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Get over it

Posted By: Sandy Marques on 2006-05-24
In Reply to: Either the check gets cashed or it doesn't, right? Pretty simple to solve that issue. - nm

it is illegal to slander anyone's name like that unless they use you as a reference. Contact your lawyer. They will advise you of that and I would think twice about giving out anyone's name. Keep in mind - karma always comes back to get you. Do you have a perfect record on everything? Have you never done anything wrong or someone you know?

There are ALOT of MT companies out there that abuse editors and MTs. We sit and wait all day for work to come through sometimes, just so we can listen to a doctor chewing on the other end. Get real. How can someone steal from you over the internet without any access? Put a stop payment on the check if you were so worried about it. Get over it!

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