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Google William Hung

Posted By: LouLou on 2006-06-30
In Reply to:

American Idol watchers - Unbelievable, this is something my hubby told me, did not see in any newspaper, ET, TV news, not one word.

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This took me to the William Hung library, am I in the right place?

William Hung. see message for the juicy details.

I tell you I thought I died and went to Heaven when William Hung sung that song, Shake your bon bon!  

Ricky Martin, MOVE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

182 William J. Clinton (D)
I did not have sex with that woman. (can't remember the exact quote)

Then how smart was that! LOL

William Fleming HS, Roanoke, VA nm
I'd take hung any day over 2 teens that like RAP!! UGH!

I need shock absorbers for my upstairs floors while they listen to their RAP downstairs.

Don't ask why I put up with it. I do because they don't drink or drug. They write and record.

gotta pick your battles.

Exactly what my DH used to say till he hung out with me for a while. - nm

An older one...The Doctor with William Hurt...
Has anyone seen this one? It was actually really, really good...I also love Urban Cowboy...I like older movies....
Don't get hung up with the golden handcuffs. (SM)

It is so easy to convince yourself you cannot make as much money at a different company  or on a different account, or never find anything better, so you stay where you are, taking all the abuse in the world.  In management, this is called the Golden Handcuff, and they rely on it to keep the same employees, never give a raise, never give respect, and just continue to walk all over you.

In this profession you are very mobile if you can transcribe at all.  It may take a month to get used to a new system, a new account, or whatever, but your self respect is worth it in the end.  There are a lot of companies out there that actually do appreciate employees, and it certainly does not seem to be any of the companies who are mentioned frequently on these boards.

I changed jobs about a month ago, thought I would never learn, but in a week I was making far more with a small MTSO than I ever did with a large company.  Treat yourself to a new beginning and a new year. 





Are documents set to print getting hung up
Gary Sinise, William Petersen, Tom Berenger

Saw that y'day on VH1 top 100 things about Christmas. Definitely NOT Hung! :) nm
If a job can be rejected, refused, or hung up on, it's being cherrypicked. nm
Oooh "help fairly soon!" Hello, William Shatner, it's Rescue 911!
Glad you had a good time. We just hung around the house.

Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell, William Holden, Reese Witherspoon
Yep, google has it goin on... I really like the google earth...
Have you tried Google earth? You can type in any address, street, city, state, country, etc. and it will zoom in and show the area and then you can hit the + button and zoom right in and see the exact house, building, etc. that you are looking for.
Mainly Google; I google the known words in the phrase (sm)
That's my most frequent tactic if I don't find the word in my word books. I'll play with leaving certain words out and adding them in, in various combinations, to try to get a hit that has a word which sounds like my blank. If I get a hit, I'll Google WITH that word, and see what hits I get, and what their source is (i.e.,checking the sources out for reliability). When I say 5 sites or searches, I mean I don't often try more than 5 different combinations without a serious hit. If I get a hit, then I will spend a little more time checking that out before I give up.

If it's a drug name, I use RxList, or more frequently the Drugs.com website. Since they redid RxList, I haven't found one that has quite as good a wildcard search, but Drugs.com works okay most of the time.

If it's a place name (like when they give names of outlying outreach clinics and etc.) I'll use Mapquest and look up the city my hospital is in, then "pan out" and look at the outlying towns.

Hope that's what you're looking for. I do have bookmarks, but I find that even the ones I think I'll visit again, I waste more time doing that than with an intelligent google search. An example is the time I was looking for "banana bag." The only place I managed to find it with a degree of reliability was on a nurses' message board. I've found quite a bit sometimes on the various specialty message boards out there, but I think the quickest way to locate that is through a search engine rather than bookmarking each individual site and trying to figure out which ones to search for a particular term.
Thank you, Google God. My google icon is
If the OP had done a google, she would have...
SEEN the answer to her question.  People need to learn how to fish for themselves.  Giving quick answers doesn't teach them a thing, and it certainly doesn't help them in the long run.  I'm not trying to berate you for offering an answer, so please don't be offended.  It is just that learning/knowing how to effectively research is a VERY important part of being an efficient and good MT. 


use www.google.com as a search engine (the best) type in exactly what you are looking for and see what you get- if you don't find exactly what you are looking for- keep searching but slightly change the search phrase.

