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EditScript/Escription - Fell in love with it the first time I used it

Posted By: Still lovin' it (nm) on 2009-03-16
In Reply to: What is the best platform you've ever worked on - YourOpinionPlease


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Absolutely - love it. Use eScription's EditScript.
Great pay, awesome platform, and wonderful account.

Like everything else in life, you take the good with the bad. Get bored sometimes, but I make a great line rate and work for a great hospital. I will take the boredom - really can't complain.

From what I have heard, you either love VR or hate it. Personally, I love it, but I think it really does depend on the VR platform. eScription is the best VR platform out there in my humble opinion. I have worked on several and some were just downright terrible.

Editscript-Escription - Jay, sm

Jay, do I still use a foot pedal with this software? What is the difference between editscript and escription? Sorry for the questions, but I have never used this platform before...Thanks!


eScription is the name of the company. They make a dictation system which takes the doctors' dictation files and runs them through a voice recognition engine once they reach a certain level of accuracy. At any given time, there will be some dictations that have to be transcribed from scratch and others that need to be edited.

EditScript is the name of the TRANSCRIPTION component of the eScription system, the part that you as an MT would use. It does use a foot pedal, yes. It integrates with your MS Word program so you can still use your AutoCorrects, macros and expanders.

EditScript & eScription
eScription is the company with EditScript. They do not take over departments. The hospital will contract with them to use their software and servers, etc. EditScript is voice recognition software. They do not take over departments.

However, there are some transcription companies who are certified ES users and will try to bid for the department or hospital's work.

Please know that not every hospital or department who uses the EditScript platform outsources their transcription work to companies or anyone else for that matter. Recently, many have been keeping their transcription in-house and training their MTs on the new software.

I hope this answers your questions.

EMR is an electronic medical record. Most companies are trying to sell their software to the healthcare industry as EMR. Paperless records so you could be visitng in Alaska, have an accidnet, and the doc could pull your chart up from the hospital in your home town, like New Jersey, etc. instantly.

Hope this information helps.
My favorite platform.
eScription EditScript
Does anyone know what the standarized definition of a line is when using the eScription platform (EditScript)? I understand bolding and underlining are not permitted, so that has been eliminated from the line count. How about two spaces after a sentence? Has that been eliminated from the line count also? How difficult is it to confirm your line count that the software is gathering for you? If you partially edit and partially transcribe a report, does it separate the two functions and provide individual counts? Thanks!
Another eScription EditScript
If you had to transcribe a report on the eScription platform instead of edit, would you be able to use the AutoCorrect feature in your Word program, or another Expander program, or are you using the Word on the eScription server and would an expander program be available?

Anybody ever having trouble downloading EditScript on initial setup?   I get so far and the templates will load but the next part that lists the providers won't and I get kicked off my provider (VZ wireless air card).  I have been told that they do use this for the laptops, so that shouldn't be an issue.  Just didn't know if anyone had any possible suggestions.  TIA!

Editscript/Escription ???
I have used Escription when I worked for TransTech.  Now I have been offered a position with a company that uses Dictaphone VR.  I thought Escription was a Dictaphone product.  Does Dictaphone have more than 1 platform for VR?
Editscript/Escription users
Am I the only person who has a squatty hourly average line count with this system? I would love to hear from those who don't mind sharing how many lines you average an hour.

For those of you who are thinking about posting a response that says 'I don't give out this info'...save it please.
My question is for people who ARE willing to share this info.

Editscript/Escription users
I'm worse off than you. What does Editscript/Escription stand for?
What is eScription Editscript? Is that strictly

has an ad for MTs that says nothing about editing positions.  I am confused for sure.  I transcribe.  Don't want to do editing for a company.  Don't want to apply for a job when I do not know what I applying for.  TIA!

Can Smarttype be used with Editscript/eScription?

Is EditScript and Escription the same platform? sm
I am only familiar with Dictaphone EXText, EXSpeech, and now EXEditor, but have heard that escription is even better than these platforms. I want to get my fact straight (the difference, if any, between EditScript and Escription) before applying for companies using those platforms. TIA!
Are all Escription accounts EditScript? I could not use this platform. sm
I see so many people that use Escription and like it.  Are there other Escription platforms, or are they all EditScript?
eScription only makes EditScript/EMON
Why couldn't you use EditScript?
eScription is actually the company that makes EditScript.
:-) Welcome to the boards too.
eScription - EditScript - question missed from below.
If you insert a list of recipients into the report from the hospital directory base, does the MT receive any credit for this in the line count?

Also, are any of the demographics included in the MT's line count?

