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Dragon Naturally Speaking v 8 Mobile

Posted By: Kelly on 2005-10-06
In Reply to:

Is anyone using Dragon Naturally Speaking v 8 Mobile to download digital dictation from a recorder and convert into a transcribed document?  I saw where it claims to be able to take digital dictation from a recorder and automatically convert it to a typed document.

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Dragon Naturally Speaking 8 or 7 (sm)
Has anyone been successful using this software for transcription? I have broken my collar bone and have not been able to xcribe. I can type but cannot extend my arm to using the mouse. Unfortunately, my bills do not stop just because I am injured. I am looking in this avenue till I can be up and xcribing again. Any info on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

No, Not dragon Naturally Speaking sm
I meant if the dictators use it and we have to edit it.  Sorry if I was not clear about that.  Thanks.
Re: Dragon Naturally Speaking

I have been seeing a lot about the Dragon Naturally Speaking program. I am interested in buying. However, on looking E-Bay, there are tons of versions. Is it always best to get the latest version?  and is that version 8? I have seen almost all versions on E-Bay, but need advise on buying. Any help anyone can give me would be immensely appreciated!  And thanks in advance to anyone who responds (in case I don't get back with you soon)! 



Dragon Naturally Speaking
I used to use Dragon 7.  I was going to try and install it today on a new computer; however, I lost my original CD case, so I no longer have the serial number.  So I'm thinking about purchasing the newest version.  I did okay with it previously.  I was still getting it trained but I could manage to use it and match my typing speed on a good day.  I'm curious as to whether anyone thinks the investment of buying the "preferred" version is worth it?  I purchased a couple of different microphones previously, etc.  I went to dictaphone.com to see if they had anything worth purchasing and noted that it seems that website takes you to nuance.com who is now the maker of Dragon?  I thougt that interesting.  Would appreciate any feedback on the newest version.  I'm not looking to type 300 wpm or anything.  I'd just like something that can at least take the load off of me a little bit so I'm not typing 8 hours a day.  Thanks in advance!
About Dragon Naturally Speaking sm
I tried this at one point. I had a reasonable computer, but nothing like what we have today, and my last attempt at this has been years ago (2001). This is one of the reasons I think VR/SR is a joke.

I spent 60 to 70 hours "training" it. I am a clear speaker, not fast and I have no accent, just a plain midwest way of speaking. What did I have at the end of that time? Nothing, nothing at all. It would not recognize even the simplest of sentences or punctuation! To get it to pick up about every 3rd word I had to speak...like...this...every...word...slow...and...separate.

I will say that computers have come a long way over this short time. I know that Dragon is a bit better than it was. I still believe that if you really want to use it, you would need a Pentium IV with 160 gigs of HD space and nothing besides the word processor, operating system and Dragon on it. It is going to operate in either Word or WordPerfect and if you use a platform it won't work. You'd be stuck with copy, cut and paste which is not something every platform will allow.

I just would not, could not, be bothered to mess with Dragon. I type so many lines an hour that Dragon is deathly slow as far as I am concerned, and I don't get hoarse this way.
Dragon Naturally Speaking
Does anyone know if Medquist allows you to install programs on their computers? I used to use Dragon Naturally Speaking for radiology and it worked really well after a lot of voice training. It was a lot quicker just repeating what the radiologist said and watching for errors, which were amazingly few and far between. It never worked well for medical reports, but was a godsend when I had to do radiology.  
Dragon Naturally Speaking
It works MUCH better with radiology.
Dragon Naturally Speaking
I am a radiology Transcriptionist who is learning "voicewriting" with ViaVoice.  did using dragon increase your productivity with your rad transcription?  Thanks. Rita
Dragon Naturally Speaking
thanks for the info.  I work for a local diagnostic center.  I was hoping to take some stress off my hands and wrists but also increase my production.  thanks.
Dragon Naturally Speaking
do you mind sharing how many lines you can do in one day using DNS in radiology?  Thanks.
Dragon Naturally Speaking
Hey Barry,

do you mind sharing what version of dragon you are using? thanks.
Dragon Naturally Speaking
Does anyone use Dragon Naturally Speaking? sm

