usually you cannot see them after you save the document.. but they a
How do you move from one document
to another in the WordPerfect program without stopping to reach for the mouse.  I'm guessing there is a certain key(s) such as F1 or something like that that does it but I haven't been able to find it.  Thanks!
document where the IRS states this please? nm
document is a template
I am using a different computer in my house because my main one crashed. I had new templates sent to me, but when I open them to use them they have all of these arrows and paragraph symbols everywhere! Thanks for any help
I believe it is document preparation..nm
Word document
Here is what I do . . . sort of the same thing. I sometimes work on temp jobs and if I think I know how the client wants something, but I am not 100% sure I highlight the area. The MTSO will then return my work -- if she makes a change she will highlight so I can find it easily and if what I did was okay she simply will remove the highlighted area and the report is good to go on to the doctor. It is very simple to highlight an area and just as easy to remove it. It won't exactly show what your MT did wrong, but the MT will know that you changed something that is hightlighted and see the correct way of typing. If she has her original she can match your highlighted area with her original to compare.
Make sure you are at the top of the document
It has been a while for me, but I still have the function key template card that goes overtop of the F keys.
Word document
I have sent really large Word files as an attachment even using dial-up.
Why don't you still just type 1 document - sm
then when done with all the sound files, then upload that 1 document? I do short little blips for a doctor, and she sends me 30 or so voice files and I type them up in one document for her unless it is a letter, then that is its own file. The then cut/paste the correct paragraph into the patients file at their end. (each blip has the patient's name and visit date). Did your doctor decide to change things from how you were doing it before?
How do you encrypt a document before using
make sure that the document you want
is highlighted and then try the "view" button.
It goes back to 0 with each new document - is that what you mean?
Docs have the right to document their time
as much as anyone else -- for insurance purposes and any other reason they want.
document solution center
Jen: Is that the one in Gadsden? with Tina Parker as president? You can email me for more info, but I worked for them for 2 1/2 years and I would not recommend it to anyone.  Thanks, Beth
If it worked earlier in the document SM
the paintbrush on the toolbar - highlight a paragraph (including the paragraph mark itself) that DOES work, click painter, then click in the paragraph you want to reformat and it should add that tab (as well as any other embedded formatting in the paragraph you copied from).
can anyone document anterobasal hypokinesis?

Point is, the document is copyrighted
That is so true. A document that is signed
is read as having been approved by the signer of that document. We have no way of knowing whether the doctor reads the document or not. In the case of the digoxin dose mentioned above, even if an MT transcribes the wrong dosage (though one should be very careful not to), if the doctor read the note he/she should catch the error before signing his/her name.
RIU or RUI let's you type in a raw document, but their pay stinks! nm
change spacing in a document..SM
I know I saw here a long time ago..a way to change your doc to single
space inside Word..I mean to change a typed page that has 2 spaces after periods
back to 1 space..Does anybody know how to do this. TIA
Just last night I took a long document
with 3 jobs in it - figured it out with spaces and w/o spaces - both 65 character - note you said 55.... There was a 15.4% difference in pay.... I would suggest you just take a document in Word and do as I did but figure a 55 character line - Word does not have real accurate line counting program apparently - but I used the same document for all my figuring so worked for what I needed it for.
Can someone please tell me how to see document codes in Word?..nm
Open up a word document to use as a
template.  Do view header.  Go into th e header of your word document.  Go back to your scanned document, highlight the pic and right click to copy.  Then go back to your word document that you created and paste into the header.  Do the same if there is a footer.  Hope this helps.
That does not change the name inside the document, does it?
It is obvious that we OK it, but still does not change name on document; only changes demo page information. If you know better how to do this, please post again.
I have a Word document question.
If anyone can help that would be great.  I have header and footer boxes that are really large, so now they are throwing off my already existing templates.  When I went for help in Word, it tells me how to make them smaller, but they just keep going back to the regular size.  Is there a way to change this across the board for all of my preexisting word documents? 
word97 to 2003 document help


  I have to use a form where I have the patient name and dob on the same line.  BUT when I type in the patient name, it moves the DOB over every time.  I then have to back it up to have it formatted right.  Could someone please tell me how I can get this to NOT keep moving?  I remember having this problem on a form I converted from word5.1  to 97 several years ago and someone here helped me with something that fixed that.  Please if anyone knows how to fix this would be such a time saver as some days I am doing this for 80 patient files.....urghhhhhh.


thank you.


I remember checking a document

where the dr had said I was depressed, not because I showed symptoms, but because of something he perceived in a question I asked him.  Needless to say, I found a new Dr. That one was obviously mysogynistic before he even got his practice off the ground.

while in a document, help and then user guide
it'll open a whole website of indexes and instructions... what are you having trouble with?
yes. In a document, hit CTL CTL to open your abbreviations sm
then hit File and Save As. Then save them in My Documents as your name.esp e.g. Jane.esp. You should then be able to transfer them to a jump drive. Best of luck!