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Dont believe her, she has a bone to pick and ....

Posted By: OSi MT on 2005-10-21
In Reply to: I have worked for OSI for a while but this makes me want to look elsewhere, - thank you for the information

does the same cut and paste over and over again, it gets rather boring.

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let's do it, pick a day, nobody works, pick a busy day
does anyone know if bone cancer is always..sm
metastatic or can cancer originate in the bone? 
Here's a bone for you to chew on...
Just because a vet recommends something doesn't make it "safe" or acceptable... MANY vets recommend pig ears and other crapola like rawhide which is TERRIBLE for dogs. There are plenty of vets who know better on both of these "recommends"

As to where they can be bought, are you KIDDING? Since when have you known giant corporations that make money to CARE about whether or not a product is safe for animals OR humans?

Sure they care - to the point they won't be sued... but an UNeducated consumer is their BEST customer.

And by the way dogs don't "hate" per se... they FEAR. That said, if you think for a New York second your dog *likes* the collar, you are fooling yourself.

If you are SO SURE they aren't abuse, put the darn collar on and shock yourself. IF you still think it's just a fine way to treat an ANIMAL THAT HAS NO CONTROL over whether or not it has to wear a collar that causes *any amount* of pain, just keep on using and ABUSING your dog.

Why dont you stop coming in and agitating everyone under all your different names. Dont you work.
It can originate in the bone, as in sarcoma
HEY, Throw this poor dog a bone?

I am a "newbie", been looking for MT opportunity with no luck.  I would gladly take one of the jobs you didn't like, just for the experience......

At this time, I would just like a job doing Mt but beginning to think this was a mistake.....definitely must not be the same as it used to be.....

Dont you think MQ will just keep hiring new people who dont know they lost lines because they are

new. I betcha.

one time this happened with a chicken bone....

One time I had a fast food chicken sandwich (decades ago) and it felt like a tiny bone was stuck in a manner which you described.  The store gave me a piece of soft white bread which immediately cleared the problem.  Just thought I'd share that, just in a possible future case........

Glad you're feeling better from the event.....


If you dont try to fill in blank or research, dont
I'd do a neutral sand/bone color because of the blue

I would never let a bone cruncher touch me. I used to work for chiropractors
and have seen the damage they can do.  Personally, my choice is going to my wonderful acupuncturist.  She is a chinese physician who performs a combination of acupuncture, magnetic heat, massage, and herbal application.  Folks, acupuncture WORKS wonderfully for the treatment of sciatica and acupuncture has been performed in China for thousands of years successfully, so they must have been doing something right.  One suggestion, make sure you find a GOOD acupuncturist.  Believe me, you will know when you've found a good one.  Good luck!
Not worth it if you work your fingers to the bone and then never get paid
Good luck
From one who worked for MQ nearly 18 years, no matter was MQ bone they throw out, I know with a full
Always has been, always will be.
Glad I'm not the only one.. My kids have had cystic fibrosis, leukemia, mono, and bone cancer.
The way I understand it if you dont keep below 10 to 15% QA you dont get the bonus even if your QA
score remains above 98% so you see as the other poster said you are between a rock and a hard place and I expect this is MQ way of getting out of paying a bonus to people. I see it this way anyhow. I plan to continue to send unclear things to QA and that is the way it is. I expect depending on the new pay scale on top of this they will be losing a lot of MTs anyhow as they continue to miser everyone out of money.
Do you honestly think they do. I dont. I dont think some of them can even understand some of the

 reports they listen to quite frankly.

If you dont want to read a thread, then dont.
Most Dr. dont care and dont know how they get
Since dont know of any cars that dont use
Osteo refers to bone. Ostial refers to a narrowing of an artery.
My Pick

Sade's "By Your Side".

Its a very unique sounding and lovely song.

Pick up
LOL! Good for you!
Thank you so much! I will pick up one of these. nm
Which would you pick?

Forty-five minutes was or were spent with the patient.

The patient is a 46-year-old patient of Dr. Smith or Smith's with stage IV breast carcinoma 

Unless you have a job where you can pick
and choose, I would never presume to ask to be off an account or a particular doctor because I can't understand him. I personally have a doctor that when I see his name I cringe, because I absolutely have a horrific time with. He is just one of the hundreds of doctors at this facility though. I just do the best I can and the more I have him, the easier (although slow) he is getting. That is all part of the job in my opinion, you take the good with the bad.
How can you cherry pick on MQ DQS?
How do you get info on whether hospital complains or not about cherry picking?  How do you figure an office is closed because of cherry picking.  My office is far away from where I live.  My managers are just names.  I don't know them.  They live in other parts of the country also, far away from the home office.  I know nothing about who is doing what nor correspondence from the hospital to the manager or why MQ closes offices (I was told this is an economical measure since most managers are working out of their homes as well.) How do you come across all of your information regarding the inner workings of MQ and who is cherry picking and how?
you can't cherry pick....

Well you see, you stated right in your post that you can't possibly cherry pick...so what do you know about what is going on with the rest of us out here who DO have to deal with cherry pickers. 

Don't know what you make per line but getting about 666 lines per hour is quite astounding.  I'm sure you must be quite happy where you are and with no cherry pickers!  Good for you.  I've been an acute care MT for over 30 years and am rated as one of the best as far as QA and quantity and have NEVER, EVER in my life been able to come close to your line count.  Maybe you are from another planet and have powers beyond us or maybe you have some special secret you could share.  Or maybe, we should just ignore your statement of getting that kind of line count, especially when you are not dealing with cherry pickers.  

