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Enterprise Express Test

Posted By: anon on 2009-01-10
In Reply to:

Does anyone know if you can use ShortHand word Expander with this Dictaphone system? Thanks in advance.

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Dictaphone Enterprise Express Speech Rec. SM

I am supposed to do some practice speech rec jobs tonight during my shift.  I'm all set to go except that in my Dictaphone manual, I do not have the chapter pertaining to the speech rec function keys, etc.  Now, I could wait to start training tomorrow and call my supervisor and asked for the missing chapter or I am hoping one of you wonderful ladies can give me a head start and let me know the important function keys I need to know so I can get going on this.  It has taken me weeks to get this far.  I had to have a the training Editor installed and a upgrade patch downloaded and if one more thing stalls me, I'm going to lose my ever lovin' mind!

So if you can help me out, I would really appreciate it!



Dictaphone Enterprise Express Editor

Enterprise Express Speech - Nuance Dictaphone

Is there anyone from UPMC Health Systems in Pittsburgh, PA, who is currently using this system?  If so, I would like to chat, ask a few questions, and maybe get some pointers.  Thanks a bunch.

You can use a footpedal with express scribe. I do when I test
You have to go up into settings. I have never figured out the adjust rate backing up but the footpedal will stop the dictation. Hope this helps.
Trying to take a test in Express Scribe and cannot get my foot pedal to work. I dont want to
cause a problem in DQS with the foot pedal either.  Any suggestions.  I have the foot pedal that you use for DQS.  It is an Infinity foot pedal.
We use enterprise
Their weekend rates, which are from Friday morning until Monday, are incredibly cheap, as low as 70.00 for the entire weekend with unlimited mileage.  Our car is old so if we want to go anywhere or do serious running around, that's what we do.  We have rented luxury cars or 4-door trucks for about 150.00.  We signed up for the quick online ordering and we get emails to upgrade 3 steps for the price of an economy car all the time.
so far Enterprise
is my favorite. I find it easiest to use and fast..   the other ones I have worked on are TWS and Cornerstone. 
Enterprise Platform - sm

Any MTs with experience using Enterprise platform for transcribing - I am interested to know if you can get a decent line count and how many lines per hour you are averaging.  

Is it possible to do 350 lph on that platform?

Enterprise speech
No, currently working in-house at a local hospital.  The hospital recently leased the program and we are all having troubles.
Enterprise Platform
Have any of you used Enterprise Platform and what are your thoughts?
Document Enterprise System I think
Teachers/tutors new Indian enterprise
National news a couple of weeks ago - kids that need tutors can now get a good deal on an Indian tutor over the internet.  During story internet connection went down and class was dismissed. 
Webmedx-Enterprise and Instant Text HELP!!!
I am a hopelessly devoted IT user.  I have been honing (sp) my IT glossaries for 5 years now, and am very proud of them.  I just recently started at WMX, and I find I am having a lot of problems using IT.  For anyone else who has used Enterprise with IT, what are your thoughts?  Does it get any better or should I just try to switch over the SH.  I am really enjoying WMX, but I am just not sure I am ready to let go of my faithful friend IT
It's a test in progress to measure what MTs know and what type of test to give for the SM
different levels of MTs.  It's over $90.  That's a lot of money to pay to someone who is giving these tests for research as to what type of testing should be done for the different levels of MT.  The AAMT will probably take the results and make a test that they can give in India or the Phillipines or some other foreign country. 
tuning fork test: Is it about a hearing test? .See inside
A whisper is about 20 dB
Loud music (some concerts) is around 80 to 120 dB
A jet engine is about 140 to 180 dB

Hope I could help
Not a medical typing test but this website can test you..

It's called www.typingtest.com

Atleast it will give you an idea.. Sadly, I had to take it twice before I passed it LOL

Why would they do a microalbumin test when she has the period? A lot of test s will come out wrong
Why would they do a microalbumin test when she has the period? A lot of tests will come out wrong.
Neer's test is a shoulder impingement test

Don't think that has to do with the knee.  How about "bucket handle tear" of the knee?  Never heard of Neer having anything to do with the knee. 

happens quite often i would test again or go see your GYN for blood test which is more accurate
Yeah a 30 minute test---work for free, he gets enough to test, his work is done - nm
Or maybe that in itself IS the test! It's really an ethics test, LOL. nm
And a test

Wondering how many companies this is set up for....

HealthScribe, Avicis, Spheris, MQ, TRS, Medware, others?


You really should not be asking for help if this is a test sm
If this is a test for school or employment, it really should be done by you. It is not a fair test if someone else does it for you.  If this is not a test, please clarify and maybe people will help, but I think it is cheating otherwise.
test, this is only a test. nm

<img scr=http://bestsmileys.com/silly/11.gif"></center>


If this don't work, I'll quit.

