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Experienced MTs, please see New MT/Student

Posted By: board--need your help for dilemma. Thanks. nm on 2006-03-30
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Are you a new MT or a student? sm
Your first post said you were a new MT, the last post you said you were a student. If you are indeed a new MT then finding someone to help you with some of the dictation might be beneficial. However, if you are a student and you need help transcribing reports, you definitely don't need to be paying someone to do them for you.   Transcribe the reports, leave blanks for what you are unable to understand or for things you cannot document.  Submit the reports and await the feedback.  That's how you learn.  The first and foremost thing is to take some thing that you can understand and research that.  You will be amazed at what you find when you look for it.  
50 yo F TX (student STILL!) nm
She is a student you know, she might believe you.
I understand that last question and mine is heck no, no one really to ask = QA does not sit and wait for calls, takes too long to get back from MTstars, finished with report by then, just have to suck it up and hope for the best.
As a student MT I can tell you
that in my program we have learned generic meds are to be in lowercase.

If you're not already looking the meds up through a drug reference website, it might be quicker than a book. Most often I only check the book when I'm really stumped.

As a student also....
I think what she is saying is rather out there. Whomever said that some people will never listen, was absolutely correct. IMHO. I wouldn't say anything at all to her. Heck, I will be happy if I make even a few dollars at first! I hope that I can do this from home to start with but everything tells me that I will have to work inhouse first. I still pray for the latter, however. :) Anyway, that was just what I thought. I think it is nice of you to try and help us just getting into the field. I for one am thankful. :)
Student vs Resident
I think you guys are confusing a 4th year medical student with a 4th year resident - only the resident is a doctor.
To MT Student - Listen
Ms. Student, please don't stick with the MT program just because there is an Illinois MT who makes $22 and hour at a hospital.  You should realize that, even tho God Bless this Illiniois MT and that's GREAT for her, almost NOBODY makes anywhere near $22/hour in a hospital setting with full benefits anymore.  This is a M-I-N-O-R-I-T-Y position with realistically less than 10% of the medical transcription population at large making this kind of money, so don't start drooling.  (Entities like MedQuist, etc., have seen to it that our jobs went to pasture from the hospital, FYI.  We just love MedQuist. They are fine folk. ) Anyway, it is incredibly hard to get the money you deserve and you only get it after putting in at least a DECADE or more of doing this job, and it just isn't worth it.  Check out another field.  This one is way out in Left. 
med trans student
Please consider starting with something ultra-stodgy and respectable... like a large teaching hospital or a university. the larger, the better. You will need this kind of atmosphere for learing, and exchange of ideas. Once you've been there a few years, you will know your field better, and the +/- situations around you about other companies. You will know a WHOLE lot more about what you want to do with your time, and your career. Let them pay you, teach you, give you days off and benefits, and then from tht position of SECURITY, you make better decisions.
You're welcome! Are you really an mt student,
knowledgeable and I think you will do great in this field!
MT Student Has Question
I am a medical transcription student at Sinclair Community College in Ohio and I am taking a business communications class that requires me to interview a medical transcriptionist. I don't know any MTs personally so I was wondering if anyone here could possibly answer 10 questions for me. I would really appreciate it!
Thanks in advance!! The questions are below.

1. How long have you worked as a medical transcriptionist?
2. What certification have you received?
3. What attracted you to pursuing a career in medical transcription?
4. What type of environment do you work in (i.e. from home, physician’s office, hospital, other).
5. What do you think are the most important skills a medical Transcriptionist should have?
6. Did some skills come naturally to you, while others required more practice?
7. In addition to transcribing medical reports, do you engage in other forms of business writing while on the job (such as memos, proposals, or progress reports, etc.) to clients, coworkers, or supervisors? Please explain.
8. What do you think is the most difficult aspect of medical transcription?
9. What do you find to be the easiest aspect of medical transcription?
10. As a medical transcriptionist, do you often need to collaborate with others to ensure that all the information in your reports is correct?


when the student is ready, the teacher will come
To all you parents of student athletes - sm

My son came to me today to tell me he is quitting football.  A sport he has played since he was in the 3rd grade.  He is now a junior in high school.   He is an awesome offensive linesman - scholarship bound this year with academics with it.  He has a 4.0 GPA, takes AP courses and could have a scholarship coming his way.

Regardless of all of that, I am just heartbroken to see this young talented man just walk away from the game he once loved.  I have been crying all morning.  

He tells me, "it just is not fun anymore. "   He does not want to play.  He wants to concentrate on his academics.  

This is halfway through his camp, and games start next week.  He started on the varsity team as a Freshman.

I am so upset, but I won't let him see it.  I do not want him to play a sport to please me or anyone else, but himself.  I have to hold all of this in and it is killing me.      This is his decision, and I have talked to him over the past few days about, trying to not let him know how disappointed I would be if he quit.  Well, today, he went to camp and told his coaches he is not playing, handed his equipment in, and so forth.