Pick Transcend
You'll like it.  Great company.  Great platform designed for us specifically.  Pay is good, always on time.  No problems.  I love it!
Yes, I do cherry pick...
but very infrequently and only if I think somebody else would do a better job of transcribing a particular dictator - all of us on my account do it to a minimal extent and no one is bothered by it - sometimes U feel like a nut, sometimes U don't...
dropping everything you pick up...
and my favorite, the old juggling act: and now folks for my next trick, I will type for 15 minutes, answer the phone, fold a load of laundry, run to the bathroom, do up a coupla dishes on the way back, sit back down to type another 15 minutes, only to be interrupted as you just get going again...

gotta love it!
Oh, no way, after this I'm done for this year. It's a lot to go and pick and buy for
Christmas Angels, pack and ship, shooey, I'm POOPED! 
Sometimes I wish I could cherry pick

I work with a program that will not allow you to cherry pick. If you try to dump the job, it comes right back to you.

It's a good thing though. I have learned a lot of foreign accents and have put up with mumblers, pausers, stutterers and horrid background noises, but I can do it all.

When the companies the cherry pickers work for downsize or go to VR (voice recognition) the good MTs will be working and the cherry pickers will be saying, "Do you want fries with that?

me too.. nit pick it so that it is hiliarious
Seems its a no-win situation with my QA...and I think they know I have 30+ yrs experience, so they are out to prove "something or anything" on my reports. It's absolutely ridiculous. And you call them on it, then you get "the account wants it that way"... oh boy!
It's my birthday, DH says I get to pick where I want to eat.
Ohhhh, the possibilities!!!
Hands down, if I had to pick one, my best
resource for medical terms is The Surgical Word Book. Boy that book is awesome. For meds, Quick Look Drug Book is The One! Online, the only site I really frequent is Dr. 411. Now, most of my coworkers are going to know who I am, as I am always singing the praises of these!! Oh well. It won't be any surprise to them how miserable I am at work - we all are.
Poll: If you could only pick one.....

If you could only pick one each of a medical book and an online reference, which would you choose?  Mine would be Stedman's Medical Dictionary for the book and onelook.com for my online reference. 

I get one check DD. The other I have to pick up. sm

If that's not bad enough (even though the office is only 1 mile away), I have to drive another mile to my bank and they don't even have a drive thru teller.  They're located on the main street in town so I have to find a parking place.  Then I have to get out of the car.  Then I have to walk to the bank.  Then I have to walk inside and stand in line.

With my other employer I get up in the morning on pay day, log on to my online banking and there it is!

BUT. . . .there is nobody there to say hello and call me by my fist name and ask me how the kids are doing and whether or not I was having a good week, etc., which is nice even though I do have to change out of my jammies on pay day.

I was on my way to pick up tapes. nm
ppl but in it more for money. Pick one or the other.
Huh? I don't pick and choose and I certainly...

am not putting myself up on a pedestal.  I don't think a little pride in one's work is too much to ask.

And yes, right now I do have job security, but these horrible American MTs keep giving MTSOs directly and hospitals/physicians indirectly an excuse for offshoring because they can simply use the argument that it doesn't make much difference regarding quality.  So how much job security can I have and for how much longer?

I need to pick brains
from anyone who uses Express Scribe.  I am trying to find ways to maneuver around in Express Scribe more efficiently, such as learning where how to set the back up for one or two words, etc.  TIA
yes, you're right, many do pick

but just keep in the back of your head this little nugget: 5 years in acute care is worth its weight in gold. Someone else on this board said that, so I can't lay claim to it, but he/she is definitely right! A lot of the companies nowadays want you to have anywhere from 3-5 years acute care experience, so those biddies who won't do acute care will have a hard time finding a new job if they ever lose the one they have now.

Good luck, and I didn't mean to infer that you were cherry picking, just that no one has the luxury to choose whether or not to do crappy dictators no matter how long you've been at it.

In my book, if you can't pick up SM

the format and the software fast enough to get off the initial QA period in 3 or possibly 4 days, you need to re-evalute your skills and possibly work for a company like Spheris-they have a mentoring program.

The work you show a company in the first 3 days pretty much says whether you can handle what they have to offer or not.  I see people come through my company who claim to have never typed an ESL in their lives, are still using abbreviations like q.d. and h.s., expanding everything else like it's 20 years ago and more.  It's appalling.

pick your tool
I am a slow-medium typer, and I do quite well straight typing, using a word Expander program and LOTS of expansions. With VR I found less opportunity to take advantage of expansions. Expander programs and VR are both tools we can use to increase our productivity. Because the VR pay is so low, I choose to straight type and use the expander tool.
I dont know. I didnt care then and I dont care now.
Just me

Have any of you used the free disk that you can pick up at
Just wondering how you liked the service. It is $9.94 month. TIA
Looking to pick up some prn work, about 10 hours per
week. I have Word 2000 and Transnet or can use FTP. Acute care or clinic. Email me for details if interested.
If neighbors have DSL, can pick up signal with that same
As soon as I pick my head up off the floor,
I will tell you that I agree about  momentary  help, but not lifelong help due to dumb choices.  Maybe you could sign up for a free govt anger management class.  As for the money spent in "stupid Iraq", just wait till you see what  this country is like after Islamofascists turn it into another middle eastern country, complete with daily suicide bombers and a dictator rule.  You may not live along enough to see it,  but that's their goal.  Count on it.  Being nice won't make those nuts go away.   It didn't work with Hitler and it won't work with these sickos either.
I hear ya! Beyond age 35 or so there's nothing left to pick from but
1. Cheap mommy's boy losers who still live at home and let their mothers run their lives.

2. Someone else's sloppy seconds who were thrown out for a good reason, so why would anyone else want them?

No thanks. If no one good came along when they were supposed to, I'm not lowering my standards now. I prefer my pets too. They appreciate kindness and don't screw you over.
just across the river from Cincy ....i'd be more than happy to hold your hand during the concert