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What a bummer

Posted By: Nancy on 2006-05-15
In Reply to: A warning to MTSO's about 2 editors - MKC

I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Appreciate your heads up.

I've learned the hard way to only hire from within. No one can move into a QA position here until they've been a part of our IC team as a Transcriptionist and proves him/herself to be capable and reliable.

Hang in there. This, too, shall pass.

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Gateway still has them online. That is what I have and the US based customer service is great
Well, that's a bummer...
I hope they can help you figure out how to make it stick.
That is a bummer. NM
Wow, what a bummer. Sounds like you are doing OK despite
Most of society doesn't know what to DO with people with higher IQs, especially the schools. My IQ was "leaked" to my parents in high school as a means of "motivating" me because I had "such potential". Makes me wanna barf to this day. Potential, yeah, right. And of course, it gave OTHER kids fits of jealousy and insecurity so I was a geek from then on. It just does not help a child or teen, for others to know his/her IQ, it just leads to crap like all these flamers who are dissing people who post their IQs! It's the classic bullying thing from school, transposted onto the 'net. Crappy human nature, all over again.

I say, if you have found a niche, and are comfortable in your own skin, god bless you. Keep doing whatever makes the world fit to your specs.

I used to check out a dozen or more books from the city library every few days, go home, read them all and check them back in. I think I was 9 or 10. Finally the librarian had HAD it and started reaming my mom for checking out so many books that I wasn't reading, I should be leaving them there for others, since I could not possibly read them all. That next few weeks my mom made me do book reports on every book I read (probably 10 of em in 4 days, and I handed them in to the librarian the next visit. Now THAT shut her up!
What a bummer all this happened on your
BD. Hope you get a nice BD dinner out of it all!!
What is a major bummer is...
A lot of the older MTs in this neck of the woods have lost their jobs not to outsourcing, but inability to keep up with technology, and it's not their fault either.  All of these transcribing companies seem to have upgraded their technology so now people NEED high-speed internet/cable, and dial-up just won't do anymore.  Imagine losing your job because the cable/phone company won't string up cable or DSL in your neighborhood because your're just too rural.  It's a huge problem and I can see why that would make many people (including myself) jaded.  What in the heck do you do for work when all you've known is transcribing?  Hardly any hospital hires in-house these days either.  Scary times indeed.
bummer, just keep testing
for many companies, you will get one soon.
Major bummer dude!

This is my 2nd Saitek...the first one had silver keys and oh ya, I got the paint on them babies worn off within 6 months.  I'm totally bummed to hear this one will do the same thing, because I really looked at it hard before buying and saw the letters were "etched" in and not painted on.  It's no biggie for me, being a touch typist, but when family or friends want to plink around, they got totally lost...plus it looked fargin' ugly too. 

I use the angry red lights when typing that ESL crap (red alert!), and the happy purple the rest of the time.  The old one was just blue, so I'm kinda sick of that for right now, but it is so much fun to mess with the mood lighting.  Simple pleasures for simple minds      

bummer - 'record new macro' is grayed out and I can't use it! - nm
Bummer. I know those things aren't cheap. Better luck next time!
BK does not cover student loans or IRS owed monies. bummer.