I am strongly considering purchasing this to do the listen and repeat, edit, way of transcribing rather than typing everything out.  I am hoping that after I train it to my voice it will increase my productivity and help me with a little of the burnout I am having from typing for 12 years...lol.  Anyone with any opinions?  I do mostly ortho work right now...I have read that Dragon is best for radiology but not as good for medical.....opinions?

Thanks so much!!

dragon naturally speaking 10
I have used Dragon NS-10 for a while now.  It is around 900 and does not take long to train.  You will have to watch as you speak and get used to it.  As far as being worth it; that depends on you and whether you prefer to speak vs type.  For me, my fingers, wrists and arms gave out and it was the deciding factor of quitting this line of work or not.  Hope that helps.
Question about the Dragon Naturally Speaking SM
I am looking for ways to improve my line counts and think this is something I should try, as I am not the fastest typer. Can anyone tell me if I can use the program with my company's platform since we do not type in word? Also, I need some honest feedback. I don't have a lot of money right now where I can afford to buy something that expensive and then not use it. Anyone out there who might want to sell theirs also? Thanks!
Anyone use Dragon Naturally speaking? If so, do you like it? Does it help? Looking for input. nm
Dragon Naturally Speaking...Questions...

Hi all!

Am curious if anyone has every tried Dragon Naturally Speaking for doing transcription and if so, was it boom or bust??



Just Google Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally speaking medical
Are there any MTs here that use the Dragon speaking medical version?  If so, did you find it equitable? 
What is the best version of Dragon Naturally Speaking for ortho?
I have decided to buy the Dragon Naturally Speaking program, but I am not sure which version is the best suited for ortho reports.  I appreciate any and all advice.  Thank you!
DocQscribe and Dragon Naturally Speaking.. Can they work together? Thanks in advance.
Dragon Naturally Speakin
Does anyone know if the Dragon Naturally speaking program works with Emdat Inscribe??
dragon naturally software
The software will transcribe from recordings; but again, it will work more proficiently and accurately after you have trained it.
naturally speaking 8

If anyone can help me.  I am working for a Dr. that uses naturally speaking pro 8.  I have downloaded the main disc onto my computer, but it will not let me access his files.  If anyone can help with getting this set up, I would really appreciate the help.  Supposedly, I am supposed to be able to open his files with my pc.  Thanks for any help I can get!!


Dragon Speaking
I am totally baffled at how "you" can use Dragon Speaking when it is the doctor's voice that you are using.  How can you do that?  How can you edit someone else's voice?  I have been wondering how this works for a while, so figured this is a good time to ask.  TIA
dragon naturallly speaking software
does anyone know if this can be used with docuscribe platform? 
Dragon Natural Speaking-medical
I must have used that program about 10 years ago and it worked for me
Radiology transcription/Dragon Natually Speaking
If there are any radiology transcriptionists out there that are successfully using Dragon Naturally Speaking would you please share which version you are using?  Thanks a bunch!
I use Verizon mobile and the rule of thumb with mobile broadband is...
Basically, it will work whereever your cell phone will work.  If your too remote, it may not work, but I do know a lot of campgrounds like KOA offer Wifi, which means you should be able to pick up that signal too. You can always call ahead to the campground etc. I use mine going down the road for the most part but every great while going through the mountains I lose reception.  
I just want to be mobile

I just want to be able to move around the house with a laptop, which I am still looking for a good deal on.  I am looking for a 17 inch screen.  What is your laptop?  Give me the specs please.



