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Dont know if JAM answered but....

Posted By: OP on 2006-12-11
In Reply to: Can anyone tell me.... - MSWord-challenged

I copied this from his/her email. 

Position the curser where you want to start, (beginning of sentence)
press F8, hit the period key. It will then highlight to the period and
you can delete.  This will work with commas also.  If you get stuck in
the mode or change your mind, just hit esc.  Just remember to hit F8,
then hit whatever key you want to highlight to, then delete.

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Why dont you stop coming in and agitating everyone under all your different names. Dont you work.
Dont you think MQ will just keep hiring new people who dont know they lost lines because they are

new. I betcha.

If you dont try to fill in blank or research, dont
The way I understand it if you dont keep below 10 to 15% QA you dont get the bonus even if your QA
score remains above 98% so you see as the other poster said you are between a rock and a hard place and I expect this is MQ way of getting out of paying a bonus to people. I see it this way anyhow. I plan to continue to send unclear things to QA and that is the way it is. I expect depending on the new pay scale on top of this they will be losing a lot of MTs anyhow as they continue to miser everyone out of money.
Do you honestly think they do. I dont. I dont think some of them can even understand some of the

 reports they listen to quite frankly.

If you dont want to read a thread, then dont.
Most Dr. dont care and dont know how they get
Since dont know of any cars that dont use
Thank you all who have answered! That's what I like...

about coming here, the diversity of answers.  You ladies (and maybe guys) have been a great help!  Thank you. 

thanks to those of you who answered
think I'll give the 5htp a try - i'm in a stressful situation and I think my depression is situational,thanks again. 
I'm sorry nobody answered you. I am sorry
for your dad, too. I have no personal experience with those exact meds; however, I am very allergic and/or intolerant to many meds, and Zantac actually does that to me - makes me an emotional mess. I am on other meds that give me GI upset, and I have to take Zantac for a few days until either my GI system calms down, or my emotions are shot. It makes me very labile. For elderly people and those with allergies or intolerances, that can be a very common side effect - also, as I'm sure you know, elderly people are hyper-sensitive to many meds and/or have bizarre reactions - not the usual warnings on label. I hope things work out - he'd probably rather have GI distress than be agitated or upset. Good luck.
I answered their ad and
So I got my own job. I have many years of experience. I went through 2 other jobs before with larger companies, then I found this one with a small company and I just love where I am at now. I did not use them at all. I don't know why they would put themselves out there and then not bother to reply.
Many thanks to all who answered!
Answered below and yes
you just answered your own sm
question! you have only been doing this for a few months! Are you doing acute care or doctors office stuff that you already had been doing. There is no way with only a few months experience you can go home and work on acute care for a MT company and expect to make any money.

Same thing I have been talking about in this field forever. Too many folks want to get very little experience and then leave and "work at home" not realizing they have to have some experience.

You need to go and get some in-house experience.
thanks to all who answered
you are the best...and no sarcasm!
Curious -- Who are you asking? Someone else answered..? lol nm
Thanks to all who answered! I will try your suggestions. nm
see question answered above -nm
Okay, you answered my question. nm
NEVERMIND. No one answered anyway.
Answered you down at your other post

See down under your other post.  E-mail me and I will try and help but I don't thinkyou will need some equipment, etc. to start.  Gotta go do deliveries. 

You answered your own question...
Enjoy it. You will regret it if you don't!
thank you. someone answered this on the mq board
thx though
and she answered you. why the 'tude? nm
Do a search here. This ? gets answered almost every day.
We answered this the other day - The average is 3:1
1 hour of dictation will take 3 hours to "type" transcribe.
Answered back
Again some companies do differ in amounts by the last month paid as you can invoice out for December in January and they sometimes accure that amount so they can deduct it in that year.  I have still claimed it in the year that I received it and did this for many years and never had a problem.  So as long as there is not a huge 10 to 15K difference I think that the IRS knows this.  Again 1099's can be corrected and sent in if there is a discrepancy in the amount.  Feel safe as long as you have the records to indicate what you received in the year. 
I have answered your question above. (nm)
Your question was answered and not at all with
any sarcasm from what I read.

It seems that the poster just answered in as few words as possible.

I understood he/she to mean without experience, the company would hire from within.

Very simple.

How did you get that they were assuming you had no experience? seems that you are the one assuming eh?!

Thanks to you all who answered. One more question.......
How do you know which C-phone will be compatible with everything?
They answered. Said he was from Pakistan and that all MTs
You answered your own question!
They can't spell!
LOL! Thank you and everyone who answered without complaing (nm)
My question is not answered though
Are these records done by MTs or is this the punch a screen and put on the information.
I also want to thank DeeAnn who answered
my question so kindly and the person who posted with BINGO-LOL is confused and needs help.

Stop trying to be Sherlock Holmes, it is pathetic!
sa, thank you so much, this answered all my questions...nm
You answered somebody's inquiry

a few weeks ago about my company and it sounded as though you were a current employee. 

Hey, it's okay to vent.  I know it must be frustrating. 

I'm glad I have not had to buy a BOS 3.  That would make me mad.  They are waaaay too expensive. 

This is answered on the Word board. SM
Just go to that board and scroll down, or do a Find (in the Edit menu if you have IE).
No one was being rude. They just answered her question.
She IS a newbie and thought she was being trained wrong when, in fact, she is probably being trained right. She doesn't know the rules of transcription.
Well, that pretty much answered my question!

You keep using your high school diploma and playing "I win" games back and forth on the computer. I have a feeling that's all you have anyway, which, my dear, is not much.

I guess we can assume you only answered it to be able to put down the original poster? I hope you get the same one day, I really do. Wish I could see it happen. You are hateful.
Is there a reason you answered for Sheri

I think *that* shows a lack of respect for someone. I also said Sheri ONLY was to answer the question (because she is the administrator of the board).

And in terms of "when in Rome do like the Romans do ..." Just call Rosa Parks.

I'd like one, too! I answered your post on the other board.
I'm sure they'll need an experienced technician to work at home, though. Just like any other job, they don't hire newbies without experience to work at home right away. It's better to learn in-house from experienced people than to try to go it alone. You can't troubleshoot over the phone and fix someone's computer if you've never actually done it in real life. College merely lays the foundation, it doesn't make you an expert in the field.

I've been trying to find an at-home tech job for over 10 years now. It's not easy. Too much competition out there with all the youngsters and Y2K layoffs. Totally saturated market with much lower wages than 10 years ago. People generally don't quit at-home tech jobs because they're hard to come by.
wow...okey dokey..answered my ????
wouldnt of been DTSS in springfield MO was it?
Monitor/Admin answered that below
I agree because this question has been answered 100
times over on the New MT/Student Board.
We just answered this question a few days ago. nm
answered you on drug board

Cancel please. Question answered.
This post is a duplicate, and it was answered (nm)