I did google them and they are
still around $600. That is out of my price range right now. Maybe someday...
google map

yep, a totally new addiction.  I entered my nephews addy and just realized he is only 3.5 miles from the White House!  No wonder I kept seeing the Washington Monument every time we got on that nightmare highway system

Go look at your favorite amusement park like Cedar Point in Ohio...you can actually see the roller coasters in 3D!

Google? If Google, just go to google.com
and download their toolbar. They usually have several options! Happy Googling. If its goggling, I can't help you!

Merry Christmas, everyone!  

Could anyone explain the Google page to me?  I mean the "Google" header with the cat and mouse.  I usually enjoy their little embellishments for the different holidays, but I can't figure out what this is supposed to be.  

I had to Google your
phrase, as I was not familiar with it. Now that I know, all I have to say is...'I resemble that remark'...
That is a Google ad.
You are probably trying Google..
search box.

Try this link:
Maybe you should google it if

Pretty neat the term *google* has made it to the dictionary!



I have been using Google Suggest to narrow down search results.

i like Lycos.com

Does anyone know of a site like Google that transcrptionists can use for researching.  I have always used Google, but lately it seems to be getting slower and slower, plus they have a Pop-Up status on that is driving me crazy and can't get rid of.


Google "radiology terminology" and you will get some sites.

I've had the book Stedman's Radiology and Oncolocy Words for over a decade and it's my bible. There are newer editions. When in doubt in the middle of a report, I Google the word/phrase/drug I'm looking for if it isn't in Stedman's.

Good luck!
I found my current job with a small MTSO by a Google search for "medical transcription" followed by my state.
I went on google and put in--
complaint form sample and it came up with all kinds of things. some of them you pay for, others you don't. you just have to read and find what is right for you. good luck!
I use Google and mine seems fine.
I typed in Lanier LX-219-1 with VTI  and got lots of hits. You should be able to find something.
Google it.
Google it
Have you tried to Google this?
I always check Google before posting questions like this on the board. I just checked it before posting this answer and there are lots of hits. Try looking at some of them and you may find the answer you're seeking here. Good luck.
did you google? NM
I think that's ok....also from google
Vibration sense was tested with a 128-Hz tuning fork. .... were left-right flipped to correspond to the other patients with left-sided anesthesia. ...


I also Google the name...just type in the doctors name, and then the state that they are in, and it usually brings up their address.  I don't know if anyone posted this one or not, but here is the link to one that I use also... 


If you don't know what a word means, a simple Google search will usually answer your question without making you look ignorant.
google it.
No, but Google has something...
like that.  word document, spreadsheet.  I think it's a great idea.  It would be great to save ydocuments online, etc.   I hope someone here will have tried it.
Google ads

The ads at the top are Google ads.  They are used as revenue to help keep this site going.  The site doesn't have any control over the content, however.  Google has a spider mechanism that reads what is talked about on the site and it tailors the ads accordingly.

I had the same thing happen with a shout box I used on a free invision board.  We would be having lovely conversations and then the ads would change to things that had words that we had been using or talking about.  It's a little creepy.

Google Ads
Yes, this what they say Contextual Google Ads without any control of content by MTStars. I can bear these Ads for such a nice FREE board.

Put her name in the Google box at
top and have it search MT Stars. Plenty of info.
Put her name in the Google box at
top and have it search MT Stars. Plenty of info.
you need to google it
and do research to see what it is.. looks like a Spyware or trojan or such.