If this is just a test then (sm)
why don't you just pick something...like @@@ or ??? or *** or something like that...leave it for where you find it inaudible, and when you send back your test just tell them. You could do ___inaudible___...anything. Just let them know when you send the test back. If you were actually working, then you'd go by the account specifics for how leave a blank, but for a test, just pick something appropriate and let them know.
We have to test because there have been....sm
too many times that people claimed they were transcriptionists, or could do a certain work type, only to find out they couldn't and were bluffing.  Testing is the only way to tell if an applicant has any knowledge or not.  Resumes don't always tell what their true skill level is. 
That's the best way for a co to test you because they never know if someone sm
is having someone else take a written test for them. The best way to test and just as accurate as mega transcription tests is oral phone testing. That way, it comes from what is in the person's head of what they know
Don't feel bad....I've been an MT for 24 years, & failed 2 tests, but passed several others.

Yes, and it's $95 to test for it...

I cannot imagine what they will come up with next!  Obviously AAMT is in a crisis financially and is trying to dig their way out.  Why would anyone desire this bogus, worthless designation? 

I'm thinking of offering  an "SMT" for only 10 bucks . . . and NO TEST!!!  What do you think???

Oh, what is "SMT?"  That would be Smart Medical Transcriptionist, of course!!!! 

To test him I'd say

Gee honey, I'd don't want to disappoint the children again.  Maybe next time we'll suprise you instead. 

I wonder what his reaction would be to that!

Okay. Just took this test - got a 136
I did a 3 EPT's all were positive with lines that were hard to read and yes the lines took a few minutes to show and a blood test at the doctors office which confirmed, by the time you spend money on pregnancy tests you can go to your doctor and pay a 10.00 copay and get a result... just an idea !!! I'm officially 7 weeks !!!!!
Probably a different test.
AAMT likely won't flunk many of them. They wouldn't want to scare away the hordes of potential buyers of their BOS and CMT certification.
Who can take CMT test?

I am just curious if I live in Canada, would I be allowed to take the CMT test ? or is it just strictly for american MT's? Would it benefit me as a IC ?




CMT self-test

I just took the 60-question self-assessment test. A passing grade is 51/60.  After 16 years of acute care experience, I got 43/60 correct.  That blows my mind!

I'm asking myself 'who needs this' ???

We can't help you take a test. You just have to do the best you can.
That's all any testee can do. After all, we aren't applying for the job. They expect you to leave blanks where you can't get something.
just a test to see if I can get

a post to go up here.  Last time I tried, I messed up royally somehow. 

before you test
Purchase Stedman's Ophthalmology Words before you test.
It is one test....
They give you a 6-hour allowance for the entire sitting.

You go in, give your ID, are shown to your test computer, given brief instructions on headset, etc.

Sign into the test site on the computer. Take a little instructional demo and practice. When you're ready, you start the test.

First, just questions (objective portion), like 120 or so of them. Multiple choice mostly (maybe all of them are mx choice - I can't remember now, lol).

When you complete that part, you get to review any you marked for later review, answer them, verify all of your answers and submit that part.

Computer asks you if you want a break. Take it or not. Start the performance part.

Performance part is about 60 (I think, geez - my memory now, lol) snips of dictation where you either transcribe the whole snip, fill in a blank on transcription provided for the snip, or listen to the snip and decide which pre-transcribed piece is more accurately typed. A few have no snips to listen to -just choose the correct transcription (look at spelling, punctuation, grammar, medical terms, etc.).

Then you're done.

Took me 1 hour and I missed 2 on the entire exam.

try this little test
Try this test. Put your thumb in your fist, and then try to move your fist laterally while holding your arm and wrist straight. If you get a shooting pain, then it could be DeQuervain's tenosynovitis. I have that and I wear a neoprene glove at night that just has a thumb in it and no fingers. You can check out the symptoms of it online. Hope it helps.
I actually refuse to do that much testing anymore. I always ask what the pay is before i even bother. Some companies actually respect you when you say you will not do all 4 typing tests. I think this is absolutely ridiculous! Don't waste your time unless you know if its a place where you would even like to work by knowing pay, etc.
just take the test
really, just complete it.  It is completely frustrating, I know, but like my previous post says, it is a TEST - to see what you'll do, how you'll handle it.  If you refuse to do it compared to others who took it, stuck it out, and blanked it all over the place, at least they gave it an honest stab.  MTs who say they demand this and that before testing and refuse to test if they don't give information might be letting a good job go.  When I become demanding is after I've tested and they see what I am capable of - that's when I demand what I'm worth.  Of course, if they say off the bat they are paying less than what I'm willing to accept, I politely refuse to take their test.  Some won't tell you until after you've tested to see where you'd fall in their range of pay. 
CMT Test
Can anyone clarify something for me.  I have an authorization to test and when I called the testing center, there are supposedly 2 parts, B and C and the total cost being 345.  I was under the impression it was all 1 test and right now had a reduced rate for members of 150.  I called ADHI and left a message but have not heard back.  Am so confused because the testing center says I have to pay 345 or they cannot schedule any of it.  Does anyone have any current info?
You could take the test here.
Does anyone know of no test?
Does anyone know of any companies that do not test to hire a new MT?  I know Spheris doesn't, but am just curious if there are anymore.