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Wait. I misunderstood. MS4 = student, a Mr. - R4 = MD, but not finished SM

Posted By: Blu on 2006-02-24
In Reply to: One more question - why then are they dictated as MS4 and not MD? Enlighten me please sm - ExpMT25

with residency in his specialty.

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No, I just was finished with my break and had to
get back to work. VPN is not connecting and I'm on hold with tech support.

There are a few things that would make me leave: A really harsh line rate cut for the same work; being forced to be an employee with a set schedule are two reasons that come to mind immediately.
OMG! Just finished listening to a doc with the -
next thing to laryngitis!  What a treat that was!
oops - sent before I finished ...
Now for 2007, they are planning to start sending 20% of our local plant's work overseas. Twenty percent of my little town's factory workers from this place will be out of a job. This is just the start.

Finally finished, no dead air.

Just finished. Took an hour. No blanks. Going to
and drink a beer lol
36+ years. I wish I had finished my Masters. sm
The field is changing. I would never recommend it.  I do not see a bright future. 
Just Finished Treatment for Sciatica

I was diagnosed with sciatica/piriformis syndrome about a month ago. My physiatrist sent me to physical therapy for Graston therapy and iontophoresis. I was to the point where I had to sleep in my recliner with a heating pad on my hip. Of course, this is the result of sitting for too long......a battle wound common to the medical transcriptionist.

The Graston therapy is pretty painful and you really wonder how it could possibly help. The iontophoresis consisted of a patch with two large circular pads connected by an electrode. The pads are soaked with dexamethasone. The patch is then stuck to the butt for 24 hours. It's painless, except I pulled off a couple of layers of skin when I removed them. I had this done about 5-6 different times over a three-week period. I was also taught some gentle stretches to stretch these muscles, which I haven't been too diligent about doing.

Bottom line is that I completed my PT about two weeks ago and I haven't had any pain since then. I hope you get some relief for your condition. I know how very painful it can be.


Just finished 150 minutes today
Still have 30 to go. 
Just finished jury duty....
Ended up getting almost as much reimbursement for jury duty as I would have working, when mileage was figured in. Only had to be there 2 days, so it wasn't a hardship. Met some interesting people and was overall a positive experience. I was VERY reluctant, but was glad I did it.
My SIL finished a course at a local college

She got a job on-site and could be sent home, but she has decided to cross-train for a management position.  If she takes it, the salary is $65,000.00 per year.  So tell me there isn't money in this business.  She just finished her course!!! 

you misunderstood me, sorry...
No, was paid $21 per hour for QA, and I agree it should be paid by the hour. Some MTs need 100% QA, others just blanks.

What I said was I went back to working as an MT because it pays more than the $21 per hour I was making as a QA.

I enjoy QA work, however, and said I would not mind doing a mixture of MT and QA.

I think QA is very important. It is particularly important to give feedback to the MTs because they can avoid repetitive errors. Most MTs prefer to get feedback as long as it is done with a kind attitude.
Oh, I'm sorry. I misunderstood! LOL
I'm not sure what is up with some of the people posting on this thread but they are really ugly.

All I did was tell the person starting the thread that IC/SE status is great for some of us and now look at all the ugliness going on.

You have a nice day!

She said it was LOW at 12K. I think you misunderstood her.
Sorry I misunderstood what you were saying - sm
It is possible to "hide" the icons, hence my instructions. But if you redid your computer then you just need to do shortcuts, which I know has already been explained.
I think you may have misunderstood.
Everybody uses a medical spellchecker in addition to ShortHand. What I would expect it would tell you to turn off AutoCorrect. If you don't, and you have entries in there (or the preloaded ones), you will get conflicts. Say you add in a correction for a misspelling of "the," and of course Autocorrect already does that. When you misspell "the," instead of getting it corrected, both programs will take a stab and you'll wonder why it says "ththe" or something.
Sorry you may have been misunderstood
initially, but you are still defending the use of FEAR tactics to teach a child to behave.

FEAR is fear - whether the fear of losing a job or the fear of getting a spanking.

Seriously - are you suggesting this is a good way to teach a child to behave?

I'm not suggesting a parent is a monster for a pop on the behind or the hand, but when you get to the level of a "spanking" you are physically and mentally abusing your child. Deal with it.

YOU didn't like it either - and for the same reasons...

It's a betrayal of trust as well - love from a parent should not involve physical pain.
I think you misunderstood
I think what some were saying is that with their line counts they were barely making minimum wage when it figured out to an hourly rate.  
Since you are new, just wait. Newbies have to wait. sm
Just because you said a "doctor's office" that narrows it down.  No national work for private doctor's offices.  It is all acute care.  Just wait.  They will let you know how you are doing.
My son just finished is enlistment..best thing that every happened to him..I sent them my son..they
Do they hire people that haven't finished their MT course yet?
I'd like to know what kind of test they give people, folks who have barely even started the transcription portion of their MT course, yet they're being hired as MTs. Gives us all a bad name.
I just finished training, which I thought was GREAT! sm
The platform is EXText, although I think they have others. I like the way they seem better organized than other companies I've tried. I'll let you know about the 2-week honeymoon period whether the "marriage" will last or not!
I think you've misunderstood ...
Perhaps you didn't understand the line of thought between myself and the OP ... the OP was stating that I could have a flexible schedule as an EMPLOYEE.