I have used ATT and with the $60 package you have unlimited use...It worked good for me.
Well there naturally aren't going to be many in the AM. SM

I do only ops myself. I have a different deal than what it sounds like you have, because my work is assigned manually - I don't get to go in the system in the morning and start plucking them out of there. I get a list at about 8:30 in the morning of the ones dictated the day before.

Too bad, too. I am 2 hrs ahead of the hospital. I could have their notes sitting there for them when they come in, but that's not the way they manage it. I don't like waiting till 8:30 to get my work, so I know what you mean.

Naturally Fast?

I am fairly new on here and realize I am asking a lot of different questions (hope you don't mind).

I am wondering if most people who end up fast enough to make a decent living at transcription are fairly fast from the start, or if one can really increase over time.  I am really struggling financially and don't want to give up, but I also don't want to spend endless time in a field that just isn't for me.

Any stories?

Naturally fast
I feel I am just naturally fast. Yesterday I transcribed 2000 lines in 6 hours without pushing. I learn new accounts quickly, including ESL. Technology has definitely made me more productive. It sounds corny, but I feel like I was "born" to do this. Like I said, corny.
Any not naturally fast out there?
I can see I am not naturally fast, so I'd really like to know if there are those out there who had to work at getting fast (and were able to).

Any testimonies will be very much appreciated!
Mobile Infirmary sm
Beth, where would you be moving from?  I did hear today that Mobile Infirmary bought Knollwood which is also a hospital in the Mobile area.  I don't know anything about working there, though.  I just accepted a position at Providence Hospital in Mobile and started today.
Mobile transcription
I am really just fishing here. I don't start this itinerate life until February, so I am hoping to here from more people who are out there on the road earning a living.
Mobile Transcription

Interesting question!  I own a small MTSO that is essentially a family business.  My Dad is retired, but does sales and bookkeeping for me.  My Mom is retiring August 1st, and she is planning on getting back into transcription, working for me.  They own a big RV and are planning on being "snowbirds" - living in Arizona for at least 3 months of the year.  The place they are going to is a big RV community which has WiFi internet, so they can both work remotely. I am also an avid camper, so we've been looking into remote internet options.

We explored the different satellite options, but it was very expensive initially for the equipment and the setup at each stop seemed kind of complicated.  The other problem was the upload/download speed - I can see why many services won't hire someone with satellite service.  We ended up going with Verizon Broadband access - anywhere I can get a cell phone signal I can get internet.  The speed isn't the greatest, but it works for us.

What I've found is if you work for a company that requires you to be logged on to the internet the whole time you are working, this option won't really work because of the connection speed.  However, we use a product called DocShuttle by Bytescribe that allows my staff to download the audio and disconnect, type the reports, and then connect and upload the documents.  It works great for that - I even have an employee who lives in the country where there is only dial-up available, and she works just fine like this.

It can be done - I've worked while camping several times this way.....

Mobile transcription
I have just heard from one person so far, and she just did this for about 6 months. I will keep in touch.

Mobile transcription
I'm a fairly new MT, and my husband and I are going to start living in our RV and traveling around the country moving about every 3 months. Is there anyone out there doing something similar? I'd love to hear from you.
Mobile homes are many here in NC, and
they are not a good deal, IMO. Every tornado heads straight for them like they are magnetized, and they seem to burn down a lot. Now I had a townhouse that I lived in for 11 years, and I made quite a nice profit due to the fact they were attractive, had a bit of land and nice landscaping, and were in a good location. I think I paid $85,000, and sold it for $119,000 11 years later. Not bad for a townhouse.
I am mobile with a laptop and use a....sm
Microsoft Elite keyboard. Many years ago I started transcribing with my keyboard in my lap. This has served me very well and is the only way I work now, even at home at my desk. Ergononically, it is great with no stress on arms, neck etc. Just be sure you have the computer at the right height. Sometimes I have to put a few books under my laptop depending on the height of the chair I am sitting in. I love being mobile!
Mobile internet
I need to go mobile with my laptop so I can work away from home.  Anybody else out there who does this?  Any suggestions.  Good carriers?  Any advice greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 
Okay, I decided to try mobile

wireless internet through Verizon.  I currently have a Verizon cell and have no problem with reception in my home, so I'm hoping this is a go.  I also have a 30-day trial period, so I'll know for sure if I have any glitches. 