Thanks for your reply.
Also LOVE LOVE ESCRIPTION and make good money but...
Can I ask how you sit there for 8 hours. Lately, I'm having a motivation problem. When I focus, I can rack up the lines, but lately, I get so easily distracted. My mind wanders and I struggle to get my lines. Any tips on how you stay productive who do you work for?? I work for Transcend.
LOVE eScription
I love it and don't ever want to use anything else. 
I love eScription.
It is very user friendly. Good luck!
I also work on eScription and LOVE it.
I work on eScription and love it.
With the part-time position I have using eScription, straight transcription I average about $27-$28 an hour and with VR I can average up to about $34-$35 an hour. It did take me a little time and concerted effort to get there, though. I had to learn to keep up with the dictation and I have to really pay close attention but even with difficult dictators, I still do as well or better with VR than straight transcription.

I get 10 cpl for transcription and 5 cpl for VR.

How do you do the time stamp on escription? nm
All the time, I love this place!

I LOVE that, I do it all the time and I get such a laugh...(nm)
I love IT. Give yourself some time and
use the marker keys. You'll need to just slow down a bit at first, but the reward is awesome. I went from 45ish% productivity gain to low 60s. You really need to give it a good month with so many new things - marker keys, moving eyes, etc. I truly believe it's worth the money in the end. So slow down just a bit, the reward will be more lines for you. Also, visit the productivity talk forum. You'll find many great tips to help with shortcuts and commands, and the people there are wonderful when it comes to answering questions.
I love getting up and working at that time.
It was the only time that I could actually concentrate and have quiet time in my  house.  I have a 3-year-old son and grandkids that lived with me a couple of months ago...it was hard to try to work while everyone was doing their daily thing.  So, I just started getting up and 4 a.m. was a good time.  I would stop around 8 and get my mom/son's breakfast ready and get them situated. After that I could go back to work until I was through, taking breaks in between.  I prefer the 4 a.m. thing...it works for me.  You will have to find what works for you and I am sure that you will.
Fell sorry.....
Agree. LOVE Switch and use it all the time.
I kind of fell into it
It's for a local insurance company. I have a friend who works there, and the service that they used was charging a lot. She knew I was looking for a part-time job to supplement my income (at that time I was working out of the home as a legal secretary). We started out working on it together, and then she stopped and I do all the tapes now. It's good money. I've been doing it for about 7 years.
Busy..yes that I am LOL. I would love some MEEE time, but I guess I will have to
Love Shack and That Old Time a Rock n' Roll!!
I've only been on it a short time but love it - I use Shorthand, though with it.
How dumb are you? Evidently you fell from somewhere.
Maybe it was where you post fell .. I thought
that you thought I was telling you that.


I meant no harm or bother to anyone.

My babies are in bed. I'm going there, too. I think I'll just stay quiet for a while.
My husband fell back on ME. SM
He had his own auto repair business and I bought his parts half the time.
If a pill causes an abrasion while going down, it can fell like it is still there. nm
I got the same email regarding pay....ALMOST FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR

You have got to be kidding me!!

I do the same thing! I have fell asleep at ...sm
my keyboard before. It sucks trying to wake yourself up. I haven't found anything really that helps me that much.
Just as above, the physician said the patient fell
and ordered CT scan and the doctor absolutely checking for confusion. The doctor repeated and I listened back to it, intensely. That was said, VR picked it up and how would a newbie know (brain, confusion, could be in some cases, right) it was contusion they were looking for? I did, changed and finally the physician said the correct word, contusion. I also have the VR putting in Dr. Pannicus and the like. Yep, you need to know what things mean, not just typing in words.
okay, thanks, I thought it was always Fri when it fell on a weekend...
I absolutely love Pogo, although not much time to play these days...nm
Why do so many people LOVE operative notes? I see posts about it all the time...
how they make good money on them, they could do them all day, feel cheated when they don't get them? I have been doing this for years and years and still kind of groan when I see them come up on my screen. Fill me on the secrets and maybe I won't whine so much when I do them. Thanks gal!
she fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down

she fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down

I fell down my steps in MARCH of 05 and my tailbone still ...
hurts a lot of the time.  Both soft and hard chairs are hard to get out of, depending how long I have been sitting.  My sister said about trying an inflatable pool ring, but there aren't many to be found this time of year!
DH refuses to watch it again- says we fell for all the hype - about (sm)

the show being a "classic" .  People on we barely knew.  We kept waiting for it to get "good".  Then the ending!!!!

Holy cow is right.  Is he dead?? 

Bahaha! Oops. I fell out of my chair.
You're not really a brunette, are you?

Thanks for the giggle.

To adminstrators. Love your new format. Could you please back the actual time of the post.
Love the little smiley faces that can be added too.  And the print.  Just bring back the time along with the date of post if possible.
I got a REAL present for MT week from my part time employer. I love it!

Mother fell and broke hip Sat, sent home by ER doctor

who said it was only bruised.  Hospital calls Tuesday afternoon and says she actually had a broken hip and needed surgery.  In the 3 days before the nursing home found out it was broken, she fell again.  Has anyone ever heard of the radiology dept taking 3 days to read films?  It was Memorial Day weekend, but even so I don't think it should have taken so long.