I stated that companies don't always offer flexible schedules for employees and that was why I loved being an IC.

I understand the definition of IC and SE. I've been doing this for years, thank you.
You've misunderstood......
I'm not talking about the average homeowner who lives 2 to 3 blocks from the beach. Look, we lived in Florida for 15 years, have relatives who live on the MS gulf coast and Houston AND New Orleans.

I'm talking about the big mansions that we see go up right on the beaches, knowing they can't get insurance coverage. I've even heard them brag that they're not worried, FEMA will rebuild it for them. Those are the folks I'm talking about.

I have family in Houston who also had to flee with four children (one a newborn). I do know what they went through. I have an elderly aunt and uncle in New Orleans suburb who sat it out. I've got friends in south Florida who are now without power with HIGH temperatures. By the way, they live on a canal and DO NOT expect FEMA to rebuild their home should something, Heaven forbid, happen to it.

I've got friends and
relatives on the MS gulf coast whose homes are several blocks from the beach and still are ruined due to mold and mildew. HOWEVER, their insurance won't pay to replace all the sheetrock, just where the water level went to, even though mold and mildew crawls all over. WHat are they to do? But they know people who are already getting help from FEMA to rebuild DIRECTLY on the beach!!! Now explain this.
You misunderstood my posting.
I didn't say it's someone "just like me" that will work out. It's that some personalities mesh better with others.

But it is a good idea to consider similar goals, interests, etc.
I misunderstood what you meant.
I attach one file with gmail then down below click where it says to attach another file.  I am certainly no expert, so there may be a faster way of doing it.  With Yahoo you "browse" for the files to attach.  You may still have to select one at a time, but I am not sure.  I thought you meant that you wanted to attach more than one before sending the message.  I have used Outlook Express, Yahoo, Gmail and the address with my local ISP.  With all of them I have attached more than one file before sending, but have never tried to like "select" multiple files at one time to attach. 
sorry, you misunderstood second post...
I meant that in my first post, I said if IC's had charged correctly "in the beginning."   Anyway, my whole point is that there are so many questions and misunderstandings on this board about IC status.  If people are going to function as an IC, they need to understand they are in charge of what they are paid by the MTSO.  Personally, I tell an IC what I am willing to pay and if they accept it great, if not, I can negotiate.  She should be telling me right off the bat what her charges are, not wait for me to make an offer.  I also think you would be very surprised if you knew how much most MTSO are charging.  Yes, the small businesses have a tougher time, but the large services are doing just fine.
Forgive me if you misunderstood..
I agree that you must be a fast typist in order to make a decent financial living. I just do not think that speed should be placed above accuracy just for speed sake. Speed comes with knowledge, knowledge is obtained by looking over your reports and transcribing correctly.
I am sorry, but I think you totally misunderstood--sm
this person's response. Some computers come with a *trial version* of different programs, such as Word 2003. When the trial period is over, you have the option of purchasing the program from the trial version. This is where the one time install comes in. I have the student/teacher version of Office 2003, which does allow me to place it on up to 3 computers. If one of those computers crashes, you can call Microsoft for another validation number to install it on a new computer.

I really do not see how you got that this person was illegally wanting a download CD from anything. I totally understood what she was trying to say. Perhaps you misread and over reacted? mellow mellow...
Think my post is being misunderstood
I love VR but what I am asking is why if you do say between 500-600 lines per hour the company who puts the VR platform out there wants you to be sure and use their keys instead of the mouse which I was taught on when I first started? There is no way humanly possible if your audio is on fast forward can you speed it up faster, no way. I am wondering why they are so interested? I am not a poke along so use keys, use mouse, what difference? None that I can see- audio on fast forward all the time working. Cannot go faster than the audio.
Think I misunderstood on another board sm
I probably read this backwards before. For hemat/onc as you know, a lot of chemo and radiation involved. With radiation onc, it would be terms found in a radiology wordbook but you certainly would have to know the radiology terms and dosages, i.e, cGy, etc., all your basic anatomy and physiology. As with anything in this business, your basic knowledge plus speciality interest. Get a good radiology terms book and study up. With your hem/onc experience it will be a big help. Perhaps there are some sample reports, just Google and follow through with basic radiology terms.
They aren't. I think everyone has misunderstood.
It looks to me like everyone was wanting them to act as a union, which they were never designed to do.

When everyone realized this, they wanted the American taken out of the name. They did so.

It is an association that has now broadened its scope in realizing how many roles are involved in the medical record.