What I don't understand is this lingo about voice files, etc.  I'm on the Bayscribe platform, so any info would be greatly appreciated.  Please "dumb it down" for me, as I am not a PC person.  The lady that signed me up told me that the limit is 5 GB and that that generally means about 35,000 web pages a month.  How does this correlate to voice files?  Do I even use voice files on Bayscribe?  I'm assuming so since I have an audio player. 

At least I know if this doesn't work out, I can cancel and not lose anything.  Then I'll have to sign up for satellite, which is about $300 upfront and $60 to $90 per month for service.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Verizon will work for me.

Thanks for any info.

I feel I am naturally fast also...

I know for one I felt slow at first, but once you have experience and have an ear for transcription, I think is when the fast part comes in...although there are some MTs out there who have an ear for transcription that don't type fast and still do a great job!!!  Hang in there!!!

...and regarding the mobile devices (more information)

Ladies:  Looks like we should be investing in some of these companies...Intel/McKesson on cutting edge, and VOIP companies (we currently use a VOIP phone)...

If we can not make money in transcription, maybe we should invest in its future?

Quote:  "Medical Transcription will change more in the next few years than it has in the last 100."

It is an odd thing, but I actually like typing and will not like it when it is gone. 
Mobile Infirmary Medical Ctr
Have applied for a full-time MT job at Mobile (AL) Infirmary Medical Center.  Has anyone experience working for them?  I would appreciate any information, as this would involve a move for me.  Thanks in advance--
Mobile Infirmary Hospital
I don't know much about Medical Records except that they have a BIG turnover. Always hiring. Say a little a prayer before you except, it may be that it works out great for you.
Mobile home buying

Shop around for repossessed homes. I have a double-wide Palm Harbor that we picked up for about 60% of book. Yes, they do depreciate like cars, and some brands hold value better than others. Palm Harbor and Patriot seem to have the slowest depreciation rate, and do have pretty good records for storm survival (always remember, they have earned the term Tornado Bait honestly!)  Our home was barely lived in, with very little evidence of wear, and a great price.  Try to look for a repo-only lot - they are usually run directly by the mortgage company and if you have good credit, a good deal can be made, especially if they have had the home back for a while. They can also show you homes alreay set up in parks, or on lots of 1/2 to 1 acre or even more, and if you like the location, won't even have to wait for moving and set-up. Make sure they are able to demonstrate that the heat and air work properly, even if they are lot-set in a temporary sales lot. Don't know about AZ, but in Texas they do have to have certain warranties for roofs, appliances, etc. for at least 90 days.  New home dealerships often have some repos, but they are usually dogs to make you want the new ones.  Shop around, take as much time as possible (we stayed in contact with the repo dealer we brought from for about a year, and he called when he got in what he knew we were looking for) and you can find a deal, especially if you have great credit. We are way more happy with the mobile home we bought when we remember how little we gave for it. Stay away from Fleetwood, Shulte and SOUTHERN ENERGY (run-don't walk-away), unless they just give you one, then be prepared for problems anyway.  I am running on, aren't I? I just wish someone had steered me this direction in the first place.   21st Century Mortgage Company is a good lender for mobile homes. There are not many companies out there who still do trailers, but you can find them if you look. Hope this helps. Contact me if you want more info. 

My advice if you do buy your own is to get a laptop so you can be mobile. nm
Lots of people are mobile.

Be sure that you're using a secured wireless network/hot spot. Your laptop should have the wireless card already installed, unless you're using an old model. Try Google search for VPN to learn more.

Most importantly--make sure it is allowed by your company!!