Any advice from any of you parents out there for me as to how to handle it from a loving mother point of view!  I hide in the bathroom and cry so he doesn't see me.   For the simple reason, if he sees me crying, he will continue to play just for me.  I really don't want that.  He needs to play for himself.

Needless to say, the coach called this morning after he handed in his equipment to talk to him.  I am sure there are more calls to come.  His teammates will be over this afternoon after camp, I am sure of it.  How do I handle this - better yet, how do I help him handle this? 

P.S.  If he feels like he is letting his teammates down, he will give in and play just for them or for me -



To all you parents of student athletes - sm
This has happened to my daughter this year as well. Her reason was that her coach was a jerk and it wasn't fun anymore. She was a great fastpitch pitcher and he tried to change her mechanics and messed her all up. She didn't want to disrespect him by "telling on him" but it finally came out. When she was pitching it just wasn't her. She was not having any fun any more.

I would suggest finding out "why it is not fun any more." Then if it turns out to be the coaches, find another team he can play on. That is what we did. HTH!

Ck the New MT/Student board for schools. nm
yep, c'est moi... pic was from when I was an exchange student

in Cairo through the University of California.  Long time ago.  I was with YOG, then stayed on after Medquist bought us out. 

No thanks. I don't want to be 70 years old and have a college student.
There's a time and place for everything. Mid-40's is no time to be having babies. It's unfair to us and to them.
No, a 4th year medical student is just that, a
student who has received a Bachelor's degree and is in medical school studying to become a doctor. He/she does not become a doctor until completion of medical school. He then becomes an intern/resident and has earned the title of Dr.
Check New MT/Student board
Check the New MT/Student Board
student doctor, not transcriptionist

Oh well, lost in translation I guess.

Good post, MT student!
You're right about the wages for other medical field positions. My daughter is a RECEPTIONIST in a surgeon's office and makes $18 an hour! While I am happy for her, of course, I do not like the fact that we MTs have become so devalued.
Lisa/MT Student (see mssg)
I don't think you would have to pay to place an ad.  See if there is a "Letters to the Editor" section.  If not, it might have to be done the way the doctors do it:  Their papers are submitted to JAMA for consideration of publication.  Even though we MTs are not doctors, it is their work that we are transcribing.  And sometimes (if we're lucky) we even get to transcribe those papers that they are submitting for publication!  I don't think there is a single doctor or medical professor out there that would want their JAMA submission, book manuscript, etc. transcribed by an ESL MT.
What version is it? Student and Home?
I thought Student and Home version did not work for most companies???
I went through FASFA and student loans where I cosigned
for my son. Banks offer student loans also. My son is going to Morehouse but the bank Bank of America) only had student loan if his major was medicine.
That's incorrect. A 4th year medical student is
indeed an M.D. They do not have a license to practice yet, though.

Wait. I misunderstood. MS4 = student, a Mr. - R4 = MD, but not finished SM
with residency in his specialty.
Yes, click on the New MT/Student board over on your left (sm)
on the first page there are a couple of threads about schools you might read through and if you still have questions, post over on that board and you will probably get a better response.
student loans can be filed on after 10 years
of no payment. I did it. Unfortunately.
I went with the Student version and it works fine...
certainly haven't found anything missing that I'm in need of! 
Noncephalic and atraumatic. This is a student dictation.
Wondering where the patient's head could be.
MTatHome Good School - I was a student!
Hi, I am not sure who the person is that responded about them, everyone has an opinion. I am a student of MTatHome, or I was one and I can tell you that I really enjoyed the course. They are a Christian owned company and they treated me like a real person and not just a distant customer /student. I finished the course over a year ago and now I am working at home doing Medical Transcription for a Doctor in NC and I love it! I told several of my friends about the course and my sister also took it and is also now working at home. It can take a little while to get into a job, however that is with any where now days. It took me about 3 months to get a job after finishing and my sister about the same time maybe a little less time then me but not much. They did help me with finding a job. Like I said though this is just my experience and opinion - everyone has one and I am sure that like any company that they probably can not please everyone. I can say that the only thing that I might say negative about the company is that every once in awhile it might take a little while to get a response through email- however they do have a toll free number and any time I called it I got assistance right away. I also know that they only had a few times that they were slow on answering emails and I believe it was because of a server issue - but like I said that is the only thing I can really say neg. and if I recommend a course MTatHome is one of the ones I do still recommend. I say to the person asking the question to do your own research because everyone has their own opinions as I said above. Even the owner of MTatHome tells you on the website to do research on any course you are looking into including theirs because it is smart business to do so. I hope this helps! Good Luck! Susan Monroe PS. If you have any further questions about Medical Transcription I will be happy to answer your questions if I can, I know how hard it is when first starting out trying to find training and then work. Leave the spaces out when you email, I put them in to avoid the spammers software from picking it up - so just type it all together w/out the spaces. Once again, good luck. :-)
Read all the posts on the New MT/Student boards
As a current M-Tec student, how do you rate the program?
I was really hoping to hear from some in a current program so thank you for responding. I probably should have put it on the new MT board. Anyway, I don't want her to waste her time and money so we are being extremely careful about where she gets her training and education. When I started 25 years ago it wasn't an issue , called on the job training, but now it is. The last thing we want is for her to spend the money and not be able to get a job due to lack of experience. She will be sitting along side of me so I will be there to help her, but still, eventually I want her to launch off on her own (quickly). We are willing to do what it takes, but just need some advice on how to GET a job once finished with school. Thanks again!
The home/student versions are not licensed to be used for
commercial purposes, i.e., in a work environment. There is no difference whatsoever in the programs. Word 2007 can be saved down to earlier versions so, yes, you can get a job using that version if you are not working in a Word-based platform that requires a specific version.