Considering that offshoring is here to stay, I would think everyone would be happy that they are trying to reach out to those individuals and at least secure some standards for education, etc., for ALL records.

AHDI Misunderstood?
I do not thnk AHDI is misunderstood at all. I think it is very apparent what they are doing. They are embracing the global atmosphere to make more money for themselves just like the big MTSOs. I personally believe it is time that the Dept. Of Labor get involved with the way American MTs are paid in this country and institute a standardized method of counting lines for all MTSO companie which would include using the same software for all of them.  I think that MTs who are paid by the line should have a baseline line pay that is in dollars and cents just like factory workers do who are paid doing piecework. I would bet there are many many MTs in this country who are working for less than minimum wage for these MTSO companies because they pay so little and expect so much.
you misunderstood some things

about my post. It is mandatory, not my choice to do this. I'm not new to the MT world and other companies, or the working world in general, and this is a first for me. This is degrading. I'm an excellent MT and employee in general, and that's possibly why you state my 1-1/2 months is long enough to learn this: I actually check my work and grammar to make sure I'm turning in a professional legal document.

The reason I was forced to take a job with such a low rate is because I was a victim of severe domestic abuse psychologically,emotionally, and financially, and was forced out of my home by my supposed new Chistian and godly husband having control of all the money and hiring an attorney and my having none, which was strictly a control issue. I had no job and was living in another state from all my family and friends. I was put out abruptly in a job market the likes of which have not been seen in...ever?

So, I am a very hard worker and do not mind doing extra, but I do very much mind--after this experience--being abused by anyone, my employer included.

You misunderstood my note.
I meant to actually work doing MT, either transcribing or editing, in vertical portrait. You turn your monitor 90 degrees.
I do the same thing. Then when the report is finished, I scan back through
the whole report to make sure I didn't leave any stop code markers behind, and listen to each blank once again.
Pole (North): Have U finished ur Christmas shopping?
I'll start: NO!
homemade potato soup, cornbread, and just finished

Just finished Black Creek Crossing - he never lets ya down :-)
You might be sending finished work back to an FTP site
You misunderstood my whole post (probably the way I did it - in 2 parts)

Here is what I mean.  I learned in 1965 with no training.  Then several years later, someone told me I was spelling Fahrenheit wrong.  Now fast forward to 2006.  I've been doing this for 30-40 years, very few medical spelling errors, and NOW is when my company nitpicks.

You misunderstood - I left the bad company...sm
You misunderstood the post, evidently, or might have possibly bought into your company's hype. We had plenty of "indoctrination" about India where I worked.

I tried to avoid job-hopping, but after 2 years of abuse, it was time to go. I could not make quotas required because I was getting all the crap work that no one else could transcribe ALL the time, not some of the time; then the benefits were reduced every time we turned around, and that I depend on with a terminally ill spouse.

When you start messing with people's money, whatever job you're in, you're going to lose employees. If you have a good Indian-based or owned company, you are one of the few I've ever heard of, and I'm happy for you. As for this MT, I refuse to work for them. No matter what, they are taking work from the U.S. MTs that need and want to work.
Maybe I misunderstood but you said they pay you "off the books" -- so you don't report THAT
You completely misunderstood me! And see how quick you are to fly off the handle??
That's why supervisors don't like to send friendly Hello emails!! I was talking to you, but saying the OTHER MTs - you have no idea how many of them are nuts, really, and do NOT want to hear from anyone, and even a friendly simple greeting email can provoke wrath from the masses!  I was NOT lumping you in with that, but you totally misinterpreted a simple post!! That's why emails are not worth it unless 100% necessary for job performance! You proved my point!
I didn't mean to sound touchy. You misunderstood and
whether or not you MEANT to reply to my post, you did. What else was I to think?!

I don't have all the answers but I was quite aware of that information already.

No offense taken by me! Just felt like you misunderstood, that's all!

Aaaaawww! I do not think that you are insensitive, you are misunderstood and you should not apologi
Well I just finished watching Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. How that for an evening. N
my friend just finished her BSN 2 years ago, working 32 hr/week making $60K with benefits nm
Wants high quality finished product at 3 cpl editing and 6-8 cpl straight typing. Also rumored she
doesnt like to pay in a timely manner. I passed..
Maybe I misunderstood the OP's concern. Pardon if my response doesn't pertain. nm
OK, I misunderstood. Didn't know there was another way. I'll check out Google Desktop. Thanks.
Are you a new MT or a student? sm
Your first post said you were a new MT, the last post you said you were a student. If you are indeed a new MT then finding someone to help you with some of the dictation might be beneficial. However, if you are a student and you need help transcribing reports, you definitely don't need to be paying someone to do them for you.   Transcribe the reports, leave blanks for what you are unable to understand or for things you cannot document.  Submit the reports and await the feedback.  That's how you learn.  The first and foremost thing is to take some thing that you can understand and research that.  You will be amazed at what you find when you look for it.