The Microsoft site has many free tutorials that you should look into.

Here's a place to start--with student docs (sm)
I forgot to add with the student loans the child pays
when he is less than full-time or finishes college.
Here in Cherokee County Alabama August 8 is first student day.
My DH works at the local school and he has been getting ready.
Check with college, sometimes you can get a student discount for a laptop....nm
Are you possibly a college student or related to my sister? sm
If the sale is a good one and not limited to the "nobody would wear" clothes go for it if you have the cash.

Otherwise you sound like a college student or my sister - want to buy more clothes to avoid current laundry. :o)

I do laundry during the day while working - pop in a load when taking a couple of minutes break makes it seem more manageable. I do 1 load a day and that keeps it current for our family of 4.
I hope that student doesn't read this board. sm

I don't think this was a good place to look for a laugh at a student's expense, even though I suspect you weren't intending to be mean or condescending. We were all there once.

After 30 years in this business, much of it in QA and QA management, I've gone back to transcription and I am still learning things from my QA people. Humiliating at times, yes! But its all a learning process.

The license for the Home & Student version only specifies
that you can't use any of the applications for commercial purposes such as writing a book and selling it. Other than that, Word and the other apps work like any other Office bundle. The first answer you got is the right one.
I think $.07, $.075, $.08, or $.085 are all way too low for experienced MTs.

I truly love interviewing with these companies, then trying not to spew coffee out my nose at the line rates offered.  Some of those rates were even for IC with no benefits or tax withholding.  I'm about ready to quit MT and let them offshore because rates have dropped so much since I started.  It's wonderful being offered the same rate to do ESLs and upper level work as what I made 10 years ago as a newbie.  It's getting to the point where you can't make a decent, honest living anywhere any more.

Well, that's what MQ does. If are not an experienced MT,
If you are experienced and don't have to SM
look a lot of things up, then the answer is macroing the daylights out of you machine. Macro just not large words, but medium and small words, such as "n" for "and" and "w" for "was", and so on. Try not to type anything out, if you don't have to.
I have also experienced that.
Did tell her that she might not have realized it but I felt there it sounded condescending and as our goal was to put out as perfect a product as possible, it was not helpful. Also told her that I appreciated constructive criticism as that would help us both.

Things did change. Sometimes I don't think they realize the importance of the way they phrase a sentence.
new MTs vs. experienced MTs

Dear MT Pundit,

Thank you for taking the time to write your thoughts about experienced vs. new MTs.  I think you're right-on.  I see myself in the set-in-my-ways attitude sometimes.  I'm not speaking for anyone else, of course.  I can only speak for myself.  Change isn't easy for me, but I've tried very hard to adapt and think I'm doing okay.  This industry is changing fast and furiously, and if I want to stay in it, then I need to be able to go with the flow.  Otherwise, my job may well end up in India. 

Too experienced? sm
Looking for a little advice. While applying for MT jobs recently I have been told I am too experienced to "just transcribe" because they see that I have held supervisory and other positions in the industry - along with many years of actual transcribing experience. I realize these days about 8 cpl is the going rate and although I wish it were higher, I wouldn't apply to these postings if I wasn't willing to work for that rate. Just looking to supplement my income. I would hate to leave all this experience off my resume, but maybe I should? Any ideas for a different way to spin this?

If you are experienced, you don't need to
look at the keys, whether characters are there or not.
Experienced ICs, please help.

I am an experienced Transcriptionist but I have always worked as an employee.  I now have the opportunity to pick up a side account as an IC. 

I really need some help and guidance on how to create a contract and what needs to be in that contract.  Can someone please give me some advice?

Thanks In Advance!!

Even the most experienced MTs can
have trouble with new accounts. As long as your company has not said anything to you, don't sweat it.
experienced MT
Companies tend to want to hire newbies with the mindset that they can pay out cheaper. We all have to start somewhere, of course. Experience needs to continue to be worth something, including a deserved pay to go with it, and this notion seems to be whittling away...

In this profession, we all learn something new continuously.